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Arc’teryx Gamma MX Review Facts

The Arc'teryx Company has a loyal fan base for a reason, the products are reliable and do exactly what it is designed to do. They have a Gamma line that is so versatile that you may own more than one type. The Gamma MX is a heavier jacket that has a fleece lined backing. It is ideal for ski touring or winter hiking. The entire Gamma line is designed to be durable, weather resistant and comfortable.

The Gamma MX is considered a top performer in weather protection however is not designed for heavy, intense activity due to the level of breathability of the fleece liner. The Gamma MX is crafted for those that live in colder climates and can use the extra wind coverage. It is versatile to use daily. With a variety of color options, there is sure to be one that works for your style preference.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Weather resistant






Tighter for larger sized that would normally where XXL

Users with long torso need to order a size up

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  • This is such a great and well made jacket; windproof and breathable, yep you read that right! It fits so well and feels great. Their whole line is pretty incredible.
  • After a year, the water repellent wore off. The fabric is durable and cuffs are low profile. The fabric is very stretchy and pulls well. The pockets are placed perfect. It is a great jacket but after a year you will have to upgrade it if you use it a lot like I do. I won’t buy it again though.
  • This is the best on the market no doubt. I have pulled this thing through all the ringers and it is killer. Only thing it can't do is a heavy rain. I highly recommend this baby!
  • Everything about this product is fantastic! It has a great fit and the material is other-worldly. So much offered in this light jacket.
  • This has to be the best breathing soft shell I have ever worn. This thing is totally way better at weather resistance than I could have imagined great technology built into this.
  • This thing is great for average use. The material breathes well and makes it a little less effective for those really windy days. It isn't waterproof but repels well. It isn't for layering either.
  • This company is unbeatable with material and design. The thing fits better than I thought and is really light. It also protects you really well from the elements.
  • This thing breathes well and has a great wind resistance to it. The durability is like no other. It is a soft shell, which isn't my norm, but this is just great. It keeps real mobile and stretches with you well. Definitely good for mixed elements.
  • I have took this all over and done all sorts of extreme sports in it and wow. After a couple years,it is still great. This was meant or climbers as it is made with climbing movement in mind. It breathes so well but is still so wind resistant. Great technology.
  • This is a perfect part of gear for my extreme weather layering. The vented pockets and the material are so good. When it is closed up it will keep you so warm and it is so light. I have had this thing for 4 years now and I am so happy with it, no signs of wear and tear, which means it has epic durability.
  • This thing is great for everything. I wear it all the time. The sleeves are a little too long for me but I do not are it fits and feels great.
  • This is made as an athletic fit jacket so it runs a bit shorter. However, it is the best jacket I have ever owned. It breathes, keeps me warm and ha great mobility. I am a big dude and it works really well. It is expensive but it is worth every penny.
  • I wear this skiing and climbing every year and man is it great. I am able to move all over the place without feeling any constriction and it works so well in cold weather. I never have to bundle up ridiculously. Doesn't cause blind spots in a helmet either.
  • Nothing compares to this jacket. It is so mobile and has never given me and constriction when I am ice climbing. Everything about this is so good. The little layer of fleece keeps you warm and the the pockets air ya out i it gets warm, just open up and AHHHH. I am able to mid layer it as well when it gets real cold.
  • It is very water repellent. It has to be the best fitting jacket I have ever bought and it has a lot of mobility to it. I love that is has so many pockets and they are vented. I got it for hiking but am wearing it all the time now.
  • The new fabric of this is so good. It seems to be way more durable and I own a couple styles of old Arc’teryx jackets. I am really happy with all the pockets and they fabric feels so nice on. The back is longer than the front and helps with those drifts.
  • This thing fits like it was made for my 200 lb fame. It breathes great and sheds water really well. It is super rigid and durable, lasts a year now with not one issue. The best soft shell on the market I can guarantee.
  • This is a very versatile jacket and when you add layers it is unbelievably warm and breathable. It is the best active jacket I have ever bought. It is pricey but worth it if you like to do outdoorsy stuff in weather.
  • For some reason they made the hand holes way too small. It is awkward and hard to put on. It is also a pain to put on with a long sleeve, it keep pulling them back.
  • Way too much money for this. I would expect ay more for the price. It is an overrated wind jacket that does not really do that. It is so breathy. Not even water proof and it is hard to put on if you have a watch or bracelet on.
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Arc'teryx is known for high-quality designs that are timeless to perform at the point of extreme need. They create products the right way and evolve constantly with their in-house manufacturing and design center. The company is located in the coastal mountain wilderness of Canada. The company was founded in 1989 by local climbers. They are hands-on creators that know how to use the products and why it has to work. This is part of the huge success of the company and the customer loyalty they have. The unrivaled products actually do what they promise to deliver.


