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Sorel Tivoli II Review Facts

Keeping feet warm is extremely important, especially in the winter months. Due to the flow of blood away from your extremities towards your internal organs, the toes and fingers get cold first. If you are able to keep those areas protected then your body will put the work in to do the rest. A good pair of winter boots in the winter time is important as a result of this but it's hard to know what boots are required specifically. There are different types of boots available on the market today that range from light wear to heavy wear depending on what the boots are required for. Lighter boots may be required in light to medium winter conditions while heavier boots may be required for more severe conditions. It's also important to consider waterproofing as this will help with areas of high humidity and moisture. A boot can be warm but without proper waterproofing, there is a chance that snow and rain will completely destroy any warmth that a non-waterproof boot may provide. Layers can also be made of many different materials and some layers can be removable, again depending on the boot. There are also areas of the boot to consider as well, just as with shoes, the outsole, midsole, insole and upper should all be considered before buying a set of boots. Both protection and comfort are definitely the starting points when buying boots, everything else can be considered after depending on personal preference.

This article focuses on one boot in particular which is the Sorel Tivoli II. This boot is the second generation of this line and is offered in a cute low rise, mid rise, and high rise. We looked at what buyers decided about this boot and its overall quality and reliability. We also dug deeper into the lower ratings to see what some people didn't appreciate about the boot and why. After we looked through consumer reviews we looked at the boot itself and how it was put together. We looked at the materials gathered to build this boot and did our research into how these materials stand up against the elements. This is our review of the Sorel Tivoli II. We aim to provide enough information to you, the consumer, in order to assist with your upcoming winter boot purchase. Best of luck!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • These boots offer an attractive design which is regularly complimented 
  • These boots offer a flexible sole which reviewers appreciated 
  • These boots are also quite lightweight which, again, reviewers were happy with 
  • They are also quite comfortable according to those who bought this boot
  • Only meant for light snows and not heavy snows (reviewers frequently found their feet quite wet even after walking on shovelled sidewalks)
  • There were several durability complaints primarily around the top piping around the collar (many found it peeling off right away) 
  • These boots are not true to size, sizing up was required with several reviewers 
  • This boot also lacks arch support 


These boots are definitely intended for lighter snow to just cooler climates. There is nothing especially special about the traction provided by these boots and they are therefore more meant for running around town doing errands (moving from place to place) in very light snow falls. The waterproofing of these boots is also quite minimal so any rain that might happen (especially when around puddles) while especially cause a problem. They are meant for light weather conditions in urban environments. If living in a city that gets especially high levels of condensation or moisture it's better to consider other options on the market.


This product offers a molded rubber outsole which enables the boot to be worn out and about outside. That said, as mentioned above, this boot isn't particularly warm or waterproof. There were several reviewers that found these cozy when out and about in cooler weather but nothing below 0 Celsius. They are also not great for snow. There were several reviewers that found the bottom of their foot to be soaked even when exclusively walking on paved streets and sidewalks. The traction offered by these boots is fair, there weren't reviewers complaining about slipping but there also wasn't much in regards to the actual traction of these runners. They are primarily meant for shoveled sidewalks and easy commutes.


The upper of this product is made of a suede material. The benefits of suede is that it is leather and therefore is quite durable naturally. It is also a material that easily dries but not without staining. This staining is usually prevented with a chemical treatment applied to the leather in order to offer better waterproofing. Unfortunately with these boots they do not offer the waterproofing necessary in order to properly protect the leather, therefore, leaving the leather more susceptible to stains and cosmetic wear. This can make the boots look older faster sadly. The benefit of leather, though, is that it does protect the foot from damage to the foot when drops happen which is positive.


The sizing offered by these boots run a little smaller and many reviewers had to return them for a larger size. It seems like it is recommended for a true fit to up the size by 1/2 a size. Because these boots are not very warm when in cooler climates consider sizing up a full size to wear with thicker socks. When the wearer finds its actual size for this boot the boot itself does seem to fit pretty well to the foot. The boot is also regularly reviewed as being quite lightweight which is ideal. The boot weighs about 16 ounce which equates to about 650 grams. There were several compliments on the lightweight nature of these boots. Though the lightweight nature of these boots is impressive there were some major issues in regards to the lightweight nature also causing some heat loss issues. This is discussed below.


