KEEN Targhee Exp Mid

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Editor’s Conclusion
Keen's Targhee EXP has hit three successive updates, with claims that boast the EXP as the lightest and toughest of the Targhee range of hiking boots. Comfort, stability, and traction have also been updated.

For those ardent fans of KEEN hiking boots, this is an opportunity to try out the Targhee Exp. Which looks very much like it has taken all the top features from other boot options, and designed them into one boot.

For those who will not be hiking in heavy snow or going on week-long hikes and prefer a mid-range mild or wet weather ankle boot, the Exp model is certainly worth considering.
Editor's Pros & Cons


Tough + durable


Nice stability

Fair traction



Not for prolonged heavy rain/snow conditions

Key Features


The waterproof yet breathable membrane is the same in this model and the Targhee range of boots, the impressive Keen. Dry membrane. Water protection goes to around mid-level on the boot uppers and the protection is highly impressive. You can wade through muddy trail puddles and keep your feet dry. When wading through water, keep the level down to around the lower lace-up system to keep your feet fully protected.

These boots would be challenged if used for multi-day hiking in very wet or heavy snow conditions, the better option would be to go for a pair of heavy-duty winter hiking boots.


The tough rubber outsole is designed with multi-directional tread with a depth of 4mm, this design gives very good traction on multiple terrains. The rubber gives sticky traction to smooth rocks and large stone slabs and performs equally well on screen, mixed sand and small stones, wet and dry mud, and inclines.

Ankle support/stability is good due to the boot height and very good heel stability and these work well with the boots' level of traction.


The toe guard is a highly durable polyurethane and gives very reliable protection from sharp objects such as tree roots and stones. The upper padding around the ankle and tongue and a foam material offers protective comfort. A foam layer designed into the area between the uppers and the sole does offer comfort but will potentially be vulnerable to wear and tear.

Fit and Comfort

Keen's range of boots is known for a good width so it is surprising that the Exp boot will feel narrow to those with extra-wide foot requirements. According to users, the issue is minor and temporary, the boot wears in quickly and comfortably and soft enough to shape to the feet. Many users report that width is not a drawback and wearing thick or thin socks is an easy solution.

Keen's EXP has an EVA footbed which offers a high combination of support and comfort for day-long hikes.

This boot has a very supportive footbed and the heel/arch cup cradles and supports effectively. The lace-up system is a useful extra which works well for adjusting to get a comfortable and stable overall FIT.

Overall quality and performance

A third update has advanced this boot impressively, for those looking for a comfortable, very light, and highly waterproof option for day hiking, this model has stepped forward. Built from durable good quality materials and offering great performance.


KEEN says this is potentially the best offer from their line-up of mid-height hiking boots. Certainly, after 3 updates in which features have been added which are used in other KEEN boots, it's worth comparing what else is available from this brand.

For performance and comfort, Keen's Targhee III is a near equal closely comparative contender. The key difference is that it is not 100% synthetic. The uppers are a combination of nubuck soft leather panels and synthetic material panels, stitched together.
Waterproofing protection is much the same as the Expand the same can be said for traction. This is a good option but a slight drawback is you must remember to regularly treat the leather panels with leather oil to maintain water protection and durability.

The Keen Revel III certainly hits the mark for support and protection with a robust leather and minimal synthetics upper. Leather has stood the test of time for footwear and will always have a strong following who favor leather uppers over synthetics. This mid boot has a KEEN-DRY waterproof membrane, breathability is there but it is debatable if it's enough for hot summer day hiking. This option performs best for cooler weather hiking, some break-in time is required as with all leather boots.

Last but by no means least for those looking for more beef in the traction and a light nimble boot, at only 15.87 oz per boot. The KEEN Venture Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boot is a worthy comparative option. With a minimal leather and waterproof mesh construction, a lining that works for moisture-wicking and waterproofing protection. This option is a focused purpose for design trail boots.

Keen does offer a good comparative range of mid-height hiking boots and the differences are subtle but meaningful when it comes down to performance and comfort. All the boots are offered at reasonably buyer-friendly prices with price differences reflecting the use of different materials.


KEEN boots are popular, they are established for being good footwear for hiking, though not at budget prices, the costs are comfortably within affordable.

The Targhee Exp Mid Wp stands at a medium price tag while incorporating some of the best features found in the brand's other mid-boot options. After a 3rd upgrade, user feedback is very positive.

For those looking for a light, comfortable, protective option with good durability this boot is value for money.