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Puma Ignite Limitless Review Facts

Running is a workout that promotes a high heart rate, the opportunity for HIIT training, as well as countless other positive cardiovascular benefits and challenges. Without a proper running shoe, though, this can be hard. A proper running shoe offers the runner stability and support needed when training. Stability comes from the tightness offered by the upper of the runner. The upper is the part of the shoe that tightens with the laces and is typically made of leather and/or synthetic material. The leather makes the upper stiff with some elasticity. This gives the top of the foot a tighter fit while also allowing the foot to move around a little for a more natural step. The lacing system differs depending on the shoe but typically it runs to about the bottom of the toes, up to the ankle of the foot. This not only tightens the shoe to the foot but also allows different foot shapes to fit in the same shoe assuming the feet in comparison are the same size of shoe. The upper of the shoe works with the bottom of the shoe (midsole and outsole) to keep the foot close to the top and close to the bottom, in order to offer the most natural possible fit. If the shoe being considered does not have this feature then the shoe's construction probably isn't the best or the shoe itself is not meant for training and another product should be considered.

This article focuses on the Puma Ignite Limitless shoe. Puma is an extremely well-known brand, specifically for their classic white walking shoe. The brand is also well-known for their fashion-forward designs and for using quality materials to make their shoes. We looked at consumer reviews on the Puma Ignite Limitless in order to see what consumers thought of this product. We also looked at the pros and the cons of it to see where they could have improved as well as looked at the materials used and its construction. We wanted to know if the shoe held up durability-wise and to see whether or not the shoe offered overall longevity and aesthetic longevity. This is our comprehensive review of the Puma Ignite Limitless. We hope that this article serves you in your next trainer purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Cozy fit
  • Unique look
  • Good even for wider feet
  • Ample arch support
  • Good for all kinds of body training
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Cheaper than most
  • The Puma Ignite Limitless isn't true to size and may require sizing down 
  • This particular trainer's outsole does not grip well in higher moisture environments


Designed with durable outer materials, this shoe seems to outlast many others with normal wear and tear. Unfortunately, it seems the design allows for moderate traction in the rain and on slick surfaces, so aren’t the best on rainy days. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good on surfaces like gym floors, however, many who have used them for indoor sports found they were adequate for such. They just don’t hold up as well as might be liked on wet surfaces. The material itself is state of the line, so it may not be the rubber so much as the traction design itself. That said, they still outlast many others when it comes to not falling apart. They just seem to last longer.


Those who wore this shoe praised the shoes wide toe box, saying that they had plenty of room for the ball of their foot and toes. This sometimes is lost in a more narrow runner (which this seems to be). Those who tried this runner also noted that it offered a decent level of stability which helped with their runs but also helped with lateral movement which is an upgrade to earlier versions of this product. Designed with Puma’s special foam, the insole of these shoes do not tend to lose shape even after hours of heavy use. They continue to support the wearer's foot and give a cushion against impact very well. These are especially good for those who are going to be on their feet all day, whether walking, standing or running because the support doesn’t go away like other shoes might. The arch of this shoe is a little higher which helped those with higher arches but also didn't affect those with low and medium ones. This shoe seems to offer stability and support to all foot types which is ideal. One issue that those with wider feet may find is that the shoe is quite narrow in design, though, there were not many complained about this.


The Ignite had proven that Puma seems to have a Limitless supply of creative descriptions for their unique material designs. The material, for instance, used on the upper is referred to as the “reptile” design since in bends, flexes and conforms to the user’s foot for the ultimate in both support and comfort. The material itself is as breathable as it is flexible and provides a ‘locked-in’ support system so that your foot doesn’t slip or slide when running, which means less chance for blisters and other foot issues caused by constant rubbing inside the shoe. The breathability also means you sweat less in these, making them more comfortable all around. With the added strap for a firmer hold and the reptilian fashion design look to the top of this shoe will make it interesting as well to wear around.


This runner lists itself as being supportive and yet lightweight. Those who wore this shoe were surprised that they were so lightweight considering how durable they are and how supportive the midsole is. EVA is a lightweight rubber material that is typically used with this type of product because of how supportive it also is. In addition to supportive, this material is also quite durable which makes it ideal for a running shoe. This shoe is regularly reviewed as being quite lightweight which assisted those training for marathons quite happy as they didn't feel early onset fatigue through their feet and legs due to the weight of the runner but rather they felt like they were "running on clouds" which is positive. Overall, this is a lightweight, stable and durable shoe which would appeal to most runners.


As mentioned above, this product is quite breathable in design which keeps the runner's feet cool and dry during their runs.


These shoes have been praised up and down for being some of the most comfortable shoes people have ever worn. Between the fact that they are extremely good with support and breathability speaks greatly for this aspect. The conforming “reptile” upper shoe is the part that really makes this shoe a good fit for anyone who wants a comfortable pair of running shoes. The way the material expands to conform around the foot added with the foam material of the Ignite line creates a shoe that you can wear easily for hours and not feel a moment of regret for having put them on! The term snug but cozy was used several times with reviewers. It fits tightly to the foot but still offers a fair bit of toe room throughout the toe box. It also offers sufficient cushioning throughout the heel and ball of the foot for both a comfortable fit and superior energy return. The shoe is also quite lightweight, as mentioned above, which makes the shoe more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Those who tried this shoe said they could wear the shoe while on their feet all day at work and the shoes still felt comfortable at the end of the day. The cushioning of this product also offers superior impact reduction which helps long term with any damage that running can cause on the bones and joints. One negative that reviewers did mention is that the shoe does take some time to break in which can be an issue for some consumers. Some found that it took weeks to months to fully break in this shoe. Other than that, there doesn't seem to be many issues with this running in regards to the comfort level which is positive.


