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Nike Revolution 4 Review Facts

Nike is one of the most reputable brands on the market when it comes to running shoes, and this is not a surprise. It is a brand that millions of people, athletes, in particular, trust when it comes to their sports clothes and shoes.

The newer model of the Nike revolution running shoes simply attests to the fact that Nike shoes are some of the best and the most popular. It is not one with many new features, but it is a shoe that is comfortable and ideal for all wearers, particularly those who are just getting into running.

The newer model of the shoes provides extra support, breathability, and flexibility for those looking for a comfortable and clean running shoe. It is all around a new and fresh running shoe. Not only is it a great shoe for running, but the many colors it comes in also make it fashionable enough for everyday wear.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The shoe is quite affordable in comparison to other running shoes.
  • Consumers liked the fact that the Nike Revolution 4 running shoe was available in many different colors, making it a shoe that can be worn on a regular basis.
  • The shoe has a lot of breathability and it is lightweight.
  • Many people said that the shoe is true to size and they felt no discomfort from wearing it.
  • People have said that the top of the foot felt a little bit tight.
  • Some people said that when they received the shoe after ordering it online, the color was a little bit different than what they expected.


The newer model of the Nike Revolution running shoes have rubber pods underneath the upper part of the bottom of the foot, the ball of the foot, and under the heel. When the wearer begins to run, these rubber pods will help them to spring better. These rubber pods also work well to deal with traction on different surfaces.

Some people have noted that the pods on the outsole of the shoe made a squeaky sound when they were running on harder surfaces, but this almost has no effect on the overall quality of the shoe.


The midsole of the shoe has EVA foam in it to make it both lightweight and responsive. This will help the wearer to be much more comfortable.

The Phylon foam helps runners to have a more enjoyable run, particularly those who are not athletes, but are simply running as a form of exercise or who are just getting into the habit. The foam inside of the midsole is also a good cushion.


The upper part of this shoe is has a lot of mesh material, which makes there a lot of room for breathability for the foot. The mesh part from the midfoot to the heel of the shoe was made to be a lot tighter, which will be more supportive of the foot. The synthetic overlays that are on the upper of the shoe keep the foot secure in the shoe, while also helping the shoe to increase its aesthetic appeal. Many people have said that there is a lot of space for the toes in the shoe, too, and since the shoe is made of a special fabric, it is bound to provide a soft and comfortable fit.

The only problem is that some people were a little bit concerned about the way the upper would hold up. Some people noticed that the upper started to get holes in it after a while of use.


One of the main features of the shoe is that it is very lightweight. The shoe is estimated to be around 8 to 10 ounces in weight, which is rather typical for a running shoe. The outsole part of the shoe, the midsole, and the upper are made of such material that makes the shoe weigh a lot less. Therefore, this means that the shoe will be very comfortable to wear.


The biggest thing that many people loved about the Nike Revolution 4 is that it is a very breathable shoe. The mesh in the upper part of the shoe allows for ample air circulation, so wearers will not over sweat or feel the need to take their shoes off every so often in order to let their feet breathe.

Some people have even said that they wore the running shoes without socks, and they noticed no discomfort nor any unusual sweating. So, the running shoes are bound to be great for a nice run, or for a day running errands.


Many, many people were pleased with the comfort that this shoe provided. The shoe is wide, which means that the foot will not feel tight or compressed while the shoe is worn. And the shoe fit sizing expectations very well, not feeling too small or too large, so it is not likely to cause any blisters or other discomfort after and during wear. The extra ventilation in the shoe is also good to ensure as much comfort as possible. And many parts of the shoe are cushioned and lightweight to provide even more comfort.


These shoes are not a boring running shoe, which a lot of people liked. They are highly versatile and can be worn for occasions outside of running and exercise, such as going to the store or other casual outings. They obviously feature the Nike swoosh symbol, and the shoe is available in many different colors for both men and women.

For men, the shoe is available on the Nike website in black, blue, and gray. The Nike swoosh and the outsole are colored in white. The women’s shoe is available in black, blue, white, gray, and more. These muted colors make sure that the shoes will match with a lot of clothes and will not have a complicated design.


Some people had worries and concerns regarding the durability of the upper part of the shoe. There were several reviews of people claiming that the upper tore easily after several uses, which is not ideal. However, since the upper is made of very lightweight fabric, it is almost expected that it will not provide the same level of durability that some people would expect. It simply means that the wearer will have to be more careful regarding where they store the shoe and in what conditions they wear them.

