Best Hunting Shirts for Men Reviewed

We don’t know about all of you but the amount of money we have to spend on hunting gear is (unfortunately) not unlimited. Due to this fact our approach to outfitting surrounds the idea that there are certain areas where your dollar is most valuable, and others where you can scrape by a bit.

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By Kevin Enochs:

Hello hunters. For this update we’ve added a new product as our best deal. It’s a unique insect repelling camo shirt that we are big fans of. We still think that tricked out camo is a want to have product, not necessarily a have to have product. That being said, the diseases that skeeters carry these days we are afraid that that keeping the mosquitos away is slowly but surely making mosquito control something we'll be prioritizing in the coming years.

Featured Recommendations

Under Armour Camo
  • Under Armour Camo
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Prevents sweating
  • Price: See Here
King's Camo
  • King's Camo
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Affordable
  • Price: See Here
Insect Xtreme Repelling Shirt
  • Insect Xtreme Repelling Shirt
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great Price
  • Price: See Here
Our experience in the field has led us to the conclusion that we’d most like to put our cash into a quality pack, a sound pair of boots and quality optics before we’d spend it on the newest and fanciest camo design. With that said, we like to be meticulous in our approach, and that means overlooking no part of our gear. Which shirt you elect to wear may not be the top of the priority list but it also doesn’t mean it should be relegated to the bottom either.
We don’t subscribe to the idea that in order to be a proper hunter you need to be done up in head-to-toe camo. But we have had the experience of being out in the woods or backcountry and not in the right attire. This experience can take a lot away from an otherwise enjoyable outing.


So we’ve trawled the internet and come up with a list of some of the best hunting shirts in 2018. These are broken down into subcategories, by different conditions and/or features. The following is meant to save you the time of digging through bins at Walmart or Cabelas, to make sure that you’re properly suited up, and most important of all have some cash left over for some of the true essentials.


10 Best Hunting Shirts


1. Under Armour Camo

1. Under Armour Camo
Most people know what they’re getting themselves into with Under Armour. The Camo Fill Shirt is going to be light, breezy, provide a bit of support and wick sweat away from your skin. It comes in quite a few different colors, which can help you blend in or stick up depending on what you need and/or want. Reasonably priced and highly durable these shirts do great in the summertime (also in humid climates).
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Material: Each Camo Fill shirt is comprised of 57% Cotton, 38% Polyester, and 5% Elastane.

Sizing: Available in small all the way up to 3X- large, so there are plenty of options if you’re a big guy -- sizes run an estimated 85% true.

Imported: Yes

Special features

  • 4-way stretch fabrication allow for free mobility

  • Classic UA logo with, you guessed it Camo fill

  • Moisture Transport System fights the accumulation of sweat

  • Charged cotton dries faster than average and is a bit tougher




Moisture transport system prevents sweat accumulation


Thin material

2. King's Camo

2. King's Camo
The King’s Camo tee shirt is a relatively economical camo shirt, and a solid value in our opinion. It comes in mountain shadow and desert shadow, and performs pretty well in the heat. In terms of the camo pattern itself, this can definitely be considered on the lighter end of terrain patterns. Some the its key comfort features are the follow: a handy chest pocket and a rib knit collar. Not too difficult to find on sale, this is a good value -- none the least of which is because King’s Camo is a quality brand with a long track record of success.
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Material: Constructed from a mixture of cotton poly 60% and 40% blend jersey.

Sizing: Comes in sizes ranging from medium to 3x-large, know to run a bit small, perhaps 65% true, if you’re worried about being fully covered, size up.

Imported: Made in the USA

Special features

  • Tagless label, won't scratch or irritate your neck

  • Left chest pocket easy for stowing

  • Rib-knit collar smooth and comfortable


Economical camo shirt

Performs very good in heat

It comes in mountain shadow and desert shadow


Fit might be smaller than expected

3. Insect Xtreme Repelling Shirt

3. Insect Xtreme Repelling Shirt
Stupid Lyme disease, what began as a weird outlying problem primarily up in New England is slowly getting to be a bigger and bigger problem. While most cases are still up in the Northeast, its showing up all the way down in Florida and all the way over to California and Washington. And don't even get us started on mosquitos, global warming is slowly creating an environment where mosquitos that carry all kinds of nasty disease are now thriving in places that didn't know them a decade ago. That's why we like this shirt. Getting outside isn't just something we do, it's a lifestyle, and getting really out is what we like the most. And this shirt promises to keep you reasonably safe from a lot of the nasty insects that you'll be sharing space with, and the nasty things that hitch a ride on these blood suckers.
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Skintex Technology
Skintex MRIII is an insecticide technology based on the use of Permethrin which is a chrysanthemum based insecticide. It's a stable product that can be built into blankets and clothing and has what the website calls a 'knockdead/knockdown" effect on insects. It's a good environmental choice as well and has all the safety stamps of approval from all the agencies that monitor the use of pesticides. We like that.

