Nike Air Bella TR

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Nike Air Bella TR Review Facts

Nike shoes are some of the best when it comes to daily workouts and exercise. If you are someone who has been looking for the perfect shoe for your indoor cardio and workouts, then look no further.

The Nike Air Bella training shoes are both lightweight and highly breathable, which makes for maximum comfort and support. The cushioning and design of the shoe also allows for an effective workout, due to the fact that the shoe will fit more securely on to your foot. The light cushioning and the mesh fabric in the shoe will also make your feet feel more comfortable and will allow you to get the most out of your daily workout.

And, as with many other Nike shoes, the Nike Air Bella training shoes have a sleek design and are available in different colors, making them the perfect shoe to be able to wear both to the gym and for more casual occasions.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • There is lightweight cushioning in the insole of the shoe
  • The laces on the shoe provide for a much more secure fit and they allow the feet to have a better grip in the shoe
  • The upper part of the shoe is made with mesh fabric, which allows for extra breathability
  • The flex grooves on the bottom of the shoe allow for the person to wear the shoes comfortably, give them a better grip on the ground, and have a better range of motion
  • Some people claimed that the shoe did not fit them properly and that the sizing was a bit off
  • The shoes are not very comfortable for running according to some people, because the sole of the shoe was not cushioned enough for them


The outsole of the shoe has flex grooves that allow for the wearer to make as many foot movements as they need to. There are also rubber pods, which allow for the wearer to have a good grip on the area where they are walking, and they also protect the shoe from abrasion. The traction that the outsole of the Nike shoe provides is also good for use in more slippery gym areas if you plan to be exercising in the gym. It allows for movement in all directions and gives the foot enough flexibility.


There are mixed reviews on whether or not the midsole is comfortable. Most people agree, however, that these training shoes are not the best ones to use for running, because the midsole cushioning is not soft enough to do so. The cushioning is made of EVA foam material that gives an individual a bouncy effect when they walk and jog. This also allows the foot to be more flexible, and provides the shoe with responsiveness. The Air Max technology that is in the heel of the shoe absorbs shock when the wearer is exercising. The lightweight materials that are used in the midsole provide for a more comfortable and flexible shoe.


The Nike Air Bella women’s training shoe is made mostly of a mesh material on the upper part of the shoe. There are also overlays on the upper. These both work together to not only provide the wearer’s feet with a lot of breathability and airflow, but they also help keep the foot supported and secure in the shoe without having a negative effect on the way the foot moves. When the shoe is laced, it is supposed to fit more snugly around the foot.

Some people, however, have complained that the upper part of the shoe is made of rather cheap material, and that they did not notice any difference when the shoe was laced. They said that they did not feel any extra security when they laced up the shoes.


One of the biggest points made about these training shoes is that they are very lightweight. The mesh and the synthetic leather used to make the Nike Air Bella training shoes are highly breathable and are not bound to weight the foot down. The upper of the shoe is also flexible, and the sole is made of air cushioning. This makes the Nike Air Bellas much more lightweight than many other training shoes on the market. Lots of people have said that they were able to wear these shoes for hours on end and not feel any discomfort, owing a lot of that to the lightweight feel of the shoes.

It is said that the shoe weighs approximately 227 grams, or 8 ounces.


One of the biggest features of training shoes is that a lot of them are made with a mesh fabric on the upper. The Nike Air Bella training shoes also have this feature. Not only is this mesh material meant to provide the foot with a more secure fit and hold it tighter in the shoe, but it also will provide the wearer with a lot more breathability. This will allow for a lot less sweating during wear, and will allow the individual to wear the shoes for as long as they wish. Many people said that they loved the breathability of the shoe and were able to wear it for hours at a time.


The majority of consumers were generally pleased with the comfort that the shoe provided. They said that it is a shoe that can be worn for hours at a time and that is their go-to shoe when they need to go on long trips, to the gym, or to run errands daily.

The shoe is only provided in a women’s version, and its sizes go from a US size 5 to a US size 12, with half sizes also available.

A lot of people, however, tend to agree that Nike shoes in general tend to run small. One individual, for example, said that they typically wear a US size 6 in shoes, but they purchased the Nike Air Bella in a size 6.5 because they knew that the shoe would run small. Some people said that these training shoes in particular ran too small and were uncomfortable, meanwhile others said that the shoe fit perfectly and they did not have any problems.

To avoid any possible issues, perhaps purchase these shoes in a store where you have the opportunity to try them on in person. Otherwise, taking into the consideration the fact that it is generally accepted that Nike shoes run small, purchase a half size up online bigger than what you typically wear.

Other than potential size issues, the majority of users had nothing else but good things to say about the comfort that this shoe provided them with.


One thing that many people like about Nike’s shoes is that they are frequently very stylish. The design of the shoes is very sleek, and it does not look like a typical running shoe in that it can be worn for many other occasions. Many people have said that these shoes were stylish enough for them to go to class, run errands, and go to the mall in, and they did not feel like they were wearing traditional training shoes thanks to the fashionable look the shoes provided.

