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Saucony Cohesion 9 Review Facts

Saucony has an established and prominent reputation for their shoes. The Saucony Cohesion 9, a relatively recent and popular model has been added to their catalog. The shoe provides a running shoe that is ideal for lengthy training sessions at a highly affordable price.

It became popular due to its efficient features and components. Neutral runners like its traction-capable outsole tread, its responsive midsole, and the comfortable cover system. Others were not impressed with the road shoe’s performance.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Terrific airflow provided by breathable mesh upper 
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Highly flexible
  • Very affordable
  • Flexibility too extreme for some
  • Not as durable as other brands
  • Reported stability problems
  • Arch support is disappointing 


The Cohesion 9 outsole is made of proprietary XT-600 material. It ensures durable protection against abrasion and wear. It also delivers traction over the road. The material does not easily shed. It is dependable and durable.

The material provides comfort due to its forgiving flexibility. These caveats that provide lightweight and cushion are not as long-lasting as heavy-duty, more expensive running shoes. They function adequately for training purposes and help gently ease beginner runners into the activity.

The outsole unit of the shoe is thicker than previous versions. This model has more prominent rubber layers, especially in the heel. The protective, durable rubber helps preserve the sole unit.

Flex grooves on the outsole are quite visible. There are more flex grooves, and they are deeper than the eighth iteration. They provide flexibility, especially in the forefoot. The design makes the thick sole more forgiving and responsive to natural movement of the feet.


The midsole is IMEVA (Injected Molded EVA foam). It is the construction material of the Cohesion 9 midsole. IMEVA is a full-length foam that provides shock absorbency when the foot lands on the ground. It is a long-lasting structure that also offers responsive cushioning. The material keeps the weight of the shoe low and provides a springiness that helps the shoe’s responsivity.

It may not be as shock absorbent as some running shoes because of its considerable pliability. A befitting amount of foam that was added compensates for the potential shortcoming. As a result, the midsection of the shoes is thicker than some. It is lightweight and offers some stability.

The heel grid system at the rear of the shoe prevents discomfort and injury and carries the foot well. The heel bears most of the weight of the body. The added cushioning offers comfort and responsiveness. An included insole increases the cushioning. It is removable for those who prefer certain robustness and thickness of the underfoot platform.


The design of the Saucony Cohesion 9 upper is a noticeable change from previous models. To improve durability and comfort thick material was implemented to give the shoes a tight-fitting build. One display is a breathable mesh that helps provide ventilation throughout the foot. The mesh of the Cohesion 9 is more tightly woven than in earlier versions but still delivers comfortable and well-ventilated coverage.

There is a refinement in the overlay system. Overlays cover most of the rear section and sides of the upper. They are thinner than the previous model. They help secure the rear of the foot and the midfoot area by reacting to adjustments made in the lacing system. The synthetic overlays of the upper unit are adjustable as they are connected to the lacing system. They are more lightweight and thinner than prior models and therefore, more unrestrictive.

The extra synthetic fabric layer provides more durability but somewhat diminishes the breathability. The plush collar and tongue secure the foot as they provide additional comfort. Their purpose is to lock down the foot and keep the fit snug to reduce skin irritation. Environmental factors and personal preference are used to decide if the Cohesion 9 changes are worth an upgrade from previous models.


A shoe’s weight is significant if the purpose of the shoe is exercise. Heavy shoes cause discomfort over long running periods. Extra sweat may accumulate from exertion. The Saucony Cohesion 9 weighs about ten ounces.

It was designed to prevent the troublesome issues. The clever substitution of light synthetic for heavy material has no noticeable effect in comfort. The lightweight characteristics is justification for buying the shoes. As a consequence, durability takes a bit of a hit.


Reviewers give the Cohesion 9 high marks for breathability. The rubber used in making the upper sole is high-quality rubber that keeps the feet sweat-free, dry, and hygienic even during long running times. The high ventilation may diminish throughout the lifespan of the shoes. After several months of heavy, frequent use, they may feel slippery and not be as breathable. The extra synthetic material layer on to slightly limits the purported sweat-proof material in the upper.


These shoes are made of extremely lightweight material. It is meant to ensure there is no discomfort caused by unnecessary weight or chafing that might disrupt continuous running sessions. Several reviews reported the shoes staved off discomfort in the foot or muscle pain. Words to describe the shoes included ‘enjoyable’ and ‘comfortable.’

The manufacturer implemented the cutting-edge cushion integration system design for comfort. The shoes fit the feet well. The upper sole material quality is nothing out of the ordinary. Given the low price of the shoes, the comfort experienced is impressive.


There are numerous color options in the Saucony Cohesion series. There is an interesting conjunction of bright neon yellows and greens, and darker blacks, blues, and grays. The shoes are quite distinctive and appealing.

The variety of color schemes was recognized by runners who felt it made the shoe appealing to the eye — additional designs and more reflective detailing on the upper increase the visual appeal. The shades and hues complement the color theme and make the shoes stand out visually.

They coordinate beautifully with outfits. A lace closure has a padded tongue and collar that look dignified and are made of high-quality material. The outsole meant to handle hilly terrain also features beautiful cascading colors that are very appealing.

