Best Prana Pants Reviewed for Comfort & Style

Enjoying the outdoors doesn’t mean that you have to wear thick layers of clothing which make it difficult to move around and feel comfortable. At the same time, you do want to be dressed properly to ensure that you can enjoy your activities in safety. You need specially designed apparel that combines functionality and practicality. We are talking about high-quality and comfortable sporty gear that can be worn during your everyday routines. There is one company in particular that has built quite a reputation, thanks to its great message, mission, and products. Do you know what brand we are talking about?

Of course, it’s prAna. This company is on a mission “To inspire healthy, active, and free-spirited living.” In this, they offer a wealth of different products for consumers, ranging from women’s and men’s products to specialized accessories, including hats, scarves, and even yoga mats. They pride themselves on creating items that make your hobbies and lifestyle more enjoyable!

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Stay informed about the latest outdoor fashion by PrAna with our updated lists. Whether you're going hiking, camping, or just enjoying a bondfire with friends, this item will keep you warm and comfortable at all times.

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One of their most prominent products and the reason for the rise of this company is their pants. prAna pants have become quite a trend and that’s the reason for today’s article. We are going to provide our insight and research as to the best prAna pants available day. We took the time to analyze each product based on numerous factors, including materials, features, benefits, and even the cost to value ratio. We are incredibly excited to share this article with you as these are really some of the best products in its class.

Shall we begin?

*Please note, for the sake of this article, we are going to prefer to prAna as Prana.


10 Best Prana Pants


1. Prana Regular Inseam Halle

1. Prana Regular Inseam Halle
As the modern-day movement is among us, more people now than ever are going out in nature, hiking, climbing, spending time outside, traveling and most importantly, being active. With this in mind, there has been a rise in demand for products, gear, and services that allow people to fulfill their adventurous desires even more effectively. This is where the Prana Women’s Regular Inseam Halle Pant comes in, where a relationship of expert design and adventurous spirit is formulated. Let’s look at why these pants are becoming more and more popular.
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Perfect for All Conditions

What makes this brand so unique and enduring is the fact that they have created a product that is perfect for virtually any condition. The reason being is that these pants offer a cross-functional design that is extremely durable and also flexible for almost any outdoor moment. Whether you love to travel solo or hike as a pair, these pants will be your companionship on any trip. With 97% Nylon and 3% Spandex, these pants are can manage moisture while also being durable. They are reinforced at the knees and are versatile for practically any occasion.

Stash Pocket

It is without a doubt that adventurous moments call for different items. Whether you need a small flashlight at night or a lock for your mountain bike, the stash pocket allows anyone to store their most important and valuable items. Strong enough to fit a cell phone, keys, or other valuable, the stash pocket is a blend of expert engineering with functionality. You can be sure that your valuables will be safe and secure with the stash pocket.

Cost and Value

These particular pants are formally designed for adventurous people that want outdoor pants that can bend, stretch, and allow for maximum comfort. However, they also serve as relaxing pants. With this in mind, the cost is somewhat pricey but considering what you are actually receiving for such valuable material, the cost is reasonable and fair.

2. Prana Stretch Zion

2. Prana Stretch Zion
As times change, more people are calling for specifically designed clothing that fit their everyday activities. This is where this particular manufacturer delivers, offering a blend of functionality and lightweight design that can surpass all expectations. The Prana Stretch Zion Pant is one of the best inventions since butter and bread, offering adventure-seekers the ability to accomplish practically any outdoor goal that they have while doing so in a functional and safe method. Let’s look at why these pants are the best addition to your many outdoor goals!
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We all know that to be able to climb tall mountains, bike hours on a trail, and go camping for days we need to wear clothing that is comfortable and durable. This is where these pants deliver an experience that will be memorable. The reason being is because you will remember more of the goal, task, and experience than the moments you spent complaining about the discomfort. With these pants, discomfort does not exist with their extremely flexible design and construction materials, which includes the original stretch Zion fabric that has been touted by consumers and fans.


