Best Rechargeable Flashlights Reviewed and Rated

You wouldn’t think that rechargeable flashlights would be a bustling industry, but it turns out that choice is the best way to entice customers! With the move to LED there have been a lot of options for customers that want reliable flashlight options. And with that has come improved batteries with other emergency features. In this guide we reviewed some of the best rechargeable flashlights available out there, to win at the sport’s game.

Our Top 3 Picks

Streamlight Stylus
  • Streamlight Stylus
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Easy Use
  • Price: See Here
Streamlight Stinger
  • Streamlight Stinger
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 295 Lumens
  • Price: See Here
Olight Baton
  • Olight Baton
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Magnetic Tail
  • Price: See Here

What Are The Best Brands?

Streamlight, Olight, Ryobi and ZeroHour seem to be the brands that people flock to the most. With all of their innovative flair, these brands have climbed to the top of the list of noticeable names. Along with their name recognition have come a lot of changes in their core products, which is why some companies may be listed twice on the list.

How to Maintain a Rechargeable Flashlight

The rules for keeping a rechargeable flashlight healthy are a lot different than regular electronic products, and that’s a good thing. Since the rechargeable battery is part of the unit and not removable, there is no worry about needing to remove the battery when it is not in use. In fact the best tip for maintaining the unit is by discharging it. This is done by leaving it on and then recharging it back to full capacity. This method prolongs the strength of the battery for years, and is a commonly used practice with smartphones.

10 Best Rechargeable Flashlights


1. Streamlight 65012

1. Streamlight 65012
Streamlight has changed the way the industry thinks about flashlights, and even how they operate. That’s why the top flashlight on the list also doubles as a stylus! The 65012 stylus is an unbelievable deal inside and out, and provides some really can’t miss features with its design.

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A Lifetime of Light

The best LED bulb on the list goes to this model, since its solid state bulb can last up to 100,000 hours. Many users won’t even get to half that time, so expect this to be the last flashlight you’ll ever need. When on it lasts up to 60 hours on a single charge, which is ridiculous when you consider its size and range.

Features and Specifications

Waterproof aluminum case
Nonslip grip with clip
Length is 6 ¼ inches
Glare guard protector is included
Uses three AAAA batteries
Limited lifetime warranty

With a dizzying array of stylus colors and light colors, this is the best flashlight on the list by far. It just misses out on being the lowest priced on the list by a couple of dollars, so is really good on the wallet. There isn’t a better value if you need a long lasting flashlight that can go anywhere.

Decision Time

The Streamlight 65012 Stylus covers all the important points when it comes to a flashlight. If you want rechargeable AAAA batteries, you can always buy them. But with such a long battery life, you won’t need to.
  • Available with different base/light colors
  • Can fit anywhere a regular pen can
  • High intensity LED runs up to 60 hours
  • LED bulb lasts a lifetime
  • Easy use with push button and rotating tail clip
  • Batteries included are not rechargeable

2. Streamlight 78014

2. Streamlight 78014
Many customers have weighed in over the years with what they think of this model, and it has received nothing but praise across the board. This is the considered the best full sized flashlight in the industry by many critics, with specifications that still beat newer flashlights coming out. And with all of the praise for LED, it manages to be a dark horse on this top ten list.

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Many Options

There are a lot of options for this model, starting with the multiple color selections. Then from there buyers can choose to get the flashlight with a multitude of configurations with a charger, stand, a fast charger or all of the above. There is even an option for no charger and a single NiMH battery!

Features and Specifications

Xenon-halogen gas-filled bi-pin flashlight
Adjustable focus beam
30 hours of life on one charge
Aircraft aluminum anodized body
Unbreakable polycarbonate lens
Weighs 1.1 pounds
Length is a long 11 ¾ inches

This is about the price you would expect for a product of this quality, and it isn’t too high and is low enough to be accessible to all customers. Since there are different versions that can be purchased, then buyers can stick to what they want. Currently the available models are: 12V DC Charger/Holder, 12V DC Fast Charger, 120V AC Charger/Holder, 120V AC Fast Charger, 120V AC/DC Charger/2 Holders and just the base unit.

Decision Time

You can’t go wrong with this purchase, since you’ll gain control of one of the most powerful flashlights in the world. Even with no LED, it still climbs firmly into number two on the list.
  • A LOT of customizable options and accessories when buying
  • Lens is the best on the list
  • Variable spot to flood beam
  • World class Xenon-halogen bulb
  • 295 lumens
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Lack of LED will turn off some buyers

3. Olight S10-XML2 EDC

3. Olight S10-XML2 EDC
For a bump up in lumens and other features, the S10-XML2 EDC Baton is offered at the same price as the S10R. There are few minor differences, and when put side to side, the choice will come down to user preference. It’s still impressive that Olight made the list multiple times, one of the few companies to do so.

