Best Snow Boots Reviewed & Rated for Warmth

It’s going to be that time of year again much sooner than you know it. Snow is already getting ready to fall in most places and your hunting trips are  about to become a lot colder and lot more difficult if you don’t have the right snow boots to keep yourself cool, dry, and as mobile as possible while out in the wilderness. Below is a list of the best snow boots you can find to ensure your hunt in the winter months is successful.

Featured Recommendations

Timberland Boots
  • Timberland Boots
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • No Break In
  • Price: See Here
Columbia Boots
  • Columbia Boots
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Insulated
  • Price: See Here
Northside Boots
  • Northside Boots
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Intuitive
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15 Best Snow Boots


1. Timberland White Ledge

1. Timberland White Ledge
Timberland is all about bringing style and function together when it comes to clothes for the great outdoors and these boots are right in line with that design. They’re a combination of familiar material but stop at the ankle. Depending on what you need them for, they may be the boot for you, but their design is certainly unique on this list.

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Ankle Length

The biggest thing here is that this boot stops at the ankle. While many of these boots went up the calf and even claimed to be knee-highs, this boot is there to protect the foot and the foot only. That isn’t a good or bad thing in design, but it’s something you’ll want to keep in mind while shopping.

Comfort Focused

This design is very focused on making sure your foot is comfortable while wearing them. There’s a padded collar and a removable EVA dual density footbed on the inner portion of the boot. There’s also a pretty well rated support system within the sole to keep you comfortable and moving while using them.


These are the shortest boots thus far measuring just under 5in from arch to shaft, but, as we mentioned, they are designed to be ankle boots. They’ve got a rubber sole and a full-grain leather shell for waterproofing. That leather shell is also designed to be pretty good looking with an oiled finish. The multi directional lugs provide good traction underfoot as well and the tongue is designed to relieve lace pressure while in use.


Reasonably priced when we take into consideration the brand name and quality of the boots.

Excellent for general hiking

Good traction capabilities

Tight laces without discomfort

Intuitive size  

No break in required


Designed for hiking more than anything else

Not designed for high intensity cold

Projects only foot and ankle from cold and wet

2. Columbia Bugaboot Plus III

2. Columbia Bugaboot Plus III
The brand name alone should say a lot about the design and intent for these boots. Columbia is a proven cold weather apparel maker. These boots are the real deal for winter weather from design to construction to proven effectiveness. If you need something for cold weather, these are going to be the ones to spring for.

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Serious Insulation

The insulation design on these boots doesn’t mess around at all. They’re equipped with a 200g insulation Omni Heat Reflective material that locks in heat and keeps it trapped to keep you warm. This is some serious heat technology that works better than traditional fur linings as it keeps your natural body heat locked in.

Outer Material

The outside of the boot compliments the insulation material with some serious design to withstand the elements. The outer wrapping is some heavy duty rubber mixed with leather and textile along the shaft for total and complete coverage.


This boot measures 7in in height from arch to shaft and all 7in of that is designed for total and complete coverage.The material design combines the waterproof capabilities of rubber with the comfort and outer protection of leather with the total comfort of textile. They weigh about 3lbs so a little on the heavier side for those looking for something a little bit lighter.


Certainly pricy. We recommend this option to serious hikers.

Superior insulation technology

Incredibly comfortable wear

Proven and longstanding cold weather brand

Sizing allows for fit with wool and thicker socks


More designed for cold weather than for wear of use

Inner sole has been known to come loose

3. Northside Everest

3. Northside Everest
This product comes from a company that specializing in making boots for the entire family, so if anyone in your family needs a boot, this might be the brand to turn to you for warm and durable boots for any size and age. This boot is designed for active use so it stands up pretty well to some rugged terrain but is a little less focused on the cold, wet weather.

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Aggressive Tread

The tread on these boots is self-described as “aggressive.” And I’m not one to argue, the boot and the company are all about hiking apparel that can take on the rough and tumble of the terrain. Just looking at it you can see the intricacies of the tread and can get an idea for how incredibly effective they’re going to be out in some tough ground.

Family Oriented

These boot sand this brand are all about family. This means there’s a boot for everyone and they’re focused on making something durable to stand up to families in motion and some pretty rambunction use while out in the wilderness. Durability is a big factor here when it comes to the design and construction of these boots.


