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PUMA Pacer Next Cage Review Facts

The Puma Men’s Pacer Next Cage Sneaker is tailormade for indoor and outdoor training. Apart from its functionality, it is extremely pleasing to the eye and a potential trend-setter at the gym. It is constructed with an upper sock fitting that melds the sneaker to your foot and ankle. Another upper feature is the breathable mesh which allows the fluid movement of air flow.

The sole is made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a technological design which caters for a high range of medial and lateral support for the foot. Moving into the futuristic midsole, this is designed for maximum cushioning effect and overall snug fit as a result of the soft compounded textile it is constructed from. Maximum traction is achieved from its hardy robust rubber outsole for the indoor and outdoor enthusiast. Through its technical design and revolutionary innovation, Puma has really lived up to its name as a stylish global athletic brand in that the Pacer is inspired by lifestyle, fashion and sport.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Upper sock fitting

End lacing

Rigid TPU support

Ultra soft cushioning


Challenging to find an exact fit

May not be available in your country


One of the key features of the PUMA Men’s Pacer Next Cage Sneaker is the hardy durable rubber outsole. You could be pounding the gravel roads, pebbled beaches, grassy lanes or unforgiving treadmills, this outsole will simply come back and ask for more. This is due to the technical design and imaginative innovation which PUMA has put in, along with the painstaking trial and testing of the runner itself. One of the first things to succumb to wear and tear of other runners is the outsole, but not with the Pacer. It truly is a remarkable feature of the shoe, in terms of durability and functionality


This part of the runner feels like something out of this world. Your feet sink right into it initially then if by magic it attaches itself to your soul, as well as your soles. This feeling without a doubt comes from the technical forethought that went into this part of the runner and directly results in a combination of a super lightweight performance with a superior kinesthetic return and comfort. The midsole itself is made from ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), which is the key ingredient here for comfort, maneuverability, and all-around satisfaction. There is also the option of inserting a uniquely designed Pacer soft-foam comfort insert which comes attached as an accessory.


Two distinct features here, yet dichotomous in functionality and practicality, sperate the men from the boys in terms of runners, the first being the sock-like fitting and cage that adorns the material to your ankles and feet, offering more coverage and stability. The runner and your whole foot feel as though they have morphed into one entity. Zero chafing, itching, scratching or annoyance, and with a cushioned tongue, just leads to pure bliss and comfort for your feet. Complementing this, overall breathability is boosted by a contemporary air mesh which permits constant free flow of oxygen throughout. The Men’s Pacer Next Cage is synonymous for softness and comfort and this is directly due to this part of the runner.


Worthwhile workouts call for support, style and comfort and Puma’s latest release has these in abundance. Not only that, but the most crucial thing for running enthusiasts is not sacrificed in this case, and that is extra weight. The runner simply does not feel as though they are carrying extra baggage on your feet. The fact that they fit true to size and offer amazing comfort, one would expect a clumpier feeling or added weight. This simply is not the case with the super lightweight Men’s Pacer Next Cage, as the mere 6 ounces on each foot is akin to gliding, rather than running, walking, jumping or bounding. Simply sublime.


The breathable capabilities in this runner permit vapors and body moisture to be emitted, thus allowing for active and constant wear without feeling any discomfort or overheating. Puma has integrated its technology here which allows drying to occur at a more rapid rate, Puma got the balance just right here, between allowing enough moisture out while at the same time prohibiting condensation.racteristic which is absolutely vital to active running wear. The modern and practical upper mesh of the Men’s Pacer Next Cage allows for air to flow freely in all directions.r example, the more your own body core temperature increases at the tail end of a marathon, the more breathability you will require.


The last thing you want is top class, functional and stylish looking runners, not fitting properly. We, runners, are creatures of comfort. This takes precedence over everything. Choosing the best fitting footwear decreases the likelihood of getting injured. The midsole and upper part of this lightweight shoe ensure maximum comfort without sacrificing mobility. Runners today realize intuitively that there is a direct link between comfort and preferred movement path. As a result, the risk of injury may greatly be reduced which may be why there is no long-term trend in running injury rates. Puma’s signature EVA not only promotes softness but also enhances your running motion and overall performance.


Let’s be honest, we all like to look the part be it at work, socializing and even training and working out. The Men’s Pacer Next Cage is unique in that it looks like a Sketcher type shoe while still functioning as high-performing appendages to your feet. The range of color combinations is mind-blowing, seventeen in total, ranging from your standard ‘black-black’ to ‘Puma black-sodalite Blue-grey violet’. Donning these runners will no doubt turn heads in your training circle.


