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Osprey Sojourn 80 Review Facts

Travel is one of the most exciting endeavors that one can take in life. We all dream of flying to far away, warmer and interesting places at one point in our life. Travel can be stressful, though, and often times can cause more stress than some people feel is worth these endeavors. Luckily, there are all sorts of products and tips available for those flyers looking for a more relaxing airport and flying experience. One of those items is a reliable bag. Baggage differs depending on whether the flyer wants to check or carry-on. Checking is typically done when the flyer either has a large bag or if they are carrying more liquids than allowed when checking. Carrying-on is handy when flying because it means no waiting upon arrival but rather simply walking out of the airport to your next destination. It also ensures that the bag doesn't get lost on the way to and from the flyers destination. Baggage isn't cheap. This is because it needs to withstand being flung around by airport handlers as well as it needs to be able to be pulled up some harder surfaces like concrete, stairs and sometimes even some trails. It's important to consider what the flyer needs in a bag too. Some bags have extendable handles and wheels to avoid having to carry a bag around an airport. Others offer stronger frames and a reinforced base to help avoid tips, stop collapsing and protect the goods inside the bag. Remember to think about what is important to you before buying a bag. A bag with all the bells and whistles that you may not need will set you back and more than likely make the cost of the bag a little hard to stomach.

This article focuses on one bag in particular which is the Osprey Sojourn 80. This is a single product review on this convertible bag. This bag doubles as both a backpack as well as a rolling suitcase. We looked at what consumers who bought this bag thought of it. We also looked at how the bag was constructed, its features and price tag to see if it is compatible with the market and its competitors. This is our review of the Osprey Sojourn 80, we hope that this article assists you with your next travel accessory purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Reviewers appreciated the high capacity of this backpack 
  • They also appreciated the easy-glide wheels of this backpack 
  • This bag is praised for opening all the way up in order to make packing easy
  • It also is regularly noted as being quite durable and reliable
  • This bag does seem to be a little unstable, falling over relatively easily 
  • The length of the extension handle isn't great for taller people 


This bag offers numerous features in order to keep those using this bag comfortable as well as offers quick transport features. It offers a deployable backpack suspension which allows those wearing this bag to deploy the harness, hip belt and back panel for more room and better comfort. It offers a removable suspension in order to increase the capacity of the bag. This helps for those who are wanting to travel for longer trips. The Sojourn 80 also offers panel access which is a large panel zip opening with lockable sliders in order to allow those packing to easily pack their bag as well as access their items when on the road. It has an extended handle as well as easy-slide wheels in order to easily convert from backpack to rolling suitcase. This is especially handy for those carrying larger loads. It offers an internal compression strap in order to stop items within the bag from moving around too much as well as keeps your items safe. The internal zippered pockets help those using this bag stay organized and offers easier access to their items when needed.


There were a couple of opposing opinions on the durability and materials used for this product. Some reviewers loved this bag noting that it has lived a long time and has withstood long trips in rougher terrains. While other reviewers noted that after longer trips through rugged areas that there were rips and tears on the front of the bag.


There are two movement features to this bag. One is an extension handle which tucks into the bag and also extends up in order to mimic a rolling suitcase, and one is the shoulder straps in order to wear this bag as a backpack. The extension handle, though effective, does seem to be a little short for taller people. One reviewer who is on the taller side said that the handle is awkward to use causing frustration and discomfort. The shoulder straps of this bag are padded and mesh in order to keep the wearer both cushioned and cool (increased breathability). The tensioned mesh lumbar area also helps distributes heavier loads and keeps the wearer well ventilated. The mesh is strategically placed in order to encourage positive and cool airflow throughout the back of the wearer. This is especially appreciated by those traveling through hot and humid environments. It is also lightweight which helps protect the wearers back which is positive.


This bag does seem to have some durability concerns by some, as mentioned above. Some reviewers said that this is the best bag they've ever had, in fact, there is a shocking number of positive reviews left in regards to the overall satisfaction of this bag. That said, some reviewers were not happy with its durability. The primary difference, from what it seems, between the two sides is that the negative reviews tend to come from those who used this bag on much longer trips (1-3 months at a time). Those who are happy with this backpacks durability note that they watched airline and train staff throw this bag around, it was bumped around on trucks and used on boats with less than dry decks. They found that even after all this that there were next to no damage, tear or even wear on the bag. While those who found that this bag is not durable found that after a long trip to areas like Thailand, there were rips and tears all through the front. Though this was noted, this bag does seem to offer pretty decent durability. The important areas of the bag do not break down easily and the buyer can feel at ease when purchasing this bag, that their items will be safe and sound during their trips which is positive.