They feature a a sole made of rubber blended with a leather wrapping along the shaft. The shaft itself measures 8.5in from arch to the top. The weight on these is pretty hefty at 4lbs so while the brand is family focused, these boots are, as the name suggests, for an adult male.


Mid range priced.

Excellent for family needs

Intuitive sizing for no confusion


Removable insert can come loose while in use

4. Baffin Wolf

4. Baffin Wolf
Okay, now we’re getting into some very heavy duty, no play boots. This boot is technically designed to keep the cold and the weather out while being used again and again (and when a logo has a maple leaf on it, you know it means cold weather business). Just looking at these boots shows you how well they’ll keep the snow and cold out.

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Everyday Winter Wear

These boots are designed, first and foremost, to be used in any everyday condition while out in the winter. They’re made from some very sturdy blends of material. The strapping is intuitive and easy to use for anyone and sole itself is more focused on snow and cold than on tread in some rough ground conditions.

Warmer Than Ever

This new design is a lot more technical than the last iterations of the Baffin boot. It blends a hefty and impressive amount of waterproof and insulation material to create the perfect environment while trekking through the snow and cold. In fact, the inner lining features a seven layer insulation system for maximum effect.


There’s a lot of material that went into the creation of this boot. The outer sole is made of lightweight recycled rubber and features a flexible midsole for arch support and comfort. There is rubber compound featured at the arch as well for durability. The molding technology on the outside combines with foam insulation to create a streamlined design for both inner comfort and outer durability. They’re long at 11in from arch to the top of the shaft which covers a lot of leg space during a hunt.


Very affordable.

Incredibly warm design

Meant to be used in any situation

Buckle straps are easier and less faulty than laces

Proven brand against cold weather


They run narrow which can be uncomfortable

Sizing can run a little small

5. Kamik Nationplus

5. Kamik Nationplus
This is a boot breed for tackling cold, wet weather. There’s a lot of specifications and features that go into making this boot incredibly durable and incredibly effective from the insulation design to the materials used on the outer shell, this is going to be one serious boot for those that are hunting in some very, very cold places.

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Proven Against Cold

These boots are rated for effectiveness at 40 degrees below zero. While most hunters probably won’t be seeing temperatures like that, those of you in the wilds of Montana or in northern Canada are going to want to spring for these incredibly durable and well tested boots.

Excellent Combination of Materials

It's lined with 200B Thinsulate insulation material and moisture wicking lining on top of that to make the inside of it 100% waterproof and incredibly warm while out in the elements. The outer shell of the boot features a highly effective rubber material at the sole while the shaft is wrapped in thick leather. The rings on the laces are also rust proof for best use.


These boots measure 10in from arch to shaft which gives some excellent coverage from foot to mid calf. The platform gives you almost an inch in height over the wet ground and the combination of rubber, leather, and Thinsulate work together to create a waterproof, incredibly warm boot.


Worth it if you go outdoors frequently in winter time.

Proven against intensely cold temperatures

Very sturdy build and mix of materials

Intuitive sizing to avoid hassle

Bottom tread is excellent against slippery surfaces


The shape of the boot can make them slightly uncomfortable to wear

May require knee-high socks to avoid discomfort

6. Sorel Men’s Bear

6. Sorel Men’s Bear
This boot just looks warm. It’s tall, covering a majority of the leg and features a rubber sole and warm inner lining that gives you the most protection you could ask for. This boot isn’t messing around when it comes to keeping the elements off you and it has the trust of a solid brand name backing it.
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Shaft Height

It goes over a foot up from arch to shaft which means it’ll be covering the majority of your leg and the part that is most likely to be affected by weather and wet components on the ground. They also will keep you safe from the higher levels of snowfall that can happen in the winter.

Lace Closure

They feature a barrel lock closure for the laces. They also don’t form any inner seam on the boots, completely on the outside, which keeps them from being a liability in the snow. They lock in and hold tight to keep the rest of the boot tightly closed and safe from the elements.


They measure 13.5 inches from arch to shaft, covering all of the lower leg. They feature a polyurethane coated shaft, combined with the rubber sole for maximum waterproofing against snow and rain and even creeks. The heel puts you at 1.25 inches above the ground for some added protection against snow and rain residue.


