Best Gun Holsters Reviewed and Rated in 2017

As a prospective handgun owner, you can think of a lot of things that could go wrong when you put a loaded firearm in your pants without an adequate concealment. Most of us probably hate carrying a holster around all the time but not carrying one is probably out of the question. Holsters are more than just a tactical gear – they not only protect your handgun but also everyone around you. It’s surprising though nobody carries a holster in movies unless he’s a cop. For novice shooters, holsters are just for the defensive purpose which means keeping your firearm within easy reach at all times. There are two ways to do that safely – either duct tape the gun to yourself or get a holster.

Our Top 3 Picks

Barsony Gun OWB Belt Holster
  • Barsony Gun OWB Belt Holster
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Laminate Cordura nylon
  • Price: See Here
Uncle Mike's Inside-The-Pant Holster
  • Uncle Mike's Inside-The-Pant Holster
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Durable suede exterior
  • Price: See Here
Smith & Wesson Pro Gun Holster
  • Smith & Wesson Pro Gun Holster
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Top grain leather
  • Price: See Here
The price is mostly the deciding factor when it comes to selecting a  hunting gun holster. But the fact is there are in fact several reasons to why you need the right holster for you. For most people, it’s just for having your hunting gun within reach at all times when hunting.

Should you need a gun holster?

best gun holstersHolsters were initially made for military and security personnel, but now they are an important accessory to handgun users globally. Different types of pistols can be safely housed and easily transported. A holster is the interface between your gun and your body and it’s undoubtedly a vital piece of gear – not just an addition to your tactical kit. For the most part, a holster makes things a lot safer. First, they keep the gun from dropping and more importantly, they usually protect the trigger, both of which help prevent accidental discharge. Plus, it makes sure your hunting handgun remains in the same position all the time, which eliminates the need to fumble with your weapon when you need it the most.

Additionally, with the tight concealed carry laws in many states, it requires you to keep our pistol hidden at all times. Sure, moving around with your gun comes with the territory, but having the right holster makes it easier to conceal your pistol comfortably and fashionably. And when you’re after concealability, you’re after a holster that fits your body type in a desired concealed position that will work well the types of clothes you’re wearing. The designs are form-fitting that restrict guns from getting dislodged and falling off while traveling. Also, a quality concealed carry holster must strike a perfect balance between concealment and accessibility.

Choosing the Best Gun Holster

For someone just starting out, trying to choose among the best gun holsters can be a bit overwhelming. Choosing the best gun hoslters matters more than many gun holders realize. A holster is a part of your hunting gear but many people don’t realize the importance of that part, and it simply slips past them.

So to make sure you’re not one of the many to tell others they should have picked the higher quality holster, you have to understand the variable characteristics of holsters, to begin with. You can save yourself a good deal of this trouble by keeping the following factors in mind as you make your purchase when looking for best gun holsters.

Factors to Consider

Holsters, in general, are designed to offer protection to your handgun, secure its retention, and provide easy access to it. They are particularly designed to be used with one hand, allowing the handgun to be removed and/or replaced with the same hand. They are generally attached to your belt or waistband or clipped to another article of clothing. They are designed with a few objectives in mind: security, access, concealment, and one-hand re-holstering ability.

Security – The right holster should hold the handgun in place while you’re moving, or upside down, running, or while you get in and out of cars. The holster must hold the firearm adequately and it must allow it to fit securely within, without constricting the ability to draw the weapon or return it back to the holster. You’re not going to spend your life sitting still, and you aren’t standing still either when in a fight.

Access – The holster is supposed to allow for easy access so that you can easily withdraw the weapon with one hand and also put it back to safety with one hand. It must provide easy access to your weapon in a short span of time even in compromised situations, like when you’re rolling around the ground or while jumping off or strapped in a car seat. Further, your weapon should always be in a stable position, so that the draw can be hassle free and consistent under stress.

Concealment – It allows you to have the element of surprise when responding to an attacker who’s threatening you with force. A gun is remarkably less dangerous in the hands of someone who handles it properly even under unfortunate or uncomfortable circumstances. This is something you owe it to yourself and others to minimize the risk of your carry. Additionally, it helps prevent those unfortunate situations when your handgun could be accidentally exposed to the general public who may immediately call for law enforcement officers because they see a person with a gun.

One-Hand Re-holstering – The ability to re-holster one handed while still focusing on the threat (a less lethal response) is important. There are incidences people accidentally shooting themselves on the draw or while re-holstering. Speed in one thing, but gun handling and tactics are equally important. One hand re-holstering ability comes in handy when your hands will be tied up with other things immediately after you fire upon a suspect. The ability to re-holster one-handed is absent in holsters made of thin, floppy material. So choose wisely before you make the final decision.