Moisture Wicking
The second best part of this shirt is the moisture wicking technology. It keeps them moisture away from your skin and makes it incredibly breathable and cool in warm weather. Moisture wicking and repellenct. That's a two-fer that will earns this shirt it's high marks.

Cost and Value
This falls into the mid range of hunting shirts. But you're getting some one really important extra with this shirt that make this a bargain in our book. Anything that can keep you from getting eaten alive through long hours in a hot summer blind is worth a million dollars in our book.

insect repellant

moisture wicking technology

True Timber Camouflage Pattern


Only lasts 25 washes

4. Mossy Oak Quick Tee

4. Mossy Oak Quick Tee
If you’re looking for a shirt to take out with you during warmer months, picking up a pack of Mossy Oak tees can be a quick and easy solution. More in the style of casual outdoorsman than hardline hunter, these shirts perform great over the long haul and can just as easily be warm to a barbeque as the backwoods. They’re comfortable, long lasting and deal effectively with sweat -- all boxes checked as far as we’re concerned. These are mostly indicated for men, but we noticed a number of women reporting that they were comfortable for both sexs. So there is an added bonus there.
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Material: Comes in the follow options:

Grey: 90% Cotton 10% Polyester.

Black: 100% Cotton. Dark;

Heather: 50% Cotton 50% Polyester.

Heather Military; Green: 50% Cotton 50% Polyester

Sizing: Available in Medium, large and xlarge -- if you need the double or triple its not to hard to search around a bit and find.

Imported: Yes

Special features

  • Each package contains two t-shirts per

  • Authentic Mossy Oak graphics, centered

  • Classic fit, does not constrict and also does not flap around

  • Seamless double-needle collar, exceptionally comfortable


Casual outdoorsman style

Machine Washable

Short sleeves, does well in the heat


Not suitable for extreme weather conditions

5. Russell Outdoors

5. Russell Outdoors
Although this is a camo printed t-shirt it is a pretty humble one, and by humble we mean a good one. You’ve got three options for terrain design here: mossy oak, realtree and a mixed version or “broken up”. The lightweight cotton and minimal but sturdy construction of this shirt is why it's landed on our list. Turn to Russell outdoors for cheap and dependable tops, great for a out in the field or close to home.
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Material: Made from 100-percent-cotton (refined)

Sizing: Medium and large. The initial size is very true (at least 90%), but wash and dry with caution, a comfortable fit can become a skintight one due to this shirt’s cotton makeup.

Imported: Yes

Special features

  • Lightweight construction and sturdy seams

  • Left breast located pocket

  • Standard short sleeve t shirt

  • 100% Cotton Jersey -- great for higher temps


A camo printed t-shirt

Affordable and durable

High quality materials 


Sizes: only medium and large

6. Legendary Whitetails Non-Typical Series

6. Legendary Whitetails Non-Typical Series
This is the my favorite offering from Legendary Whitetails. I had to include this one because I wanted to highlight the wide range of looks you can get from the company. This one may seem like just a t-shirt, which is a weak showing to end off with, but true to the company's form, this is so much more than just a t-shirt.
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Double stitched strength
In order to be seen as a well made hunting shirt, the product needs to be able to perform its task time after time, holding up throughout the seasons. The double stitching found here is a good way to do it.

Cover up
For me, finding a properly fitting shirt is as much about length as anything else. If it isn’t long enough in the tail, the shirt runs the risk of riding up, exposing things to the elements that you’d rather keep covered. Not this time.

Cost and Value
This shirt is part of Legendary Whitetails’ Non-typical line, and the moniker fits well as far as price is concerned. The enormous value you’re getting at such a low cost is anything but typical for shirts these days.
  • Double stitched
  • Extended tail
  • Very sturdy construction
  • Sleeves are more than long enough
  • Shirt will shrink a bit
  • Size runs small

7. Walls Long Sleeve Camo

7. Walls Long Sleeve Camo
I’d never heard of this brand before I started working on this buying guide, but now that I have, it’s clear to me that I’ve stumbled onto a company that wants to be remembered for their high standards and expectations when it comes to quality clothing. They take classic styling to new levels with their own innovations, and leave the consumer with a great shirt, simple as that.
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Silent through the bush
Great hunting gear needs a few features. A camouflage pattern is nice, and scent control is gaining popularity. One thing I haven’t seen until now, is the company hand selecting their fabrics to make silent clothing to keep you quiet in the bush.

