Wild Hog Hunting: All You Need to Know

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The wild boar, or wild hog, is a type of game you can hunt that is really quite interesting. A wild hog is just a massive type of pig, and in actuality, the pigs that we keep as pets, livestock, or food, are actually descendants of the wild hog. However, it is an animal that can be truly exciting to hunt if you are actually prepared for it.

There is no way to tell how large one that you might find in the wild will be.

There are numerous things that you will need to do in order to be prepared to hunt for these massive pigs. This is a very popular type of game to hunt in Texas, but it is also done in other parts of the country. Here is what you need to know in order to be prepared before you go out and begin your next wild hog hunting expedition.


If you want to hunt for wild hogs in a responsible manner, you will need a bit of gear. It doesn’t have to be top of the line, expensive gear, but you at least need to have the basics. This will include things like a flashlight, knife, weapon, and a backup plan complete with first aid gear in case something goes horribly wrong.

Yes, that is a bit basic, but you really don’t need much more than that.

You won’t need any sort of high-tech lights for hunting, a high-end rifle that has the capability of making 1,000-yard shots or a $1,000 AR. Target shooters and paper hunters tend to not do so well when you are in the field. This means that things of this nature won’t really be any help in the field unless you are first and foremost a hunter.

With that in mind, the basic items listed here can be a bit of an investment when you buy the kind that you can use for many years and even pass down to your kids.

You just need to remember that you don’t need an entire arsenal to start hunting for hogs. On the other hand, going out and spending $10 on a flashlight made in China and then boasting that you would trust it with your life doesn’t make too much sense in my book. I would think that if my life depended on something, it would cost a bit more than $10. Just saying…

The Cheapest Way for You to Hunt Hogs

The easiest and cheapest way to hunt for wild hogs, boar, etc. is to show up and start hunting. You need to be on a piece of property where the hogs are. Try to get there when either game or hogs are moving. You might want to do a bit of research and find out the time of year, barometer readings, humidity, weather, etc. or whatever you can before you get to the site.

Take a look at the area where you will be hunting. Is the land level? Are there woods? Is it underwater or wet?

Then, you should go back and do it all again until you begin to notice any patterns.

Naturally, with the passing of time, there are certain patterns that evolve – even in our lives. Most of the time, we don’t even notice them, but they happen regardless.

Hogs, as well as other types of game are the same way. They will tend to do the very same things today that they did the previous day, and the day before that one, etc. In fact, they will continue to follow this pattern on one or more levels until something happens to change their set pattern.


Whether you realize it or not, the weather is actually a big factor when it comes to the patterns of animals. The weather can and does affect everything when you are in the field. That includes the animals as well as us.

You can use this as an advantage when you are hunting. Not just the temperature or the speed and direction of the wind. As hunters, we need to be a bit smarter than the animals we are hunting. While that isn’t always the case with more than a few hunters, they tend to be the exception to the rule.

If we have all of the forecasting and weather radar tech right at our fingertips, it will make us more than a bit smarter than what we are hunting when we are hunting. Why should we not use it to discover how the game will react to the weather?


After you spend a bit of time on the property where you will be hunting, you should be familiar enough with it so that you will be able to predict the way the game will move on it in relation to the changes in the weather.

This is one of the ways that you will begin to see patterns and then you will be able to hunt in those patterns. Discovering your own set of patterns for the area where you will be hunting will enable you to see more of the game and then you will have more opportunities to make a kill.

This will take commitment as opposed to equipment. If you want to be a paper hunter, stick to the gun range. It will be cheaper for you and more than likely closer to your home. However, if you commit yourself to learn the area where you will be hunting, you will have more success than any of your hunting buddies, and you will have the ability to get great results every year without too much work.

Boar/Hog Sizes and Weights

Wild hogs can grow to be very large. Some of the males can be as heavy as 200 pounds, and the females can be about 150 pounds. The wild boar can grow to a length of 5 feet and a height of about 3 feet. This means that it is a large animal that can be challenging to hunt, depending on how you have prepared and packed.

