Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants

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Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants Review Facts

Initial research into the Columbia Ridge Convertible Pants had an entirely different perspective than the more in-depth study. It makes one wonder if a group of testers was given a lemon of a product that was an exception to the rule.

These pants were the lightest and thinnest pants evaluated by the group of testers. Their verdict was the model lacked versatility. The group gave low scores in most areas of evaluation. The ratings on a ten point scale were as follows: Breathability (7), Comfort and Mobility (3), Durability (5), Features and Convenience (5) Versatility (4), and Weather Resistance (3).

Nearly every comment made by the group was refuted when individuals were asked for their opinion. They offer two in one versatility when the lower legs are zipped off to make them shorts.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Variety of colors and sizes
  • Included belt is cheaply made
  • Reviewers not unanimous on positive aspects


Columbia delivers multi-purpose utility with the Silver Ridge Convertible Pants. The pants are ready to hike a favorite trail, climb the nearest peak, and serve up reliable comfort on an extended travel adventure.

All the performance comes with a zip-off conversion utility. The consumer gets shorts and pants in one easy wearing package. There is no need to pack shorts and pants when you can have both with Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants.


Breathability is the metric that the Silver Ridge Convertible Pants outperformed most competitors. Even the dissenting group agreed. The lightweight fabric kept testers cooler than that of heavier counterparts. No scientific lab test was run to quantify the results. The perceived coolness may be due to heat diffusion through breathability or less heat build-up. The removable legs provide a way to cool off or warm up.

Being convertible is an essential feature of the pants. The material is optimized for times wearers are hot, sweaty, and dirty from being out in the woods. Steelworkers open the zippers at the knees as a form of ventilation.

The rear pockets on the men’s convertible pants have velcro flaps. They are nylon mesh lined and very breathable. The lightweight 100 percent nylon material wicks away moisture and offers EPF 50 rating for added protection from the sun’s ray.


There was agreement that the pants are better than most for keeping the wearer cool. They are an excellent option for warm climates where protection offered by the pants is desired. A lanky tester from the group felt the pants were too tight in the crotch and legs with no stretchy material to compensate. Though the pants are inexpensive, paying a bit more for pants that are more comfortable and versatile was recommended.

The group felt construction in the crotch and thighs makes them uncomfortable and not enjoyable when hiking. They gave credit for the face fabric that is soft and smooth against the skin. The leg zips are within easy reach, and the lower legs slip off easily thanks to the relaxed cut of the pants. The easy access cargo pockets are located on each thigh. The shorts have a ten-inch inseam for excellent coverage on the trail.

The zip off conversion is easy to perform and leaves the wearer with a great pair of shorts with a ten-inch inseam. The waist is adjustable, and there are plenty of pockets to keep the essentials at hand including two angled pockets.


Fit sizes limited the group’s ability to ascertain the durability of the pants. The ripstop nylon material didn’t seem to them to take abuse well. The fabric is not thick enough to be considered high abrasive activity wear, especially in the crotch and waist. Even some individuals commented about running small.

The testing group went so far as to say the pants were so restrictive. They found it difficult to be diligent in their evaluation. For them, the crotch is too short which is merely an annoyance compared to the issues of fit.

Another tester worked with them during summer around a lot of steel. He was sure the pants would rip because they are so thin. They ended up replacing jeans. There is a square pattern in the fabric that resists tears.

One tester thought the $60 for the pants was an expensive price tag that was worth the money. The pants stay in like new condition. Another evaluator that $60 was cheap and feared the pants would not hold up well.

He was satisfied and bought more travel, hiking, trail running, and such. He has climbed mountains, and the pants are still in the same condition as when they came out of the box - rugged, durable, and high-quality pants.

He considers himself frugal and looks for products that are high-quality and does not have to replaced often. Comparable pants from other manufacturers cost about $100 and skyward. They are available on Amazon for approximately $40. This tester felt the price, quality, and durability cannot be beaten. The zippers are sturdy. An inspector has pants that are four years old and never had a problem with the zipper.


The group of testers felt the pants were adequate for only a few things. They found it a struggle to recommend wearing the pants on many outdoor adventures. As a hiking pant, it is a lightweight option for outdoor use.

They thrive in warm climates. They can be converted into shorts when the weather is scorching. The testing group did not feel they excelled compared to similar pants on the market. According to the group, the pants don’t provide needed flexibility for fast-paced activities.

The pants are best suited for camping or traveling, backpacking, or hiking in warm climates. The group would not recommend them for intense activities requiring much range of motion or for inclement weather and cooler temperatures.

An individual wears them in both cold and warm weather. He wears them out and about, going to the store, getting gas, as well as for traveling. Dual cargo pockets keep small items organized and secure. The zippered pockets are useful for items such as car keys or a wallet. The velcro pocket is useful for cell phones and items the wearer wants to access quickly. They are an excellent match for cool mountain mornings or extended trips that demand light packing


It was pointed out by the group that the body material is 100 percent nylon. It has no stretch and is tighter than even skinny, athletic frames desire. The pants felt tight to them. They impede movement and lack warmth for high elevation hikes.