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This is one of those extra features that some wouldn’t consider a killer feature, but works out that way. Packed with a magnetic tail, the flashlight can sit in any position on a magnetic surface. Professional workers will find a lot of use with this if they work in shops, along with a lot of residential users that need a flashlight for their garage.

Features and Specifications

Strobe mode
400, 85, 5 and .5 lumen modes
Magnetic tail
Weighs 1.48 ounces
IPX-8 certified
Time based thermal management

Even without the batteries, this turns out to be a good purchase since it is low priced. Think of this as a higher spec S10R. It would have been nice of them to include batteries and a dock, but since only one type of battery is needed it’s not a big deal.

Decision Time

The magnetic tail really is an awesome feature of this mini flashlight. If that doesn’t inspire most customers, then a runtime of 360 hours should be all the motivation you need to make this a top purchase.
  • Small in size but incredibly powerful light
  • Lowest brightness mode lasts up to 360 hours
  • Aviation grade aluminum body
  • Can use CR123A or RCR123A batteries
  • Magnetic tail and belt clip makes it super portable
  • Batteries aren’t included

4. Olight S10R Baton

4. Olight S10R Baton
From miniature to mini comes the S10R Baton, an LED marvel that is so small it can fit in your pocket. Besides its small stature, the flashlight has a very bright light, which is amazing considering how small it is. With a workable price and lots of extras, customers should be pretty satisfied with this model.

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Size Matters

The S10R is the smallest flashlight on the list, and can completely disappear into your pocket or clip to your belt. A really big person will notice the flashlight is the size of their thumb! There are many situations where this can be beneficial, since not every customer wants to lug around a huge flashlight.

Features and Specifications

Micro-USB charging dock included
650mAh RCR123A rechargeable battery
Battery indicator
Overheating protection with thermal management safety program
Memory function remembers last brightness level
Reverse polarity protection when changing batteries
Weighs 2.4 ounces
Dimensions of 3x1x1 inches

The price is perfect for what you get, and since it comes with a rechargeable battery and dock, the value is equally perfect. The S10R has one job and it does that job very well.

Decision Time

Finding another mini flashlight at this price is almost an impossibility. With everything that is included you’re getting a bargain, one that has catapulted this flashlight to number four on the list.
  • Smallest flashlight on the list
  • Uses standard Micro-USB fittings
  • Battery power indicator glows red for low battery
  • Automatically drops high output by half to manage overheating
  • Can also use CR123A batteries
  • Four brightness levels
  • Charging dock is lower quality than the light
  • Illumination could be better in certain instances

5. Ryobi Light 18V ONE+

5. Ryobi Light 18V ONE+
Compared to the others on the list this one will seem like it is out of place. Take another look as this Ryobi model has made several top 10 lists for a reason, and is considered one of the go to work lights in the industry.

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Halogen Filaments Aren’t Dead

The biggest feature of the unit is that it doesn’t use the superior LED technology. Not everyone is in love with LED, and this Ryobi model is a good reason why. The brightness of the light is very good in any situation, and heat is handled very well when used for long periods of time. If you are not set on getting an LED light, then this is the next best thing.

Features and Specifications

High intensity halogen filament bulb
Head swivels in multiple directions
Lightweight at only 9.6 ounces
Dimensions of 8.2×3.5×2.6 inches
Lens is removable
Durable for long periods of use

The price is unbeatable since it is the lowest, and the value is incredible since it can be modified as a low cost LED flashlight. The only thing that is debatable about its value is when you’re a Ryobi ONE+ tools user. Because of the compatibility with the entire set, if you’re a user of their other equipment it becomes a much better deal.

Decision Time

This is the most dependable flashlight available for a price this low, and since you can always modify it to your needs, it becomes the most customizable. Ryobi found a really good middle ground with this flashlight and it continues to be an unbeatable bargain.
  • The lowest priced flashlight on the list
  • Changeable lens allows LED bulb to be put in its place
  • Comfortable, lightweight and easy to handle swivel
  • Default bulb is one of the better ones on the list
  • High capacity rechargeable battery
  • Original bulb isn’t LED
  • Is a better value if you have Ryobi ONE+ tools

6. ZeroHour Relic XR

6. ZeroHour Relic XR
Sometimes companies forget that it is the little things that make a product great. In the case of the ZeroHour Relic XR, it is a jack of all trades and a master of none. But what it does is quite incredible, and has made it a favorite of many customers looking for an all in one flashlight.

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Convenience and Size

The best feature of this model is the compact size and the ability to recharge it through any standard USB port. That means you can charge it on a computer, laptop, television, some appliances and even printers. Any USB device capable of outputting power will be able to charge up the flashlight so that it is ready for use whenever, and wherever.

