Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers Rated and Reviewed for Quality

Time outdoors is not the same without music. Music brings people together, fills the spaces between conversation and brings back a sense of nostalgia that very little else can. Technology has become so advanced in that we are able to access different types without cords so that we can listen to our music free of power outlets or a connection between our device and our product. They can have also advanced enough that we can now listen to our music in more volatile environments and different types of weather without concern that the product will end up with water or dust damage. This article looks into the current outdoor sound systems on the market, specifically waterproof and wireless varieties.

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If finding the right Bluetooth speaker was difficult before, don't worry any longer! In the update of this guide, we linked you right to the exact speaker you were researching and thinking of purchasing. While you are reading, enjoy the rest of the features to look out for and see some frequently answered questions.

Featured Recommendations

  • DOSS
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • High Quality, Crisp Sound
  • Price: See Here
  • Vtin
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 20W High Power Sound
  • Price: See Here
VicTsing IPX65
  • VicTsing IPX65
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Hands-free Function
  • Price: See Here

Through the research, it is quite evident there is a ton of this type of product on the market. This seems to be a popular item that people want to purchase and producers are seeing this. There are a ton available on the market right now and it is hard to determine which is the best choice. They all are loaded with features but not all of them are what they say they are. We looked into the best, wireless and waterproof outdoor-grade on the market. We wanted items that were going to make the consumer happy as well as stand the test of time without causing too big of a hole in your wallet.

This type of product has a range of different types of features. The important things to consider when purchasing this type of product are what you are looking for specifically, the environment you are typically in when using this type of product, how long the battery lasts and how it can be recharged. It is also important to consider where the product is produced, what type of warranty it has and what materials it is made out of. Below we get a little more into how we chose each and what criteria we used to choose each one. We wanted the good and the bad though, so we also listed the most common compliments (pros) and complaints (con) for each. Not all cons are cons for everyone and the same works for pros, so want to ensure that you know what you are getting before you purchase your new product. We also included some frequently asked questions for some additional information. So let’s get into it. Here are the top outdoor speakers available on the market today.


10 Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers



This product is a 20-watt, waterproof option with several light modules and is Alexa compatible. It has a long battery life and has a really interesting design.
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20-hour battery life
This product has an extra long battery life ideal for areas where power sources are readily available.

Incredibly durable
This product is waterproof, drop proof and "life proof". It is ideal for rougher environments like camping and the beach. It is also dust resistant so no worries about dust eventually blocking the speakers.

Cost and Value
The majority of the products in this article are mid-range in price. This one is slightly above the majority in this article. It is incredibly resilient, can be dropped in water and is well designed. For these reasons the product is worth the cost.

Very bass heavy

High volume capabilities

Came with a micro USB cord for charging

LED flashlight comes in handy during evening parties


Highs can get distorted

2. Vtin

2. Vtin
This product is long and rectangular in shape. It comes with a clip easy to clip the product onto a belt (for rock climbing and hiking). It has a 20-watt high power speaker. It is both wireless and waterproof.
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30-hours of battery life
This one has 30-hours of battery life. This will last an entire hike and some without dying.

12-month worry-free warranty
This product comes with a great warranty eliminating any buyers remorse.

Cost and Value
This product comes with an extra long warranty, the perfect shape and design meant for hikers, and an extra long battery. Because of these features this product is worth the price.
  • Works for hands-free calling
  • Can stay connected up to 10 meters 
  • USB rechargable 
  • Very durable
  • Sound quality isn't supreme 
  • Isn't great for heavy bass 

3. VicTsing IPX65

3. VicTsing IPX65
This product is considered a shower speaker. It is small in size and also has a D-ring to hang on belts and bars. It has is 5-watts, is of course waterproof and like all the rest in this article is wireless.
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Built in mike and sound system
This product is ideal for hands-free use. While out in the yard or in the shower you can answer your phone with it as it also has a built in mike.

Small in size
This product is quite small in size. It has a hook as well making it ideal for travelling with. It won't take up much room.

