Altra Torin 3.0

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Altra Torin 3.0 Review Facts

If you are looking for a shoe brand that takes into consideration the shape of the runner’s foot while also combining breathability and zero drop, look no further than Altra. The Altra Torin 3.0 is a newer installment of the popular running shoe that came with changes after listening to feedback from consumers. One of the biggest problems with the previous model, the 2.5, was that it did not provide enough breathability. The 3.0 combated that and now provides mesh material in the upper for suitable airflow. These comfortable shoes that are true to size and have great cushioning in the midsole are a dream for many runners. As with most shoes from Altra, these have a zero drop while also maintaining sufficient cushioning to provide comfort for runners. You demanded it, Altra listened, and here it has delivered a running shoe that will suit all of a runner’s needs.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • A lot of runners were pleased with the amount of cushioning in the Altra Torin 3.0. They claimed that it was neither too plush nor too stiff, which is important for runners to perform their bes

  • Many people said that the Torin 3.0 was a highly durable shoe that stayed in a great condition even after having been put to use a lot

  • Many people said that these shoes are lightweight and true to size

  • People were happy with how the lacing of the shoes kept their feet tightly secured, therefore preventing their feed from sliding around in the shoe

  • Some people complained about how narrow the shoe’s toe box is and claimed that they got blisters from it

  • Several people said that the outsole of the shoe was not as durable and that it started to fall off after several uses


One of the main features of the outsole of this shoe is that it uses FootPods, which are essentially rubber pods fixed on the bottom of the shoes. These work to allow the shoe to grip the surface a lot more to prevent slipping and sliding on the runner’s part. The new version of the shoe has more flexible rubber pods, which many people have claimed helps them to feel more flexible and relaxed as they run. A lot of people said that the newer version of the Torin model was much more durable, and said that the outsole is able to handle running on lighter trails and on the road. Some people, however, complained that the outsole started to fall off after a few uses, but this does not seem like a consistent complaint.


As with many running shoes, these have EVA midsole foam in the midsole, which helps to make sure that the shoe is as comfortable as it can be without making the shoe too plush. If the shoe is too plush, then it will be very difficult to run in. It also works well against any problems that can arise if the shoe is used continually.
There is also a Contour Footbed in the midsole of the shoe, which will give the runner even more protection and cushioning for their feet. One of the big things about the Altra Torin 3.0 that people noticed was that the shoes were comfortable due to the fact that they seemed to follow the curve of the foot nicely. There is also some cushioning near the toes.
There is a zero drop in the shoe, which is one of the unique aspects of all Altra shoes. This means that the foot will be able to move a lot more naturally.
The shoes also have Inner Flex grooves, which helps the foot to move more naturally during toe-off and landing.


Regarding the previous model, a lot of people complained about how they did not have proper ventilation, and as a result, consumers’ feet felt stuffed and sweaty in the shoes. Altra revamped the newer model of the Torins to allow more breathing room in the upper. The mesh in the upper allows for there to be more airflow and ventilation for the runner, resulting in a longer and more efficient run. There is a larger toe box, which allows the toes to not be as cramped in the shoe. However, some people did notice that the toe box is not as large height-wise, which could be an issue for some runners. But the biggest thing that people noticed was that the upper part of the shoe was made of a thicker fabric, while also having had greatly improved the quality of the ventilation.


The newer model of the Torins actually weighs less than the ones the preceded it do. The women’s version of this running shoe weighs 6.5 ounces, and the men’s version of the shoe weighs 8.4 ounces. This has decreased a bit from the previous model, which many people have noticed and claim makes the shoe much more comfortable.


One of the biggest complaints that people had about previous models was that it did not have enough airflow. Having good breathability is an extremely important feature of running shoes, because if a person’s foot starts to over sweat and feel stuffed inside the shoe, not only will the person not be as comfortable, but it will have an impact on their performance. But, the new models have mesh in the upper and it dries quickly. People said that they noticed the difference in these shoes, and were pleased with the fact that the mesh was also of a higher quality.


The Altra Torin is considered overall to be a comfortable shoe. The breathability, as mentioned, made the shoe much more comfortable for wearers. The sole of the shoe is also flexible, and the cushioning in the midsole is great for providing extra protection. Many people have also commented on how lightweight the shoe is, which helps to contribute to comfort.
Another interesting feature of the shoe is that the women’s version has a Fit4Her design, which helps to conform to each individual woman’s foot shape and provides better airflow for the wearer.