Features and Specifications

Variable control ring
USB charging
Waterproof battery backup
18650 lithium-ion battery
CREE XP-1 1,000 lumen LED
Dimensions are 6.2×1.5×1
Weighs 1.5 pounds
Stainless steel strike bezel
Micro USB charging cable
Microfiber carrying case and holster

Even if it is slightly above price, having a mountable mini LED flashlight that can be charged anywhere is an incredible bargain. This one is hard to beat, and if they had pumped up the LED just a tad bit more it would be the best on the list.

Decision Time

ZeroHour has created a flashlight that should be purchased by customers even if they have a regular LED flashlight. There is no better ‘companion’ flashlight that money can buy. And even when used as a regular flashlight, the Relic XR still ranks pretty high.
  • 1,000 lumen LED is brighter than regular flashlights
  • Mounts to bikes or weapons
  • Small size
  • Uses the same charging cable as Android smartphones
  • Can charged anywhere where there is a power outlet of USB plug
  • Uses the included 18650 lithium-ion battery or two CR123 batteries
  • 1 and a half hours on a single charge
  • Slightly expensive for its size
  • Some regular flashlights beat it head to head

7. Olight SR96 Intimidator

7. Olight SR96 Intimidator
This is the first LED flashlight on the list and comes out to be one of the best. The high tech internals of the unit will make a lot of people happy, and tends to brighten up entire areas on its own. Getting into such innovative territory comes as a pretty high price, but you get a lot for the money!

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It’s A Bright Light

The coverage of the 3 LEDs is incredible, with a brightness that really delivers what you would want from a top line flashlight. Wide areas will be covered instantly once you turn it on, and there really is no comparison when going from a regular filament bulb to LEDs.

Features and Specifications

4800 Lumens
Charger and 7800MAH battery pack included
Aluminum body with anti-scratching anodizing finish
Weighs 2.6 pounds
Dimensions are 10.9×3.5×3.5
Includes carrying case and shoulder strap

This is the Porsche of flashlights, and should be higher up on the list. But the lack of a pivoting head and the price will definitely put it out of the range of a lot of people looking for flashlights. The value is still good, and if it was a little less it could have easily been a top 3 product.

Decision Time

It’s hard to overlook the price of SR96 Intimidator, which lives up to its name. Customers that want a tough, bright flashlight with an unstoppable built in battery will love this product. For a more affordable option without sacrificing quality, check further down the list.
  • Bright light capable of a high of 4800 Lumens
  • 3 built in LEDs instead one 1
  • IPX-6 water resistance
  • Hard body lets it double as a self-defense device
  • Precision reflectors are the best in their class
  • Great heat dissipation
  • Incredibly long lasting battery
  • Double the price of the SL-20X
  • No pivoting head option

8. Streamlight 26010 SL-20X

8. Streamlight 26010 SL-20X
The SL-20X will be one of the many Streamlight models to make the list. Reliable and well built, this rechargeable flashlight has been used by millions worldwide. It has made several lists for the quality of the materials used in its build, and tends to last longer than under models under heavy use.

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Optional Styles

Streamlight offers three different styles for the SL-20X. One with a Charger which is 120 V, and one with the 12-Volt DC Charger and the aforementioned 120 V Charger. The last option is just the base unit, which is helpful for people who already have the accessories.

Features and Specifications

Aluminum which is aircraft graded with anodized finish
Unbreakable polycarbonate lens with coating that resists scratches
13 inches in length
1 and a half hours of runtime
100 hour lifetime per bulb
2 optional sleeves are included
Three position push button switch
Weighs 1.9 pounds

This is a high priced flashlight for a reason, and it at least gives you the option of purchasing the materials you want to come with it. When factoring in the cost of all available models, there is indeed a lot of value with this unit. This is what the pros use, and it’s easy to see why.

Decision Time

Customers that want to fork out the money to get the best will have to dig deep for the SL-20X. This won’t be the only time Streamlight is on the list and there are fewer products that are better.
  • Tough professional grade materials that will last a lifetime
  • Lens is as tough as the handle material
  • Powerful filament keeps the light shining strong
  • Comes with 2 sleeves rather than 1
  • Battery comes WITH the unit
  • Optional styles available so you only pay for what you want
  • Push button is strong and won’t wear over time
  • One of the most expensive flashlights on the market
  • Battery might develop a memory issue if it isn’t drained full before each charge
  • Not LED

9. Makita ML902

9. Makita ML902
With the ML902, this model becomes the second Makita on the top list that is worth owning. There are similarities between this model and the ML120, but there are enough differences to make customers take pause when making a purchase. So why should customers consider the ML902 the superior rechargeable flashlight?

