Best Black Tactical Pants Reviewed for Durability & Performance

When it comes to the pants industry – there are many different styles and designs for consumers to pick from. From jeans, khakis, to even yoga pants – each style of pant is designed uniquely for a specific need. However, there are only a select few styles of pants that beyond strategically developed. In this, there is one style of pants that surpasses all expectations as one of the best style of pants. We are talking about pants that boast in innovation and features that are bound to capture anyone seeking such high-quality pants. Now, if you are thinking we are talking about camouflage pants – you are on the right path, but not the right answer. The right answer is: Tactical Pants.

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5.11 Tactical Taclite
  • 5.11 Tactical Taclite
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Storage
  • Price: See Here
Propper Lightweight Tactical
  • Propper Lightweight Tactical
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Pocket Size
  • Price: See Here
Free Soldier Tactical
  • Free Soldier Tactical
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Usability
  • Price: See Here

Tactical Pants are one of the most popular style pants today, grabbing the attention of not only individuals who are seeking such strategic pants  – but even people wanting high-quality pants. These pants are loaded with spacious pockets, built from only the best materials available, and can handle whatever activity you have in mind. There is a reason why professional agencies use tactical pants – they’re that useful and good. With that being said, we are incredibly excited to bring you today our insight into a very specific niche of the tactical gear market: black tactical pants.  We have spent a wealth of time doing some quality investigation and we are proud to present the best in a class of this market. Each product has been critically reviewed and surpassed any and all expectations.

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10 Best Black Tactical Pants


1. 5.11 Tactical #74273 Taclite

1. 5.11 Tactical #74273 Taclite
In the tactical gear industry, the color black is synonymous with almost all gear. However, there comes a product that surprises the industry with their innovative features, durability, and functionality, while staying true to the black design that makes them appear so aesthetically pleasing. The 5.11 Tactical #74273 Men’s Taclite Pro Pant is the must-have tactical pant for any industry professional in the field of law enforcement or emergency services. These tactical pants not only offer industry solutions, they are well-equipped to handle almost anything a user comes across.
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The construction of any tactical product, especially tactical gear and tactical pants is vital to the execution of any job from any emergency occupation specialist. In short terms, construction is key to being able to run fast, jump, bend, and perform any physical activity. This manufacturer has designed a tactical pant that is not solely centered around functionality but also reinforcement and comfort. Most importantly, the construction of these tactical pants includes Flex-Tac mechanical stretch ripstop fabric that can virtually handle any wear and tear and also Teflon which is perfect against stain resistance and possible water damage.


When a company combines cargo pants and tactical features into one genius product, they are creating an industry solution that becomes known worldwide. This is exactly what this manufacturer has done, developed a phenomenal product that virtually all law enforcement officers need or should wear. The reason being, most tactical pants lack storage pockets, and these do not at all. With 12 spacious and high-quality storage and cargo pockets, a security person can carry anything from a handgun to flashlight, cellphone, handcuffs, and other important and valuable items.

Cost and Value

In an industry focused on saving lives, being ready, and staying sharp minded, tactical pants that are comfortable and resilient have become the industry standard. There is a reason why this company stays on top of their game, always providing value for a fraction of what it is worth. These pants are not only durable, strong, and offer plenty of comfortable storage space, they are created from some of the best materials alongside the best design techniques. Therefore, we can easily say that these tactical pants are worth every penny.
  • Polyester and cotton material is not only durable and comfortable, it is breathable and easy to wash.
  • Lightweight and treated with impressive HT Teflon finish.
  • Two cargo pockets allow for the easy carrying of a magazine or cell phone.
  • The rear strap and slash pocket feature allows for a comfortable fit that works universally.
  • The durable construction is perfect for any situation or emergency moment at hand.
  • With Prym snaps and gusseted construction, any user can practically achieve any physical activity.
  • Sizes may run a bit baggy at first until you break them in.  
  • Snaps have been known to fall off on rare occasions.

