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EOTech Magnifier Review Facts

If you are looking increase your visibility when things happen fast and having quick sights while being centered on target matters, the EOTech Magnifier can be your answer. The 3x magnifier can increase your target recognition and at medium to long range distance increase lethality. This lightweight yet durable magnifier can be used with the EOTech HWS or other brands with easy set up. HWS stands for holographic weapon sight which some using a magnifier along with it puts your target ability to another level.

The EOTech Magnifier is on the top of the most recommended magnifiers available for the many features it offers such as a fog-resistant lens, side swing mounting and is water resistant up to 33 feet. The side swing feature allows you push the magnifier to the side during short-range action. Push the magnifier back into place for long distant visualization to get safe target clarity.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Easy use and set up

Quick release base for position changing

Durable construction

Compatible with most HWS


Adds weight to your rifle

Higher price point

Basic Features

The obvious feature of the EOTech Magnifier is the 3x magnification it provides. With easy mounting behind an HWS that can flip aside brings it for 1x to 3x in seconds without a lot of extra movement. The sturdy mounting system is created to be ambidextrous for any user. If you place the magnifier behind a 4x sight it than changes it to 12x, it is that easy. The amazing clarity of the lens that is also fog-resistant and easy to maintain is trusted and used by military and tactical teams.

Advanced Features

The EOTech Magnifier is designed to be versatile with the EOTech HWS but also with other brands. The riser that it comes with helps to adjust the height to match the sight for the best alignment. Some brands will not require the use of the riser but it is there if you need it.
The adjustable Diopter allows you to customize the focus to your particular vision. The diopter ensures a clean aiming dot with a high level of accuracy for target placement. To adjust the diopter, with your thumb and fore finger turn the end in either direction until the sight picture is clear. A recommendation is after re-zeroing the sight the reticle image should be re-positioned to the center of the window.


The clarity of the EOTech Magnifier is one you just have to see for yourself. The best description is the word itself “magnifier” compared to a scope. It does not have a reticle where a scope does with either aim points or cross hairs, the magnifier is simply a magnifying optic. This means a shooter will retain the same reticle with the non-magnified and magnified positions.
You get amazing results and will have the confidence of identifying your target with all of the features of this magnifier. The outlines of targets are able to be seen at up to 100 yards out with most standard sights. Placing the EOTech Magnifier to the upright position, the details of the target will be more identifiable. Details of a type of weapon they might be carrying, clothing details that you could not see with just a sight. With 3x magnification you can easily extend your shot out to 300 yards. The EOTech is a great addition to any weapon for recon purposes.

Primary Use

The EOTech is designed to place directly behind your HWS increase your sights for mid-long range targets. The side flip feature is unique to the design to be able to move it out of the way and use your existing sight which other magnifiers do not have this feature. That means either you are removing when needed or continually having to adjust to your distance. The EOTech avoids all of that by keeping your quick alignment with 3x fixed magnification for accurate rounds on target at further distances.
There is no limit to who can use this magnifier. Adding a magnifier to a holographic sight gives the shooter the clear advantage in close and long range situations. Used and trusted by law enforcement, military and civilians for a reason, it makes the difference. This magnifier flips away to give you a close range, wide view of the surroundings. Flip it back into place for those long range precision shot situations. To give an example, when using a non-magnified sight during a close quarter combat and the suspect starts to move. You can flip the EOTech Magnifier into place to extend your view in a matter of seconds. EOTech is known for their mil-spec standards, giving you the best of both worlds with fast target acquisition and pin point accuracy.
This can be used for hunters that need long range clarity while having the ability to quietly flip the magnifier into place when needed and not alert your prey. The ability to move it with one hand and not having to push extra buttons allowing for less movement. This is a great way to step up your game out on the target range. Set up your target up to desired distance and place a detailed center on them to see what kind of groupings you get. You will be impressed and have fun doing it. Most new users said they could not believe the results and had to test it several times to be sure they were seeing it right.


The solid build of the EOTech Magnifier is rated highest among users. It is designed to take a beating and keep on going. Made with a rubber coating that is non-reflective helps in tactical situations but also helps to protect the outer unit. This rubber coating is easy to clean and has a natural resistance to scraps making the unit look like new even after years of abuse. The mounting unit is made to withstand continual movement of the magnifier without wearing down the hinging mechanisms. The magnifier will remain in place without flopping around even after repeated uses. The ability to withstand the repetitive motion without loosening allows this to keep the user safe from a noise perspective but also damage to a magnifier that others might experience.
The box it comes in is just a durable for storage and transport of the magnifier if you do not leave it on the gun. The box is waterproof with custom cutouts made of foam which makes it virtually shockproof. The Eotech Magnifier with years of use will perform just like it did the first time you took it out of the box.
The military was interested in the EOTech from the beginning due results and the durable high grade materials used. Having passed the demanding tests of the military for the rugged, versatile and accuracy at the same time being easy to use. Law enforcement and tactical teams quickly picked this magnifier up for their teams best performance.