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Accessories Are Gold

The included carrying strap and storing case might not be appreciated at first. But when you’re doing a lot of packing for a trip and the flashlight has its own little space, then it begins to make a lot of sense. Makita threw in a pretty high quality case, one that should last just as long as the flashlight it’s carrying.

Features and Specifications

Storing case and carrying strap included
1 year limited warranty
Replacement bulb bundled
6 voltage battery compatible
Weighs 7.2 ounces
Dimensions are 12.5×2.5×3 inches

Without the inclusion of a battery or charger, the price does go up a bit if you don’t already have it on hand. The ML902 is a low priced rechargeable flashlight on its own, even when you factor in buying the needed accessories. It just so happens the deal is better when you already own Makita branded 9.6 pod batteries!

Decision Time

With the same light coverage as the ML120 and a longer operating time, this is the better choice if you want a Makita product. The only reason to choose the ML120 over the ML902 is if you already own 12 volt pod batteries from Makita.
  • Smaller than the ML120 but provides same coverage
  • 6 volts uses less power
  • Angles at 0, 45, 90 or 110 degrees
  • Storing case is sturdy enough to take some drops
  • Up to 2 hours of use on a single charge
  • Replacement bulb stores in head
  • Battery and charger not included
  • Not LED

10. Makita ML120

10. Makita ML120
The ML120 is a basic but powerful pivoting flashlight that has a lot of expandability options. Mechanically sound and used by professionals, the ML120 will provide the light you need on demand without compromising on any other areas of light power, longevity and usefulness. It is one of the most balanced flashlights on the list.

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Prepared From the Start

The replacement bulb that can be stored in the head of the unit is a very good emergency option in case the original one goes out. It’s also convenient, and keeps you from having to carry around an extra case or bag. Changing bulbs on the ML120 is one of the most painless experiences you’ll go through.

Features and Specifications

Pivoting head with the option for multiple positions
Space bulb is included with the packaging
Shoulder strap comes bundled
Powered by 12 Volt Makita pod batteries
Resistant against moisture with sealed switch
Weighs 0.57 pounds
Length is 10 11/16 inches

This one is a little hard to gauge, because the price is low on the base product. But since the flashlight doesn’t come with a battery or charger, that is an extra cost that has to be accounted for. Even when factoring that in this is still a good deal for most people. Just be aware that extra purchases have to be made after the initial one.

Decision Time

With the many choices on the list, the ML120 is still a great buy. Owners of previous Makita products will get the better deal, since they are more likely to have the extra batteries lying around. For everyone else it is still a great choice, but check out the other items on the list to get a better grasp of what’s available.
  • Makita pod style batteries are incredible
  • Uses any 12 volt Makita pod battery
  • 130 minutes of continuous use on one charge
  • Flashlight has 4 positions (0, 45, 90, 110)
  • Replacement bulb is stored in the head
  • Lightweight and can be stored in most emergency cases
  • Batteries and charger are sold separately
  • Flashlight head is smaller than their other flagship model
  • Not LED

How to Make the Best Decision When Choosing a Rechargeable Flashlight

Budget concerns come into play since not all the models on the list come with batteries. If money is a bit tight, then investing in a rechargeable flashlight that comes with all you need is a must. Size is something else that needs consideration, and is the reason some people have a ‘main’ flashlight and a ‘companion’ flashlight. Now companion flashlights have become just as powerful as their bigger counterparts, so investing in a small model is a good idea since you can always have your best flashlight on you. Lastly, LED is the standard, but that doesn’t mean it is a must. The second best item on the list is not LED, so don’t let it be a deciding factor on which type you choose.


Do You Have To Fully Charge Rechargeable Batteries Before Using Them?

This is at the user’s discretion. Charging batteries to their full capacity (or discharging them then charging) before use is done to keep the battery fresh. Like all battery, misuse over the years will slowly degrade their optimal performance.

How Long Do Rechargeable Batteries Hold Their Charge?

On a healthy battery the charge holds well, and you won’t notice a decrease in performance until it spends significant time without use. A good 2 weeks+ without use will see a slow discharge until it eventually depletes.

How Many Times Can You Recharge A Rechargeable Battery?

Although not brand specific, you should refer to the brand of batteries you’re using for a better idea. Even then, it is not an exact science since they can’t factor in how much you use the batteries and if you’re discharging them correctly. Some rechargeable batteries last a lifetime if they are discharged properly, while others may begin to rapidly lose charge within a year. It all comes down to how you take care of it.

What Features Are Most Important In A Flashlight?

Lumines, run time, bulb life. Pay attention to those three, and you’ll always get the necessary model.