2. Propper Lightweight Tactical

2. Propper Lightweight Tactical
From a brand that has been known to impress in the tactical pant gear industry, Propper introduces its fans to the Propper Men’s Lightweight Tactical pant. These tactical pants are known to be the solution for people that want longevity from their tactical pants alongside usability and robust function. Let’s look at a couple important notes about these particular tactical pants.
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Pocket Size

This industry professional understands the importance and demand that professionals in the field of law enforcement or emergency services have for pants that can carry a lot of items. When buying tactical pants, one aspect that is universally sought after is a lot of storage space whether outside or inside. These tactical pants offer nine pockets, allowing for plenty of room for a user to take with them the most important items that they need. Whether a person wants to take a smartphone, multi-tool or knife, the construction of these pants allows for virtually any significant item.


The construction of tactical pants is vital especially in an industry where people are on the move 24/7. Law enforcement officers and emergency service personnel need to be ready at a moment’s notice and they do not have the time to worry as to whether or not their clothes can withstand the task at hand. Most importantly, they need to be able to achieve the task at hand in a comfortable manner. The construction of these tactical pants allows for quick maneuvers and are resistant to spills and hazardous materials due to the Teflon fabric.

Cost and Value

There is a common belief that the more an item cost the better it is. With these tactical pants, the cost is severely low compared to other tactical pants. On top of this, the value is extremely high! These tactical pants have a large number of reviews from people that have noticed the value in wearing such precision engineered clothing. Created with usability and robustness in mind, this brand excels in providing a valuable solution to tactical pants alongside expert precision and quality assurance.
  • Made from both polyester and cotton material.
  • These particular tactical pants are both fade and shrink resistant. Even after dozens of washes, they look brand new.
  • The belt loops are designed for a heavy duty military belt that can withstand a lot of movement.
  • The pocket design means your wallet and most important items are safe from sight.
  • YKK zipper and Prym snap are ideal for construction purposes.
  • The action-strength waistband means an individual can move quickly, swiftly, and effortlessly without ever feeling resistance from their tactical pants.
  • The pants may run a bit heavy and feel bulkier than other tactical pants.
  • Some of the pockets may run small.

3. True-Spec 24-7 Tactical

3. True-Spec 24-7 Tactical
Tactical pants are the industry standard for many professionals in the field of emergency services of law enforcement. Therefore, there is a primitive design that industries need to follow to ensure they are offering the best that an individual needs. These design elements include robustness, comfort, design quality, and plenty of pocket space. That alone is a winning combination that captures the attention of people that need such qualities - something that True-Spec has mastered. Here, they have created the Men’s 24/7 Tactical Pants, an innovative product with one special quality. Read further to learn more!
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For Warm Climates

Have you ever heard of how hot tactical pants can get? Well, the material best used to prevent that from happening includes a blend of polyester with cotton. This is exactly what these tactical pants are created from. Designed from 6.5 oz. 65/35 polyester cotton, these pants are designed for people that need cargo-like tactical pants that work in extremely warm outside environments. For the summer months, these tactical pants are the ideal solution for any person that needs tactical solutions while on the job.


The construction of these premiere tactical pants is designed for tough terrains in mind. Tactical pants are subject to all forms of movement, actions, and debris, inspiring brands such as this one to broaden their horizons when it comes to construction quality. Therefore, there is no surprise that these tactical pants offer the special no-rip technology which is inspired by uniform tactical pants preferred by many military or officer type personnel. With this in mind, you can alone come to the conclusion that the construction build of these tactical pants is beyond superb quality.

