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Fitbit Ionic Review Facts

When you are looking for ways to get in shape, there are easy methods and hard ones. For those looking for that constant companion style reminder, you can slide to the Fitbit Ionic for an all-day easy check look at where you are with your fitness routine. This watch has several features which allow the wearer to keep track of everything from the amount of time they spend watching, to the music tracks they want to have for their workout routines. So, if you are ready for that new year’s start, or are just wanting to find a good gift for a friend who loves keeping track of their tasks and memo’s, this is definitely an item worth looking into!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Tracks heartbeat
  • Holds 300 music files
  • Built in GPS
  • Tracks distance traveled
  • Syncs with Mac OS X 10.5 and higher, IPhone 45 and IPad 3 and later, Win 10 and up and Android 4.4 and later
  • Can hold favorite apps
  • Warranty under authorized sellers
  • Sp02 built in
  • If purchased by an unauthorized dealer, warranty is not honored
  • Water resistant (50m), not water-proof

Activities Use

This little beauty can play music, track your heart-beat and mileage and even open your favorite apps! Of course, as with anything that holds so much possibility, there is limited space, so you may have to pick and choose what is important enough to keep on it (something any of us with a smartphone already battles with!). With so much from your watch though, you can’t really complain about the amount of space offered- it is amazing for a tiny watch to be able to keep track of as much as it does.

Basic Features

The most basic of its features is the touch screen style display, and the band it comes with, which has the option of being able to choose wide or thin band on your purchase. It displays the time accurately and is extremely easy to read. So, if you want simplicity, you have it in this little work out style electronic companion for sure. It also has a water-resistant back and faceplate design, so you do not have to worry too much as long as it is not fully submerged under too much water depth for too long- after all, it is designed to track your swimming as well. Though don’t take it on a dive, it isn’t built for depth, again water-resistance is not waterproof.

Advanced Features

The list of advanced features on this thing is incredible. While we have already mentioned a couple, it is one of our priorities to make sure you get the ‘low down’ on something with this level of tech. Her goes the list of features so you know what you are getting right away: personal coaching, built-in GPS, music storage, heart rate tracking, a multi-day lasting battery, sleep tracking (stages of sleep), cardio fitness level, a separate female/male tracking for health, Pandora radio stations, and the ability to connect with up to date OS, iPhone, iPad and Androids! Not to mention this little thing can open your favorite apps, provides wallet free payments and allows you to give quick message replies to messages on your apps! For such a small product, it packs one heck of a punch! With the added accessories you can buy that sync in with the watch, there are even more features that would make this list even longer, so be sure to check out some of the extra stuff offered as well!


The connection with this watch is done via Bluetooth, so if you were looking for a WiFi connection to your other devices you may be a little disappointed. The Bluetooth connectivity, however, is great. You won’t find that you lose connection very often if at all. This is especially nice when you are using Bluetooth headphones to listen to your music on your daily jog. Not to mention most if not all devices these days have Bluetooth connections- so you will not find it too hard to connect with your watch.


While the Fitbit Ionic does not connect with all apps, many of the ones more commonly used are available on it, or at the very least seem to have a good alternative app that works similarly. This little item also seems to be updated quite frequently, and as it does gain updates, some of the apps currently unavailable might become available. So, as long as you do not mind that your watch does not let you buy from the apple music list directly, you will find this to be quite a useful device when you go sweeping through the apps that are available on it.


Not everyone can stand the feel of rubber, others do not like the more cloth-like fibers, but no matter which you prefer it seems there is an option for you. Need a wide band? Maybe you prefer it to not be so bulky? Check out what bands are available on purchase and see which best suits your use and taste for your personal watch. Prefer your Fitbit to look as good as you do? check out the alternative leather bands that are available.


Although the color options are relatively limited, and the main face menu doesn’t give a lot of wiggle room in the background, that isn’t to say you can’t stylize the band and feel of the watch when you are wearing it. It does come in three different colors though that goes well with almost everything, and there is a mini version of the Ionic known as the Versa. So if you find this version to bulky- don’t fret, they thought ahead on that one! And they do offer a customizable face from their own app choices at the time of purchase.


This little watch is built to be durable, after all, it Is meant to be used in order to stay fit. They made sure that anyone wanting to keep track, from a brisk jog to climbing, you can rest assured that your watch will keep going. With a water resistance that works up to 50m, you can even go swimming with it. Not every watch can offer you land and water use, though even with the Fitbit, it isn’t meant for deep diving, and you will want to take care not to put it in harm’s way on purpose. The surface is made of Gorilla glass though, so it can take a lot before it starts to show, which is great news for anyone accident prone.