With a water-repellent finish, these action pants are known as one of the best in the industry. The reason is that the pants are designed to withstand even the toughest of terrains. Since the goal is to produce a quality product that any outdoor lover can wear, it makes sense to include water resistant material. The product is made from 97% Nylon and 3% Spandex and the Zion Fabric is water repellent, allowing a person to climb the tallest mountain even on rainy days.

Cost and Value

When evaluating cost and value we take into consideration other products within the same brand and different brands. We can say that this product offers high amounts of value for a fraction of what it can potentially cost. The reason being is that they are designed with adventure seekers and travelers in mind, offering a clever solution to a problem many people have; flexibility and water. With the flexible material and water-repellent technology, these pants are a great addition to any outdoorsman's closet.
  • 4-Way Stretch allows a person to move quickly and effortlessly. Whether it is climbing, hiking, biking or other physical activities.
  • The quick drying technology means that you will not stay wet for long.
  • UPF 50+ means you can stay in the sun longer, enjoying more beauty outside.
  • The adjustable waistband allows for maximum mobility and function.
  • A single cargo pocket allows an individual to carry the most important product they need.
  • The fit features more room in the thigh region and the seat area for better movement.
  • Men have mentioned that the pant button has fallen off.
  • Individuals say that the inseam can feel a little tight.

3. Prana Brion Pant

3. Prana Brion Pant
A clever minded cultural change has created brands that are centered around making everyday products even better. This is where this particular pant manufacturer shines, offering a wide selection of products for every individual's needs and goals. The Prana Men’s Brion Pant is known as the every-day classic pant that you can both take to church and then go mountain climbing in. This best-selling pant manufacturer has created a solution for everyday use alongside adventure lovers seeking comfort and mobility. Let’s look at two important aspects of these pants!
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Do we really have the time to switch clothing between tasks? If you just got out of an important meeting and want to go hiking, usually you would want to switch clothes, right? However, with these specifically designed pants, a person can manage all their daily tasks while wearing comfortable pants that are ready for any occasion. These pants are not only stylish, they are ideal for the adventure seeker needing a handful of important features.


When it comes to adventure or travel, functional clothing is ideal. Therefore, it is no surprise that these pants offer the solution that many adventure seekers are needing. They offer everything from wrinkle-resistance to quick-drying properties in the case of heavy rains. With the same benefits as the Stretch Zion pants, they are water and abrasion resistant, so an individual does not have to stop the fun just because a little rain is getting in the way.

Cost and Value

Many individuals believe that a product of this caliber can cost in the hundreds. However, it is the sheer ability to do practically any imaginable task that makes this product so valuable to many people. The design, functionality, and value for these pants cannot be measured. With this in mind, the surprising cost of the pants is even more of a reason to consider them as your next everyday pants.
  • 97% Nylon and 3% Spandex material is formulated for a comfortable and mobile experience.
  • The Straight-leg design helps it look more aesthetically pleasing.
  • The five-pocket styling means an individual can bring along their most treasured and important items such as car keys, flashlight, wallet, and cellphone.
  • Reinforced rivet details mean the pants last longer against wear and tear.
  • With over six color options you can pick between beige, brown, blue, black and more.
  • The cloth material feels odd to some consumers.
  • The straight leg look can appear as a bell at times.

4. Prana Kara Jean Pants

4. Prana Kara Jean Pants
With more design options than ever before, brands are going out of the way to supply new ways for old classic looks. At times, there also comes along a design that keeps our attention. The Prana Kara Jean Pants will capture any user and any person at first glance. These pants are designed with style and function in mind. These specific pants are actually this company’s best-selling fitted jean brand, offering plenty of versatility and style functions. Let’s look!
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The function of these pants knows no bounds, making individuals incredibly happy in the process. These pants are not only designed to look extremely pleasing to the eye with an urban, yet classic look, these pants are designed with functionality. The material allows for maximum flexibility, allowing an individual to hike, climb, run, and move effortlessly with them. In addition, women can wear these perfectly tailored pants either cuffed or long, depending on the mood and the occasion.