Cost and Value

For such innovative safety and phenomenal features and build quality, can a person really put a price on such a beneficial form of clothing engineering? Yes, and this manufacturer has priced them incredibly reasonable compared to other tactical pants around the same range. When evaluating the cost to value our intention is to always supply the best quality products, and these tactical pants are beyond one of the best choices for people that work in hazardous and extremely hot environments.
  • Lightweight tactical pants that are manufactured to stay cool in hot temperatures.
  • The fit is designed to fit the body while also providing versatility and usability.
  • Contemporary design and aesthetics make it pleasing to the eye.
  • Designed from tactical uniform inspired products.
  • Self-adjusting slider waistband adjusts to your bodies frame.
  • The extra deep front pockets ensure that nothing falls out, especially people that carry important equipment or items such as a weapon or flashlight.
  • The pants run a bit baggier than normal for some consumers.
  • Consumers that are above a certain height have mentioned that the pant legs seem cut at the bottom, as if they were too short.

4. LA Police Gear Operator

4. LA Police Gear Operator
There are only a numerous handful of tactical gear specialist brands that are reigning supreme in an industry where the expertise is highly valued and appreciated. LA Police Gear is one of those brands! Specializing in tactical gear products such as these, the LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants, this manufacturer of prestigiously crafted tactical pants has brought us a product that is worth reviewing. In turn, our goal is to enlighten consumers with one of the best-manufactured products in this field. Let’s see why!
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Tactical pants not only need to be comfortable, they need to be tough. Many law enforcement officers and emergency personnel that wear such products require specially formulated pants that are tough enough to withstand any terrain, stain, and even water. With this in mind, these pants are formulated with 65% Polyester fabric for lightweight use and 35% Cotton Rip-Stop Fabric to ensure comfort and of course, durability! This blend of materials makes these tactical pants one of the strongest in the industry.

Reinforced In The Right Areas

What is extremely special about these pants is that they are reinforced in the areas where the pants may encounter the most traction. This means that the knee area and the seat area are reinforced for comfort and also endurance, making them one again a tough and durable blend. The extra thickness helps cushion the areas that encounter the most friction and helps prevent tears during emergency situations.

Cost and Value

Tactical pants are known for their quality build and cargo storage. With this in mind, these tactical pants are designed for personnel that needs such a specialized product. Coming from the minds of one of the industry leaders, these pants are designed to help a person get through the day without worrying about placement of their items or if the pants can withstand the toughest of moments. For the cost, the value and security of mind that these pants bring are unprecedented.
  • Lightweight material builds allows the user to move comfortably. The user can run, bend, climb and more.
  • The fade resistant material helps keep the pants brand new even after every wash.
  • The elastic waistband is created for added comfort and provides extra space in the case of concealed carry.
  • With a high strength zipper made out of durable plastic, the pants can withstand anything.
  • The cargo pants are slanted at an angle for easy reach of the pockets and important items.
  • The two front slip pockets can accommodate heavy items such as cell phones, magazines, and knives.
  • The pants may run a bit small, it is recommended to buy one size up.
  • Consumers have mentioned that the pants are not as stretchy as they would like.

5. CQR Tactical Operator

5. CQR Tactical Operator
In the emergency service field or law enforcement industry, there is a high demand for products that are specifically formulated for all events and scenarios. One of the most important may be men’s tactical pants. Now, it is safe to say that there are only a few companies that are noted some of the best for their craftsmanship, professionalism, and quality products. We are eager to share one of them with you. The CQR Men’s Tactical Operator Work Pants are known as one of the best tactical pants available today, here is why!
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As far as tactical pants go, the most important feature is that they need proper construction and build quality. Tactical pants are not like regular household pants. They are built from some of the most A-grade military materials, following military standards, this is one of them. With these particular tactical pants, a person is guaranteed to be purchasing one of the strongest and most durable pants available. Made from high-density materials known as Rip-Stop Fabric, these pants can withstand almost any terrain or situation they encounter.

Plenty of Color Choices

As far as tactical pants go, there are many different varieties of tactical pants. However, it seems that the common color is green, black, and beige. With this brand, although their premier color is black, they offer plenty of color choices.