These are pricey, we’re not going to lie. But look at what you get for all your money. You’ll see it in action every time you use them so it won’t be so much a loss as an excellent investment in your hunting gear. That being said, don’t purchase them lightly.

Decision Time

These are designed to take on snow of varying heights, so if you’re going to be out in deep snowfalls, these are your best bet with their 13 inch height. Their price also makes them a long term investment so keep that in mind while researching and deciding on them.

Height allows for maximum coverage

Excellent lace design

Highly waterproof materials


Can be somewhat hard to put on

Can run small

7. KingsShow Leather

7. KingsShow Leather
This boot focuses on a couple different components when it comes to construction: waterproof rubbering, duck boot toe, and excellent lace construction. These are the boots that want to be waterproof and live up to that expectation. A blend of waterproof leather and rubber keeps them dry and warm.
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Total Waterproofing

The waterproof technology here starts at the rubber sole and toe and doesn’t doesn’t until it reaches to the top of the shaft. It blends rubber and leather to ensure the waterproof material is there protecting every part of your foot that the boot covers.

Lace Up Construction

The lacing can be a crucial downfall of any waterproof boot. It can be the place where water seeps in and makes you and your hunting trip miserable. The lace up construction on these boots is designed to ensure that doesn’t happen.


They measure 5.25 inches from arch to shaft, covering a good portion of the leg past the ankle and it’s all lined with waterproof rubber and leather They weight about 3 lbs so they won’t be too heavy to move around in and feature the duck toe on the boot for maximum waterproofing and protection.


The price on these is extremely good for everything you get with them. There’s a lot going on in these boots but they’re priced low. So the price to value ratio is certainly in your favor when it comes to these boots.

Decision Time

If you need something completely and totally devoted to keeping your feet dry from snow or rain, then these are the boots for you. They’ve got high levels of protection from the bottom to the top which makes them an excellent buy for anyone whose focus is on the waterproof features of the boot.

Solid blend of materials for warmth

Proven brand name

Highly waterproof


Inner seams can come loose during high intensity use

Can discolor socks

8. Totes Arnold

8. Totes Arnold
Now we’re really talking when it comes to snow boots. This is a heavy duty boot that will get the job done while keeping you dry and warm in the snow and rain of the wilderness. They’re imported, feature an excellent design, and are lined with some of the warmest material you could find.

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Sherpa Lining

The inner portion of the boot is insulated with sherpa lining. This is an incredibly soft and incredibly effective insulation material that you often find in similar boots and moccasins. It’s an excellent guarantee of warmth.

Excellent Design

Along the outside of this knee-high boot is a durable rubber shell and weather-resistant material that keeps out the cold and wet for as long as you need. The D-ring design on the laces also gets the boot nice and tight so you’re not slipping and sliding while wearing them.


These are labeled as knee-high boots and measure 9in from the arch to the top of the shaft. They weigh about 2.3lbs so keep that in mind while using them. They’re an imported item and have some excellent craftsmanship to bring together all the materials to keep the wet weather out while you’re hunting.


Only for the ones with deep pockets.

Incredibly warm interior

Shaft height allows for total coverage

Rubber shell and weather resistant material work together incredibly well

Proven waterproof capabilities


They tend to run a little small

They can be a bit heavy to move around in

9. DP 0613W Waterproof

9. DP 0613W Waterproof
These are a comfortable, insulated, waterproof boot that’s got quite the rugged look and the rugged abilities on them. They’re waterproof, oil resistant, and slip resistant so they’ve got a lot to offer for the nice price.

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Rugged Design

These boots are designed to be used in the great outdoors. The sole is thick and the ridges are designed for finding traction wherever you are and giving you the ability to move freely. The heel measures about an inch of lift off the ground for the best mobility through the sloppy, wet ground just after a snow or rain storm.

Comfort and Function

These rubber boots fight hard against the weather and work to keep you insulated in warmth with the faux fur and heat coat of the interior. Meanwhile the rubber sole tackles the harshness of the weather and conditions around you. So it’s a perfect blend of comfort and warmth with getting the job done while you’re huffing it through the woods.

Features and Specifications

The boot features a rubber exterior with a faux fur and heat reflective material on the inner portion. It measures 12in in shaft length from the arch up and the heel stands at 1.5in while the remained of the platform is .75in.


