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Adidas Galaxy 3 Review Facts

When looking for a good running shoe, you want to make sure you are getting something that will last, and that means turning to companies you know and trust. Adidas is definitely one we have a lot of faith in, as its products have proven time and again to stand up to the pressure. The good news is that this particular pair, the Adidas Galaxy 3, comes in many variations - so you can find a pair that not only fits you in appearance but fits you in size and width. Most shoes, running or otherwise, only seem to consider length when creating their line, but Adidas has gone beyond that. They realize that length is just half of the equation and have made a wide version of this shoe, so all runners can gain the reliability and comfort of their brand. Without further ado, let us look into the other qualities of this one that make it worth checking out and maybe even adding to your favorite collection.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comes in regular and wide
  • Offers many different color styles
  • Air mesh upper for better breathability
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Cloud foam Midsole to offer greater support
  • Great for all day use
  • Lightweight
  • True to size fit
  • Best for normal walking use and light running
  • Wear out if used for high impact endurance style running


The Galaxy 3 boasts a solid but flexible outsole made of rubber which is more built for indoor use than outdoor. Not all running shoes are built for the outdoor runner, though, so if what you are looking for is a good shoe for work or to use on an indoor running mill, this shoe works wonderfully. It has great support in this area for such activities, and it should be noted that the level of comfort in this part of its design does seem aimed more for those needing tread in the work area instead of being built against outdoor use.


If what you need is a cushion in a high mobility job atmosphere, such as retail or fast food, then look no further. Adidas cloud foam technology is supportive to the foot while having to move around a lot, especially for those with a heavier build or who need to lift a high amount of weight. These shoes will keep you able to come home and not have the same aching feet most shoes would leave you with. When you need that extra gentle support for your day, these will definitely give it to you.


The upper shoe is made with breathable materials to help give your feet the air they need in a demanding atmosphere. They help keep the temperature down so your feet do not sweat as quickly. Also, the comfort lock support assures that wider or flat feet remain comfortable in your shoes while moving around. Having a shoe that does not slip or slide and who place the right support where it is needed when moving constantly is one of the most important things to prevent blisters and pain, so you can keep easily moving even after your shoes are off for the day.


For your average running shoe, the Galaxy 3 is easily one of the more lightweight. While most running shoes average between 9 to 11 ounces, the Galaxy 3 averages at around 8 and most everyone who has tried them seems to agree that you can tell the difference. This is a great point to look at since this means less stress on your foot and ankle when moving. It also means less pull on your leg muscles when moving, so you can go for longer without wearing out.


The breathable mesh lining, as well as outer mesh design, allows for perfect breathability in this shoe. While most may use a mesh design for one or the other, Adidas again moved ahead of the game by combining the two. The downside to this design, however, is that the shoe is not even a little water resistant, and it is not good against heavy use wear in the area of running outdoors. Instead, like with the rest of its qualities, this design seems more aimed for those who need an indoor shoe for moving around in a fast-paced environment. This makes this particular design is especially good for retail work since the amount of airflow given means you can more comfortably remain on your feet and on the go for hours without your feet getting overheated and sweaty.


Easily proclaimed by consumers as one of the most comfortable shoes you can purchase for indoor fast-paced work or activities. While this is not exactly your stereotypical definition of a running shoe, it fits the criteria because you would stay comfortable with non-stop movement in them. The cushion, mesh, and soles come together with the choice of wides to help support your foot and assure you do not strain your muscles from trying to keep a good fit.


When you want selection for a single style of shoe, the Galaxy 3 comes through with flying colors - literally. This shoe has seven different color combinations available, so you are sure to find what you need whether it is to fit a dress code, or simply to fit your favorite outfit for the gym . Adidas made sure to supply you with options for this design with blue, red, white and grey as the main colors in your palette.


These shoes are built for walking and a lot of it. However, for outdoor or marathon running they may not be your best choice. While they hold up to high energy performance, they do not do so well in constant running or rough surface environments, and they really do not do so great against water either. That said, if you need something that will last under the pressure of distance, these will have you covered, so long as you are not trying to win a race every time!


Though these shoes protect against muscle strain from constantly being on your feet, they do not offer much in the way against outdoor types of elements. The soles are built more for smooth surface use and wear out on rougher surfaces much quicker, and as stated before will not stop rain or spills from getting into your shoe. The same mesh that prevents your feet from sweating allows for moisture to more easily get inside. Good advice would be to pick these up if you are not expecting a lot of outdoor work or working in a place where liquid can easily be splashed over your shoes.