Cost and Value

As far as cost and value are concerned, finding quality tactical pants from a trusted company that has an industry standard manufacturing process can be somewhat difficult. However, this manufacturer makes it easy for you to find the exact product you are looking for: durable, high quality, high-density construction, and plenty of cargo space. This is a valuable blend that only costs a fraction of what other tactical pants cost. We recommend them highly!
  • The material is fade and shrink-resistant. Therefore, it can withstand plenty of washer and dryer cycles.
  • With 8-multiple use cargo pockets, a user can carry various tools and important daily items.
  • Duratex Fabric is created to repel liquids, dirt, and other potentially hazardous chemicals.
  • Military and law enforcement officers will appreciate the quality build and flexibility that these pants offer.
  • Created with security in mind by a trusted company.
  • Consumers have mentioned that the snaps unsnap easily.
  • Users mention that they’ve had to reorder a larger pair because the size runs small.

6. Helikon-Tex Urban Line

6. Helikon-Tex Urban Line
Tactical pants have long been known as the preferred pants for security details, emergency personnel, law enforcement officers, and all around trekking pants. Therefore, there is no surprise that there is a brand of tactical pants out there that appeals to not only law enforcement officers and security personnel, but everyone that is looking for reliable and durable tactical pants. Helikon-Tex Urban Line, UTP Urban Tactical Pants are the pants for you and anyone looking for tactical pants that are designed from A-grade materials and engineered for special forces and service members.
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As we have come to know from many tactical pants that use tear-resistant fabrics, tactical pants are meant to withstand almost any environment and situation. These tactical pants are no different. Designed for load bearing capabilities, these tactical pants offer a blend of Polyester and Cotton with Rip-Stop technology formulated to avoid potential wear and tear, fading, and shrinking. In turn, these pants allow the user to run, climb, bend over and function in the most demanding of terrains.


The design of tactical pants has led towards an increasing demand in flexibility and durability and this manufacturer delivers with this quality filled design. The design allows the user to not only move with hindrance but also offers advanced stitching, a stretchable waistband, 12 pocket designs, and a YKK zipper. With these design elements in mind, there is a reason why these pants are in high demand offering comfortable fitting options and plenty of features.

Cost and Value

When evaluating the cost to value, we are dedicated towards providing the most valuable products for serious consumers. Therefore, our concerns are to ensure the products offer more than what is stated and with phenomenal reviews, it is easy to say that this manufacture delivers a quality product that is worth every penny. Considered in the higher end scale of our list, any buyer that buys these pants will not be disappointed, especially with the urban wear design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • The blend of cotton, spandex, and polyester makes it a lightweight and easy to use material that feels strong and sturdy.
  • The climate resilient build is meant for anyone that works in the hot sun or individuals that love outdoor climbs on warm and sunny days.
  • The low-profile pockets allow the user to keep clips, ammo, and other tactical equipment that may be crucial to a hard day’s work.
  • The comfort fit waist is self-adjusting and stretchable for quick and fast motions.
  • The design of these tactical pants offers extra padding in the areas and spaces that need it most.
  • Consumers have mentioned that the inseam may be a bit long.
  • Users have said that the Velcro fastener could be better quality.

7. Addt Must Way

7. Addt Must Way
When searching for a product as common as cargo pants, it is no doubt that you will encounter the Addt company. What is considered one of the best cargo tactical-style pants out there, the Must Way Men’s Cotton Casual Military Army Cargo Pants could also be considered tactical pants due to their build quality and materials used. These specifically formulated cargo tactical pants come in handy for numerous reasons, let’s see why.
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Cargo pants are known as heavy duty pants that can withstand tough environments while offering the flexibility of being able to carry a lot of materials and items. With this said, the comfortable aspect can sometimes be lost by offering too many features. However, these cargo tactical pants, in fact, are extremely comfortable and are designed for casual days out and about such as hiking or camping. For the relaxing weekends ahead where you need tactical style pants that can carry a lot of items, this manufacturer delivers.