Individuals testers reported the range of motion more than satisfactory for moving and bending when climbing mountains. They are very flexible. There is no problem squatting. There is excellent movement in the knees, and the wearer can lunge forward. Mobility is unique due to the gusset detail and the fabric’s natural lightweight feel.


The care instructions say to wash separately using cold water and to dry on low temperature. A reviewer noted the pants were washed with an average load of dark colors in cold water, placed in a dryer, and taken out before completely dry to finish while hanging. There were no repercussions.


The Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants and thin and lightweight. While they are affordable, the group of testers said they were an unfashionable option, have a restrictive fit, and offer poor mobility. The pants are convertible. Conversion is super easy and super quick. Convertible legs provide a transition to shorts for warm weather or a nearby swimming hole. The legs zip off, but the group of testers claimed they felt silly with the high ride of the shorts and were not inspired to wear them.

Others were fond of the conversion. When in a situation where every ounce counts, having one pair of pants that serve as long pants and shorts is weight saving. The legs are marked L and R for left and right, so they are attached correctly. The part that is removed can be stored in the cargo pockets on the side.

There are a lot of pockets. Some are in the back, and some have zippers, others flaps with velcro. Adequate pockets for securing and carrying goods when on the move or hiking are offered by the pants. The cargo pockets on the front have either a zipper or velcro flap.

Velcro pockets and a zipper are handy for traveling through cities. The change pocket has a mesh lining. There are also standard hand and rear pockets. One tester felt they give the pants some versatility. The pants button at the waist. The waistband features elastic inserts and a built-in belt. The seemingly cheap belt that is made of webbing and has a plastic buckle. The belt is integrated. The group said there was no need for a buckle because the waist is so tight.

Other evaluators did not cite the pants being too tight but did agree the belt left much to be desired. Do not rely on it. Within 30 seconds, one tester says it will be fully extended and is utterly useless. The belt buckle slides on the material used to make the belt. Another tester disliked the belt only because it was not as thick as he preferred. Most people who would wear a belt would likely choose one of higher quality. It must be stated that one tester felt the built-in belt adds adjustability and security for any adventure.

There are at least a dozen colors from which to choose. High-quality stitching is used. There is a loop on the back, possibly for keys. The pants are also available for women. The women’s style also has easy to remove the zip-off legs that convert the versatile adventure pants into shorts, so the wearer is ready for anything.

The 100 percent polyester Silver Ridge ripstop fabric has two-way stretch to enhance comfort and mobility. The classic fit with regular ride waist is cut for flattering athletic versatility. The adjustable waistband ensures a great fit.

Water Resistance

The claim the group makes about water resistance is questionable. They say the pants do not have a durable, water-resistant coating. Even in light rain, the wearer will be soaked instantly. The water absorbent material dries exceptionally slow.

The pants were in the minority with the lack of DWR coating to aid in shedding water. Moisture was readily absorbed in a shower test. The pants held an amount of water that the testers found surprising. For those reasons, the group deemed the pants inadequate for wet weather or cold climates. The claim seems far-fetched for nylon material.

Individual testers refuted that the pants took a long time to dry. The pants are made of high-quality nylon. They are breathable. They have what is called Omni Wick and Omni SPF. Wicking makes them water resistant and quick drying. A tester said he didn’t get too wet in them. They are not waterproof but are water resistant.

Wind Protection

The group felt the pants offered little protection against rain and wind. Omni-Shade protection includes a type of technology in the pants that gives them an SPF of 50. They offer wicking performance to keep the wearer cool and comfortable whether on the trail or a long bus ride up the Himalayas.

Key Features

* 100 percent nylon Silver Ridge Ripstop
* Classic fit
* Gusset detail
* Mesh pocket bags for efficiency and convenience
* Omni-Shade UPF 50 protects against the sun
* Omni-Wick technology pulls away moisture
* Partial elastic waistband
* Side pockets with loop and hook closure
* Zip-closure security pockets
* Zip-off legs

Bottom Line

If sized correctly, the well-made Silver Ridge Convertible pants meet the needs of casual travelers or explorers. The well-priced pants are somewhat stylish and serve the purpose. When the wearer can’t decide whether shorts or long pants are needed, the Silver Ridge Convertible Pants give both.

The pants have everything needed for a successful day of trekking extended foreign travel. They are packed with handy pockets and cut for a comfortable range of motion. The breathable 100 percent nylon ripstop fabric wicks away moisture for enhanced cooling and provides Omni-Shade UPF 50 sun protection for days spent under the sun. The classic fit is relaxed enough for active hiking or running to catch the last train of the day.