Types – The most popular variety is obviously the inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster which rides inside of your waistband between your undergarment and your pants, and they attach to the belt with loops or hooks. These are the most concealed types of holsters, but require trousers that are about an inch more in the waist that you normally wear. A summer special type IWB has the rough side of the leather on the outside to help keep the holster anchored in one place. Belt-positioning of an IWB holster varies based on personal preference.

Outside-the-Waistband, on the other hand, has not only to deal with what’s up above the belt line but what is below as well. This requires a suit jacket or a garment long enough to cover the muzzle of the holstered weapon.

Draw – You should be able to quickly and easily draw your weapon from your concealed holster. The draw has to be consistent and reliable, and the holster must lend itself allowing you to have a complete grip on your weapon while still allowing releasing any retention devices. Well, you also need consistency to want to have a fast, smooth draw. Drawing your gun is directly connected to how you holster your gun and how to move through the draw depends entirely on where you draw your gun from. The clothing you wear each day will likely require different holsters to worn in different ways with different styles.

Retention – You need to be able to access your gun in a hurry if there’s even the slightest possibility of an assailant attacking you with deadly force, as your life of that of another person depends on it. The level of retention is entirely up to you, but generally, a level 1 – or friction retention holster – would be a great choice for anyone who carries a pistol inside the waistband. In simple terms, retention is an important concept to grasp, whether you open or concealed carry. Retention levels will vary from internal devices in the holster to simple thumb breaks that will help you retain your weapon if you’re engaged directly with an assailant. A Level 2 consists of two retention devices, such as a strap and internal retention device.

Holsters that lack a proper fit and no retention device may not retain the weapon properly. A thumb break is a safety device installed on many holsters and sheaths to prevent a weapon from drawn unintentionally. If your holster has a thumb break retention strap, you may need to stretch the strap before you get it to snap. There are many kinds of retention devices available on concealment holsters which usually involve one or more digits of the drawing hand releasing as the gun is drawn. A poorly fitting holster might cause problems with everyday use which could dislodge the pistol from the holster.

Hold – A holster that doesn’t grip properly and comfortably isn’t worth wearing at all so that when something unexpected happens, you don’t want to add a loose weapon to the equation. A loose holster can be useful at times, but you won’t appreciate your gun flying around while dodging bullets, or because you just tripped or jumped. Also, make sure you obtain a full firing grip when the gun is in the holster. This way, you don’t need to adjust the grip each time you draw your weapon.

Safety – When looking at a perspective holster, it should cover the trigger guard well to make sure none of the holster material protrudes into the trigger guard, which could affect the trigger. You can practice excellent trigger control most of the time, but will you be able to do the same when something unpredictable happens on the line? You might also be careful to never reveal your concealed weapon but accidents happen when you least expect them. One main area of consideration depends on the individual who carries the gun and where they position the holster. So it’s wise to invest in a holster with good safety features.

Materials – The quality of workmanship and the materials used in the making of a holster – this is the area where you can see the most variety of differences between manufacturers. The build quality is perhaps the area that needs your full attention. The last thing you need is a terribly designed holster. The leather is by far the most popular choice among armed citizens. High-quality holsters from the renowned companies are generally of good quality, and custom-made holsters are generally the top-quality holsters made from all the industry-grade materials. A poorly made holster, on the other hand, could possibly interfere with your draw during an emergency. So invest in something solid.

Comfort – Last but not the least, the comfort which is in the feel of the beholder. The right holster not only provides an optimal concealment solution but also allows for a quick access to your firearm with ease. It doesn’t matter how wonderful your holster looks on the outside or how it feels on the hands if it’s not comfortable you are not going to wear it on a consistent basis. So make sure you’re comfortable with a holster before you make your purchase.

10 Best Gun Holsters


1. Barsony Gun OWB

The very reliable Barsony OWB is a custom-tailored concealed carry holster for superior weapon security both in the field and in the shooting range. Made of exclusive U.S. Cowhide leather, the Barsony is designed to perfection. Lack of comfort is mostly the reason people don't prefer OWB concealed carry, but thanks to Barsony, your concealed carry woes stay miles away from you. Not only it allows for quick and easy draw but also does that with maximum comfort. Just strap on and get on with your training course in the range or wear it daily for self-defense. This premium quality holster is ideal for everyday concealed carry or for everyday carry.
  • Premium quality concealment holster
  • U.S. Cowhide leather for durability
  • Closed-cell foam padding for superior comfort
  • Superior hold and comfortable to carry
  • Easy draw and re-holstering
  • Great for open carry
  • Lack of comfort