Plenty of Color Options

Have you ever matched your mood to your clothing? We all have! Therefore, it is safe to say that this brand appeals to practically any mood, traveler, and personality, only adding to the wide array of options they have available for every type of consumer. It’s not just the functionality that makes these pants incredibly appealing, it is the endless amount of color options to choose from. Depending on your style and mood, you can choose from red, pink, orange, blue, and even white. This makes it easy for a customer to pick a style they will be truly happy with.

Cost and Value

These particular pants, a person would expect to spend hundreds for, no exaggeration. Considering the styling, the functionality, the urban appeal, the trusted brand, and the endless color choices, it is a surprise to many when they consider the cost to value. The cost is significantly low than the competition and the value of the pants is known to withstand the test of time. If you want a quality product that is sure to last a while that also serves your daily purpose, these pants are worth your consideration.
  • 100% Other Fibers material includes Kara denim and organic cotton material.
  • Traditional 5-pocket styling means an individual can bring along their favorite products and items.
  • The soft-stretch material allows for maximum mobility, allowing individuals to move as much or little as needed.
  • Narrow leg makes the aesthetic appeal even more convincing, appealing to a modern-day audience.
  • The sizes range depending on the color. It is recommended to purchase one size up.
  • The seating area does not have a curve, making it look flatter than it is.

5. Prana Sutra Pants

5. Prana Sutra Pants
For consumers looking for a practical design alongside a sturdy build, these pants may seem like a dream come true. The functional design of these specific pants was built with adventure seekers but comfort addicts in mind. Let’s talk about the Prana Men’s Sutra Pants, a blend of comfort lounge-like pants that you can climb a mountain in.
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The selling factor with these pants is how sturdy they are. The design allows for maximum mobility and flexibility for the consumer, without tearing or ripping. With this in mind, these pants are a phenomenal option for a person seeking loose comfortable pants while traveling or out in nature. The reason behind the design is the sustainable woven hemp blend that allows an individual to trek through the toughest terrains while feeling comfortable doing so.

Trusted Company

This manufacturer is known for the quality products that can withstand the test of time and this one is no different. Known as one of the preferred companies for outdoor pants that look like everyday wear, these pants are ideal for lounge like situations but can be trusted enough to take on a long hike or a bike ride.

Cost and Value

When calculating the cost to value it is important to evaluate exactly what you desire in your pants and then before purchasing make sure the pants fit that criteria. As far as seeking pants that are durable, resistant, clean looking, comfortable, soft, and can withstand the test of time, these specifically designed pants offer that and more. For the price, these are considered low to mid-level cost pants, while offering medium to high value.
  • 100% Other Fibers material includes woven hemp blend for comfort and flexibility.
  • The wide legged look is stylish while also providing an airy feel and lounge-like look.
  • The inseam is gusseted to prevent wear and tear.
  • Four different color options make it easy for an individual to pick the color best suited for them; grey, black, beige, and light grey.
  • Perfect for different moments of your day whether it is lounging at home or going on a day hike.
  • Drawstring waist lets you customize the fit to your liking.
  • Consumers feel that the waist feels a little too loose.
  • People that have bought the black one have mentioned that in fact, it looks more denim blue.

6. Prana Bronson Pant

6. Prana Bronson Pant
Switching up this list is the Prana Men’s Bronson Pant; a blend of precision and durable execution brings individuals everyday pants that can withstand any task at hand. With these exclusively designed pants, adventure seekers can achieve anything. The motto is these pants, ‘know how to get it done.’ This could not be any truer. With strengthening materials and an aesthetic design that looks timeless, these pants are worth a second look.
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Have you ever said that you are wearing stretch organic cotton canvas fabric? Well, with these specifically formulated pants, an individual can wear organic cotton alongside a peached finish that creates an exceptional fabric that is sure to last. The goal behind this fabric is so it can be taken anywhere and withstand anything. With this durable material, an individual can feel secure that they are wearing an expert piece of craftsmanship from a trusted company.