Classic styling
If you buy your hunting clothing with style innovations in mind, then you should pass this one by. Walls decided to go with a look that has stood the test of time, and focussed more on its performance than fashion.

Cost and Value
Walls, as a brand, comes off as being trustworthy, and it’s very important to be able to trust a clothing manufacturer when you buy their products, and having such a low price point on top of well-built clothing helps that cause out.
  • Soft and quiet
  • Full, longer cut
  • Clean, simple design
  • Hardy material
  • Run large
  • Shrinks quite a bit

8. Under Armour ColdGear Scent Control

8. Under Armour ColdGear Scent Control
Scent protection and comfort, all in an attractive, affordable package. THat seems to be what Under Armour has come to be known for, and they went above and beyond when designing this shirt, which is versatile enough to be ideal for hunting. They make their clothes for more than looks, making sure each piece has a purpose. In this case, it’s keeping you warm and dry throughout your hunt.
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Move around
One thing that I really look for in clothing is the ability to still move the same way I could before I put them on. Being an athletic wear manufacturer, Under Armour feels the same way, and retains that movement perfectly.

You will get what you pay for
While I am going to vent a bit about the cost later on, you do et what you pay for with this shirt, and not ust in terms of the brand. Under Armour is very well known, and that’s because they do deliver high quality products that can be counted on.

Cost and Value
To be fair, this is a very nice shirt, that will do the job of keeping you warm in colder weather quite nicely. Unfortunately, this shirt is expensive for what it does, which gives the impression that you are paying more for the name than anything else.

  • Fit true
  • Plenty of length
  • Keeps the body warm
  • Doesn’t restrict range of motion
  • Quite expensive
  • Arms tend to bunch

9. Merino 365 Long Sleeve

9. Merino 365 Long Sleeve
If you’ve ever tried Merino wool you know it’s just about one of the most comfortable materials there is. It obviously runs a bit higher in cost, but for long cold hunting days we can’t think of a better base layer.
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This offering from Merino 365 has a well calibrated collar and thumb holes, so it fits nice and comfortable. It comes in four primary colors, and it’s got a much longer shelf life than many of its poly or synthetic counterparts. There are a huge number of ways to describe this shirt so i’ll bullet point the adjectives out: renewable, biodegradable fire resistant, anti-bacterial, provides UV protection, holds it shape (won’t stretch out), warm when cold and cool when hot, machine washable and hypo allergenic. Be careful though, once you try it its pretty hard to go back from here.


Material: Produced with 100% Merino wool

Sizing: Ranges on this shirt are from x-small to x-large, true to a 80 percent degree and shrinking is a non issue, so no worries there.

Imported: Not produced in China, buying Merino wool from China often leads to fake or diluted wool. You’ve been warned.

Special features

  • Merino has a huge capacity to breath and deal with moisture, leaving the wearer warm and dry

  • In cold conditions a small amount of moisture is retained in the merino fibers and naturally heats up, thus contributing to keeping the wearer warmer

  • Merino fiber is a flame retardant

  • Merino fiber resists the development and growth of bacteria and other smelly agents

  • Merino fabric has an SPF rating 50+


Produced with 100% Merino wool

Ranges on this shirt are from XS to XL

Not produced in China


Runs a bit higher in cost

10. Legendary Whitetails Flannel

10. Legendary Whitetails Flannel
No hunters wardrobe is complete without at least one decent flannel. Flannels are versatile, they keep you warm and they look good. The Whitetails Buck Camp Flannel has a contrasting corduroy lined collar and cuffs that will not quickly wear or fray.
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The cotton making up this shirt is reinforced for insulation and to increase its longevity. This shirt is great to pull over a baseley or to be worn stand alone, and best of all it’s very reasonably priced for such a high quality flannel.


Material: Made from extra strength cotton, machine wash cold is okay. Do not bleach.Tumble dry low. Do not iron on buck decoration.

Sizing: Runs from medium to 3x-Large, does very well at accommodating big and tall sizes.