Affordable and a good choice if you're on a budget.

Excellent insulation material

Highly waterproof thanks to rubber and oil resistant tech

Excellent and sharp look for use out in the wilderness


Designed best as snow boots and won’t work well as primary hiking boots

10. LABO

10. LABO
These are the snow boots to spring for if you want to avoid breaking the bank or a budget but still staying as dry and warm as possible while out in the snow. They’ve got some serious and warm insulation and proven waterproof capabilities comparable to boots much higher in price.

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These boots have a cotton blend insulation that will keep you incredibly warm and protected from the elements while trudging through the snow. These boot strap heat in and hold onto it to keep you completely comfortable while the snow falls down.


It’s not enough to just trap in heat, of course. And these boots are 100% waterproof to deep snow, creeks, and treks through ice. They’ll keep the moisture and cold out to prevent discomfort or injury while hunting.

Features and Specifications

The heel height on these boots is a little just under 2in to give you some sizable height to be above layers of moisture and snow on the ground. The outer fabric is a mixture of faux-leather and rubber to repel water. The inside is padded, fleece lining for maximum warmth and comfort.


Very affordable.


Extremely thick to keep out water

Black color works with all hunting gear


Sizing can run large

11. Bates Ultra-Lites

11. Bates Ultra-Lites
Here is an excellent snow boot for both people who work and play outdoors in the snow. These boots will help you stay warm and dry in the cold and slippery weather but they will also protect your feet and ankles from any hazards that you might encounter on the job site. They feature an anti-slipping outsole so that you can walk with maximum traction and confidence in even icy weather.
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Rubber Sole

The boots have a full rubber sole which helps keep your feet from getting wet and will also grip the ground while you are walking in wet and slippery conditions. This will help keep you from getting injured when walking in slippery areas.

High Tops

The boots have an eight-inch top which helps stabilize your ankles and keep snow and ice from getting inside of the boots. They lace all the way to the top of the boot so that you have a secure fit.

Cost and Value

These boots have a price that is much higher than the average price for snow boots. The high price comes from the high-quality construction and safety features that are built into these boots so you can expect them to be long-lasting.
  • The boots have a cement construction that is still lightweight so that you can move in them.
  • There is a cushioned insert in the boots that is removable which will relieve foot pain.
  • They are made from a blend of leather and nylon that is easy to clean and durable.
  • The boots feature a full rubber sole that is waterproof and helps you grip the ground.
  • You can stay comfortable thanks to the fully breathable lining located in these snow boots.
  • Some reviewers have reported that the boots wore out much sooner than what they expected them to.
  • Other users have reported that the stitching on the heels is too weak and causes the sole to detach.

12. Global Win 1632

12. Global Win 1632
This is a stylish pair of winter boots that features a fancy fur lining that looks great and will help you stay warm in the cold winter weather. They are made from a leather material that helps block snow and ice from getting into your boots. In addition, these boots create a tight fit around your ankle so that you don't have to worry about snow or ice getting inside.
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These boots feature a fur lining on the inside and a fur collar on the top of the boots. This makes the boots look great while also helping you to stay toasty warm while you have the boots on.

Rubber Lug

The boots are encased with a protective rubber lug that helps to waterproof the boots and make them durable for the cold and icy winter months. You can expect these boots to continue to look great even after people have salted heavily.

Cost and Value

You should expect to see these boots sold at a price that is around the average for winter snow boots. This makes them into a great purchase because you can get a great pair of snow boots without having to spend a lot.
  • These boots feature synthetic leather on the exterior which helps them look better for a longer period of time.
  • There is a fur lining on the inside of the boots that is comfortable and keeps your feet warm.
  • The EVA footbed is fully removable so that you can either wash it or replace it.
  • These boots have rubber lug outsoles that help protect the boots from snow, salt, and ice.
  • The boot laces reach the top of the boots so that you can tie them securely.
  • Some reviewers have had issues with the boots not fitting properly making them hard to wear.
  • Other users have reported trouble with the quality of the boots and having them fail prematurely.

13. Dream Pairs Ksnow

13. Dream Pairs Ksnow
This pair of snow boots is made from when you are going to be out in the below-freezing cold. They offer more than enough insulation that will keep your feet warm in even the most extreme winter weather. In addition to lots of insulation, the boots are waterproof on the bottom so that you won't get your feet while you are walking around in the snow or melting snow.
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Thermolite Insulation

The boots come with 200g of Thermalite insulation. This insulator is rated to keep you warm at temperatures that are as low as -25F so you can stay warm in even the coldest winter weather.