Cost and Value
This product is quite inexpensive. It is easy to haul around, comes in over 5 colours and has a 12-month warranty. There should be no doubt whatsoever in purchasing this product.
  • Encased in a silicone case
  • Has a suction cup on the back as well for easy installation and portability 
  • Clear sound 
  • Easy to use
  • Using in shower can decrease quality of the bass
  • Suction cup doesn't have a tab so it is hard to get off surfaces 

4. Archeer 4.0

4. Archeer 4.0
This product is both dust and waterproof. It is 10-watts and comes in 2 different colours. It is rectangular in shape and also includes a side flashlight. It is both wireless and waterproof.
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Modern design
This product is attractive in design. It is modern and clean looking for those who like attractive looking technology.

Great sound
This option has a strong and clear sound to it even with the size of it.

Cost and Value
This product is reasonably priced. It is attractive in design, has a clear sound and comes with an 18-month hassle-free warranty. For these reasons, the product is worth the price.
  • Includes a "incoming call" notification and a built in mike
  • 40-day money back guarantee
  • Auto-shut off feature when bluetooth is disconnected (to preserve the battery)
  • Stong bluetooth connection
  • At the lowest volume some static can be detected 
  • Good sound quality but not great bass quality 

5. Yoren Noise Cancelling

5. Yoren Noise Cancelling
This little guy can be fully submerged in water up to 1 meter and still work. It comes in 3 different sizes and has 10 hours of play time. It is small in design and easy to carry around.
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Mosquito repellant
This product emits low powered, ultra-sonic waves that helps keep mosquitos at bay. Making it ideal for camping and hiking especially considering its size.

Lithium battery
This product is powered by a fully rechargeable lithium battery that will give up to 10 hours of play time.

Cost and Value
This product is a good price. It is ultra-small and light-weight. With the unique feature of being mosquito repellant this product is worth the price.
  • Has both wireless and wired capabilities 
  • Bass is surprisingly good
  • Several controls available for optimization 
  • Gives a 10 meter radius 
  • The bluetooth feature cuts down the battery life (compared to when hooked up) 
  • Could be a little louder

6. Anker SoundCore 2

6. Anker SoundCore 2
This product is an updated version of the SoundCore by Anker. Anker updated the bass and sound quality on this one. It has a higher wattage than most of the other comparable products on the market as well as the bass. It is rectangular in sound and is both wireless and waterproof.
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Higher wattage
This product is 12-watts. This is one of the highest available for products within this price range and with wireless capabilities.

Better bass
This product has an amplified bass, many reviewers were surprised by the depth of the sound and bass emanating from this little speaker.

Cost and Value
A little higher in price than the rest of the products in this article but still pretty inexpensive considering the sound quality. This product also comes with an 18-month warranty. For these reasons, this product is worth the cost.
  • 24-hour play time 
  • Lithium battery 
  • Hands-free calling capabilities 
  • Bluetooth and aux abilities 
  • When the volume is high the product vibrates quite a bit (due to the bass)
  • Hard to see when the battery is low (small red light indicator is pretty small)

7. AUKEY SoundTank

7. AUKEY SoundTank
This product is a little bit larger than the majority of products in this article. It has a tough appearance and is surrounded by silicone so you know that it will not only absorb vibrations but also be protected from drops. It has a 10-watt system and has 30 hours of listening time.
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Updated bluetooth system
This product has an updated 4.2 bluetooth system that allows the user to go up to 33 feet before experiencing interruption of service. It also offers a quicker and easier connection.

Mounting socket
This product also has a little mounting socket on its base so that you can mount it onto a stand if required. If purchasing additional models and mounting them as well you can create a surround sound environment.