Mounting the EOTech magnifier could not be easier than this model. It comes with the sturdy mounting system and four (4) screws, that is it. To install open the detach lever with your thumb and swing the quick release lever open. Behind the HWS place the magnifier in the desired position and push the magnifier forward until the cross bolt is in the slot on the mount. Close the quick detach lever depending on what rail system you have that is all you have to do.
The mount can be adjusted if needed for proper fit. Remove the magnifier and leave the quick detach lever open while turning the unit upside down. To loosen turn the adjustment counterclockwise and turn clockwise to tighten. Re-mount to the rail and continue until the desired fit is achieved.
The optic unit comes with a 7mm riser that can be used for height alignment with your sight. If the spacer is being use, place the spacer on the mounting interface and open the STS mount. Positions the mount on the riser (if using ) and the interface for either right or left opening (whatever your preference is). Use the long screws it using the riser and the short screws are without the riser. A recommendation is to apply Loctite or similar product on each screw for added stability. After time recoil, even minimal will loosen screws over time.
I know it seems pretty simplified, that is the best part it really is that simple. Once mounted you are going to want to put it to the test. Don't be afraid to slap it to the side at the range and flip it back to get the feel of it. No need to be gentle with this part as it is designed to be durable and take on what you give it. Users can not believe how easy it is to install and use yet is such a valuable piece to enhance your rifle.


The body of the EOTech Magnifier is coated with a non-reflective rubber that acts as a protective barrier. It protects the magnifier from bumping and scrapping keeping it looking new, while also staying discreet. The coating also helps to protect the magnifier from the elements and the water resistant feature up to 33 feet. It is easy to clean and maintain with just a damp cloth to wipe down. Last but not least having the rubber finish also allows when slapping to the side quickly it is quiet.


The EOTech has the ability to give you 3x magnification to your existing rifle without adding bulk or being to heavy. The compact design and a weight of 11.9 oz adds to the benefit of using this magnifier. Using this for tactical target shooting to hunting, the weight of your equipment is important especially on long days. The equipment you have to carry and use does add up especially when you carry other gear and add in the outdoor elements into the mix.

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The size of this powerhouse is 3.9 in long, 2.2 in wide with a height of 3.3 is what makes it so versatile. Engineered with the picatinny rail mount that will fit most battle rifles because they have a very limited space. The weight on the rifle is stable and centered in the upright position. When flipped to the side it is still lightweight enough that it does not pull your rifle to the side so you can maintain control and stay on target. The weight and size is also nice if you need to detach it and just put in a pocket quickly without feeling like you are lugging around a pocket full of change.


The higher price point of the EOTech brand does turn some buyers away initially. Then they test one out or use it for work and they are hooked. The features and quality of the product paired with unbelievable results, make the investment worth it. The switch to side mount feature, unmatched clarity and durability of the magnifier, put your shooting capabilities into another category.

Other magnifiers on the market that have the level of clarity of the EOTech Magnifier but come at a much higher price of over $1,000. This third-generation magnifier surpasses the past generations with improvements to the size and design leaving you with the results you are looking for. Versatility is important for all situations from hunting to tactical use without delay in aim or having clunky equipment to try to maneuver. Once you own the magnifier you will find yourself using it more than you ever thought you would.

Key Features

3x Magnification
Fog and Water Resistant up to 33 feet
Non-Reflective rubber coating
Switch to Side Mounting (left and right had capability)
Quick Detach Mount
Adjustable Diopter

Bottom Line

Invest in a proven and trusted magnifier that gets consistently high recommendations from a variety of users. The EOTech Magnifier is created by a company that first introduced the magnifier in 1996 that was instantly tested and used by the military. The company has made adjustments needed to evolve with the current situations and uses that put it several levels above others in the price range.
The clear visual magnification that you really have to see and use to believe will leave you with impressive results that you will wish you had the EOTech from the first day. The beefy and durable switch side mount feature that is packed into this compact unit sets it apart for versatile use. Fog and water resistance allows you to use in any environment. Put your safety and others first with amazingly clear accuracy this magnifier can provide.