Alongside strong fabric is expert design. Therefore, it is no surprise that such a memorable company has created a product that is designed to last. The reinforced riveting allows for maximum durability. Now, the triple needle stitching adds a collection of power and confidence that only a person wearing these pans can feel. Lastly, the inseam is fully gusseted offering a full range of motion for hiking, running, climbing and performing other important physical stunts.

Cost and Value

The cost to value ratio of these pants goes unmeasured. We can easily say that these pants have been known to cost on the medium range of what pants normally cost. However, it is the value that is the most important aspect. These highly valued pants not only offer plenty of durability and function, they also come in a variety of color choices, making it a sensible solution to anyone that wants design, flare, and strength in their outdoor pants.
  • 98% cotton and 2% spandex materials mean they are both flexible and comfortable to wear.
  • The 5-pocket styling that has become synonymous with this brand allows a user to take whatever they desire with them.
  • The durable water-resistant fabric allows an individual to continue the adventures even during slightly rainy days.
  • The full inseam is gusseted for maximum protection, flexibility, and confidence.
  • The woven material looks highly appealing.
  • Consumers have mentioned that the fit feels a lot snugger than it looks.
  • A couple of consumers have said that the item shrunk after washing, which normally happens with cotton material.

7. Prana Zion Convertible

7. Prana Zion Convertible
When a brand offers a new solution to a product that is already a fan-favorite, there comes a moment of skepticism. However, this moment was bypassed when the Prana Stretch Zion Convertible Pant was introduced, a genius way to offer multiple use pants to consumers looking for a handy product that can withstand adventurous environments. These particular pants are designed like cargo pants, with functionality and expert quality in mind. Let’s look at two important points to consider.
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2-Way Design

The 2-way design of these pants makes it the everyday solution for all individuals. They look sharp enough to be taken to a nice dinner but offer the functionality to be worn as shorts. How do they do this? Well, they are considered “zip-off” pants. Essentially, in the knee area, there is a 360-degree zipper that allows for the bottom half of the pant leg to be removed. This serves the purpose of helping the pants become shorts, allowing the individual to choose how they wish to appear at a moment’s notice.


Made from 97% Nylon and 3% Spandex, this quality craftsmanship product is made to withstand almost any adventure. With this fabric, an individual can run, climb, hike and perform numerous activities all while being comfortable in a fabric that is also durable and flexible. Lastly, the all-weather finish allows for the fabric to be abrasion and water resistant, meaning the adventures don’t stop because of a little bit of rain.

Cost and Value

When calculating the cost of such a versatile product, it is important to note all that it can do and offer before coming to a conclusion. With this in mind, the value that these timeless pants provide is immense. Whether you chose to wear them as shorts or pants for an evening out and about, these pants look nice enough to be an everyday wear item. The cost is reasonable and in alignment with industry standards.
  • Streamlined and adjustable waistband means you can create your own custom fit so it can fit any moment and any body type.
  • The Quick Dry stretch nylon is a phenomenal performance fabric for moments out in nature.
  • The material allows for maximum comfort and flexibility.
  • Complete with UPF 50+ protection against the sun means a user can stay out and about longer without worry against fading or sun damage to the fabric.
  • The gusseted inseam allows for greater movement and durability.’
  • The zip-off legs allow for easy conversion from jeans to shorts.
  • Conversion zipper may be too low for people with short legs.
  • Users have said the pants fit a bit baggier than they like.