The same cannot be said about the outsole and the midsole, however, because most agree that they are highly durable and made to last for a long time. The shoes are rather sturdy and secure in those areas.


The bottom of the foot will be well protected with these shoes. This means that the obstacles and hazards which might be present on the road, such as rocks, gravel, or dirt, will not harm the underfoot. There are also pods on the bottom of the shoe which do not allow the foot to be too close to the ground. However, it is important to mention that the upper part of the shoe will not be too protective due to the fact that it is made of a light fabric. So, the wearer should avoid going places that have a rougher terrain in these shoes because the upper parts of their feet will not be as protected.


The underfoot of the Nike Revolution 4 running shoe has good responsiveness. The rubber pods on the bottom of the shoe react when the wearer runs in them. This not only causes the runner’s step to be more springy, but also helps them to run faster. The midsole of the shoe also aids in responsiveness; it has a foam-like texture, which means that the material essentially depresses when the wearer applies pressure to it, and then the material goes back to its regular state.


The midsole of the shoes provides a lot of support for shock and pressure and it is almost guaranteed that the wearer will have ample support as they walk or run. Not only is there a lot of support in the midsole, but also in the upper part of the shoe. The overlays in the upper of the shoe are what provide the most support, because it keeps the foot secure in place, preventing the possibility of any slipping or sliding.


As with most running shoes, these are not really intended at all for harsher conditions or for hiking. A lot of people have said that they particularly liked the Nike Revolution 4 running shoes for indoor activities, especially exercising in the gym. Others like to wear these shoes while running on the sidewalk, track, or on the road. Avoid these shoes in wet conditions, because the knit fabric in the upper of the shoe will not protect against water. And, again, since the upper is made of rather light fabric, try not to wear these shoes in environments where the shoe might get torn or dirtied easily.


The rubber pods on the bottom of the shoes do provide good traction and will help the wearer to avoid slipping. If the shoes were to be worn in a rather moist environment, such as on a road after it rained, the wearer would not have to worry about slipping, as these shoes do provide good traction. However, again, the shoes are not very good for running on surfaces such as rocks, dirt, mud, or other things that might be encountered while hiking, for example.


There were some people who complained about stiffness in the Nike Revolution 4, but given that it is a lightweight shoe made mostly of fabric, it is rather flexible. The mesh upper part of the shoe is what mostly guarantees the shoe’s flexibility. The pods on the underfoot also are rather flexible, and the shoe is known to give the runner a spring in their step.


While this shoe was not necessarily intended to be too stable, it will provide enough stability for the runner to be happy with. And it is also important to keep in mind that these shoes were not meant for difficult conditions, but instead for typical, everyday runners, who enjoy taking a morning run around their neighborhoods. Since the upper part of the shoe does have strong overlays, the shoe will fit the foot securely, allowing the shoe to feel more stable. And the midsole is not too plush, which means that the wearer will not feel unstable while wearing the shoe.


The drop in these shoes is 10 millimeters, which is average for a running shoe. This is also typical for most Nike shoes. The shoe is neither too minimal in its support, nor is it one of the most supportive shoes available. It is average.

Key Features

-The shoe has a lot of mesh in the upper, making it well-ventilated and breathable. This has allowed runners to avoid overheating or sweating too much and has even given some the ability to wear these shoes without socks.
-The overlays on the upper allow the foot to fit securely into the shoe, which in turn provides a lot of support.
-The midsole is well-cushioned and responsive for runners, both absorbing shock and pressure that has been applied to the shoe.
-The rubber pods on the outsole also help the shoe to be responsive and supportive for the wearer.

Bottom Line

The Nike Revolution 4 is absolutely perfect and ideal for someone who might not be so much of an athlete, but would like to start getting into running and working out at the gym. These shoes are not very ideal for those who are professional runners or who enjoy hiking or running in harsh conditions, because they were not made to suit such conditions.

It is important to note that the shoe should be taken care of well, because some people have noticed that their shoes started to tear. But this depends on what kind of environment the shoes are worn in and how the wearer took care of the shoes.

Overall, the Nike Revolution 4 is a very affordable and great shoe. It has received many positive reviews from people and was seen as appealing, flexible, and well-ventilated, ideal for casual use or for more mild exercise conditions.