These boots are reviewed as being quite breathable. They offer a waterproof breathable membrane construction which allows proper ventilation and helps prevent sweat buildup. Though these boots are breathable, the website also states that they offer a waterproof suede leather upper. Both of these features say 'waterproof' and yet reviewers regularly had issues with the actual waterproofing abilities of these shoes. Though the website does state that they are meant for 'light snowfall' it really does sound that 'light' is the key word here. Reviewers found that even when roads and sidewalks are shoveled that these boots do not offer adequate protection from the snow. Not only are their feet cold but they are also 'soaked' which several reviewers really took issue with.


The comfort of these boots is regularly regarded as being quite pleasant. The lining of these boots offers a fleece lining which helps provide a little bit of warmth but generally just comfort. They offer 100g of insulation, however, this only seems to keep feet warm in temperatures above 0 degrees Celcius. They also offer a removable molded EVA footbed which supports the bottom of the foot to an extent. Numerous reviewers found that this boot did not offer adequate arch support which would normally prevent those with arch issues or a requirement for decent arch support from wearing these boots for extended periods of time. One benefit of this, though, is that it allows for custom orthotics which is a pretty positive feature and may be appealing for those with arch issues or special requirements.


The highlight of these boots is their attractive design. Sorel, in general, seems to offer an aesthetically pleasing design for those who are looking for a nicer boot. They have a reputation for offering 'cute' designs. These boots are no exception, they offer a nice design with a beautiful suede leather upper and faux fur lining. The website describes them as 'eye-catching' which reviewers noted is the case as numerous reviewers had others asking where their boots are from. They look great with tights or slim-cut jeans. One issue that some found is that the lining across the collar as well as around the toes breaks down relatively easily (even after receiving replacement boots), this makes the boots look older faster. Some found this issue within weeks of purchasing these boots.


There were quite a few durability concerns noted about these boots by several reviewers. As mentioned earlier, these boots wear out quickly around the collar of the boot as well as around the toes. This was a point of contention with reviewers. There were quite a few reviewers, however, that did say that these looked and felt like they were made of quality materials which is positive. The midsole of these boots is made of a quality material called EVA rubber. This material is known for its flexible, lightweight but still durable features. The upper of these boots are made of suede leather material which is both breathable and durable due to its natural weather-resistant features. Though it is quite durable it does require additional waterproofing which these boots don't have. This will cause the leather to absorb water easier (as it is a natural material which is still absorbent) and could affect the aesthetic of the boot relatively easily.


There aren't safety features associated with anything vigorous or aggressive associated with these boots. It has a microfleece lining which is supposed to help keep feet warm when out in the snow, that said it can only be light snowfall. The midsole of these boots are also made of an EVA rubber and also offer a rubber outsole, both of these layers would protect the foot from rocks along the way. This boot also offers a toe bumper which helps protect the wearer from any accidental bumps too. This, of course, protects the toes of the foot as well.


These boots offer a flexible outsole which reviewers were quite impressed with. Sadly, the outsole absorbs water relatively easily which keeps feet fairly wet when in areas of high humidity. A flexible outsole, however, comes in hand when walking on areas that require some control (like ice) as it offers a more natural step to the wearer.


These boots don't offer enough support or balance for those who wore them. There is little to no arch support associated with these boots. That said, the insole of these boots can be completely removed and replace for those looking to enhance this area. Because they are removable a custom orthotic or more supportive insole can be used. This feature was regularly reviewed as being positive for reviewers.


The lacing system of these boots is the classic type. Sometimes with this type of product, the structural integrity and durability of the laces and eyelet can be an issue. Fortunately with this boot that is not an issue. The lacing system of these boots is regularly regarded as being sold and useful which is positive.


These boots are a little pricey considering what you are getting. There is a whole wack of complaints about these boots specifically when it comes to usefulness in areas that you expect to have the most coverage, that being the winter months and snow. Sadly, these boots don't offer the right level of waterproofing required in order to protect the foot from the cold. They are attractive in design but they wear out quickly which makes the boot looks worn and used very quickly. Overall, it's questionable whether the cost is really worth the value of these boots.


Attractive, fun mid-cut boot design
Suede upper and faux fur collar
Waterproof breathable membrane in order to offer better ventilation
Lightweight design
Molded rubber outsole for better protection and grip
Reputable company
Ultra-soft, removable insole
Meant for light snow


These boots are a little hard to stand by. They are a cute design but it seems that there are several issues associated with these shoes. Not only do they not do well in the snow but they also seem to have minimal waterproofing and weatherproofing abilities. They are also quite expensive. They are ideal for medium temperatures that does not involve snow or rain. They are cute but, again, not very durable so adding your own waterproofing to these boots is wise.