Cost and Value
This product is mid-range in price. It is attached to a 24-month warranty and is both powerful and lightweight. Because of these reasons, this product is worth the cost.
  • Intuitive controls
  • Hands-free call capability 
  • 30 hours of play time 
  • Great sound and bass quality 
  • On highest volume and bass the sound quality isn't as good 
  • Some reviewers had issues with the bluetooth dropping sometimes

8. Clever Bright

8. Clever Bright
This product has a smooth ergonomic design. It has a soft silicone body and is easy to move around with. It also has a fun light show that moves with the music you are playing. It has a 33 foot range and is lightweight.
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LED light-up feature
This product has a fun LED light feature. It will give a light show that moves with the music when using it. This product is ideal for parties and when out with friends.

6-way connection
This product can connect to up to 6 others of its kind allowing the user to offer a full, surround sound experience when in use.

Cost and Value
This product is inexpensive in price and is ideal for all your party needs. Because it can connect to 6 other of its kind and the fun LED effects this product is perfect for all your party needs.
  • Clear sound 
  • Bluetooth connects easily 
  • Loud
  • Inexpensive 
  • Shorter battery life (3-6 hours)
  • The instruction manual says it has FM radio but users said that it doesn't

9. Sharkk Mako

9. Sharkk Mako
This product is quite powerful at 20 watts. It is the perfect companion, and made to withstand the rugged elements of all seasons with its durable IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating!
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Superior sound
This product comes with a great sound system. It features an Advanced Maxx Base Technology for the sound you want for any occasion.

Extended Play Time
This Bluetooth speaker offers extended play time that lasts up to 12 consecutive hours off of one single charge.

Cost and Value
This product is mid-range in price and has excellent sound quality. It also comes with great connection, a waterproof design, and LED back button lights.
  • Great sound quality 
  • Good range
  • Long battery life
  • Well-priced
  • Battery takes a while to charge
  • Not super loud

10. MixcMax iPX7

10. MixcMax iPX7
This product is ultra waterproof. It can sit in up to 1 meter of water up to 30 minutes without incurring damage. It can play up to 20 hours of music and is super small. It also comes with a D-ring to strap onto your belt or bag when on a hike.
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This product can handle up to a 2 meter drop and is ultra waterproof, being able to handle up to 1 meter of water.

Long battery life
This product has a 20 hour battery life and recharges in under 3 hours.

Cost and Value
This product is fairly inexpensive. With a long-lasting battery, quick charge time and a one-year warranty, this product is definitely a good bang for your buck.
  • Both bluetooth and aux capabilities
  • Good sound quality 
  • Incredibly lightweight 
  • D-ring hook for ease of travel
  • Could be louder
  • A little static when at full volume

With all of the products currently on the market, it is important to know exactly what you are getting. Not all features are important to all people and paying more for a product just because it has a feature you will never use is a waste of money. Ensure that the product you are looking at is ideal for your situation. They can be used for all sorts of outdoor activities including more active ones like hiking and mountain climbing. The weight of the product you are buying will come into play when you have to keep it on your body for these types of activities. This means you will have to ensure that it is lightweight enough not to add too much additional weight to your load. You also want to ensure that if you are using this in more wet environments like at the pool or on the beach that the product can be fully submerged in water just to be safe. Keep the product in cool, dry environments though as this will preserve the life of the product. But most of all make sure that you are buying something that has good sound quality because at the end of the day that is what this product is for- music! We hope that this article helped narrow down your decision-making process and that you are now able to enjoy clear crisp music while enjoying the sunshine. Happy listening!

Criteria Used in Evaluating the Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

Materials Used

Materials used will indicate the life and durability of the product. You want to make sure that the products are made of strong plastics or metals. It also helps to have a silicone outer casing to help from both drops and shock vibration. The product is typically traveled with so having a strong body will help with drops. Some of the products have a D-clip in order to attach to a belt or bag. The clip needs to be strong in order to handle movement. Some also come with suction cups, they need to be made of strong rubber to keep the suction strong.