Waterpoof Shell Bottom

These boots have a fully waterproof shell on the bottom of the boots. The waterproof shell helps your feet to stay dry while you are walking in the snow itself or in puddles of melting snow that you may find.

Cost and Value

You will see these boots sold at a price that is lower than the average price for snow boots. This makes them into a bargain buy because you can get full winter protection without having to spend a lot of money.
  • The boots are made from fully man-made rubber as well as other man-made materials.
  • There is a shell on the bottom of the boot that is fully waterproof so that you can stay dry.
  • These boots feature a layer of Thermolite insulation that can insulate in extremely cold temperatures.
  • The shoe laces work on a bungee system where you pull one cord to tighten the laces.
  • These boots will keep your ankles protected because of the 9" shaft height that covers your feet.
  • Some reviewers have reported that the boots are too heavy which makes it hard to walk in them.
  • Other users have reported that the boots do not last as long as they should.

14. London Fog Melton

14. London Fog Melton
Anyone who wants to walk in the winter in style should consider these boots made by London Fog. The boots offer superior protection against the cold winter weather in addition to their great style. You will love how they make you look and you can even walk in deep snow thanks to the tall height of the boots that will reach almost to your knees. You can pair these boots with any jacket and look your best.
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13 Inch Shaft

The boots look great with their tall 13-inch shaft. The tall shaft will reach to about your knees and they can keep your legs warm while blocking out cold from snow and ice. This makes them into the perfect winter boots.

Faux Fur

There is faux fur located at the top of the boots that helps add to the style of the boots. Not only does it make the boots look great, but it will also keep the cold from getting into your boots.

Cost and Value

You should plan on seeing these boots sold at an average price for a pair of snow boots. This makes them into an excellent value because the boots look great and will help you stay warm during the harsh winter months.
  • The top of the boots has an attractive layer of faux fur that makes them look great.
  • You will feel warm thanks to the fully lined interior of the boots that traps your body heat.
  • The shaft of the boots is 13 inches high which protects you from deep snow and cold.
  • You can plan on your feet staying dry because these boots are fully waterproof.
  • The faux leather on the outside helps add to the look of the boots without using animal products.
  • Some users have reported that the bottom of the boots are sticky and pick up rocks.
  • The boots do not have a lot of tread on the sole so they can be slippery.

15. Daily Shoes Eskimo

15. Daily Shoes Eskimo
Here is a pair of boots that will help you look your best while you traverse even the most difficult winter weather. They are a pair of knee-high boots that feature a layer of faux fur lining so that all of your body heat is trapped in your boots while the cold air is locked out. You can walk on even slippery surfaces because the soles features slip resisting rubber.
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Knee High

The high of the boots are meant to allow you to walk in deep snow banks without your legs, ankles, or your feet getting wet. The laces connect to D-rings so that you can lace the boots as tightly as possible.

Faux Fur Lining

There is a layer of faux fur lining on the inside of the boots that will help you stay nice and warm while you are outdoors. The fur lining feels soft on your skin and helps the boots look great.

Cost and Value

You should plan on seeing these boots sold at a price that is around the average for snow boots. They are an excellent value for the price because they will keep you warm and look your best in the winter.
  • The sole on the bottom of the boots is made from a slip-resisting rubber material.
  • Rather than using grommets, these boots have D-rings for the laces so that you can tie them tightly.
  • They are designed to reach your knees so that your legs and feet are protected from winter.
  • There is a layer of faux fur lining throughout the inside of the boots which helps you feel great.
  • The boots are fully water resistant so that your feet do not get wet from melting snow.
  • Some reviewers have reported that the boots did not even last through one single winter season.
  • Other reviews have mentioned that the boots do not resist water as well as they expected them to.

Criteria Used in Evaluation

snow boots selection

A lot of research went into what makes the best snow boot. Our top ten list found that there were three standouts with the Northside, Timberland and Columbia boots brands. Timberland in particular was a no-brainer, but still had to go through many rigorous tests to earn a spot on the list. Some of the major things we ranked the boots on was durability, comfort and overall effectiveness in the snow.


