Best Tactical Gun Cases Reviewed & Rated for Quality

With the thousands of dollars spent on weapons and their accessories, protecting them shouldn’t be put on the backburner. Weapons that are transported with inadequate casing can get damaged with more than just nicks, and in some instances can cause permanent damage. A great case can make sure your weapons are in tip-top shape for the lifetime of the product.

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It's important that gun owners take the appropriate measures to ensure that their guns are safe when traveling or moving from place to place. The best way to do this is with a tactical gun case. Recently, we performed an update on this buying guide to share with our readers how we were able to highlight the best products in this industry. Included in this update are more answered questions.

Featured Recommendations

Plano Gun Case
  • Plano Gun Case
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Toughest
  • Price: See Here
NcStar CVG2907
  • NcStar CVG2907
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Soft Case
  • Price: See Here
UTG Covert Case
  • UTG Covert Case
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Organized
  • Price: See Here

Plano is on the list multiple times and is the dominant brand in the industry. They have superior hard and soft case choices that rivals competitors of all levels. UTG also makes an appearance on the list and is a compelling choice for buyers that need an alternative to Plano.

There is a key difference with the maintenance tips concerning rifle cases, with soft cases needing the most attention. The big thing with soft cases has to do with loose ammo which can cause problems when traveling. This can be more damaging than debris and dirt, possibly causing dents to your weapons when traveling. Hard cases are a different breed, and with their removable foam are much easier to maintain.


10 Best Tactical Gun Cases


1. Plano All Weather Tactical

1. Plano All Weather Tactical
Tops on the list are Plano, and of course, it is a hard case. This is the absolute best you can get in the industry when you want to protect your weaponry.

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Toughest Protection Available

With a watertight seal and high tech pressure relief valve, nothing will get into the case when you’re transporting it. Weapons and accessories will be protected from outside elements as long as they’re locked in the case.

Features and Specifications

Dimensions of 46x16x5.5
Industrial strength construction

Cost and Value

As the top tactical gun case on the list, having an average price really speaks to its value. Plano did a wonderful job in making this the best in the industry. Even fans of other brands have to acknowledge how rugged and useful this tactical case is. There are not a lot of other all-weather cases that can do a better job of protection.
  • Plenty of interior room
  • Draw down latches hold up over the years
  • This gun gas offers the absolute best protection
  • The maker of this product is one of the most well-known brands in the world
  • Customizable foam inserts could be better

2. NcStar CVG2907 Series

2. NcStar CVG2907 Series
The CVG2907 by NcStar nabs the #2 spot convincingly, striking a good balance between features and price. There are tons of customization options wrapped in a tough case that will protect your equipment.
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The Toughest Soft Case Available

Made out of PVC material, buyers can put their most trusted weapons of choice in this bag. And just like the interior and exterior, little things like the zippers have the same level of quality.

Features and Specifications

Eleven different sizes available
Fits shotguns and rifles

Cost and Value

Using the size chart will determine the true price of the bag for potential buyers. Depending on the size, the price will be low to average. The CVG2907 is a superior bag that will be the perfect purchase for rifle and shotgun users. With a high compatibility rate, you won’t have to worry about sizing issues.
  • High gun compatibility
  • Only weighs two pounds
  • This is a soft-case that boasts durability and toughness. 
  • Users can pick from 11 different sizes depending on their need.
  • Included straps could be better

3. UTG Covert Homeland Security

3. UTG Covert Homeland Security
UTG is a familiar name, and more importantly, their tactical gun case is one of the best on the list. Some buyers would even call this one the best, as its features are high end.

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The Most Sizes

Other options on the list limit their sizes, but UTG isn’t shy about their offerings at all. Available sizes are 32, 34, 25, 38 and 42 inches.

