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Keen Austin Review Facts

The Keen Austin is a classic oxford style shoe with a sleek athletic twist. It would be considered a casual shoe with extreme comfort and support. The lace-up feature with a lightly padded ankle and tongue allows you to secure the shoe firmly to your foot. The support of the shoe allows for all day, everyday wear. The water-resistant leather allows this to be a great shoe for any weather condition.

The Keen Company started in 2003 with a sandal designed for toe protection and comfort. From there they were inspired to enter the casual shoe category offering their patented toe protection with a timeless style to be worn daily. They knew exactly what to focus on to create this with the Austin casual shoe. The support, durability with the versatile style make this a shoe anyone can wear.

This shoe comes in a variety of colors and has the detailed stitching that provides an extra design detail to dress up the shoe. The detail in the design is not just in the look but it also has the quality materials that come to be expected from the trusted Keen Company.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Comfortable and supportive





Require a little break-in time

Not available in ½ sizes


The non-marking rubber sole of the Austin provides protection and traction for this versatile shoe. The rubber sole allows for water resistant wear that is durable. The no heel sole provides a comfortable stride for the active workday use. The rubberized sole provides a grip without being aggressive like a hiking boot. The patented Keen toe of the sole gives it a rounded edge for easy toe lift.


Designed like a hiking boot but is an urban casual shoe that is comfortable and versatile. From walking the sidewalks to all day standing this shoe can work on a variety of terrains. The variety of users give examples of wearing it all day on high waxed hospital floors to wearing them on the hard concrete floor of a warehouse. Users really set no limits from the daily errands they run to a casual night with friends in the backyard. A slippery parking lot or a dry dusty field are no problem for this versatile shoe.


The Austin might be inspired by a hiker style shoe however it does not have an aggressive traction like one. The traction would be considered medium tread or medium traction. It has enough to give you nonslip traction for control on a variety of terrains. The rubber sole helps to give a nice grip without being too aggressive that makes you trip up. The casual shoe can be worn anywhere with the ability to give a safe foot placement.


The uppers of the Keen Austin are made of full-grain and nubuck leather. The high quality leather used is both naturally breathable and has a level of water resistance. This combination of natural properties in this material help to make this shoe durable. The slightly padded ankle gives extra comfort while the padded tongue protects your foot top from the laces. The leather forms around your foot that making it feel secure. It is recommended to break in the uppers. Most users did say that out of the box the uppers area is a little stiff. Using them for a few hours for a few days in a row will help to break them in. Once they are broke in though they are very comfortable.

Caring for the Austin shoe is simple but will help your shoe looking like new. Use a gentle brush or hand towel to remove debris. If you do have any stains they can be removed by rubbing a gum eraser and wiping. For tough stains use a water and vinegar mixture with a cloth.

Size and Weight

This shoe comes in sizes ranging from 7-17 and is considered a medium width. There is a wide width available as well to accommodate almost every foot. The toe area is designed with plenty of room for movement to not make the toes feel cramped. The lace up feature allows for a secure feel and all day support. They weigh in at 15.3 oz, so walking around in these shoes all day is not an issue. Your feet don’t feel heavy even after a 14 hour day of wearing them.

Water Resistant

The leather used provides water resistance. The Austin can be worn in any weather without fear of stepping in a puddle or a lightly snowy sidewalk. This is a great feature if you live in a region where the weather is unpredictable. A good shoe protection spray is recommended as well. This helps to repel the water even more and preserve the life of your shoe. Also if you do live in a snowy area, you know how a salt lick can ruin the look of your favorite shoes. The shoe protection helps with that too.


The first thing users commented on was that these shoes are extremely comfortable. This was from users in every profession from on their feet all day to moderate movement jobs and they all said the same. The padded sole and the footbed formed the keep the pressure to the lowest level and maintains the proper posture of the foot to reduce fatigue and stress.

The combination of the rubber sole and the formed footbed give a supported, comfortable step and gives a spring back. The cushioning is comfortable without being so overly padded that your stride isn’t natural. Other types of shoes with padding can actually throw your gait off which can create other problems later on. The shoes are great for travel as they are versatile for style purposes and they can be used for the long walks to quick errands. It makes it an easy choice to have in your bag.