8. Prana Meme

8. Prana Meme
It is time to discuss when style meets functionality. Can there be such thing as fitted cargo pants? Cargo pants have been known to be bulky, heavy, and full of pockets while fitted jeans are known for their slim and stylish appeal. Well, this question is what brought along the Prana Women’s Meme Pant, a genius solution to women that desire style and functionality all in one beautifully designed product. Let’s take two points into consideration about this performance clothing item.
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The design is inspired with urban appeal and tactical features. The design offers a midrise look with fitted and skinny leg appeal. However, all of this is just a bonus, the true purpose of these pants was to blend cargo pants and modern adventure seekers together. These pants, design-wise, offer cargo pockets at the side for an individual to be able to carry their valuable. They also offer seam details at the knee area.


An urban look accompanied with plenty of functionality is only matched by the beautiful design of these cargo pants. The fabric itself consists of 97% nylon material and 3% spandex, bridging the two together creates a space for flexibility, easy mobility, and durability. Therefore, these pants are known as the ideal everyday wear pants for users that want to merge style and adventure together.

Cost and Value

Alone, the unique style of these cargo pants offers a solution to an industry that has not introduced such features and aesthetic appeal in many products. With that said, the cost is considered a mid-level price, which appeals to practically everyone. With plenty of value from withstanding the test of time to the cargo style that we have come to know and appreciate; these pants are a great solution to outdoor lovers that want extra carrying space in a modern and tight fit.
  • Stretch ‘Zion’ Performance Fabric makes up part of the fabric including a water-protective finish.
  • The fitted look makes them aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • 4-Way Stretch designs allow an individual to move about without worry that they will rip.
  • Quick drying technology means the fun does not end just because a bit of rain has happened.
  • Seam details at the knee for extra durability.
  • Users have mentioned that the pants may be a bit tight in the thigh area.
  • Consumers have said that after a couple of washes they may shrink.

9. Prana Axiom Jean

9. Prana Axiom Jean
We have discussed pants that can withstand the many adventures that nature lovers embark upon and we have covered pants that act as cargo pants with an urban flare. How about we dive into the world of denim? This is where a blend of functionality and style meets to create the Prana Men’s Axiom Jean. Known as the full-range stretch denim jeans, these comfortable jeans allow for full range motion due to the design, functionality, and style. Let’s cover two important aspects of these jeans.
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The design of these jeans resembles modern-day jeans, with over four different color options to choose from; stone wash, charcoal wash, military green, and indigo. These jean pants, however, offer a different design than regular or conventional jeans. They offer a gusseted inseam area for a greater range of comfort and movement, meaning an individual can go both hiking in these pants and out to a restaurant without worrying about them tearing or breaking in the most important areas.


As we have come to know and appreciate this brand, the fabric used has a purpose. With jeans that offer the opportunities of adventure, they are made from 99% cotton and 1% spandex, for a blend of convenience and comfort. The spandex gives the jean the stretchy feeling that an individual requires for certain movements while the cotton fulfills individuals need for comfort.

Cost and Value

When taking cost and value into consideration, many of this manufacturer's product are considered mid-level to high-grade products, which means they may cost a bit more than other pants or jeans. However, what you receive in return is a valuable product from a brand that has created a trust among their customers. This particular jean and pant company is focused on real-worth wearable solutions to everyday adventure seekers.
  • The fabric is designed for stretchiness and movement.
  • Straight-leg design offers a chic and urban look.
  • Zip fly with button offers security.
  • Gusseted inseam protects against wear and tear.
  • Contrast zig-zag stitching on hip offers extra durability.
  • Users have mentioned that they can be a bit baggy.
  • Users say the waist feels a bit large compared to the rest of the jeans.

10. Prana Sutra

10. Prana Sutra
Lastly, we have come to one of the fan-favorite products of this brand. Known for their expert design and craftsmanship, this manufacturer has raised the bar when offering wearable and comfortable solutions to both adventure seekers and overall people that want a stylish and comfortable fit. However, what about yoga lovers seeking both comfort and style? Let’s discuss the Prana Men’s Sutra 30-Inch Inseam Pant, a blend of comfort, aesthetic appeal, and lightweight design.
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Known as one of the best yoga pants in the industry, the design behind these pants is clear; provide a desirable and comfortable solution to yoga lovers and people that want lounge like pants. These pants are not only aesthetically nice to look at, they are quality pants that are comfortable, offer plenty of roomy space to move around in and allow an individual to feel free while wearing them. With the 30-inch inseam, an individual can wear these and feel relaxed all day long.


