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Arc’Teryx Cerium Review Facts

The Arc’Teryx Cerium LT Hoody has everything you would expect from the company that is known for its innovative products. The hybrid insulation and premium materials used sets this hoody apart from the competition. It has Down Composite Mapping which is using down and synthetic material that is strategically placed for optimum performance. Pairing the Coreloft insulation, 850 goose down insulation with the thoughtful design make this a top pick. The 850 fill power goose down provides immediate warmth. The hip length jacket protects from wind and temperature yet is breathable to regulate your body heat.

The hoody is compressible so to pack it for your outdoor adventure it takes up virtually no room. Have it packed in your car for easy access for whatever the day may bring. The Cerium is not just for the adventurist but is designed for anyone to wear when you need that warmth without the bulk. The moisture resistant material will keep you warm and dry on those damp days where just a long sleeve shirt isn’t enough. Once you own it you will find yourself using it more often than you thought you would.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Great warmth-weight ratio

Extremely Comfortable


Moisture -resistant


Higher price point

Less breathable if used as a mid-layer


Arc’teryx Company was created in 1989 and remain a top company for functional outdoor wear with innovative technology. The company is based out of the mountains in Canada so they know what extreme conditions can bring. They have an obsession with making their products with the premium materials available while remaining completely functional. When they create a product they go all in. Investing in the technology of materials used, product design and testing, to make sure the end product is right. They test their products to withstand the elements, functionality and comfort to create the high level of product its consumers swear by.


The Cerium is breathable however not as breathable as a fleece might be. It is warmer that other mid-layer styles due to the down filling. If used as a mid-layer users unzip the armpit areas of their outer shell to allow ventilation which seems to help. The Nylon material does allow the Coreloft material to ventilate to keep the warming and moisture resistant properties it has. Users that are active and tend to run hot anyway state they frequently utilize the front zipper for body temperature adjustments.


The Cerium LT Hoody is lightweight and comfortable to wear by itself or under a shell for layering. The jacket material is designed to move with you. This means you have free range of motion when needed for hiking and balancing purposes. Even under a shell it will not bunch up in areas like the underarms which others do. The cinched hip area keeps the jacket close to your body to protect from wind finding its way in from the bottom of the hoody. Keeping the wind and moisture out while helping to maintain your bodies temperature this hoody gets the job done.

There are two zippered hand pockets, which is a nice feature to warm your hands when needed. The zippered pockets allow for carrying an item and securing it in the pocket so it does not fall out. The StormHood is easy to flip on and cinch closed for full protection. The wind will not blow in down. There is a draw cord that runs to the back and vertically in the front to keep the hood in place. There is enough room for a hat underneath the hood or it can be worn under a helmet due to the compression


Even with the lightweight design the hoody is durable to last you for years. The fabric used keeps its form so even after years of use and washing it will fit like the first day you wore it. The zippers are all made of durable material that have corded pulls. Having corded pulls are easier to grab even with gloves on and reduce noise. No slipping of the zipper, where you leave the zipper at is where it will stay. This helps to regulate your temperature levels by adjusting the zipper quickly.


Sizing of the hoody ranges for S-XXL that fits true to size. It does have a trim fit and is one of the most athletic cuts available in this category. That being said users with very broad shoulders suggested going a size up from their normal size. The cut is designed perfectly for layering. The hip length center back is 28.3 inches. This length is perfect for layering that it does not hang lower that the shell but used alone is long enough that when bending it does not ride up.


This is such a versatile jacket that is can be a staple in every wardrobe. It can be used as a stand alone piece for warmth on a damp chilly morning. Take it when you are going camping, hiking or just for a walk in town. This can be used for the layering process that Arc’Teryx is known for. Being prepared not only is smart but can look good. This can be layered with a water proof shell for the rainy days on an adventure. If your adventure is taking you to more extreme outdoor conditions, it can be a mid layer before putting on an extreme cover shell to really pack in the heat you may need.

Whats on your list to do? Whatever you are planning to do from hiking, snowshoeing, skiing or camping this is a hoody to pack along. If you are planning a little weekend road trip, don’t forget the Cerium for a night stroll. There really is no limit to its use and it is so compressed in the travel sack you can be ready for anything.