The Fit

One of the design elements that tend to turn off certain people from buying cargo or tactical pants is the fit and style of the pants. This is no problem with these specially formulated cargo tactical-like pants. These in specific were designed for users that enough a straight-leg cut that fits like regular pants for the boyfriend-style cotton look. These tactical-like pants are then considered one of the most aesthetically pleasing on this list
Cost and Value

When evaluating the importance of cost and value, our intention is to only showcase the best products with a big return on investment. These cargo tactical-like pants are a clear winner with a handful of features that make them a worthwhile option for any person looking for durable day pants that offer plenty of pocket space and a tough build quality. However, the look alone makes them a viable option for any consumer.
  • The left front zipper pocket is made from 100% cotton, therefore, we can estimate that these cargo tactical pants are soft and comfortable to wear.
  • Multi-pocket purpose allows a person to carry whatever item is most important during their hike or day on the range.
  • Classic straight leg look is appealing to everyone.
  • The casual design makes them easy to wear and achieve a full day of activities.
  • Users feel that the sizes run small.
  • Some consumers have mentioned that the front pockets are cut with too little overlap.

8. OCHENTA Military Cargo

8. OCHENTA  Military Cargo
What do you get when you combine military style materials alongside cargo like aesthetics with a design that is both urban and universal? The OCHENTA company brings us the Men’s Outdoor Wild Military Cargo Pants with an eight pocket hold and plenty of usability and functional designs. With this brand, you are guaranteed to be wearing one of the most professionally created and manufactured tactical-style cargo pants in the industry. Let’s look at two notable features of these tactical pants.
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Tactical pants are known for their practicality and ease of use. Commonly known among law enforcement officers and security detail, tactical pants also have to be comfortable. With that in mind, this tactical design element is implemented in these cargo pants in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear for the user. These comfortable casual pants offer a loose straight leg fit that can go inside of boots or over boots. However, what makes these pants truly special is the number of activities a person can accomplish; hiking, climbing, paintball, and more.


When it comes to tactical pants, we know that manufacturers typically use common materials, like polyester and cotton. These tactical-like pants are in fact created from 100% cotton for a design that is both easy to wash, comfortable to wear, and allows for maximum mobility to any individual. With cotton, what is most important is to ensure that no stains or spills fall on it. However, with these cargo tactical-like pants you can rest assured that they are easy to wash and will stay looking new for a while.

Cost and Value

The cost to value ratio is incredibly important when purchasing a product such as these. These pants are not only beneficial for outdoor use and comfortable to wear, they offer plenty of pocket space making the value worthwhile. At the lower end price of our list, there is a reason why these cargo pants are considered a gem in an industry that offers a lot of options.
  • 100% cotton material is comfortable to wear and easy to use.
  • The button fly closure is designed strong.
  • The loose fit is comfortable and perfect for all individuals.
  • The 8 pockets allow people to bring whatever items are important and necessary for the day ahead.
  • Relaxed seat and thigh area for easy movements.
  • People have mentioned that the sizes may run a bit large.
  • Consumers have mentioned that the draw string in the leg gets in the way.

9. Under Armour Storm Tactical

9. Under Armour Storm Tactical
It’s time to discuss one of the most prestigious and well-known companies that offer tactical gear for every industry. This particular brand is known as a common household brand and they have created and established themselves as a well-known and trusted source for important and valuable gear. Under Armour introduces us to the Men’s Storm Tactical Patrol Pants, a blend of expert design, quality materials, with a feature that is needed but not common. Let’s look at what makes these tactical patrol pants such an important solution to a serious problem.
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What makes this product one of the best tactical pants in the market today is not only the design and build quality, it’s the fact that this company has come up with the solution for raining days. Many law enforcement officers, security detail, and emergency service personnel have found themselves in a situation where it may be storming or raining. These tactical pants, in particular, are actually storm and water resistant. The finish of the pants makes them water resistant without sacrificing breathability and remaining soft and flexible for emergency purpose. Known as one of the best tactical pants for light rain, this brand brings emergency services members one of the best creations in tactical gear.