When a product like this comes on the shelf and the design is pleasing as this one what could make it better? Well, the fabric of course. The fabric that these pants are made of includes Hemp, Recycled Polyester, and Lycra, to form an organic blend of materials that make a person feel as if they are a part of a relaxing movement. The materials used also aid against itching or possible friction.

Cost and Value

We have come to expect by now that this brand only offers high-end quality products. Therefore, it goes without saying that the build quality of these relaxing pants goes far beyond the cost. As a valuable solution to yoga lovers and consumers seeking comfortable pants to lounge in, these pants are in the mid-level range cost. However, the cost should not deter a person from considering them. The functionality alone is worth it. The style is just a great bonus.
  • Offers multiple color options ranging from green to black, beige, and grey.
  • Hemp and recycle polyester make up most of the materials.
  • Perfect for yoga practice and other relaxing sports, hobbies, or activities.
  • Wide-legged design means your legs can breathe and feel relaxed.
  • A perfect blend of appeal and durability.
  • Users consider the sizes to run larger.
  • The material is known to be really thin, which can at times fade or in the case of loose strings, begin to rip on rare occasions.

Before we jumped into this article, we were incredibly excited to explore the many different prAna pants for consumers to pick from. We knew going into the article that prAna was a popular fashion company; however, what we did not realize is how many products this company truly sold. In fact, after spending countless hours evaluating all of their pants, it was clear that it can be overwhelming for consumers who are seeking to purchase the very best product. Since there are so many different products, it almost feels as if customers are being inundated with options. While it’s great to have options, it almost encourages customers to make impulse purchases to avoid doing proper research. This is precisely why we decided to create this handy guide. In truth, while you may think it sounds cliche, we genuinely want to help consumers, like yourself, secure the best possible purchase.

So, in today’s article, we made it our primary goal and intention to present a wealth of high-quality information, tips and tricks, all of which would help in making a purchase worth an individual’s money. Rather than having customers spend countless hours comparing and evaluating different products, we did all that work for you. All you need to do is know what features or aspects matter most to you – and then navigate our guide. We can say, with confidence, that there are no other pants that can outperform any on this list. This is the best of the best, and we are proud to share this with you.

So, let us ask: what pair of prAna pants matches your style?

Criteria Used in Evaluation

As we have discussed throughout this article, when it comes to the Prana brand, there are so many different products for consumers to pick from, especially when it comes to their pants line. With that being said, we quickly realized that, from a typical consumer’s perspective, it can be incredibly difficult to figure out which pair of Prana Pants is best for you. As a result, consumers have settled and will simply purchase the first product that they stumble across. Now, as we all can admit, this leads to bad purchases and long phone conversations with customer service departments. We realized that we wanted to help prevent this cycle from occurring. To do this, we decided that we needed to use our consumer superpower, more commonly known as “evaluation and research”.

Now, before we started to create this list of the best Prana Pants for consumers, like yourself, we realized we needed some structure to picking out the best in class. So, to do this, we created a list of standards and requirements, which we call our “criteria for evaluation”. Each product that was featured on our list underwent intensive research and evaluation to ensure the best of the best. This included by not limited to, quality of materials, how functional the pair of pants were, and even how comfortable they were. Below, you will find an in-depth explanation of how we were able to create this list.


