Nike Flex Experience RN 6

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Nike Flex Experience RN 6 Review Facts

The Nike Flex Experience RN 6 provides a lightweight feel for runners. It is even lighter than Nike’s previous model, despite having denser mesh throughout the shoe. This road running shoe performs comfortably while remaining a stylish option for daily wear. Good breathability and flexibility allows runners to take on mountainous and hilly terrain in many different types of weather. The shoe allows feet to flex easily and makes longer runs more bearable. With an affordable price tag, the Nike Flex Experience RN 6 is a perfect choice for casual runners.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight and flexible fit allows the foot to move naturally in any direction
  • Open mesh provides great breathability and prevents blisters and irritation
  • 25 color options makes it easy to incorporate into any wardrobe
  • Price is 35% lower than the average of other shoes in its competition
  • Offers wide options in most color and size options
  • Requires a break-in period to relieve some stiffness
  • Narrow toe box may not accommodate all foot shapes


The Flex Experience RN 6 has an outsole made from carbon rubber. Nike chose a harder rubber for this edition, focusing it in the heel and toe. This provides more stability to the shoe and prevents it from weakening at the forefoot. Using a hexagonal lug pattern on the outsole makes for a flexible and durable shoe that can easily handle rough surfaces. It also provides great traction while creating a cushiony bounce to every step. On both dry and wet surfaces, this shoe performs fast and smooth.


The midsole takes a simple route with a layer of injection molded EVA. This creates a cushiony and durable affect. The EVA is the entire length of the midsole, giving it a smooth and flexible stride. It features light arch support and a rounded heel. This lightweight layer lets ankles stretch organically with the correct amount of support.


The upper features the same mesh covering the majority of the shoe. Compared to the previous edition, this denser mesh keeps the structure of the shoe more durable and keeps your foot in place. The light padding and sock-like fit of the shoe keeps the foot comfortable and secure. The breathable mesh allows the shoe to remain well ventilated. Fabric lines the interior of the shoe and an additional foam insole creates an even cushier feel.


Comparably, Nike Flex Experience RN 6 is a lightweight shoe. The men’s shoe weighs 9 oz. and the women’s shoe weighs 7 oz. With the midsole made entirely of EVA foam, most of the weight comes from the carbon rubber in the heel and toe portions of the shoe. It features less padding in the collar and heel than previous editions, also lowering the total weight of the shoe.


Breathability is one of the shoe’s many highlights. The open mesh throughout the shoe ensures this. Even with the use of synthetic material, it does not lose any of its breathability. All parts of this shoe are so seamless it is impossible for air to get trapped inside or irritate the skin.


The Nike Flex Experience RN 6 also scores highly for comfort. Despite some complaints of a small toe box, the shoe’s cushiony fit does not disappoint. The padding and seamless construction make for a sock-like feel. This shoe is also offered in wide sizes. With a breathable midsole, the foot remains cool and dry. These lightweight runners are comfortable enough to last all day.


This stylish shoe sports large Nike logos along its midfoot. The outsole features a hexagon pattern, while the upper is made entirely of mesh. With almost 30 color options, the Flex Experience RN 6 finds its way to being the top running shoe for many. It is good for runners as well as people in need of a casual shoe for daily use.


The injection molded EVA in the outsole lacks major durability, but that is made up for in the heel and toe. They have additional carbon rubber to keep the shoe supported. The midsole foam itself is very durable and the woven mesh found in the upper firmly secures the shoe. There are some problems with the bottom layer being easily worn out, due to the fact it is only a single layer.


An overall protective shoe, the Nike Flex Experience RN 6 fits snug on the foot. With a rounded heel to prevent sliding and carbon rubber to protect the toes, this shoe keeps feet safe from objects on the ground. Its overall thickness prevents the shoe from being punctured or damaged. The outsole has a strong grip to block slipping and the midsole’s foam absorbs any abrasive surface. The mesh in the upper also keeps the foot from overheating and getting irritated.


The outsole of the Flex Experience RN 6 provides a bounce to the runner’s step, creating good responsiveness. The EVA that goes along the entire length of the midsole is very helpful with transitions. The foot is given the opportunity to move naturally due to the rounded shape of the heel. The drop also delivers forward momentum with the same cushioned heel. Additionally, the foot can move freely because of the mesh found in the upper.


Another high point of the shoe is its support. With the injection molded EVA used in the outsole a midsole of the shoe, the foot is given the proper support off the ground. With a neutral arch and a rounded heel, the foot is supported in every area. Though the mesh and padding is not as thick as previous models, it is still more than enough support for a casual runner.


The Nike Flex Experience RN 6 is a running shoe that performs well on roads, paths, and tracks. Any hard surfaces, including gym floors, are ideal for this shoe. This road running shoe can even handle the marginally steep hills of light trails and mountains. It can withstand dry or wet terrain; however, it cannot handle snowy conditions.


This shoe scores highly under traction, as well. Runners are able to move in any direction on both wet and dry terrains. The hexagon-shaped treads grips tightly to roads and other hard surfaces, which prevents slipping. The durable carbon rubber in the toe and heel also play a large role in improving traction.


The Nike Flex Experience RN 6 promises to live up to its name. The injection molded EVA used in the outsole creates a flexible fit around the foot. The shoe bends easily due to the hexagon-shaped treads that are also found in the outsole. The upper’s mesh continues to flexible fit to the rest of the shoe, though the midsole’s foam does need a short break-in period.


The Flex Experience RN 6 features an outsole with a stabilizing grip, which keeps the foot secure. For casual runners, the light padding throughout the shoe will be more than enough stability. It falls mid-level in stability, just below trail shoes. It has the ability to prevent slipping while creating a snug fit around the foot. The tightness in the midfoot prevents the ankle from rolling or moving around.


The shoe’s drop measures in at 7mm. Despite being lower than the standard range, the distribution of the cushioning results in a more comfortable feel. Entry level and casual runners can rely on this shoe to be stable and protective. It lacks some of the forward momentum the 10-12mm shoes tend to have, but still performs well on many different types of terrain.


The price of the Flex Experience RN 6 is what really draws runners into buying this shoe. For a brand as popular as Nike, a shoe with this much flexibility and support could have easily had a higher price tag. It falls between 35-40% lower than the average running shoe on the market. Because of its large color and width variety, not every option is offered in every size. However, with such a large selection to choose from, most runners will be able to find the perfect fit. If you're still wondering if this running shoe is for you, well, it is if you want something affordable that works, nothing more.