The Cohesion 9 is true to size. It is available in various sizes that precisely complement the lengths of runners’ feet. The shoe is available in both medium and wide widths which gives it the capability of accommodating many foot shapes and types.


The XT-600 material used to manufacture the shoe is a high-quality carbon known for durability. Due to the design of the rubber, no discomfort or pain is felt while wearing the shoes for a long time. Most users of Cohesion 9 say the shoes are well-made. There are a few who experienced deterioration after a month of wearing the shoes. It seems as though Saucony gradually downgraded the quality of the shoe to keep down the weight and price.


In the foam under the heel of the shoes, there is a small dent that gives the sole a protected and comfortable feel. The subtle design helps prevent feet from suffering from the impact of shock, protects feet from shock also and prevents sudden cramping caused by change in motion. The protective aspect makes the Saucony Cohesion 9 among the therapeutic running shoes for people who suffer from the malady of plantar fasciitis.


This model has a little foam through the midsole. A few millimeters give the shoe a responsive ride. Such energy efficiency is unconventional for a shoe in the price range of the Cohesion 9. It is among the design’s most positive aspects. Consumers appreciate the cushioning system that makes the shoes adequately soft and responsive. The high responsiveness of the shoe may detract from its stability.


Saucony Cohesion 9 offers fair, but not the best, support. Running long distances with the shoes does not initially cause extreme comfort or aches thanks to the lightweight and ample cushioning. The heel cup implementation provides support that ensures a snug fit. The ‘heel grid system’ midsole provides extra stability and support. The laces provide a tight fit but are designed to avoid any excessive pressure and discomfort on the feet of the wearer.


Potentially, the shoes are capable of managing trails and hills. The recommended terrain is running tracks, flat concrete, and roads. The lugs on the outsole can handle rocky, hilly, dirty, sandy, and muddy terrain; but other design aspects make for a bad idea to use the shoes in these environments. The shoes have a drastic drop to facilitate flat running surfaces. It makes incline running difficult. Low weight and durability mean the shoes cannot handle the wear-and-tear sustained by off-road running.


This is indeed a budget shoe. Its list price is lower than many of the running shoes on the market. Some disappointing features justify the below-average cost. Somewhat diminished stability and questionable durability are part of the justification.

The high-affordability of the Saucony Cohesion 9 makes it an excellent short-term running shoe. The shoe is perfect for runners who want to get into recreational jogging or those recovering from an injury to the foot.


The outsole of the Cohesion 9 is expertly designed to handle inclined or uneven surfaces. It delivers reliable surface traction. Though some design aspects discourage use in rough environment, the traction provided is useful for flat surfaces. During mild and moderate rainstorms, the breathable mesh prevents excessive moisture accumulation that causes warping. A fit that is snug contributes to additional traction.


The flexing points and grooves on the shoe sidewalls make the shoe very bendable. The grooves in the sidewall are located in the foam portion of the shoes. They work beautifully with the light midsole to provide a stride that is highly efficient. The forefoot area encourages flexibility.

The high-flexibility makes the shoes able to perform well on various surfaces, especially when the forefoot grip from a 12mm heel drop is taken into account. There is a thin line between efficient and sloppy. The shoes feel so indulgent that they detract from the entire experience.


Saucony used and advanced grid technology in the area of the heel for the Cohesion 9. Cushioning and the grid system of the heel provide stability that is high-class. The significant extent likely surprises runners looking for budget training shoes.

There are differences of opinion about the trustworthiness of the shoe’s stability. Some can, and others cannot feel any difference. The shoe's heel cup may be the cause of the conflicting reports. It adds stability because it firmly keeps the heel placement where it should be when running. Those who strike with the their midfoot or their forefoot will not feel a difference that heel strikers sense.


The Cohesion 9 has a 12mm drop which is standard in the running shoe realm. The amount of cushion used to elevate the heel is surprising. To accomplish the perfect trifecta of excellent flexibility, low cost, and high cushion, several millimeters of IMEVA was used for the shoe’s midsole. A drop, popular with flat runners having a neutral stride, results. The extra cushion provides relief from the pain of foot issues like plantar fasciitis, even with an drop that is extreme.

Key Features

* Advanced cushion integration
* Small depressions below the foam provide comfort and protection in the midsole
* Extra foam across the midsole
* Heel cup that ensures tight heel fit
* Reflective material on lace holds up the tongue of the shoe
* Stack height os 29mm
* XT-600 high-quality carbon rubber used in the manufacture
* Wide color option variety

Bottom Line

While the consumer does not get the ultimate in running shoes, the Saucony Cohesion 9 meets the needs of runners. From Saucony’s series of budget-friendly shoes, the Cohesion 9 has many features expected from low-price shoes as well as some that surpass expectations.

It is that care was taken in the construction and design of the running shoes. The result is a pair of running shoes ideal for those on a budget who want something comfortable and stable. The consumer should be aware the shoes do not provide stability and comfort for an extended period. They need to be replaced sooner than more expensive models.