Features and Specifications

22×11 front padded pocket
Two rows of BTS webbing

Cost and Value

The price is low for this product and almost ranks as one of the lowest on the list. UTG is anything but a bargain company, so this value is quite astounding. Even buyers that aren’t concerned about price will find this to be a great deal. There are plenty of customization and storage options.
  • Very organized inside and out
  • Hook and loop straps are strong
  • This product comes at a great price tag. 
  • This case comes in a wide-range of sizes. 
  • The zipper can be annoying

4. Plano Gun Guard All Weather Tactical

4. Plano Gun Guard All Weather Tactical
Plano has plenty of skin in the game when it comes to tactical gun cases. This is yet another one of their top-selling models with a lot of high-end features to offer.

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All Weather Design

Having your weapons damaged from the weather is never a fun moment, so choosing this case adds an extra layer of protection. The weatherproof design has proven itself in multiple situations and won’t let you down.

Features and Specifications

Handles AR-15 style guns
Dri-Loc seal with high-density foam interior

Cost and Value

The price is about average which is great for a tactical gun case this far up the list. Buyers should recheck the dimensions and make sure this will fit all of their needs. Plano once again steals the show, this time with an all-weather model. There is a good chance more than a few customers will be interested in this tough case.
  • Spring loaded locks keeps the case secure
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • This product was designed with an all-weather material
  • Narrower than suggested dimensions

5. Voodoo Tactical Padded Case

5. Voodoo Tactical Padded Case
Voodoo Tactical has been around for a while, offering some of the best choices in the industry. Their tactical gun cases are one of a kind, with this model being one of the better choices.

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Lots Of Storage Room

The bag can hold up to six 30 rounds from a rifle mag along with eight from pistol mags. That is enough ammunition for a lot of users, and others more than they’ll ever need.

Features and Specifications

Carries two rifles up to 36 inches
Compartments have locking zipper pulls

Cost and Value

All three sizes other than the smallest are high priced. With the many options for sizes and colors, buyers will get plenty of chances to maximize the value. Large tactical gun cases don’t always have to be hard, with this VooDoo Tactical case proving that firmly. This is a heavy duty case with a lot of storage to carry around your rifles and accessories.
  • Nine different colors
  • Detachable padding
  • There are a wide variety of sizes to pick from.
  • This comes with numerous compartments for storage.
  • No padding on the bottom of the bag

6. Condor Single Rifle Case

6. Condor Single Rifle Case
Points for professional looks are going to Condor for their single rifle case. Not only does it look great on the outside, but the inside also has a lot of great things going for it.

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Different Color Options

Available colors are black, tan and olive drab. There is enough difference in the colors that users will be able to match it up with the rest of their gear.

Features and Specifications

Available in two different sizes
Three different pouches

Cost and Value

The regular size is low priced, while the larger 42×12 model is high priced. They are both valuable choices, even if you decide to go for the high-end version. With Condor sneaking onto the list, things are really interesting for potential buyers. They are a solid company that has a good grasp on what customers want.
  • Tough elastic materials
  • Holds a lot of accessories
  • This comes in two different sizes for consumers. 
  • Consumers have the option to pick from numerous different colors. 
  • Larger option is pricey

7. Plano All Weather Tactical Standard Case

7. Plano All Weather Tactical Standard Case
Plano makes their third appearance on the list, this time with an all-weather case. When you’re heading into harsh conditions, this is the tactical gun case you want on your side.

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Made For Extreme Conditions

A powerful locking mechanism with great seals is what separates this from the rest of the pack. There is also the benefit of it having a consistent balance with its overall weight.

Features and Specifications

Pressure relief valve
Watertight seal

Cost and Value

Plano added this to their low price options and it works out well. Buyers will get a really good value on this tactical gun case. There is a multitude of options so far, and Plano seems to be dominating all of them. Consider this a go-to purchase for an all-weather tactical case.
  • Latches are secure and will hold tight
  • Foam inserts are customizable
  • This brand is clearly the industry leader. 
  • This product was designed for whatever environment.
  • Inner foam is poorly perforated

8. Uncle Mike's Tactical Rifle Case

8. Uncle Mike's Tactical Rifle Case
Choices make a big difference to consumers that want the best of both worlds. Uncle Mike may have found the perfect solution with their tactical rifle case.

