Best Day Hikes You Must Add to Your List

best day hikes Best Day Hikes You Must Add to Your List

If you love the feeling of literally riding into the clouds, you will enjoy day hikes that are open across American mountain ranges. Beyond this slant of a hike, there are several other sites that cut across valleys, river beds, forest reserves and sundry other attractions.

There are no limitations as to what you can do if you decide to camp out in any of the natural attractions during your vacation, as long as the prevailing weather conditions are right. Whether you are looking to soak in the sun or explore some cold climes, many options exist to make your getaway a perfect one.

The perfect list for a daytime hiking adventure

When you plan your hike adventure, make sure that you have at your fingertips, such information as the activities that are permitted, the weather condition, best visit times, hike duration and other details.

The Half Dome in California

The Half Dome in California

The half dome is located in the Yosemite National Park in the American state of California and it occupies a wide expanse of land that measures up to 16 miles. This hiking attraction is such that makes a time off pleasurable for you during your vacation.

Holiday planners pick this park as most pleasurable to explore during the months of April to October. If you choose to explore this attraction, you will have a chance to behold the granite dome in all its glory.

The hiker will also get a chance to transverse the Yosemite Valley as well as the Vernal Falls or the Nevada Falls within the precincts of the park. Most hikers see the dome’s final 400 ft that leads to this summit as the star attraction here, which requires using metal cables to transcend. You will, however, need a permit to access this part of the dome.

This springtime attraction will allow you the full view of the magnificent waterfall and you can have it covered as a day-only from Yosemite Valley.

The Indian Council Caves in Connecticut

The Indian Council Caves in Connecticut

Day hikers see an attraction in the Indian Council Caves at Barkhamsted. This site is a wellspring of babbling brooks and deep grooves that covers 4.9 miles in the deep forest. There are also a collection of attractions like the natural caves and scenery of foliage in the deep forests.


If you love the outcrop of massive boulders and other shallow and deep water bodies, the Indian council caves hold more than a passing attraction in this regard.

The Ice Field and Glacier in Alaska


There is a rich Exit Glacier in Seward, Alaska that holds an attraction as a day hike scenery if you love to explore icy formations. There is also the Harding Ice Field that adds to the attraction that you can behold out there in the cold Alaskan landscape.

The attraction is a 7.5 mile formation that is within the grounds of the Kenai Fjords National Park. This day hike attraction is open all through March until the end of October every year. You should expect to find snow on this trail even as at the middle of July.

On the Trail of the Walls of Jericho in Alabama

On the Trail of the Walls of Jericho in Alabama

When you turn into Hytop in Alabama, what holds the attraction here for hikers is the Walls of Jericho, and it is a magnificent trail. The landmass is a 6 miles natural occurrence of a deep gorge with an enchanting swimming hole and waterfall.

This attraction stretches to the edges of the Tennessee border and can be strenuous to transverse even in the best of weather and climatic conditions.

The Muliwai Trail in Hawaii

The Muliwai Trail in Hawaii

This Hawaiian attraction covers 9 miles and is located in the Big Island precincts. Hikers are able to come year throughout the year with no restraint.

On this trail, you will find swimming holds, old ruins as well as a beach where you find black sand only. The Waipio Valley is found on one extreme of the trail while the other extreme leads you to the Waimanu Valley.

The Precipice Trail in Maine

The Precipice Trail in Maine

Hikers have an attraction to behold in Maine, and it is located within the Acadia National Park. The Precipice trail covers 1.8 miles and it is best explored from June till November.

You are sure to be held spell-bound by the viewpoint at the top of the trail and you can be sure it is no mean feat to get to this point.  Be prepared to hop over boulders and scramble at some point although there is no climbing involved.

You might need the help for the iron rungs on site to go over certain parts of the trail.

The Highline Trail in Montana

The Highline Trail in Montana

The Highline Trail is open for you to explore within the Glacier National Park in Montana. It is an attraction that covers a landscape of 11.5 miles in this high country region. You will behold wildflowers and other stunning peaks in this Montana day hike exploration. The best time to be here is from the middle of July till the end of August. The fauna here include bears, bighorn sheep as well as goats.

The Highline Trail offers one of the shortest seasonal hikes as snowfall occurs once the August window closes. Before you set out for this hike, be sure to find out if it is open for visits even when it is close to the end of July. The weather extremes can make exploration impossible if you get here too early.

The Cascade Canyon Trail in Wyoming

The Cascade Canyon Trail in Wyoming

The state of Wyoming offers hikers the Cascade Canyon Trail and it is situated within the Grand Teton National Park. The site is on 14.4 miles expanse of land and is best explored from June to November.

The breath-taking mountains you find here in addition to the panoramas and stunning peaks are a wonder to behold. At the end of the trail, hikers will be at the shores of Lake Solitude.

The Hoh River Trail in Washington

The Hoh River Trail in Washington

The Olympic National Park in the state of Washington is home to the Hoh River Trail. The trail covers an expanse of 6.2 miles and can be accessed at any time of the year.

If the flora and vegetation is an attraction that you love to behold, then this trail that ends at Glacier Meadows (after a further 17.6 miles) is your best pick. The temperate climate here makes it a wonder to behold for hikers.