These shoes are very flexible, allowing your foot to be able to move more naturally as you walk as opposed to being held flat. This is great news when you are on them most of the day because it means your foot can flex as needed and won’t cramp as easily. Hard soles often leave muscles strained and force you to walk less naturally meaning you cramp and get sore easily after an hour or two. These shoes will keep that from happening, which is great news overall.


The upper shoe system is great for support, and to apply pressure where needed to hug and keep the shoe from sliding. This type of securing in a shoe works a lot like therapy socks where the midsection helps to support and prevent cramps. The foam cushion supports the middle and heel of your foot, preventing high impact injury as well and the rubber bottoms prevent slips and spills, so you have support from every angle a shoe can give! The snug fit and conforming elastic-like Fitframe 3D-molded sections allow you to remain supported in every place you need it to and still get the comfort and flexibility from the rest of the shoe. This design keeps you from losing balance while at the same time does not make you have to strain when you need the shoe to bend to reach higher areas, or when squatting to slide something onto a lower shelf.


This is one of the most important areas to look at in order to know what type of running shoe you really need. The Galaxy 3 seems to be perfectly developed for those who are on the go a lot but spend most of it indoors. The rubber sole is designed to grip best on smooth surfaces instead of rough ones, which means you will not want them for marathons or outdoor running.


The pricing on this one varies based on the size and color shoe you are looking for. Most of the styles range right around $45, though a few of the smaller sizes are a bit more. Either way though, they are worth every cent to keep you comfortable - especially if you want comfortable shoes for working all day long. Compared to many other brands in the same type, it is still on the less expensive side of things, so you do get more quality for your dollar, which makes them worth looking into.


Built for smooth surface traction, these shoes are likely to prevent any type of falls or spills that might occur normally when moving quickly through department stores, warehouses and any other area where there is no carpet. It has grip designed for such over the terrain of the outdoors. This is due to having more flexible rubber bottoms that have the ridge grip. Soft and flexible rubber however, means that it gets worn down more easily on rougher or sharper surfaces like the outdoors would supply. So, while it may have great traction overall, the shoe would wear out faster if used outside than in.


The soft rubber sole and foam midsole provide a very flexible feel, especially combined with the double mesh upper shoe and grip design. This shoe is designed to mold to your foot and allow much greater mobility when wearing them. Due to the flexibility, you are going to lose out on endurance against harder surfaces and preventing moisture from entering the shoe, but it means you can go longer more comfortably supported indoors than most other shoes you could purchase at the same price.


The rubber is designed for better grip on smooth solid surfaces, meaning you can go further faster over harder floors and not have to worry that you will lose traction and fall. It also allows you to remain more stable on items like step ladders and on smooth climbing or standing surfaces. This is great news for those working in fast-paced environments since you can more safely and comfortably do hours of work without coming home too sore and tired feet. The more solid work put into the design actually gave much more support to the wearer and yet at the same time thankfully did not take away from the overall flexibility and comfort making this, again, a great shoe for those working in a warehouse, retail or other fast-paced environments. Those that did wear the shoes for this type of purpose found they were much longer lasting without the need to go and purchase items to add to the comfort or stability.


With a standard style drop, this shoe neither bragged for a higher or lower feel by description. None of those who wore it had anything overly ambitious or negative to say either, which means that this particular part of the shoe neither added nor detracted from the level of comfort or support. Truth said, through research, unless the drop is extreme, it really makes very little difference in providing relief or adding to any strain when it comes to a shoes drop, so it comes down to a matter of personal preference. So, unless you prefer something drastic, chances are this shoe will not disappoint you based on drop alone.

Key Features

-Double mesh design for breathability
-Soft rubber sole
-Color options
-Foam support
-Adiwear designed outsole
-Decent price
-Reliable brand

Bottom Line

The bottom line for this shoe is that it is great for those in fast-paced work environments but is not truly designed for reliability in your traditional sense for a running shoe. The double mesh is not good for durability with continuous high impact running as would be seen in your traditional running or outdoor wear shoes. It is great for constantly being on your feet - but not for heavy outdoor use. The soft sole provides great support and flexibility, but again is not likely to hold up to rough outdoor environments and will wear out faster in them. The shoe lasts a lot longer than most types of running shoe when used for indoor heavy foot movement, so if you have such a job where you are moving a lot across smooth floors we would highly recommend them - otherwise, they are great for every day normal use.