2. Smith & Wesson Pro Carry LT Gun

Ideal for both left and right-handed users, the Pro Carry LT is a great entry-level inside-the-waistband leather holster for efficient concealment and maximum comfortability. The non-molded design makes it a great fit for inside the waistband concealed carry without adding any extra bulk. The ultra-soft pliable leather won’t rub against your skin for effortless everyday carrying all while providing a superior gun protection for the toughest of conditions. Comfort is the key when carrying a concealed weapon and this versatile gun holster delivers. It’s built to perform and designed to perfection.
  • Hand-molded design for comfortable carry
  • Finest Inside the Waistband Clip-on
  • Extreme durability and versatility
  • Superior weapon protection
  • Ideal for both left and right handed users
  • All day concealed carry for low-profile tactical use
  • Holster might seem a little sloppy

3. Uncle Mike's Inside-The-Pant

The Uncle Mike’s Inside-the-Pant Holster is a versatile addition to a low-profile tactical arsenal for superior firearm protection and concealed carry. The 4-layer, super-thin laminate design fits inside the pant for efficient and comfortable concealed carry. This is great for CCW permit holders who keep their sidearms close to their body for quick access and simple movements. It's perfectly thin and not bulky and is virtually unnoticeable inside the waistband with the gun butt probably being the only exception. The suede exterior makes a great fit while the moisture barrier wicks the moisture away from your sidearm.
  • Versatile inside-the-waistband holster
  • Durable suede exterior for great fit
  • 4-layer ultra-thin laminate for comfortable carry
  • Quick draw and re-holstering
  • Moisture barrier keeps perspiration off the firearm
  • Weight distribution is heavier above belt line

4. CCW IWB Premium Buffalo

Made of the toughest yet nicest leather on the market, the Buffalo Hide leather, this lightweight yet sturdy holster is a great fit for the prospective CCW license holders who would want a low profile tactical gear allowing quick draw and easy re-holstering for better concealment in all kinds of situations. It works great with almost all semi-autos without having to re-holster for efficient concealment. This is a fine inside-the-waistband concealment holster ideal for right-handed users who would not feel the need to re-holster their sidearm frequently. Plus, it doesn't add any extra bulk so you'd at ease all the time both on and off the field.

Made of premium Buffalo Hide leather

Feels like a fine leather glove

Fits most medium and large sized handguns

Superior hold and trigger coverage

Ideal for IWB concealed carry


Very lightweight

Not sturdy enough

5. UTG LE Grade Ambidextrous Belt Holster

Low-profile design and ambidextrous functionality combine to deliver unmatched weapon protection and superior hold in the very versatile UTG LE multipurpose gun holster that makes a great fit for close protection and low-profile tactical operations. The sidearm fits snugly in seconds for quick access and re-holstering. The high-quality synthetic material is thin and lightweight yet rugged for extreme environments while the universal design makes it a great fit for CCW permit holders for enhanced concealed carry. The best part, it comes with an additional magazine holder attachment allowing you to discreetly carry extra magazines for emergency situations. The firearm stays concealed securely and won’t pan out, thanks to the Velcro thumb break straps for an ambidextrous holster.
  • Premium synthetic material for durability
  • Enhanced concealed carry holster
  • Velcro holds both sides of the thumb break for better retention
  • Soft padding for a superior hold
  • Fully adjustable Velcro snaps
  • Adjustable belt loops for efficient carry
  • Superior weapon protection
  • Universal design fits most pistols
  • No cons

6. BLACKHAWK! Serpa CQC Sportster Holster

Keeps your favorite firearms close to the body inside the pants for quick draw and easy re-holstering with the very versatile Blackhawk CQC Sportster Level II Retention Holster that’s specially crafted for both range shooting and civilian obscured carry. Cleverly made of injection-molded heavy-duty polymer for superior hold and increased durability in the field. Featuring the Blackhawk’s signature SERPA technology, the CQC Sportster changes the way you holster your weapon with advanced technology and state-of-the-art features such as paddle attachment, auto-lock release, quick re-holster and disconnect, and more. It securely holds your sidearm close to your body and is adjustable so that you could have the right draw angle for quick action.
  • Injection-molded heavy-duty polymer for maximum durability
  • Advanced SERPA technology for efficient retention system
  • Paddle attachment for civilian concealed carry
  • Audible click after re-holstering
  • Quick draw and re-holstering
  • Easy to use active retention system
  • Ideal for self-defense and range use
  • Not suitable for every kind of gun 