Athletic Design

The design of these particular tactical pants was created with athleticism in mind. It is without a doubt that a military service member or law enforcement person will find themselves at times were running, hiking, climbing, and bending is involved. Therefore, these pants were created for fast maneuvers, mobility, and more. Made from 100% polyester, you can move fast and still allow your skin to breath with this material.

Cost and Value

As we have come to expect from this company, their products are designed with value in mind. In correlation to the rest of this list, these tactical pants are on the higher end scale and the price reflects that. Additionally, the addition that they are considered water-resistant is worth it. Knowing that you can be in almost any terrain or weather condition and still come out of it completing the task at hand gives the user a sense of security.
  • Breathable material that allows better airflow compared to cotton.
  • Comfortable and lightweight design and material mean you can run better, jump faster, and hike more.
  • Plenty of pocket space so a person can take with them the most important items they need through the day.
  • Three different designs available depending on your needs; compression, fitted, loose.
  • Plenty of color options available.
  • Users have mentioned that the pants may run bigger than expected.
  • May fit more snug than other styles in the same genre.

10. Free Soldier Tactical

10. Free Soldier Tactical
As we have discussed in this article, tactical pants are the common gear pants for service members that are in law enforcement, security, or emergency field. Therefore, it is no surprise that many brands offer the same type of material and products. However, sometimes a brand comes along that surprises with a neat addition to an industry standard product. Free Soldier has created the Men’s Tactical Pants Four Seasons Scratch-Resistant Multi-Pocket Duty Pants, which is a lot to say, but in turn, they offer a lot back. Let’s take a look!
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The purpose of tactical pants is to offer any law enforcement individual or other emergency service personnel the ability to carry the items they need alongside a durable and comfortable fitting form that they can wear all they long. This is where this manufacturer shines. However, they have taken this product a step further with an addition of scratch-resistance and wear-resistant materials. Made of 50% cotton and 50% nylon, these tactical pants are perfect for hard day’s work, they are hard to crumble, get dirty, and offer a durable and comfortable fit.


It is not often when a brand is able to blend in such important aspects into one product. This manufacturer offers a blend of security, robustness, and functionality with these tactical pants. This is proven with the many activities that an individual can embark upon while wearing these pants. An individual can go hunting, leisure around, climb, hike or work in them in the toughest of terrains such as emergency services or military.

Cost and Value

Costing as much as medium grade products on this list, these tactical pants offer a phenomenal solution to people wanting resistance against water, stains, debris, and other materials. The build quality alone and design is worth double what these pants cost. Furthermore, it is the functionality that spikes the value more than anything. If you are an individual seeking comfortable everyday wear or a military member seeking the best aesthetically pleasing and functional tactical pants available today, we highly recommend these.

Wow! Wasn’t that an impressive list of the best black tactical pants? What we can say is, after spending countless hours doing qualitative research and evaluation, the tactical gear market is incredibly competitive and loaded with different tactical pants. While this may seem like great news, it also is counterproductive in the sense that it provides consumers with too many options! As a result, consumers are quickly overwhelmed and end up making impulsive purchases, which lead to frustrating phone calls with customer service departments or worse. With that being said, we made it our goal to make your life easier. How? We have done enough research to ensure that each product on our list today will help get your money’s worth out of the product.

Now, if you take the time to carefully look at our article, we offered a wealth of valuable information and tips, all of which can help in picking out the best product for you. You see, we understood that doing all of the research could be time-consuming. So, rather than spend countless hours doing research, we took over that burden for you. So, after scanning the market, what you see on this guide is only the very best products, all which have even been approved by fellow previous customers.

So, which black tactical pants match your needs?


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Black Tactical Pants

As we have discussed previously in this article, the market for black tactical pants may be considered one of the most saturated aspects of the tactical industry. With that being said, customers are at the expense of the manufacturers, rather than the other way around. With that being said, it’s crucial that consumers, in order to ensure they receive their money’s worth for a purchase, invoke their superpower when picking out the best tactical product. Do you know what we are talking about? We are referring to evaluation and research. Sadly, many consumers do not take the time to properly evaluate a product before purchasing, which can lead to buying a faulty product that breaks or is not worth the pennies. Now, when you consider the costs of black tactical pants – you would not want your money to go to waste.