Purpose of Product

Some of the products are used for in the shower, others for backyard or camping use, and others are meant for hiking with. The shower products usually come with either a clip or a suction cup in order to keep the product at eye/ear level for optimal sound. The products that are meant for the backyard or camping are usually a little larger in size and sometimes come with a mounting socket. The mounting socket comes includes sometimes so that the product can be put on a wall or on a tripod for optimal sound. These speakers are great for additional speakers and creating a surround sound environment. The products meant for hiking usually are smaller in size and are lighter. They are typically clipped onto a belt or bag so that the product can be used while in motion. If not purchasing based on the activity the product may end up being useless so it’s important to purchase based on the need.

Battery Life

The battery life ranges depending on the product. Typically price and size indicate battery quality. The battery should always be rechargeable. A good sound system cannot run well on replaceable batteries. You see in the better quality products lithium ion batteries which are a more advanced type of battery. Battery life typically ranges anywhere from 10 to 30 hours depending on the product. How long it takes to charge the battery is also important because if this is being used for an event then being able to charge quickly may be important. Battery life will be one of the most important things to consider when purchasing these types of products.


Because these products are Bluetooth-capable, having an updated and newer version of Bluetooth updates is important. You typically see 4.1 and 4.2 versions. You don’t want to purchase anything under a 4.1 to ensure that the product you’re using is easy to use. An updated system offers easier connection, the ability to connect multiple devices at a time, it will help stretch the range of which the product can be away from the device it is connected to and it also offers better sound quality. Having an updated and reliable system is going to improve the overall experience and reliability of the product. If the Bluetooth doesn’t work then it is going to cause frustration.


The warranty (and return policy) is especially important with electronics. The warranty should be at least 6 months to a year long. Electronics can randomly stop working so having the warranty to fall back on will help the buyer avoid having essentially a piece of plastic. Additionally, these products are all waterproof and some of them are also dust proof. If water ends up wrecking the product you want a warranty to fall back on. Ensure that the product being bought can also be replaced and that returning the product won’t be a huge hassle.

Manufacturer’s Reputation/Experience

The reputation of a company coincides with the warranty and return policy of a company. The company should be both reputable and experienced. Without these two qualities, you may end up with a less than ideal product that is not able to be replaced/returned/exchanged. The reputation of a company is everything. If the company has a poor reputation then they probably are putting out bad products and the company will more than likely not last very long either. The experience of the company will tell the buyer if the product has gone through upgrades or not. Companies need to get through their kinks and errors before they can truly put out a good, long-lasting product and therefore time in the industry and experience is a very valuable trait. These things should always be considered when purchasing a product- especially electronics.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this type of product work?

A: It works via Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a type of wireless connection where if there are two products that have Bluetooth capabilities they can connect to each other. Each would have its own function- for example, the speaker would take instructions from the phone and react according to those instructions like playing music or answering a phone call. The connection acts as sort of an auxiliary cord in order to work with another device. Some of the products in this article have both Bluetooth and auxiliary features meaning that this product can work on an item with or without Bluetooth capabilities. This can be nice if wanting to use it on multiple devices. It is also handy if the product you initially bought this for is no longer in use and will need to be used on a product without Bluetooth. This is something to be considered when buying this type of product as well. The other main characteristic is the battery function over than an electric version. The benefit of the battery is that the object is mobile. It can be freely moved around the house. It can also be used outdoors, in areas with no electricity and while moving in lieu of headphones. This is usually done with the assistance of a lithium battery within the product. The battery can be charged (which has to be done with a cord and electricity, unfortunately) so having a good, long-lasting battery is really important (this is discussed above in the criteria for evaluation section on batteries). Each device also usually has some controls on it that work in tandem with the product you are using to control it (usually a phone or a tablet). These functions are usually volume control, sound change, Bluetooth pairing, and power. You can use either the electronic device to control the speaker or you can use the speaker itself to make these adjustments.

Q: Do they need to be installed?