The Arc'teryx Gamma MX has a material called Fortius 2.0 which is a combination of polyester, elastane, and nylon. This material combination is air permeable and does pass moisture through to keep your body dry and cool during activity. The fleece backed lining does block this to some extent. It is designed for colder temperatures with moderate activities like climbing or snow shoeing. Users did notice if used in an extended activity they were noticeably wetter between the inner lining of the exterior fleece mid layer and inner lining of a soft-shell.


The Gamma MX is based on comfort while being high performance. The fleece lining gives the warmth needed in the colder weather and snow. The design is trim and fully flexible allowing full movement. The outer face sheds moisture keeping you dry and is resistant to wind. Two hand warming pockets for when your hands need a little break from the elements. The stormhood gives extra protection to your head and neck area. All of these features are designed with the end users comfort in mind.

The underarms have a no-lift gusset. This allows for free movement of the arms and shoulders without the extra bunching you get with excess material to accommodate a full extension of the arms. This trim cut allows for when your arms are in the standard position or hanging you don’t have the bulk. At the same time when the arm is fully extended up or out, it doesn’t pull the entire jacket up exposing your back or stomach.


The durability of the Gamma MX was part of why the materials were used to create this hoody. The Fortius 2.0 fabric is a combination of 85% nylon, 15% elastane on the face with 94% polyester and 6% elastane for the backer. These materials in the percentages and combinations make this a jacket you will have for 10 plus years and will still look great. The fabric is abrasion resistant and highly durable. It will not pill after washing or in the underarm area that other styles will due to rubbing of material.

The zippers are a durable plastic material with self-locking. This means where you pull and leave the zipper at is where it will stay with no slipping. This helps when regulating your body temperature. They are corded zipper pulls to reduce noise and are easy to grab. The front zip has a wind flap closure for protection.

The Arc'teryx Company stands by its products. It has a lifetime warranty for the Gamma MX. That tells you the quality and obsessive attention to detail of their products is a commitment that Arc'teryx is built on. They have to offer the lifetime warranty as some users even state they have their products for 15 years plus years and still use them.


The Gamma MX comes in sizes XS-XXL. There is a size to fit everyone and are true to size. It does have a trim sporty fit so those that have a broader chest and shoulder area might want to order a size up. The weight is just over 1 pound so easy to pack and carry with you. The anatomical shaping is crafted for fit and comport. This allows for the warmth without the bulk look. Easy for the layering system that Arc'teryx has adopted since the start of their company.


The easiest way to sum up what to use the Gamma MX for is someone that wants a stylish design that can perform in an active weather changing atmosphere yet versatile to be used casually. It is a valuable hoody to have because it is such a versatile hoody. You will keep grabbing this one for mostly dry conditions while doing aerobic activity that might be in cooler temperatures. Pair this with a mid layer and you can take on ice climbing, or wear it alone for a casual lunch gathering.

Just a few other active uses that users stated the Gamma MX was perfectly designed for include: skiing backcountry, ice climbing, alpine climbing, hiking and trekking. Don’t let this list make you think that is all you can use it for. Use it even when taking the dog for a walk on those cooler, windy days. There is no limit to the daily uses from wearing to work, grabbing some coffee or running errands on the nasty weather days. The Arc'teryx Company once again delivered a hoody that is so versatile and does exactly what it says it will do. There is no limit to its uses.


The Gamma MX is a trim style that is tailored in all the right places. The athletic fit with woven stretch panels move well with your body. This allows for free range of motion which is important when doing ice climbing or skiing activities. The gaskets in the wrist area and the hip length allow for full of extending arms over head while still getting the protective cover needed. The only recommendation here that users mention is if you have a very long torso to go with one size up to assure coverage.