Now, to better help you out, before we began generating our list of the absolute best black tactical pants on the market today, we took the time to create what we call “Our Criteria for Evaluation.” Simply put, we created a list of characteristics or standards that products should meet in order to make a spot on our list. In this, we were able to highlight the very best products on this list, all of which are positively reviewed by previous customers. With that being said, if you want to learn more specifically how to we picked our products, check this out!


When it comes to purchasing high-quality tactical pants, one of the most important, if not the absolute most important, factors is what the product is made from. In fact, if you did not know, materials is one of the major driving costs of the cost to value ratio. The better the material, the higher the value and cost. Now, today, manufacturers have a wealth of material options to choose from when they are building their product. So, with that being said, when looking at any black tactical pant, you should know that the physical product was designed that specific way for a reason. Going into this research and evaluation, we understood how important it was to know what the best materials were. As you begin to scan each product on our list today, what you will find is that all 10 products are made from the very best materials. This may include tough polyester, rip-proof cotton, or even waterproof cordura nylon. Understanding your specific needs may help in highlighting what black tactical pant is best for you.

Pockets and Space

Here’s the thing about tactical pants: it’s all about pockets and space. Otherwise, this tactical gear would just be a higher grade of pants that you can find at a local department store. With that being said, when evaluating different products for our list, it was imperative that the manufacturer built their product with pockets and space in mind.

In our research, we discovered that there were two types of manufacturers.

  1. Companies that created tactical pants with small pockets to earn the title “tactical pants” and, as a result, increase the costs for the product.
  2. Companies that carefully and strategically create a pair of pants with enough spacious pockets to ensure consumers have enough room to store important tools and equipment.

With this information in mind, if you look at each product on our list today, each pair of pants comes with some of the best pocket engineering in the industry – hence why each product is considered best in class. This engineering includes a wealth of pockets, spacious room to store personal belongings, and even high-quality stitching to ensure durability. We also took the time to look at what previous customers were saying in regards to the quality of the pockets and space. This is one of the best ways to verify the claims of a manufacturer.


It should seem like common sense; however, durability it’s vital, pertinent, imperative! Who wants to purchase a pair of tactical pants, which cost significantly more than a regular pant of pants, just to have them break? No one! With that being said, as we begin to create our list of the best black tactical pants, we carefully observed how each company approached the idea of durability. Did the company talk about durability in the product description? What types of material or stitching are they utilizing? How is the company ensuring that their product will last? In answering these many questions, you can learn a wealth about the durability of a product. We also took the time to look at what previous customers were saying regarding the product quality and durability. Since these individuals have experience with the product, this offers the first-hand experience, which is reflected in our guide.


When purchasing a pair of tactical pants, while the tactical features are an important component, comfortability is another crucial aspect. You would not want to spend a lot of money on a pair of high-quality tactical pants that are uncomfortable or leave you bothered through the entire day. Now, there are multiple different ways that we were able to ensure that each of our products featured today offer the very best in comfort. For one, we looked at each product and how the manufacturer supported comfort for the consumer. This included looking at the materials and seeing if it was soft enough to support a comfortable walking/running/exercising experience. From there, we also looked at what previous customers were saying. Since these individuals have used the black tactical pants, it shines a light on how good/bad a product might be.

Design and Appeal

Now, you might be wondering, how does design and appeal matter when looking at black tactical pants – aren’t they all the same? To the surprise of many consumers, while the color of this tactical gear may be the same, the products are gravely different. It’s imperative that, as a responsible consumer, you can differentiate products. Before we continue, we would like to say that design and an aesthetic appeal should not be a purchasing factor. In other words, if a company is using the design and appeal of their product to market themselves – the product is not worth your consideration. When we began to create our list, we did not want to feature any products that were created and were unappealing. For example, there are many different black tactical pants that are baggy. Let’s be honest, who wants tactical pants that are baggy?