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Available In Two Sizes

Medium and large medium are the sizes you can choose, with the difference in dimensions being 33×10 or 41×10. It’s a big enough difference to really influence buying decisions across the board.

Features and Specifications

Three or five outer pouches depending on size chosen
Dependable hook loop and closures

Cost and Value

No matter what size you choose, the price will be low even with the bump up to large medium. The best value will come by getting the larger size since it really does make a difference.
This is the first soft case on the list, and it’s actually not bad. Even with the distinct protection advantage of a hard case, this Uncle Mike model is really a wonderful choice.
  • A lot of space even in the smaller size
  • Lightweight
  • There are two different sizes for an individual to pick from
  • This product comes at a cost-friendly price tag
  • Less protection than a hard case

9. Plano Pro-Max Single Scope Contoured

9. Plano Pro-Max Single Scope Contoured
The great thing about Plano is that they provide options for all customers, and this case is a good example. Low priced and with some really good features, customers will find it hard to say no to this little guy.

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Core Features Are Intact

Despite the price difference, all of the major features of their higher priced products are included in this iteration. And most importantly, it is ranked a little higher than the other models.

Features and Specifications

Interlocking foam
Holds a single rifle

Cost and Value

This is one of the lowest priced tactical gun cases on the list, and you won’t find many much lower. There is plenty to love about the value of this Plano product that even goes beyond the price. The price is right, and this case has all of the important features you need to protect weaponry. If this is your final choice, your rifle will be protected for years to come.
  • Thick interior construction
  • Comfortable carrying handle
  • This product comes at a great price
  • Interlocking foam is high-quality
  • No wheels

10. Plano Double Scoped Rifle Case

10. Plano Double Scoped Rifle Case
Protection is one of the things customers look for in a tactical gun case, and that is one of the reasons this Plano model is a good option. They did a good job in creating a simple product that does what it is supposed to, right out of the box.

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Easy To Transport

Using easy glide wheels, buyers will be able to take their most treasured weapons anywhere without breaking their backs. The wheels are also helped with the inclusion of a swivel handle during transportation.

Features and Specifications

Plano pluck foam
Dimensions of 54.625×15.5×6

Cost and Value

The price is average and overall pretty good for anyone in the market for a tactical gun case. This one will take real good care of your weapons once they are locked in. With all of the great choices on the list, this one doesn’t really stand out as much. Yet it is a valuable addition that offers top-grade protection.
  • Holds two shotguns or scoped rifles
  • Great against bad weather
  • Built with Plano pluck foam
  • Very easy to transport
  • Multiple latches are a pain to open and close

The choices between hard and soft cases on the list will trump some users that are new to the industry. Soft cases are lower priced and have more storage, while hard cases are better protected and better built. There are distinct advantages to each, and some users decide to buy one of each for flexibility. Remember, the low price of soft cases make them a perfect backup if you have a primary hard case.

They have padding in the interior that rivals hard cases but lacks the customization and all-weather options. Soft cases are still a great option when you are doing light travel from point a to point b.

Hard cases are highly recommended for travel with an airline, with many of them already approved. Considering the large amount of punishment luggage takes from airline companies, having a hard case is a must.

Most of the time, yes, but it’s always important to check whether they run smaller once used. Soft cases will be more forgiving by an inch thanks to their flexibility, so keep that in mind for some long guns.

Criteria Used To Evaluate The Best Tactical Gun Cases

We have come to the spot in our article where we thoroughly like to share with our readers how we figure out the best of every product. When it comes to finding and sharing the best of every product we do so by first, creating a list of the criteria that we have to follow. We use this criterion as sort of a guideline to better understand and pick out the best of every genre. Now, as far as tactical gun cases, we can say that finding the best products is rather easy because of every brand is excellent at what they do. With that in mind, we want to begin and talk about how we found and included the best tactical gun cases.