Durability was up first, with performance strongly based on how well the boots did in different elements. This criteria has a little bit of the water testing but was not based exclusively off of it. Snow boots had to prove they were capable of lasting in the harsh elements and not breaking apart after a few months of use. Boots with bad durability show signs of wear as early as the first month of use and usually begin to fall apart not long after. A solid durability rating was a must to make the top ten list, and to get the most value for your money.

Water Resistance

The next criterion was related to durability and is none other than water resistance/proofing. Waterproof gained a significant advantage over snow boots that were water resistant. Obviously, boots that didn’t meet either one of these criteria were left off of the list. This was more common in fashion snow boots, which also lacked the durability necessary to make it in the harsh elements. It should be noted that some water resistant snow boots ranked higher based on their scores in other areas, and were placed in the top ten accordingly.


Branding is a key criterion for many reasons, the top one being Timberland. When consumers are confused about which snow boot is the best, going with a trusted brand will usually satisfy them. This is where the Timberland’s and Columbia’s win on branding by providing the safest customer experience possible with a blind purchase. It’s very unlikely that a top brand will disappoint with a purchase when you’re confused about what to get. The same can’t be said of trying out an unknown brand, which can be great sometimes but inconsistent in others.


The design was a criterion that we looked at more for usefulness rather than style, which is a separate criterion. We looked for snow boot designs that had proper balance, and promptly discarded boots from the list that was bottom heavy. The design criteria also had us looking at any unnecessary features that could cause problems when the durability faded. This was restricted to the heel area and up, where some makers practiced the most creativity. While some of the options were nice, others were wholly unnecessary and bulky on the leg. Designs that affected durability were taken off of the list, which led to quite a few.


Now on a more visual level, style came into play as criterion that mattered for a lot of consumers. It included available colors, and the willingness of the company to differentiate the men’s snow boots from the women’s. A lot of brands didn’t make their women’s offerings much different in design from the men’s, which is a shame. Style points were given to brands that actually took the time to develop both sides and provide attractive options. There were some really attractive snow boots on the list that gained some traction due to this criteria.


Warranties were next, and of course, Timberland ran away with this criteria. It was easier to look at the other companies and what they offered. Length of the warranty wasn’t as important, and it was more about what they covered. Extra points were also given for companies that had a relaxed policy on sizing. Even with the best measurements, a consumer can come up short when picking out a snow boot. A good company won’t penalize a customer that makes this mistake and will be more than happy to swap it out for the correct sizing. The companies that passed this test made it into the top five without a problem.

Break In Period

The break-in period for any boot can be short or long and varies by brand. For this criterion, we rewarded boots that had the shortest break in period. We didn’t penalize snow boots with long break-in periods and instead used a point-based system to rank the best of them. During the break-in period, users wear boots in so that they mold to the foot better. Once this is done enough, you’ll get a ‘true fit’ and much-improved comfort. For users that only go out with their snow boots occasionally, getting past this break-in period can be tough if it isn’t short. And with this in mind, the last two things we tested for was comfort and insulation.

Comfort and Insulation

These two features are tied together since good insulation leads to warmth on cold days. A boot with good insulation can even get past some of the shortcomings when paired with bad socks. When your foot isn’t actively moving, the temperature drops faster. Good insulation can slow down this temperature drop to where it isn’t even noticeable. And when paired with good socks, your feet will remain warm even on the coldest of days. Comfort levels will vary depending on how long the break-in period lasts, but even in the early stages, buyers should have a good sense of how comfortable the boots are. The levels of comfort are really tested when wearing the boots for several hours at a time. Our list favored boots that were comfortable in excess of eight hours, making them more than capable for professionals, hobbyists or hikers. Materials played a small role in this, so you’ll notice only high-quality materials with the boots making the top ten.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Are Snow Boots Used For?

about snow boots

Snow boots are water resistant boots and are used for more than snowy situations. They are useful in mud, slush, water and any land that requires deep water resistance. Their weight and tight build make them perfect for balancing in bad conditions while keeping feet warm. Extending up the leg, snow boots insulate well without locking up blood circulation. This is one of the main benefits of their design, and a good reason why they’re favored for all ages. With sizes available for men and women, it is just as easy to find a snow boot as it is a regular boot.