The coat of the wild boar is incredibly thick and can be hard to penetrate. They have bristles that are coarse and long. A wild pig will be thicker around the middle part of its body and thinner near the neck and head. Their coat will create a barrier around the body of the hog that will make it quite difficult for quite a few types of weapons to get through it.

Good Weapon Choices

Take a bit of time to think about the weapons you will need inn order to successfully hunt this game. Most hunters will use guns because knives and other types of blades might not be effective when it comes to getting through the coat to the body of the boar. Also, trying to kill a boar with a blade means that you will have to get close enough to it that it could very easily injure you.

Let’s take a quick peek at some of the best weapons to take when you hunt for wild boar.

12-gauge shotgun. This will work the best when you are hunting for the larger, fully grown hogs.

Rifle. Most of the rifles with a larger caliber will be good depending on the laws in the state where you will be hunting. Smaller caliber rifles are useless against this game.

Large caliber handguns. If you want something that will finish off a hog you have already wounded, try a .454 or a .50.

Heavy Draw Compound Bow. Any of the arrows you will use need to have sharp heads. Most of these bows will work when you are at a distance of less than 30 yards.

Hunting knife. You will probably only need this if you want to finish off a boar that you have already injured. A good one will have a blade that is a minimum of 6’’. It also should be around ¼’’ in thickness. Don’t forget that it also needs to have a tough handle so that you will be able to get good traction over the body of the animal. The skin and coat of a boar are quite thick, so your blade will need to be really tough.


You might or might not be aware of this, but you can use bait in your wild boar hunting. However, you need to check the regulations for whatever state you will be hunting in. However, if you plan correctly, bait can be very helpful. Here are a few tips for using bait to attract them.

Corn. If you are going to use corn, you might want to soak it for a few days in beer, water, or sugar. Corn will attract the hogs, but it will also keep other types of animals away, which can create an area where you can go after the boar without any other animal distractions.

Nuts and Pecans. Wild boar will be more than happy to eat nuts.

When it comes to using baits, you should leave it out for a bit before you begin to hunt. If you leave it out for a couple of days, the hogs will begin to consider that space as one that is safe. This will lower their defenses and give you a great opportunity to hunt them.

Regulations and Laws

Wild hogs aren’t considered to be a species that is invasive. However, that doesn’t mean that you can just go hunt them down whenever and where ever you feel like it. As is the case with hunting for deer, you might need to obtain a license to hunt for them.

Wild boar can easily damage native flora. They can disrupt a number of local food chains, and at times, the population will need to be controlled. That being said, you still need to adhere to any of the laws that regard hunting them. These laws will vary from one state to the next, but here are a couple of things that you need to consider.

There are typically limits to when you will be able to hunt for these creatures. Hunting seasons will happen at different times on public and private land, and this can depend on the location.

It is okay to hunt at night in some places. In Florida, you can hunt for wild boar at night on private land if you have the permission of the owner of the land. However, it isn’t legal in Hawaii.

There might be size limitations. Check these restrictions where ever you plan to hunt.

Some states allow baiting, but others don’t. Also, even in states where bating is allowed, it might only be in certain areas.

You might need a license to hunt for wild hogs. The terms for this license will vary depending on the state. Also, it might cost less if you are a resident of the state where you will be hunting.

Always obey the laws regarding hunting for wild boar regardless of where you will be hunting. You might be facing penalties that can be quite stiff if you don’t, depending on where you are hunting for them. These penalties can vary, but they might be quite significant because of the risks involved with illegal hunting.

A Few Final Thoughts

Hunting for wild hogs can be an experience that is quite thrilling. The wild boar is an appealing, large animal for anyone to hunt down. However, when you do hunt for them, pay close attention to where they roan, and know what steps to take if one charges at you. Be sure that you have a good set of binoculars so that you will be able to observe them from a distance, bring weapons that are powerful, and have a lot of patience.

Know what the regulations are for the area where you will be hunting. Keep in mind that those regulations are in place specifically for your physical and legal safety,


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