A: Physically, not usually. They usually just sit where you want them to sit for ideal sound. That said, some of these products do come with a mounting option where you can actually mount the device on a wall or a tripod for better sound quality or convenience. The product should be placed on a solid object away from water or dust (even if they are waterproof or dustproof, avoiding these will just prolong the longevity of the product). Placing it on a solid object will also help with the sound quality. The bass of these products will vibrate the unit and can cause some additional vibrations on objects that are not sturdy and distort the sound coming from the product. As far as the software goes, connecting your device to the product is usually relatively straightforward and definitely should not require professional help. Each will come with their own set of directions on how to connect it to your device, however, the basic instruction is to ensure that your Bluetooth is turned on on your device (phone or tablet), once on  you will need to ensure that the product you are using has a charge (this may require a couple hours to get the product fully charged). If charged, turn on the device. Most have a little button on them to make them ‘findable’ which basally means it will send out a signal to all devices that it is ready to connect. Once you see the name of your product on the Bluetooth device list on your phone (it should be called something close to the model name, this may require a quick look at the instructions for the name that should be on your list), tap the device and hit connect. The product should make a noise or vibration when connected. Try playing music to see if it has connected correctly. If you follow the instructions and it doesn’t work try calling the companies customer service line. Sometimes older phones cannot connect with newer models of speakers. This doesn’t happen often but this could be the reason it isn’t working.

Q: Can they be fully submerged in water?

A: They can but they shouldn’t be. They aren’t meant to listen to underwater. The purpose of the waterproof feature is if splashes hit the device or if accidentally dropped in water. Not all the products that are waterproof can be fully submerged in water either. Some only have a protective casing that isn’t sealed enough to stop water from getting into the cavity of the product and wrecking the inside. There are, however, a couple in this article that can be fully submerged into water for a short period of time without getting wrecked. The most water resistant one can be submerged up to 1 meter for 30 minutes without hurting the function of the product which is really interesting. This doesn’t mean you should be submerging it on purpose. The purpose of the waterproof function is for accidents only and they definitely should not be fully submerged in water.

Q: How long does the battery last on this type of product typically?

A: It ranges. Some of the products in this article can last anywhere from 3 to 30 hours of continuous use. It depends on the type of battery in the product as well as the size of the battery. We discuss the battery more above in the criteria for evaluation section. There are factors that can affect the time a battery lasts. You will see in some reviews, people saying “the battery doesn’t last as long as claimed” but that is because the battery can last as long as claimed if used in a way to maximize the battery life. One way of doing this is ensuring that you are using a low to mid-level quality of streaming on your device. Some streaming services offer a low, mid or high-quality music output. High quality will drain the battery much faster than low and mid-range. Another thing would be to listen to the music under 70% of its max volume. This will also help preserve the battery life. Move the product closer to where the people are rather than just turning up the music, this will help preserve the battery as well. Another item to consider is charging the battery fully whenever the product dies rather than just to half. This will maximize the overall life of the battery and the increase the longevity of the product. Finally, protect the product when out in the elements. Keep the product out of high heat and cold environments, as well as keeping it on a dry and clean surface. This will allow the product to use the battery function for just the output of music. These things will help prolong the battery life of the product.

Q: Can I buy more than one and use them both simultaneously?

A: Some of these can work with others. One of them can work with up to 6! So, yes they can work simultaneously with others to create a more surround sound environment. Note, though, that typically they can only work with products of the same make or model. It isn’t guaranteed that they will work with others of different brands. Typically you have to keep it within the family, so to speak, in order to use this function.

Q: Will they kill my phone or tablet battery?

A: Yes. Playing music, in general, will kill the battery life on your phone or tablet. The Bluetooth connection will also impact the battery on your devices. Keeping the connection open drains the battery but also having the Bluetooth constantly open and searching will affect the battery life of the device. The best way to avoid this is as mentioned above, keeping the streaming of music between a low and a mid-quality range and, when the product is not being used, cutting the connection and turning off your Bluetooth on your phone. Some of these products do have a function where when the connection is stopped it will automatically shut off however not all of them do, so ensure that you then turn off the speaker to preserve the battery life in the product as well.


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