SereneLife Inflatable SUP Review

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Editor’s Conclusion
SereneLife paddle boards fit best for beginner paddle boarders, kids over the age of 10, or anyone in need of a budget-friendly iSUP option. Additionally, we recommend these boards for anyone who likes to entertain and wants to have a few extra boards on hand for guests to use.

They're simple and modestly-constructed, landing square in the middle of the categories "casual" paddleboard rider and "all-around" usage.
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SereneLife Inflatable SUP Board Overview

Here we go!

Today we're diving into a mass-market favorite: the SereneLife brand line of iSUP paddle boards. Over the last few years, SereneLife has set itself up as a leader in the entry level inflatable paddle board market. Great for kids, teens, and adults in the beginner and intermediate levels, SereneLife paddle boards provide a nice selection of budget-friendly options to get you and your family and friends on the water.

At 10' long, the Free Flow and Thunder Wave boards represent SereneLife's most basic boards. Each are 32 inches wide, providing a nice footbed width. Each are rated at a 275lb weight capacity.

SereneLife's Rising Flow line offers two different color scheme options which are, in our opinion, the only two inflatable SUPs made by SereneLife which actually look good. At 10'6" long, the Rising Flow offers a bit more stability than the Free and Thunder, and performs a tad better. As an added bonus, the Rising Flow line also includes a waterproof cell phone holder along with the standard accessories (see below). Is the Rising Flow worth the extra $60-$70? If you're pushing the low- to mid-200's in weight, you should move up to the Rising Flow (10'6" long) or a different, more firm board from our list of favorites.

SereneLife Thunder Wave in Box

Let's open her up!

Inside the box you'll find a basic inflatable SUP accessory kit including:
- 3-piece paddle
- manual pump + hose
- storage backpack
- ankle leash
- repair kit
- cell phone holder (not shown...only included with the Rising Flow package)

Thunder Wave iSUP Accessory Kit

Nothing in the accessory kit stands out at first blush - it's all pretty standard for what you'd expect to be included with a $300 iSUP. The paddle is on the heavy side (more on that below) and we'll wait and see how the manual pump operates as the board nears its 15psi air capacity.

Other points to note:
- Like all iSUPs nowadays, a Halkey Roberts valve is near the tail for inflation
- There are 5 D-Rings (4 side, 1 rear) for securing gear and your ankle strap

On the water - Performance review

Stepping out on to these boards gives us our first gauge on stability. Despite the 32" width, the Free Flow and Thunder Wave don't give me a super stable launch. They hold my weight just fine (I'm ~170lbs) but definitely feel cheaper than some of the higher-quality boards we've reviewed. By comparison, the Rising Flow felt better right off the bat (stability-wise). Still not a pro board, but better nonetheless. My gut says these boards will be fine for a simple spin around the lake, but I wouldn't want to push SereneLife boards very hard, nor would I expect to. For $300, manufacturers have to cut costs somewhere!

Once you're out paddling, these boards perform just fine assuming you don't have expectations of long treks or racing glory. The lateral action was a little wobbly (not terrible...just wobbly) and I was able to get some decent speed in a straight line. But even when paddling straight, the nose tended to wander back and forth - like mini zigzags. I found that I was able to mitigate this by shifting my feet back a bit on the board. Not a deal breaker.

At the end of the day, SereneLife makes simple just-get-out-and-paddle paddle boards. Kind of like when my wife asks me "how has your day been" after a particularly bland day at work, I say "fine." These boards are "fine." Personally, if I had a lake house or cabin and wanted to buy a few extra boards for kids or guests to use, I'd buy a couple of these. Or one of these and one MaxKare. For the price, they're not so cheap that I don't feel comfortable sending friends out on them. I can at least feel confident that the iSUP board won't come apart under their feet.

On the downside, being budget, mass-market inflatable paddle boards, the SereneLife iSUP line comes with a few drawbacks. For one, their accessories are poor quality. I'm looking at you, Mr. Paddle. Seriously, the paddles which come included with the board weigh a ton. If you're planning to have kids under 14 use these boards, keep that in mind! We'd recommend buying an aftermarket paddle or finding a different iSUP package with a lighter paddle. Additionally, the bungee system at the nose is rather weak (although we give SL some credit here. They upgraded their 2020 models to a 6-point system over the 4-point predecessor) and we were disappointed by the absence of both a grab handle and D-ring on the nose. Finally, these paddle boards are awfully plain (with the exception of the Rising Flow). If aesthetics are important to you, there are better options on our list.

FF Accessory Package


Aside from the accessories, every aspect of the SereneLife inflatable SUP board line ranks as acceptable. Or as I like to say: it's just fine. The construction is adequate (though not "heavy duty" as all manufacturers claim), the performance is adequate, and the price is attractive.

Despite all of the "adequate" commentary, we believe there's place for everything. SereneLife offers some of the best paddle boards in the low-cost category. There are a TON of cheap inflatable Costco paddle boards or Amazon paddle boards these days so it's important to delineate between inexpensive and outright cheap (aka crap). We've highlighted SereneLife so you can still be budget-conscious but not go SO cheap that you end up wasting your money on a product that fails after a few rides. Trust me - I've leaned this from experience!

So what are you waiting for? If one of SereneLife's inflatable SUP boards sounds like it's right for you, give it a go.