This article is mostly geared towards readers that are in the tactical industry or want to safely store or transport a weapon. With that in mind, this is how we picked out the best tactical gun cases. As you will notice there are different sections, what we call “criteria” that we had to follow to ensure each tactical gun case met our requirements. Without further wait, let’s begin with the first criteria which are vital when it comes to picking out the best cases, the overall quality.

Quality of The Gun Case

When it comes to figuring out the quality of every item, we do so in many different ways. Whether it is testing the product, reading the reviews, or studying every aspect of the product, the quality of the gun case is the defining factor if we include it or not. Now, we do this because we look at different pillars when it comes to the product. We like to engage a dance between durability, materials, appeal, and other factors, factors that we will touch upon in this article. As we take all of these factors into consideration, we then decide if the overall quality can withstand the test of time and lots of ware and tare.

What we found when it comes to tactical gun cases is much of what we found when it comes to any tactical equipment. First, tactical equipment is designed in a specialized way to ensure maximum durability and endurance. With that, users can expect that they are extremely strong. Aside from this, when a user expects to buy a tactical piece of equipment such as a gun case, they expect it to be quality due to the nature of the item. As we researched, we knew that the tactical field offered some of the best materials in the industry.

Gun Case Durability

Let’s talk about gun case durability! As with many of our products that are designed for special use, the overall durability of this item was vital when it came to us including it on this list. The reason being is that the durability will be able to tell a lot about the quality craftsmanship of the product and the specific care of the brand itself. Now, as far as durability we discovered that many of the brands on the list dedicate their products to being #1. With many different available gun case choices to choose from, durability is vital towards the overall success of the product and so brands take into consideration the importance of having the best quality build and materials, which we will talk about next.

As far as durability, areas that we look for to ensure maximum durability and quality build is the hinges of the gun case, the overall interior lining, the exterior material, if it is waterproof or at least, water-resistant, and more. For example, one vital aspect of durability is the method in which the gun cases closes and opens and if it has any specialized locking design to ensure maximum safety. All of this together because of the durability factor and the quality build of the product. Up next, is the interior material!

Interior Materials

As we discussed the criteria to take into consideration, the interior design and materials were very important for the overall safety and quality of the gun case. Reason being is that the interior material really is what will keep the gun safe from scratches, harm, and getting ruined. With that in mind, the interior material of a gun case really alternates depending on if the case is a hard case or soft case. With that said, hard case materials would include a quality soft foam or other shock-proof material to keep the gun case secure.

Other important interior factors of the gun include a belt or pockets to properly secure the gun and store other gun equipment or important items. With soft cases, they included more of a nylon or fabric design material to keep the inside and outside safe. This criterion was one of the two most important. Up next is the exterior material and the coating of the gun case.

Exterior Material and Coating

We knew that exterior material and coating was vital to the success and quality of the gun case. The reason being is that the right exterior material is what will hold the whole case together. No individual wants a bad quality case that cannot withstand the elements or at least a bit of travel. With that in mind, the exterior material of many of the cases ranges from a hard-shell plastic to a fabric like polyester/nylon material that is extremely durable. Some brands even include a customized synthetic hard-shell material.

Other than that, the exterior material of the product is the baseline for which the product quality will succeed. Meaning, if the exterior material is not durable enough, and even inconspicuous, no individual will want that product. Therefore, we really took into consideration a wide range of tactical gun cases and included the best. One of the best, for example, includes a hard outer shell with a locking mechanism that was also designed to be water resistant. A quality material such as that is hard to beat!

The Design

This is the next aspect that we knew was vital to the success of the product and a defining factor as to whether we would include it on the list. The design of the case is very important because there are two designs that we noticed as we conducted our research. For example, some cases are designed with a soft outer shell while some are designed with a hard outer shell. However, materials aside, some cases are designed rather inconspicuous and some obviously look like a gun case.

With all of this in mind, we took the design into consideration because many users are wanting one or the either. With the design of gun cases that look more like luggage, users can expect a somewhat hard outside material with little to no indication that it is a gun case. With other gun cases, primarily soft cases, the tactical design include a green material design shaped like a weapon. Although this is more up to the user and what they desire, we realized that the design was going to be an important criterion.