This particular model is quite interesting in design. It is unique in comparison to other models on the market today. Those who bought this product did find it more stylish than earlier models. Some reviewers were disappointed in that lack of color varieties available. Outside of this issue, the shoe is also regularly reviewed as being quite durable which helps with the aesthetic longevity of this product. Because the shoe can live through different types of wear the shoe looks newer longer which keeps the shoe looking nice and attractive. This definitely goes hand in hand with the cost value comparison of the shoe as this means less requirement to buy new shoes as soon. Overall, this shoe is quite attractive in design and offers those who buy it a longer wear which is positive.


These shoes are considered one of the most durable pairs out there. The materials used make them last longer and take more before needing to be replaced. Between the imported materials for the mid and upper and the highly flexible and durable lower, this shoe takes a long time to show any sign that they have even been out and about. Even after being on your feet for hours, you won’t have much loss, and months after purchasing them, many customers felt that the shoe still had the same comfortable feel and durable level of rubber on the lower shoe that they had started with. They even stood up to long use on more rugged terrain, which is more than many other brands we have looked at can say!


Discussed above, this product comes with a TPU Kurim mid-foot, heel clip and gore forefoot strap which is supposed to add both support and durability. Kurim is a high abrasion material which is supposed to offer protection from external damage from sharp objects like rocks and debris. This material also offers a decent level of flexibility which allows for better control when in motion. The TPU also runs through the heel and forefoot for better protection. Those who wore this product were impressed by the outsoles performance and protection, as well as its durability. The waterproof seal along the shoe’s lower and toe box area does provide decent protection against rain when it comes to staying on the road as opposed to off-roading in them. There is a nice added benefit of the reflective surface of the shoes as well along the reptile design of the upper which makes them safer to use during early evening or at night. The lockdown support of the shoe mentioned in earlier sections also provides protection against foot injury due to sliding or overstraining the foot as well.


As mentioned above, the Kurim material is flexible and offers better control when in motion. The shoe is also lightweight which means there is little to no drag when in motion. Overall, this shoe has a good level of responsiveness and those who ran in these shoes found they great for training, again, except when in wet conditions. An added feature that adds to the maneuverability in it is a crystal pod design. This allows for the fast change in direction and movement as well as to cross from one type of running setting, such as asphalt, into another, such as a flat dirt running path without worry that you’ll lose balance or traction. The fact is that with every quality we go over, we can’t seem to find much that makes us want to steer away!


This shoe is supportive and secure according to many reviewers. This comes from the TPU kurim material used throughout the heel and the forefoot of the shoe. It also comes from the jewel piece that runs along the top line of the forefoot. Those who wore this product found that the snug nature of the shoe also assisted with the support experienced by the shoe and also found that the shoe offered an interesting level of lateral movement control and support when training. They also found that despite the lightweight nature of the shoe, that it is quite supportive and enjoyable to train in which is positive.


These shoes are meant to be used either indoors or on urban streets. One issue with these shoes, mentioned earlier in the article, is that the traction isn't great in wetter environments so they probably shouldn't be used after a rainy day or night. They are ideal for dry streets or in the gym.


This product is quite inexpensively priced and many reviewers were impressed by that. Factors to consider when looking at the price of a shoe is whether or not the shoe has a long life and whether or not the product is versatile. Luckily this shoe is both. It offers a high level of durability which also helps with the aesthetic longevity of the shoe while also offering a unique and stylish design which means it can be worn both in the gym and out running errands. Both of these features are positive and unique which makes the cost value of this shoe quite impressive.


The traction on these shoes is what we would call mid-level in our books. They are great on flat, dry surfaces, but may not be the best on wet or uneven surfaces. This isn’t to say you can’t use them on such, but a few consumers did find that they had to be a bit more careful when it rained because the traction was not perfect. This is the only downfall we can honestly say these shoes might have. Of course, as we all know, even the best shoes aren’t always good when it comes to water- that is why we invented the caution signs!


The flexibility is also discussed earlier in this article but the TPU Kurim material used throughout the bottom of the shoe offers both support and superior flexibility while the upper of this shoe offers a stretchy fit to the top of the foot. Both of these features allows the shoe to offer superior flexibility to the runner which is positive. Not only do they bend easily with the movements of the foot when you are on the go, but they flex to form around your foot so you get the perfect level of comfort and support. Flexibility seems to be this shoes first name- except that it’s “Puma Ignite! We would have gone with Puma “Flex” if it was a possibility just because of how well they move and form!


Clam-shell construction for better stretch and breathability along the upper
TPU Kurim mid-foot, heel clip, and forefoot in order to provide both durability and support
Reflective upper in order to provide protection during runs in lower visibility conditions
Injection-molded EVA midsole for lightweight support
Rubber outsole for better traction and flexibility when in motion


The bottom line is that this is a good shoe. It is durable which means that it will last a long time. The shoe is a little snug but according to reviewers once the shoe is broken in, it becomes extremely comfortable. The outsole is both durable and provides a decent level of traction. One issue that some found is that the traction isn't great on wet surfaces which could potentially be a problem for some runners depending on the purpose of the shoe. It also offers a decent level of lightweight support throughout its midsole, forefoot, and heel. This shoe also offers energy return via a foam layer which works hand-in-hand with the lightweight nature of the shoe. The toe box also offers a fair bit of room as well. Overall, this shoe is decently priced, durable and comfortable. It is definitely worth a try.