This has a much larger face than the traditional watch but given that you need room to be able to read apps and other optional features, it is to be expected. A common wonder on this watch though is the question of glare reduction. Its surface does seem to highly reflect light. It might come at a greater detriment in direct sunlight, though the same surface is made of gorilla glass, meaning what makes it shine, also makes it more durable.
There are some apps that let you create a new time look on the face of your watch as well, so, you do not have to worry too much about ‘no personality’. However, at the time we wrote this, those options were still pretty limited and basic, so it has not quite hit the awe-inspiring, and you still may just decide to go with a normal digital watch face.


There are three choices in width size, and material here. You have the sports band which is better sized for the more active user, and its material allows for use in water as well. This band is made of flexible rubber style material which allows for it to breathe as well and prevents it from more wear on the go or when swimming. For the more stylish user who wants a tighter fit and is not going to be jumping into a pool, there is a leather band. This is great if your routine is more set for the business life and most of your exercise involved aerobics or walking/jogging. And then there is the classic band which is in between the two. Able to handle water, but not necessarily for everyday use of a pool, more for the average user, where the watch is mostly there to help stick with a routine or build one up without the extra flash of a leather band.

Ease of Use

This particular watch is easy to use and has several video’s and ideas for use online by both the company itself and those who currently use the Fitbit for their own routine, With an easy to read display as well as simple to access and scroll menu’s the fit bit is ready to go to work for you from the moment you receive it. The Fitbit also has several accessories available to make it easier to enjoy its blue tooth abilities and allows you to answer your phone, listen to music and much more without having to continuously switch between devices. You can even set everything up by using its blue tooth to connect to your computer and access all of its settings and make sure it is personally set to your use.


The Fitbit Ionic has a great battery life all things considered. With constant use, it can last up to 3 or 4 days between charges, and the amazing part is that, unlike your older style watches which you have to know battery size and replacement information, the Fitbit runs on a USB rechargeable battery and does not take long to charge at all. With so many things that you can do with it, it is amazing just how long the battery life truly is. We have to agree, however, that without the recharging aspect it might not be worth as much in the long run. Thankfully though, it does, and with its long-lasting charge, it is definitely worth a look when seeing out a good workout watch.


This one is a bit on the pricey side. Running upwards of over $200, it can be a bit of an intimidating purchase, but unlike a lot of its competition this watch actually lives up in quality. It has a longer battery life, comes with two bands for comfort fit, and it does not run as spottily as many of the others. For the price, you are getting a much more reliable product overall and a durable one that is bound to last longer. While it may not have quite as many app options, the truth is, the apps it does have will not have the same issues as the others. In other words, you pay for fewer glitches and better quality instead of possible connection loss and a watch that dies after only a few uses.


Many of the exercise watches out now try to claim they have as many features and better or more accessories than this one, but the accessories you do get are more reliable with the Fitbit. Not only does it automatically come with two wristbands, but also the charger cable and several apps and color choices. For additional things, you can add on the Bluetooth headset, change the material of the wristband, a scale your watch can connect to in order to help you track your weight loss and gain percentages as well as other great information, screen protectors and more! The Fitbit is a great addition to any person seeking to make a fitness change- and it even helps you keep track of certain health details that are extremely useful when you are diabetic!

Key Features

Rechargeable 4-day battery
Multiple fitness apps
Music storage
Bluetooth connectivity up to 30 feet
Can answer your calls
Receive and respond to text messages
Three choices for wristbands
Works with up to date IOS devices and OS devices
Tracks heart rate, miles traveled and swim times
Comes with Pandora
Tracks sleep stages
Multiple clock face appearances
Built-in GPS
Fitness level tracker
Wallet free payments

Bottom Line

As a fitness training companion, this watch has all the necessities and so many extra’s that it well worth the purchase even if you have to save back money for it. The only ‘downside’ we can see to this watch is that it does not appear, at first, to have as many options in personalized appearance or app choices, but a further dig revealed that the reason for this was because the company behind it wanted only things that worked. What this means is the company took the time to make sure that your watch works correctly with each thing offered, and that you are not left with apps that glitch out, lost music or phone calls or a clock face that does not work properly when you need it to. Everything does exactly what it is supposed to when it is supposed to with next to no chance of it failing you. So, instead of thinking you are paying for something that simply does not work the way you expected, you know exactly what you can do from the start.