The durable material allows it to be used as a stand-alone piece or when used as a layering piece. If placing over a mid layer, it still has enough room that you don’t feel bunched up or restricted. This also is easily worn with a climbing harness with the ability to maintain full coverage and full flexibility. The combination of material used is chosen for its versatility of protection from the elements at the same time giving free movement and flexibility to use with activities


The care of the Gamma MX is very simple however a key factor to keeping it looking like new and performing to its expectations. The hoody can be machine washed in cold water, then tumbled dry on low heat. If you should want to iron it only use low heat. A recommendation is not to use any fabric softener. Store in a clean dry place. After use in snow or light rain and if moist from sweating let it hang dry.

As mentioned in the weather resistant section of the review, a protective spray should be applied throughout the year based on your use. You don’t have to do this as the materials are naturally repellent when treated with the DWS however allows for additional protection of the weather resistance.


The Gamma MX is an all-around versatile jacket with a trim fit yet not too sporty to wear to the office or coffee shop and look out of place. The variety of colors from classic to vibrant colors to give a little pop to your style, you are sure to find one to fit your personality. The jacket is designed with two hand warmer pockets and two Napoleon-style chest pockets. The chest pockets are easy to access even when wearing a pack or harness. There is one more pocket on the left shoulder which fits lip protection, an energy pack, or ski passes.

The collar has a soft fleece backing and a gasket backing the zipper for added comfort. The full-sized hood secures around your face using a three-way cinch system. This secures the hood in place on even the windy day, giving you more protection. The three-way closure is easy to do even with gloves on. The hood will fit comfortably under a ski or climbing helmet. Even with the hood not being used, it rests nicely to the back remaining compact.

Water Resistant

The Arc'teryx Gamma MX is created for mixed weather with the forefront of the design and materials it has. The Fortius 2.0 fabric keeps the elements at bay, with the DWR treatment light precipitation water beads off.

It is designed to keep you protected from the outdoor elements in everyday use to those on an ice hike. Note that with the Gamma MX the outer shell will have water penetrate it if you are exposed to a heavy downfall or in the rain for an extended period of time. If those conditions are expected, a rain jacket or water shell is recommended.

A recommendation is to use a protective spray be reapplied after proper care to keep the hoody in prime condition and maintain the moisture resistance. This also helps with stain resistance and to keep the colors vibrant through the years. Literally, the Gamma MX will be a staple in your wardrobe for years so taking care if it will be important.

Wind Protection

The Gamma line uses a proven stretch fabric that effectively blocks wind. The fleece lining helps to be an additional barrier that protects from the wind without being too bulky. It has a large compatible hood that seals around your face. The high zipper secures around the chin area with a comfortable fleece backing. This hood does fit under hiking or skiing helmets for full wind or weather protection.

The wrist cuffs have a fitted gasket which is somewhat stretchy. It helps to seal the arm from wind sneaking up the wrist area. It is slightly flexible so it doesn’t pinch the wrist with movement. If gloves are needed it is recommended to use ones that would go over the wrist cuff for added protection.

Key Features

-Fleece lining for warmth
-Weather Resistant
-Wind Resistant
-Durable materials
-StormHood with three-way cinch closure
-Fleece lined collar
-Zipper closure pockets
-DWR finish to repel moisture
-Lightweight at just over 1 pound

Bottom Line

The Arc'teryx Gamma MX has won awards which is a testament in itself. It has once the Outdoor Magazine’s Editors Choice and Alpinist Mountain Standard Awards. The quality and level of performance this hoody provides is worth the investment. This is the warmest softshell hoody in the Gamma collection.

The weather resistant outer shell with the fleece lining that keeps you warm also has moisture wicking properties gives you protection. You can look good while staying protected from the elements. In harsh conditions of the mountain adventures, this hoody can handle it. The versatility of the hoody makes this one you will grab on the go to use when weather conditions can change. It is a durable, reliable piece of your wardrobe you will have for years. It has a lifetime warranty so you can’t go wrong with this one.