7. Taigear Belt Loop Airsoft Pistol Holster

A low-profile tactical gear, the Taigear Airsoft Gun Holster is a user-friendly concealment solution for casual shooters who want decent protection for their everyday concealed carry. The belt attachment makes it a great fit for your medium-sized sidearm (up to 7 inches) and the low-profile design provides decent concealment and a comfortable fit for a civilian carry weapon. It not only holds your sidearm but also extra mags effortlessly without adding any extra bulk. This is a solid product at a budget-friendly price and a fine investment for civilian carry or anyone looking for a cheap but handy gun holster for everyday carry.
  • Ideal for low-profile tactical use
  • Civilian concealed carry
  • Maximum protection at a pocket friendly price
  • Belt attachment for quick draw and re-holstering
  • Large magazine pocket easily holds extra magazines
  • Ideal for medium-sized sidearm
  • The strap might be problematic
  • Not ideal for long handguns, more than 7 inches

8. Condor Tornado Tactical Leg Holster

Featuring a low-profile yet easy-to-use design, the very versatile Condor Tornado Tactical Weapon Holster is your ideal go-to tactical gear that is fully adjustable to fit snugly almost any standard size sidearm even with optic attachments such as laser sights and flashlights. It fits in all length and height sidearm with ease without adding any extra bulk so that to provide quick draw motion plus re-holstering with optics attached. It also has an adjustable magazine pouch on the front to carry extra mags if needed. It makes a great fit for concealed carry for low-profile tactical operations as well as range use. Plus it efficiently uses Velcro straps to hold two sides of the thumb break for better retention. A great value for money product and a fine addition to your tactical gear.
  • Efficient wrap-around design for easy carry
  • Fully adjustable for all large and medium sized pistols
  • Velcro straps for thumb break
  • Better retention system for a superior hold
  • Adjustable magazine pouch for extra mags
  • Quick draw and re-holstering for right hand users
  • High-quality materials and durable construction
  • Ideal for range use and low-profile tactical operations
  • Medium quality
  • Not so handy for civilian concealed carry

9. AlphaHolster Belly Gun Holster

As a responsible CCW permit holder, you’re bound to carry a holster for secure concealed carry if not for your security but for people around you. A comfortable yet sturdy holster is imperative to securely carry your concealed sidearm and the AlphaHolster delivers. A multipurpose gun holster for tactical use, the AlphaHolster easily wraps around your belly above the waistline allowing you to effortlessly hide multiple handguns under the clothes for quick draw. Doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a tucked-in shirt or golf t-shirt, the AlphaHolster makes carrying handguns a breeze. It’s brilliantly designed to fit in snugly just any medium or large sized sidearm with ease without adding any extra bulk, plus you can also carry spare mags in the holders. It’s lightweight yet sturdy enough to beat the toughest of conditions plus it keeps the perspiration off the body while on-the-go.
  • Ideal for left, right, and both hand draw
  • Lightweight ventilated elastic for increased durability
  • Wrap-around design for a snug fit and secure hold
  • Fits most medium and large sized handguns
  • Easily carry up to three spare mags
  • Highly functional belly gun holster
  • Tactical use and civilian concealed carry
  • Hard to conceal under most clothing
  • Belly gets sweaty

10. BLACKHAWK! CQC Serpa Carbon-Fiber Concealment Holster

A heavy-duty and easy-to-use concealment holster perfected by the Blackhawk’s most advanced SERPA Technology, the CQC Serpa is built to perfection. The CQC Serpa delivers unmatched weapon security and a secure hold for your concealed carry with no action required and that too, without breaking your proverbial bank. It facilitates a quick and effective drawing motion allowing for easy accessibility without adding any extra bulk. In addition, it’s made out of heavy-duty polymer and carbon fiber for a lasting use and superior performance making it an ideal choice for both civilian carry and range use.
  • Blackhawk’s signature SERPA technology for unparalleled weapon protection
  • Efficient retention system for quick draw
  • Audible click upon re-holstering
  • Durable and easy to use concealment holster
  • SERPA Auto lock release for ease of use
  • Very small and stealth
  • Lacks comfort

Although there are different types of holsters designed to conceal a gun, there are several instances where other holsters won’t suffice – whereas some specifically designed holster will make it easier for you to carry your weapon. They come in various shapes and sizes, designed for all kinds of body types. However, we’ve focused on only the best holsters you can get your hands on.

Wrap-Up – The Final Word

Holsters are completely a personal choice and there’s no particular design or make that everyone’s going to like. But at the same time, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a holster. Comfort is the key, and over time you can adapt to just about anything. Regardless of what you choose, you should allow it to adjust to your body for at least two weeks before making a change. You’ll likely to forget you’re actually carrying a gun, as your body will adjust to the feel. Remember, the best advantage of a holster is the fact that you can secure any type of handgun in the holster. So you don’t have to buy multiple gun holsters to conceal different types of handguns. After all, your choice among the best gun holsters is a matter of personal preference.