Q: How Important Are Boot Sizes?

Getting the right sized snow boot is important and is tied directly to its effectiveness. A loose snow boot won’t insulate well if it isn’t the right fit. There is also the problem of it moving around on the leg and foot while you’re traversing the rough land. The friction can cause bruising, swelling, blisters and other undesirable effects. Getting the correct size should always be a priority, and anything less can be considered a waste of money. Snow boot sizes are not universal, and there will always be slight changes in the size chart based on which company you decide to buy from.

Q: Is Wide Width Available From All Companies?

Not all companies support wide width, which is an important priority for anyone with wide feet. Just like getting the wrong snow boot size is a waste of money, if a wide width is required, then anything less is a waste. Getting normal width snow boots for wide feet will cut off the circulation at the point, and turn a comfortable boot into an unmanageable mess. And if you’re wearing it for hours at a time, serious damage can be done to the foot. The wrong width of a snow boot can render it useless to users with preexisting foot conditions, so keep that in mind when shopping.

Q: What Socks Should You Wear?

socks for snow boots

High-quality socks work well with any snow boot, but it isn’t just about the quality. Certain socks should be avoided completely, like cotton. Ideally, you want socks that provide the same great insulation as your snow boots. Socks should also not hold moisture, just on the off chance it gets past the snow boot. Winter socks are available that pair well with snow boots, and best of all they contain all of the advantages. As an alternative, they can be worn indoors to keep feet warm. Just about any sock that doesn’t lose its insulation from getting wet will turn out to be a good choice for use with snow boots.

Q: Is The Fabric Breathable?

This is a trick question since the materials vary greatly depending on the brand. Breathability is not only important for comfort reasons, it also plays a role in keeping your feet dry. While snow boots are great at keeping water out, they can’t do anything about the water that builds up from your feet due to perspiration. Good breathability will allow for good venting and an overall better experience. But even the most breathable snow boot in the world can’t counteract bad socks, so it still comes down to your sock choice. Bad sock choices can undo whatever breathability is built into the boot, so choose wisely. A good pairing can make all the difference in the world.

Q: What’s The Best Way To Clean Snow Boots?

In some ways cleaning snow boots is a lot easier than cleaning regular boots. Odor control is going to be the biggest part of cleaning snow boots since it will be water-based odor that builds up over time. Most modern day snow boots have removable inserts which should always be allowed to dry when they’re not in use. This will kill the majority of germs when you don’t have time to wash them properly. When time isn’t an issue, using a mixture of white vinegar, water, and mild laundry detergent should do the trick.

Q: Are Repairs Easy?

This depends on whether you want a short term fix or a long-term fix. Sugru is used as a short-term solution and works well for what it does. One packet can be used per boot, and it requires very little technical skill. Some light reading and a little molding later will repair any leaks, holes or other noticeable damage to a snow boot. It can also be applied to new snow boots to increase their insulation tenfold. As handy as Sugru is, this is still a temporary fix to what will be a long-term problem. If your snow boots are in the warranty period, use that in order to get them repaired. Out of warranty is when Sugru is beneficial, and only when waiting for your new pair of snow boots to arrive. Users should always use caution when depending on self-repairs for long-term fixes.

Q: How Comfortable Are Snow Boots?

snow boots comfort

The comfort of snow boots will always be related to getting the correct size and wearing compatible socks. Materials used for the construction of the snow boot will come into play only after those two criteria are met, and even then materials only have a minimal impact on comfort levels. The design is where most of the attention should go when deciding on comfort levels. Snow boots are big, so the weight has to be evenly distributed throughout for the best experience. Bottom heavy snow boots will wear on your feet in a short amount of time.

Q: Is The Water Proof Feature Different For Each Brand?

Snow boots will either be waterproof or water resistant. Obviously waterproof is better, but it might come at the cost of comfort features. Buyers should look at what they desire most, or rather the type of use they plan to get out of their snow boots. Waterproofing is useless if the boot in question is uncomfortable on your foot. Water resistance isn’t bad, it just so happens to be weaker than waterproof. The best feature set is one that incorporates waterproofing/resistance into a great overall package. Think of it as the difference between silk and satin, as both are considered high-end luxury fabrics- you win either way.

We hope that our best snow boots guide helped you find the best pair of boots for this winter!


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