The Austin has a rubber sole with patented toe protection to provide a flexible natural movement. The leather uppers form and move with your foot so there is not pinching or creasing by the toe area. The formed supports of the insole also move with the natural movement of your feet. This flexibility of the shoe keeps it comfortable while allowing for full range of motion. Wear them for all day work, or while doing light projects - these will move with you.

Support and Balance

The Keen Austin is a casual shoe that has a removable Metatomical molded polyurethane footbed that gives superior support. This support is designed with the entire foot and arch in mind and extra emphasis on the big toe area. Users that have arch problems state that this shoe gives enough support for all-day wear. Even users with a heavier build that have a hard time finding a shoe with enough support and room have these shoes as a staple in their wardrobe. The other nice feature with having a removable sole is for those users that do require an orthopedic insert it allows for easy insert and use. The nice patented toe allows for the roomy feel even with the insert is being used.

The flat shoe without a heel provides a firm foot placement providing balance. The engineered form fitted footbed moves with the rubber sole of the shoe so it gives you stability in any position your foot is placed in. The form fitted footbeds allow for even disbursement of pressure at the same time providing extra support in the arch and in the big toe region. For those that do not know, your toes are a part of your balance system, so the extra toe support only adds to the total balance you get from the Austin shoe. From crouching down to stepping on a ladder the shoe provides a secure placement for balance.

Lacing System

The lacing system is a standard eyelet method that has reinforced stitching on the leather. The stitching and laces give a detailed design while giving durability. The stitching provides a smooth finish when tying so you do not get a puckering effect in the leather material like other shoes do. Secure these as tightly as you like and the shoe will keep its form. The metal eyelets are durable to last you the life of the shoe.

The lace colors and stitching match the shoe color perfectly to give it a little texture and contrast. They stay in the same family of tone yet add a little pop to the style. The only exception is the black shoe with the black laces. This is perfect for those that require a solid black shoe to be worn for work to stay compliant. There were several users in the medical field that are able to wear these as they are in compliance with their facilities uniform requirements.


The cost of the Keen Austin is in a higher range however the value of the versatility and quality of the shoe make it a very reasonable shoe. There are other casual shoes that are at a lower price however are not as good of quality and do not offer the superior support of these shoes. Users of the Austins often like them so much they re-order them to make sure they always have a pair. The water-resistant feature and quality footbed for support put this casual shoe far above the competition in the category. The rugged style yet casual comfort make this an everyday shoe and a wardrobe must-have.

Key Features

-Full-grain and nubuck leather
-Molded EVA mid sole
-Non-marking rubber sole


The appeal of these shoes is that they are so versatile. The uppers with the stitched detail and colored laces give a distinct look of business casual. At the same time, they have a rugged urban look that can be worn with jeans for a casual fun look. The classic oxford style these have will not go out of style. They are a staple item for anyone that wants to own one pair of shoes for multiple purposes. They come in a variety of colors, sizes and widths to accommodate every need. These truly are a shoe every person should have in their closet.

The casual shoe is available in a variety of colors to match your style preference. The range of colors is in tones that are versatile to wear for a casual Friday at work to walking shorts with a polo for a casual backyard gathering. The colors and style make a statement of something a little more than a pair of tennis shoes will.


The Keen Austin casual shoe is made with leather uppers of high quality. The nubuck leather is naturally breathable allowing for airflow both while the shoe is on and off the foot. The lining is made from breathable mesh so again even if the shoe is on it still allows for airflow. This helps to regulate the temperature and reduce moisture build up. The removable footbed is made for polyurethane with holes strategically built into the form. By removing the footbed it allows the shoe to completely dry between uses. It is recommended to remove the footbed occasionally and place the shoes in a well-ventilated area or directly in the sun. This will allow for the shoe to completely dry and prevent them from getting that smelly odor that can sometimes happen.

Bottom Line

Keen Co created this perfect shoe that has a balance of a hiking shoe with a casual oxford style. The style gives a mature feel with an adventurous twist. The shoe is so versatile to wear with almost anything to either dress up or keep it casual. This is what makes the cost not really a factor. The other features like water-resistant, extreme support and comfort give an added value to the shoe. The breathable and moisture wicking materials used help to keep your feet comfortable after a long day at work. Available in a variety of colors, there is one that is sure to fit your style.