Despite all the great advancements in the shoe, the design of it has not changed much since previous models. The men’s shoes come in gray and yellow, blue and gray, blue and yellow, and black and red. The women’s version comes in blue, pink and dark blue, pink and gray, or gray with pink accents. The different options that consumers can choose from helps to take this shoe from an average running shoe to one that can be worn during everyday activities. The shoe itself comes in a sleek design, which means that it is not too bulky or “ugly” for people to wear outside of regular running sessions.


Overall, the Torin shoes have been rated as being very durable. The midsole of the shoe is also considered to be very durable, and the cushioning of it bounces back to its regular shape, even if the runner has done some serious exercising. The upper part of the shoe, despite having been made from a mesh material so as to provide more breathability, is said to have been made from a stronger material. Overall, even though this shoe is much more lightweight and breathable than previous versions, it has been noted as being durable.


Again, these shoes are great for running on roads and even less severe trails. The outsole grips the ground tightly to prevent any slipping, and the upper part of the shoe even has some waterproof elements to keep water out while you are running. If you are training in hotter weather, the breathability that the mesh provides helps to protect your feet from the heat. The cushioning in the midsole helps the feet stay comfortable, which also provides protection against any pains that the wearer might feel.


The height of the shoes helps the wearer to be more supported, and the company has found the perfect balance between too plush and too firm for the cushioning of the midsole of the shoe. This shoe is a little bit firmer than other models, but many people are pleased with the fact that it is as supportive as previous models. And, with the new technology that was included in the upper, the wearer’s foot is more secure and it fits tighter in the shoe. This helps to prevent the foot from slipping around inside the shoe, which can cause problems especially for someone who likes to run. And, people mostly claim that they can even wear these shoes if they go running on well-groomed trails, making this shoe versatile.


The main purpose of the Torin 3.0 is that it should be used for running on roads. The road does not need to be perfectly paved, however, since the shoes are highly durable and protective. But, the shoes are not necessarily suited for more heavy duty trails; there are other Altra shoes that are better suited for such environments. However, if someone wishes to run on less severe trails, and ones that are better carved out, these shoes will hold up well. The upper part of the shoe also has technology that will allow for the wearer to run in wetter environments, as it helps to keep the water out. If the terrain is well-groomed, these shoes will fare well.


The newer model of the Altra Torin is much more flexible than previous versions. Due to the composition of the midsole, the shoe is a lot smoother and it helps the foot to move a lot more naturally. There are also flex grooves in the inner midsole.


If someone is simply running on well-paved roads, they do not need to have the most stable shoes, but the good news is, the Altra Torin 3.0 provides firmness and stability. Many people have said that this shoe lasts for a very long time and they were able to get a lot of wear out of it. The mesh is even made out of a stronger material so that it could hold up for longer amounts of time. Many runners were pleased with how stable this shoe was and how they had even better runs thanks to it.


One of the biggest things that Altra brand shoes are known for is the fact that they are made with a zero drop. The shoe is a lot closer to the ground, which in turn makes the shoe have better stability. This means that the shoes are a lot more responsive to the runner’s actions, and it makes the run feel smoother and better.

Key Features

-As with most Altra shoes, the Altra Torin 3.0 has a zero drop.
-The women’s version of the shoe has a Fit4Her design, which helps the shoe to conform specifically to each wearer’s foot.
-The upper part of the shoe is fashioned with a highly durable mesh material, which not only makes the shoe stronger, but it also makes the shoe breathable.

Bottom Line

The Altra Torin 3.0 is a durable shoe that is also lightweight and comfortable for the wearer. After listening to what consumers had to say about the previous model, the 2.5, Altra came back with a shoe that was better than ever before. The main feature was that they created an upper that was made out of mesh material to help increase the breathability in the shoe. And not only that, but it also was made out of a stronger material so that it would not fall apart as quickly, and so that it could help to prevent water and debris from getting in the shoe. This is a huge deal, because it’s not often that people find a running shoe that has an upper made out of material that not only provides breathability, but also is durable and strong.

Altra shoes are known for their zero drop and perfectly balanced cushioning, and these shoes are no exception. There is plenty of evidence to show why the Altra Torin 3.0 is highly rated among customers.