The Nike Air Bella training shoes are also available in several different colors. The staple Nike swoosh is featured on the side of the shoe in white.

The shoes are available in the following colors: light blue, light pink, black, purple, gray, white, off-white, beige, light gray, pink, maroon, navy blue, turquoise, green, and brown. The Nike swoosh and the outsole of the shoe tend to be in white or gray, depending on the color of the rest of the shoe. This shows that there are lots of options to choose from, and you do not have to go with the stereotypical, boring training shoes. You can match the shoes to a lot of the clothes you wear on a regular basis and will not look like you’re wearing gym shoes whatsoever.


When it came to the question of durability, a lot of people had very mixed reviews.

As we have said, the Nike Air Bella women’s training shoes were not intended for wear in harsh environments, such as on hiking trails or in muddy areas. If someone wore the Nike Air Bellas in such a place, and they found that their shoes fell apart or did not hold up as well as they expected, then this is to be expected.

Some said that the sole of the shoe started to come apart after a while. Others said that the upper part of the shoe was also not very durable, nor was it as tight and secure as it claimed to be.

And, of course, others said that the shoes lasted them for a very long time and they did not notice any problems with the quality or durability. Therefore, it seems to depend on the individual shoe that the person received, as well as the environment in which they live, and how well they took care of their shoes.


The Nike Air Bella training shoes do not provide a lot of protection from harsher environments, and are not waterproof either. They also are not the greatest shoes for people who might have foot problems. Other than the fact that they provide a secure fit, the mesh material does not provide a lot of protection from the weather.


The Nike Air Bella women’s training shoe has EVA foam in the midsole, which allows for there to be responsiveness when the wearer when they walk. The shoe also has Air Max technology, which absorbs any shock when the wearer performs exercises.


Something to keep in mind with these shoes is that if you are someone who suffers from a lot of foot problems, these probably are not the best option for you, since they do not provide a lot of support in the arch.

However, one customer did note that these shoes were recommended to their daughter who has tendonitis. She said that the shoe fit comfortably and provided a lot of room. So, it seems like the amount of support will depend on the individual.

The synthetic leather and mesh enclose the foot and make it feel tighter in the shoe, which allows for the person wearing them to not feel like their foot is slipping and sliding. There is also a lot of room in the toe area.


As with a lot of running shoes, the Nike Air Bella women’s training shoes are not intended to be worn on rough terrain. These are most definitely not suitable for hiking or in areas where there are a lot of obstacles, such as mud, stones, and branches. A lot of people have also said that these shoes are not the most suitable for running either, as the midsole did not provide them with the comfort that they needed in order to be able to run long distances with.

These shoes are best for those who like to exercise in a gym and do minimal cardio exercises. If you are someone who likes to exercise using gym equipment, then these are the best for you. The shoes are best if worn on typical surfaces such as floors, gravel, pavement, and sidewalks.

They also are not very well suited for rain or snow, as they are not waterproof.


Due to the fact that there are rubber pods on the outsole of the shoe, they get a good grip on the ground and allow the person wearing the shoe to move as much as they want to. Someone even said that the shoes are perfect for when they make sharp movements or change directions quickly because they grip the surface so well.

Despite this, these shoes are not recommended on muddy surfaces or in harsh environments, just like many training shoes. These are not intended for hiking or for wear in wet areas. This is not to say that the shoes’ traction is lacking, but simply that the shoes were not intended for wear in such environments and would not perform as well.


One of the things that the Nike Air Bellas were lauded for was their flexibility.

Flexibility was provided in these shoes in large part thanks to the mesh material on the upper part of the shoe. The synthetic leather in these shoes also ensure that the feet will not feel too weighed down or bulky.

A lot of people said that they felt that the shoe allowed for plenty of movement and flexibility for their feet, making it comfortable and something that they were able to wear for long periods of time.

Key Features

-Mesh material on the upper to allow for airflow and ventilation.
-Lightweight cushioning in the midsole to allow for maximal comfort.
-Availability in different colors and a sleek design, which makes the shoe more fashionable and stylish.
-The tread on the outsole of the shoe has a good grip to allow for the feet to be firmly on the ground, which is good for exercises such as weightlifting.
-The shoes are lightweight and flexible.

Bottom Line

Overall, if you are looking for a lightweight and flexible shoe that you can wear every day, then the Nike Air Bella women’s training shoes are perfect for you. They are not intended to be used as hiking shoes, or to be worn in harsh weather. Many also say that these shoes are not intended for running purposes, but should only really be used for going to the gym, cardio (other than running), and running daily errands. The stylish design, breathability, and comfort also allows the wearer to have the option to wear these shoes outside of the gym, such as for running errands or other casual occasions. These Nike training shoes have mesh material, which allow there to be plenty of airflow for the foot, and there is a lot of toe room at the top so the toes do not feel cramped. Generally, many people who purchased the shoes said that they were very pleased with them and that the shoes were comfortable enough to be worn for long periods of time.