When it comes to any product, the most important aspect to take into consideration is the materials used in construction. In truth, you must consider that each product is designed intentionally. In other words, manufacturers have reigned as to what type of materials they use – and there are dozens upon dozens of types of materials to pick from! With that being said, before we began to develop a list of the best pants from this company – we knew that Prana was a well-known manufacturer who has built a reputation on the quality of their products. So, as we began to evaluate different products, it made it very easy, as far as material evaluation was concerned, because each product is made from the very best materials, given the functional use of the pants. Now, to add to our research, we did take the time to consult with previous customers regarding their thoughts on the materials of the pants. What we can say is that the products featured in our guide today are the very best pants in terms of materials offered by this brand.


What makes the Prana brand such a powerful and popular fashion choice comes down to their products’ functionality, specifically, their pants. Here, their pants are not designed for one specific activity. Going into this research and evaluation, we took into consideration all of the different uses that consumers may need from their pants. In this, we were quite shocked and taken aback by the amount of functionality that comes from this company’s pants. Every single product featured on our list today can be used in almost any environment. Whether you are seeking a pair of pants for yoga, casual work day, school, hiking, or even a shopping day around the local mall – these pants can rise to the occasion, and more! Now functionality is an imperative aspect to take into consideration. Many companies tend to produce pants for specific needs – you won’t find that here. To ensure this, we double checked with previous customers and most customers that highly recommended this brand and their products.


When you purchase a pair of pants, do you expect them to last for many months or years, or that they break and wear quickly? Of course the question is rhetorical; however, without doing proper research, you can never guarantee the durability of the product. Now, going into this article, we knew that the Prana brand was infamously known for their high-quality products and product guarantees. So, we knew these products were durable; however, we wanted to ensure that, in creating the best in class list, only the very best of products would receive the spotlight. To do this, we took the time to observe each pair of pants in pictures and by the description. We wanted to learn how the pants were created and what materials the manufacturer used. From there, we also wanted to know what they did to ensure and support the pants from not breaking or wearing and tearing. In light of this, this company indeed goes to extreme lengths to ensure maximum durability. We took the time to also look at what previous customers were saying about this. We can say that each product on our list is incredibly durable and is boasted by previous consumers to help future consumers, like you!


Have you ever purchased a pair of pants just to find out they were incredibly uncomfortable after a few hours of wear? Better yet, you tried to sit in the jeans and it was uncomfortable and the stitch ripped? This has happened to thousands, if not millions, of people around the world. Now, as prior to creating this list, we took the time to seriously consider the comfortability factor in each product. Comfort is important, almost as important as the materials, durability, or functionality, of a pair of pants. Now,  to do this, we carefully looked at how the manufacturer discussed comfortability in the product description, what types of materials the company utilized, and what previous customers were saying regarding comfortability. Since comfort is a primary concern and need for pants – almost all previous customers will reflect upon the comfort of the materials.

Cost to Value Relationship

When it comes to evaluating any product, one of the most important characteristics, in our opinion, stems down to the cost to value relationship. You see, all consumers are passionate about ensuring they are getting their money’s worth for a purchase, right? Well, the easiest way to do this is through measuring the cost and value of a product. Every single product on our list today underwent the same exact type of process. First, we took the time to look at the price of each pair of pants, in comparison to what Prana was charging for other pants. Now, it’s important to note that, since we are comparing different products from the same manufacturer, the pricing table may not be incredibly different. Additionally, because it’s all from the same company, it makes it easier to draw conclusions regarding the price of the product. With that being said, after we had a deeper understanding of the price of the product, we observed the amount of value packed into the pair of pants. Understanding the materials, features, and functionality, made it incredibly easy to notice the cost-to-value relationship. We also took the extra step to see what consumers were saying about the product and their thoughts regarding the quality of the product in comparison to its price tag.