This is the most talked about feature of this bag- this bag is quite spacious. Reviewers with larger feet were elated that they were able to fit not just one but two sets of shoes at the bottom of this bag without significantly reducing the capacity of this bag as they've experienced with alternative and competitive products in the past. Not only is this bag quite large on its own but it also offers expandable, zippered components in order to even further increase the capacity of this bag. One reviewer had a concern that when using this as a backpack because not all the components can be used when worn as a backpack, that they would lose some space in the bag. This is not the case, though, for the reviewer but rather it barely affected the capacity of the bag which is really positive. Reviewers noted that this backpack is actually much more spacious than the backpack looks which is also really positive. The straps are placed well in order to help avoid the items in the suitcase/backpack getting packed in too tight. The bag itself is also very light to start with so carrying more items like souvenirs isn't an issue because the bag itself doesn't go over the weight limits applied by airlines. Overall, the capacity of this bag is very impressive and is regularly reviewed as being the highlight of this bag.


This bag is definitely a traveling bag, it is meant to go through rougher terrains and is a little more on the sporty side. It works as both a suitcase due to its extension handle as well as a backpack due to its shoulder straps. The body of this bag is meant to take a little bit of a beating and the wheels of this bag are designed a little larger in order to accommodate rockier roads and walkways. This bag is great for camping trips as well as trips to countries with less development. This bag is also quite large in design, offering an impressive capacity level which means that it can accommodate those going on longer trips. It is noted above, that those really long trips may incur some deterioration of the outside of this bag. Though this is the case it does seem that the breakdown important features of the bag like the extendable handle, the shoulder straps, the wheels or the zippers which are really positive. Overall, a great bag with a sporty design, ideal for those going over rougher terrains and looking for something lightweight in order to collect memory sakes along their travels.


This bag is a good looking bag, albeit a little on the sporty side. Luggage has become one of the items that are looked at when considering style. This bag would probably not be worn by celebrities but for those looking for a sleeker, sportier bag this one might be it. It offers more minimalist features like fewer logos and no multi-color panels. It is offered in a couple of different colors including grey/black and green. Because of the zippers, this bag can be brought down, even more, to look even sleeker when the capacity is no longer needed. It also offers covered and high-quality zippers. Zippers are those little details that may not be looked at originally but when looking at up close really matter. The zippers of this bag do look very high quality and slide quite nicely just as the wheels also do. Overall, this bag is attractive in design and can definitely suit those looking for something a little more toned down but quality.


This bag offered a couple of supportive features including an extra wide 16 inch (14 cm) chassis which helps stabilize larger loads when traveling. It also offers extra-wide (4.25 inch) wheels which keep them running and moving smoothly. It also helps in rougher terrains. Those who bought this bag are very happy with the wheels of this bag, noting that it can literally get over anything. Though that is the case there were a couple of people that took issue with the stability of this bag when in motion. Some found that it does fall over relatively easily when packed heavily on the top. That is easily fixable, though, as it can be amended by packing heavier on the bottom. That does seem to fix the issue. The frame of this bag is also lightweight and made of aluminum, making the bag quite reliable and strong which is positive.


This bag offers internal zippered pockets in order to properly organize the bag for ease of access. Though this is the case there is very little on the outside of the bag in order to offer quick access to things like cell phone, wallet, and passport. Though this is the case there weren't many complaints about this. The internal zippers are appreciated by most but some did say that they invested in even further organizational accessories in order to further organize their bag. That said, overall, the organization of this bag is decent and appreciated which is positive.


- Convertible travel bag which works as both a suitcase and a backpack
- Padded air mesh in the hip belt in order to avoid heat buildup
- Tensioned mesh lumbar in order to help distribute heavier loads
- Quick deploying with a torso adjustment for better support
- Expandable zippered components for more capacity
- Extra wide cassis to help stabilize larger loads
- Retractable ErgoGrip for a comfortable grip when pulling the bag
- Lightweight, aluminum frame for both a strong and lightweight design


Overall this product is pretty impressive. It has some minor stability issues which can be fixed with packing heavier at the bottom and lighter on the top. There were also some minor durability issues but nothing major. Otherwise, those who bought this bag were happy with its capacity, its wheels, and its attractive design. This product is definitely worth considering.