Cost and Value Ratio

If we can be honest, the one part of shopping that consumers tend to forget about is the idea of the cost to value ratio. Sadly, this is one of the MOST important aspects that we all must take into consideration. Reason being, it’s here that you can ensure that you are getting your money’s worth for a product. Otherwise, you are at the expense of a company’s marketing scheme. So, how do you figure out the cost and value ratio? The first thing that we did was evaluate each product in comparison to its costs. In other words: how much does a product cost and where does it stand in comparison to other products. From there, we took the time to look at the value embedded in each product. In this, we can start to draw conclusions about how products are priced in accordance with their value. If you are finding that products are priced higher than the amount of value – you know that the product is not worth it. Furthermore, we can say that every product that we shared today touts in both cost and value – the best prices and the utmost value. Another great way to develop a more concrete cost and value ratio is to also consult with previous customers and what they are saying.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the sizing charts accurate?

A: This is one question that all consumers are frequently asking. In truth, while we would like to believe that all sizing charts are accurate, this is just not true. Sadly, you should not ever place all of your faith and trust into a sizing chart when purchasing a product online. While this may not be the answer you want to hear, there is an option to help make your decision easier. For one, if you are unsure regarding the size of tactical pants – consult with the manufacturer on their website and see if they have a more defined sizing chart. In addition to this, take the time to look at what previous customers are saying about this topic. Reason being, since sizing is such a common worry for so many customers, you can guarantee that you will find a customer talking about sizing and fitting, whether positive or negative.

Q: How can you wear tactical pants on a regular day basis?

A: This is another great question! Now, here’s the truth: you can wear tactical pants however you choose to wear them. There is no “right way” or “wrong way”. Now, we should say that tactical pants are not going to be the most fashionable choice. These are not meant for fashion. However, there are multiple different ways that you combine tactical pants into your attire. Whether you choose to wear tactical pants with classy boots or even work boots – it will work! Don’t let people who say “you can’t wear tactical pants with certain shoes or shirts” define what you want to wear. Tactical pants are just like any other pants, just a tad bit more advanced and innovative.

Q: Are tactical pants effective for everyday use?

A: Of course! Tactical pants are one of the most resistant pairs of pants on the market today. These products can resist much of everyday wear and tear, including spills, rips, tears, mud, water (if it comes with water-resistant or waterproof properties), or anything else that you might come across. There is a reason why many medical professionals and other professional agencies require their employees to wear tactical pants – they are that good!

Q: How do you clean tactical pants?

A: This is another great question. Now, here is the thing, while tactical pants are great at resisting much of whatever you come across – it’s important that you take the time clean and maintain the integrity of the pants. Otherwise, you may expedite the wear and tear process. With that being said, since tactical pants are fragile, in their own way, it’s highly recommended to avoid any harsh chemicals. These can quickly wear the properties in the material down quicker, ruining the pants. If you are looking for a concrete answer as to how you can clean your tactical pants, we highly suggest taking the time to consult with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Q: What should you look out for in tactical pants?

A: Since tactical pants are really known for their pockets and spacious features – the one thing that you should be looking out for is the engineering behind the pockets. Now, this means a few different things. For one, you should always look at how many pockets the company is infusing with the pants. The very best companies on the market today typically include between 8-12 different high-quality and spacious pockets. Now, the quantity of pockets is not what matters, it’s the fact that the pocket is high-quality and spacious. We can say that some of the worst tactical products come with 12+ pockets but they are incredibly small, all which can barely fit a regular cell-phone. So, it’s important to be very careful when looking at the pockets of product. In addition to all of this, you should also be aware of the stitching in the pockets. You would not want to put valuable equipment or tools in a pocket just to find them slipping or falling out. Our best piece of advice is to consult with previous customers to see what they are saying regarding the pockets and design.


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