Design and Appeal

It’s safe to say that one of the more difficult characteristics to take into consideration is the design and appeal. Reason being, we typically say that design is the least important characteristic, however, since pants do have a visual appeal to them, the design and appeal of the piece of clothing is kind of important. In addition to this, the way that one consumer sees a pair of pants is different than other. So, as we began to evaluate different pants from this manufacturer, we made it our intention to only highlight the very best products that provide consumers with numerous color or design options to pick from. Now, the best part about Prana is that many of their designs are incredibly pleasing to the eye, as many consumers have noted, both men and women. In addition to this, we always double check to make sure that the colors that are featured online match what consumers receive in person. To do this, we consulted and looked at what previous customers were saying. This list, again, features the very best products in design as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should you buy a pair of Prana Pants?
A: If you are new and just stumbled across the Prana, you might be wondering, why should any buy a pair of pants from them? Now, this is a great question to ask before purchasing any product from any brand. In this industry, Prana has built a reputation not only as one of the best manufacturers of high-quality pants but also for putting their consumers first. Each product that his company makes is constructed from the very best materials and features, which can be seen from this article and each product we talked about. In addition to this, the company wants to make sure that their consumers are happy with each purchase. That is why this company offers one of the best warranties and guarantees in the market. Since Prana pants are not incredibly expensive, many previous customers suggest that, if you are debating on purchasing a pair from this company – just do it! Try out the high-quality material and let the product speak for itself.

Q: How do you clean Prana pants?
A: When you consider the different type of materials that Prana uses in their products, you might be wondering, well, how does anyone clean this without causing it to shrink? This is a great question. Now, as we have said before, every single product that this company makes is different, including its materials, properties, and features. So, this means that the way you would clean one pair of pants is entirely different than another. If you are looking to learn how to clean a specific pair of Prana pants, we suggest looking at the tag for that product. If you are still unsure, you can contact the company’s customer service department. The other step that you can take is to see what previous customers are saying about cleaning their pair of pants.

Q: Are the sizing charts accurate?
A: When purchasing any piece of clothing online, it’s imperative to know whether the sizing charts are accurate. In truth, while it may not be the answer you wish to hear, all sizing charts are different, making every single sizing chart inaccurate. Now, that does not mean it can’t help in making a purchase. When it comes to Prana pants, we suggest that you first look at their sizing chart to see how their pants are designed to fit. Now, before you re quick to purchase just any pair of pants or size – take the time to look at what previous customers have said about the fit and sizing. You might be surprised to find out that some pair of pants fit differently than others. It could save a lot of trouble trying to get the perfect size by taking the extra step of research.

Q: Could Prana pants be used in business and office settings?
A: What makes Prana such a spectacular brand is that their products are not for one specific activity or event. In other words, you can purchase any of their pants and adapt them for whatever you might need. In fact, some of their denim products, which we highlighted in our guide today, are incredibly comfortable, making them a perfect compliment for a casual day in the office. So, depending on your need, many of their products can rise to your occasion and need.

Q: Do Prana pants have quick-dry technology?
A: This is a great question that many consumers are asking themselves. If you did not know, quick-dry technology is a feature that, whenever there is a build-up of moisture, the pants have the unique ability to release the moisture and keep the exterior of the pants dry. At the same time, quick-dry technology also helps with preventing water from making the exterior of the pants wet. Now, all Prana pants are NOT the same. With that being said, there may be some pants made by this company that encompass this feature, and there may be some that do not. The only way to check is to look at each individual product’s description. Additionally, you may want to consider looking at what previous customers have said regarding quick-dry-like features.

Q: What is the Prana warranty or guarantee?
A: The one area in this article that we did not discuss much was the Prana warranty or guarantee. What makes this company such a great manufacturer is their dedication to their consumers. When an individual purchases a product from this company, they are ensured that their product will be of the highest quality, design, and color. So, if you are to purchase any products from our list today, you have the ability to either return the pants, should there be any defects, in return for a new pair of pants. Additionally, if you are unhappy with your purchase, you can communicate with the Prana customer service department, which is readily accessible to help customers out and ask for a full refund. Now, we do recommend, prior to purchasing any Prana product, be sure to read about their warranty on their website to ensure you fully understand what is covered and protected.


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