The tough robust outsole here is the key factor that ensures longevity in this runner. The whole bottom portion is protected from sediment, dirt and small stones. There is a high volume of flexed grooves which enhance maneuverability and more there is more than enough tread for traction. The novel idea of combining a super-soft midsole with a concrete-like rubber outsole has put the Men’s Pacer Next Cage in the cross-hairs of today’s sporting enthusiast


While running, your feet need to be protected and supported at all costs. You can take these kicks to the gym or the track, and you won’t have a worry in the world when it comes to keeping your feet safe from unnecessary discomfort and injury. The higher heel drop construction coupled with the heel-to-toe build of the runner add to significantly more cushioning and support. Your forward movement is not hindered one bit, especially during those long-distance stints of maximum continual shock absorption.


Due to the ultra-lightweight and sophisticated foam, Puma has indeed crafted a running shoe here that surpasses others in terms of ‘energy return’. This is fundamentally the amount of kinetic energy left from one point of contact that is utilized for the next contact point, i.e. from one step/bound to another. While running, a specific amount of energy manufactured by the body is lost as heat in the runner. With this specific product, Puma has achieved in minimizing the amount of energy lost, making for a more powerful and faster experience


There is nothing lacking in this regard simply due to its dynamic innovation in which the upper, inner and outermost part of the runner compliment one another. From the moment your foot enters its new environment to the last step of its workout and run, it simply feels as though it is part of the Pacer. As a user myself, it would be doing an injustice to Puma, if a specific part were highlighted in terms of support. It is impossible. The upper snug sock and cage, its connection then with the cushioned midsole and then these two bolstered by the teak-tough outsole, all lend to no movement of the shoe thus ensuring unending enduring support.


There are no sanctions or conditions with these kicks when it comes to where and what environment they are best suited to. You can take these bad boys anywhere confident in knowing that they won’t let you down. The vast majority of running shoes and training shoes are very limited in terms of exposing them to certain elements and conditions, but not these. The forethought that went into the outsole material used in constructing and testing is exemplified by the myriad of landscapes this runner can be used on. Trendy, but tough.


The outsole here makes for a very high performing and forgiving runner. There is an abundance of deep grooves and flexes which help counteract any slippage. Your overall experience, as well as performance, is enhanced and all high-traction risks such as changes in direction and acceleration are minimized as a direct impact of the mega-tough durable rubber at the base of the shoe.


Of all the contemporary components that encompass this shoe, above all, it is the unimaginable handshake of the hardy base of the runner with the EVA constructed soft-foam midsole. One would think that other factors of the shoe would need to be overlooked, in an attempt to construct an ultra-flexible runner, but not in this instance. The natural movements of your foot are in no way hindered by the Men’s Pacer Next Cage and maximum ranges of motion are allowed. This, in turn, ensures agility and control are maximized, thus allowing you to push your own personal limits


Whatever pace, level or intensity you are moving at, above all, you need to feel physically stable. This runner ticks the box for every type of user. From the person with the effortless natural running gait to the runner whose foot overpronates, maximum stability is ensured with this shoe. The flexible yet robust feel of the shoe is almost counter-intuitive to one’s expectations, but as soon as you jump into a pair of these and put them to the test, you will not be disappointed.


This is an indication of how thick a running shoe’s heel feels, and sometimes referred to ‘heel-toe-drop’ or ‘offset’. The thicker the heel in the shoe, the higher the demand on you to run on your heels which is not the most efficient stride. With these running shoes, the thin mid and outsoles permit the runner to run on the midfoot, resulting in the whole foot making contact with the ground at the same time as your heel. This, in turn, minimizes the amount of shock up your legs and reducing the risk of injury.


• Extremely comfortable.
• Lightweight yet extremely durable.
• Snug, trendy and stylish in appearance.
• Materials used are incredibly soft.
• Budget-friendly.
• Wide range of color options.


The Puma Pacer Next Stage runners have numerous enticing features but above all, it is the budget friendliness that sets this product apart from all others on the market, bearing in mind the top quality that comes with it.

Bottom Line

2019 is upon us all and if you are aiming at making a few changes in your life, we strongly suggest this; go out and buy yourself a pair of Puma Pacer Next Cage beauties. No other product will rival them in terms of practicality, comfort and all-round performance. Apart from being an extremely forgiving runner in terms of value for money, you will look and feel like a fantastic gymtastic trend setter, built for speed, comfort and appearance, precisely mirroring the runner itself. The EVA midsole coupled with the upper cage and mesh give this running shoe a modern twist. And that match made in heaven between the super-soft cushioned midsole and the brutally robust outsole is simply a joy to behold on the track and in the gym. The German quality and innovation and the engineering progression over the last seven decades simply shines through in the Puma Pacer Next Cage