The 850 fill power down being placed so close to the skin gives instant warmth. When you put an outer shell on besides it turns into a radiator. This is a great choice to use for skiing, on a beautiful day on the trail you can use this alone. If a brisk wind change happens you can just put on a shell and keep on going. You will be amazed on the warmth yet being fully flexible to finish your trail.


The Arato 10 is super light, flexible and durable. This hoody can be compressed and put in its tiny carrying case and pulled out at any time for full jacket use. It has a soft nylon feel that forms to the body and moves with the body freely. The materials used allow for a free range of motion while protecting from the elements. If you are doing a more intense activity like skiing and snowboarding, it is a great mid layer. Having a shell over this hoody you sill get full range of movement without feeling bulky.


Care of the Cerium Hoody will add to the longevity and will keep it looking like new. It is machine washable in warm water on the gentle cycle. Do not use fabric softener with this hoody. It is recommended to rinse twice to get any remaining detergent out of the fill and on the exterior of the hoody. Use tennis balls on the low heat setting. Full dry time may take up to three hours.

Another recommendation is to store the hoody unstuffed in a dry place. This allows for the fabric and down filling to air out completely. After a hike or use storing it on a hook or hanger allows it to fully dry out. This is beneficial for moisture control and to help with smell as well if you are one that runs hot in the underarm area.


The Cerium LT has a clean classic yet active style. It has the detailed stitching to keep the fill in place but also gives it a soft look. It has a full front zipper with chin guard for protection and temperature regulation. Two zip pockets for hand warmth or storing an item securely. There is also an internal zip pocket with a stuff sack. The cinch hem bottom and the wrist cuff keep the hoody where it should be while protecting from the wind. Last but not least is a StormHood for head protection and warmth that is comfortable both on or when not being worn.

With all of these features of the jacket the style allows it to be versatile. Wear it for your snowshoe hike in the woods or to the store for a quick errand. The clean look makes it an easy choice to throw on without looking to sporty. This is also a great hoody for those that travel a lot. Those that live in cold areas and travel to warm ones on vacation don’t want to take up room in their luggage with a bulky winter jacket. This hoody in the stuff sack takes up such little room put it in your carry on for your return. When you are back in the cold and warming up your car you simply pull out the hoody and put it on for instant warmth. Saving you room, time while providing you protection from the elements.

Water Resistant

If you have used down filled products before you know that moisture is an enemy. When moisture gets to down it compresses their loft, basically turns them to mush. If that happens it no longer provides warmth. Arc’teryx uses Coreloft into the Cerium in the shoulders, cuffs, underarms and collar. These are the areas that are prone to getting wet. Using an in-house high-quality synthetic called Coreloft to counter this issue. The Coreloft has the properties of being lightweight, breathable and thermal.

The Coreloft provides moderate warmth that continues to perform when wet. The nylon exterior of the jacket will repel moisture keeping the fill dry. This is not a jacket designed to be worn in heavy rain, an outer shell would still be suggested for that. A protective spray can be applied to the hoody to help with the water resistance. It is recommended to reapply a spray several times to maintain your jackets function.

Wind Resistant

The Cerium LT performed well used on cold hike days and in a variety of snow sports from the wind. The nylon material allows for the fill to breath yet provides a protection from wind just blowing through you. The StormHood has great coverage to protect the back of the neck and ears that can tend to get cool in the wind. The hem bottom and wrist cuffs protect from the wind sneaking in.

Used as a stand alone while snowshoeing, hiking or other activity it has good protection from wind. If you run hot the little bit of wind you feel on a higher wind day might feel good. This is a medium warmth jacket that is lightweight so if you have a cold north wind blowing in you will want to use this as a mid-layer for the warmth without the bulk.

Key Features

Medium Warmth level
Moisture and wind resistant
Down Composite Mapping-insulation in areas where moisture may build up.

Bottom Line

Arc’Teryx Cerium LT is a hoody that once you put it on you are so glad you have it. Worn for more than they ever thought they would use it for, owners love this jacket. The lightweight, compressed down filled hoody provides instant warmth in the cold. The moisture and wind protection allow this to be used in any outdoor element. The Coreloft and goose down fill give the immediate warmth while being comfortable and flexible. The sturdy zipper design for the pockets and front zip will withstand the use. The Cerium is easy to clean and is compressible for space saving packing. Carry this with you everywhere to be prepared when the weather changes in an instant.