Available Options

As far as the next criteria on the list, this one was crucial when it came to including the right product. Obviously, not every product will be designed with multiple options to choose from but we asked our self, ‘what if a user wants it in a different color?’ This question defined much of our research because we wanted to ensure that we included brands that offered different varieties of gun cases as well as styles and color. What we discovered is that many brands will include a wide variety of gun cases while some do not.

Take the VooDoo brand into consideration. They have over five different color choices to choose from for individuals that want a quality gun case. However, they are considered soft shell cases that are made from a fabric material instead of the more inconspicuous hard-shell design. With that said, we wanted to share a bit of variety when it came to picking out the cases so users did not feel tied to just one style or look. Which brings us now to one of the most important criteria, the most famous one of all, the cost and value!

Cost And Value

Cost and value happens to be the one factor in many of our articles that never gets old. The reason being is that cost and value is detrimentally important in picking out the right product. Some individuals want a wide variety when it comes to finding the best quality gun case and so we try to balance the scales of cost and value.

As far as cost, readers will be able to tell that there is a wide selection of different type of gun cases, from rifle cases to other weapons. With that, we also wanted to widen the value that users would expect, especially if they wanted more of a carrying case for items and gear or if they wanted more of a single carry type of case.

With that said, all of the products that we have included offer endless amounts of value at different costs and users should expect that for a tactical gun case, it can run them a bit pricey considering the build quality that it takes to design a gun case.

Other Design Elements

This was another important factor that we took into consideration as a last-minute choice. Many different tactical gun case manufacturers offer different design elements that make them unique. For example, some have specialized hinges or closing mechanisms, while other tactical gun cases have padded pockets and gusseted exterior elements. With that said, this criteria is what made certain brands stand out above the rest.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this case lockable?

A: This happened to be one of the most asked questions by individuals and to our surprise, certain cases were not lockable. They had more of a Velcro strap zipper design. With that in mind, the specific lockable cases happened to be more of the hard outer shell cases that have a foam padding on the inside. Of course, as one would expect, cases such as this will cost a bit more because they are designed with specific elements that make them more durable. The best thing is to read the description or ask the manufacturer. However, most zipper-like cases do not have a lockable design.

Q: Is the case waterproof?

A: This happened to be another of one of the most frequently asked questions. When an individual plans on taking their case outside or traveling with it, they may encounter moisture or water. With that said, some of the cases do have a waterproof seal design or at least a water-resistant coating that wicks away water. With that, the hard shell cases have a seal and the soft shell cases, depending on the material are designed to wick away moisture.

Q: What can the case hold?

A: This was another aspect of the case that users took into consideration. Now, as one will see some of the cases are primarily designed to hold rifles. However, some cases can hold a weapon and also hold equipment. With that said, it is best for users to become clear about what they require in a case and then read the description and pick appropriately as some are designed for different sized rifles and weapons.

Q: Can I fly with this case?

A: As the last frequently asked question, many users ask the question because their goal may be to fly with the case. With that said, it is best to know what flying restrictions are. However, it is best to pick a gun case with a lockable design if a user plans to fly with it.

Q: What is the advantage of a soft shell case?

A: A soft shell gun case is practical for basic transport and weighs a lot less than a hard shell case. They are often better for the average shooter because they are more flexible and can be easily stored or angled to fit into your car. They are great for both tactical rifles or hunting rifles. If you are heading to a location that is easy to get to by car, then this type of case is a great option. Lastly, they typically cost less than hard shell cases and offer plenty of room for ammo, magazines and other accessories, too.

Q: What are the advantages of a hard shell case?

A: If you are going on a more extensive trip and are flying, then a hard shell case is a must. Soft shell cases leave your weapon subject to dings and damage, whereas a hard shell case keps it enclosed and secure. If you are wielding a tactical or military grade firearm, you need a hard shell case.


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