Imported: yes

Special Features

  • Contrasting corduroy lined collar and cuffs, gives the shirt a neatly finished look

  • Great look and proven durability (even with heavy use)

  • Left chest pocket features a pencil slot and a button enclosure

  • Legendary® Signature Buck stitched into the flannel

  • Double pleated back, will never restrict your range of motion


Made from extra strength cotton

Can be washed in machine on cold wash

Runs from medium to 3x-Large


Small sizes are not available

11. Columbia Thistletown Park Raglan

11. Columbia Thistletown Park Raglan
Columbia's Thistletown Park Raglan Long sleeve Tee Shirt (phew that's a mouthful) is cut to allow for free range of motion but never to be baggy. It’s also not impossible to work up a sweat in cold weather, and if you’ve experienced the sensation of sweat drying on you in frigid temperatures you know how important it is to have materials that deal with sweat.
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Omni-Wick® technology on the Thistletown is constantly at working wicking sweat away from your body and making sure you stay as dry as possible. Sometimes a lot of unexpected things can get thrown at you, this shirt is there to back you up every step of the way.


Material: Made from a 67/33 blend of  polyester and cotton

Sizing: Sizing options include Medium to double XL, Colombia sizes are generally pretty true.

Imported: Yes

Special Features

  • Omni-Wick properties  facilitate quick evaporation and sweat maintenance

  • Raglan cut allows full range of motion, never be held back

  • UPF rating of 15, added protection from the sun

  • Comes in seven natural looking colors Examples: Deep Water Heather, Grey Ash Heather, Nocturnal Heather, Red Element Heather.

  • Includes Colombia’s robust satisfaction guarantee


Made from a 67/33 blend of  polyester and cotton

UPF rating of 15, added protection from the sun

Comes in seven natural looking colors


a bit thin and not suitable for extreme cold

12. Drake Waterfowl

12. Drake Waterfowl
The Drake Waterfowl Long Sleeve Casual Hunting Shirt is one of our favorites to sport at the hunting camp or a softball game for that matter. It's got breathable nylon fabric which is breezy and comfortable.
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Some of its best features are as follows: an extension collar for added sun-blocking capability, mesh underarm strips for maximum airflow, large standard chest pockets with button fastenings, and button tabs on sleeves to make sure your rolled up sleeves do not slide down. Overall there is a lot to like in this shirt, and if you aren’t sold on the camo pattern there are plenty of other options to choose from.


Material: Made from stretchy yet durable 100% nylon

Sizing: Runs from medium to extra large, true to size at around 85%

Imported: Yes

Special Features

  • Large standard chest pockets with the capability to be fully secured bia a button closure

  • Vertical chest pocket, plenty of storage

  • Mesh back breathes exceptionally well and doesn’t let sweat or moisture accumulate anywhere

  • Sun blocker extension collar, UPF 15 + protection

  • Front and rear heat ventilation system


Made from stretchy yet durable 100% nylon

Sizing runs from medium to XL

Vertical chest pocket, plenty of storage


S sizes are not available

13. Legendary Whitetails Cotton Thermal

13. Legendary Whitetails Cotton Thermal
You`ll see Legendary Whitetails clothing a few times on this list, and that is because they offer high quality products for true hunters. While it is true that most of the items on the list are of good quality, otherwise it wouldn't be here, the difference with Legendary Whitetails’ shirts is that they have a wide variety of styles to choose from.
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Very smart look
The addition of the elbow and shoulder patches give so much to this shirt. First, there’s the obvious strength provided on key areas that can be susceptible to wear, but then you’ve got the sophisticated styling they also bring.

Fits like it says
If the Legendary Whitetails Men's Long Sleeve Cotton Thermal Commando Henley says that it’s a large, then you can rest assured that it going to fit exactly like a large. It’s not often that an item of clothing fits like it’s supposed to, so this is a welcome bonus.

Cost and Value
This is a shirt that you can rely on in the bush, and then throw it on as outerwear for a casual day out. The best part about that is that it won’t cost as much as typical outerwear, but has the versatility to outperform them.
  • Preshrunk cotton holds its shape nicely
  • Tagless label eliminates itchiness
  • Fits true to size
  • Elbow patches add protection and class
  • Short sleeve length
  • Pretty thin

14. TrailCrest Signature Cotton

14. TrailCrest Signature Cotton
Another button down shirt? Yes, in the name of giving the consumer the most choice possible, I’ve included this shirt in here to appeal to all styles. It doesn’t hurt then, that this shirt is also a very good choice for your hunting apparel needs, keeping you cool and dry in warm weather, and toasty warm on those cold days in the bush.
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Breath easy
Where most products are content to rely on the fabric of the clothing to give breathability, Trail Crest took things a bit farther by inserting a good amount of venting on their shirt, so having good airflow isn’t a question at all.

Heavy comfort
Trail Crest made this shirt just a little bit thicker to make sure you can last out in the cold longer, but not so thick that you break into a sweat everytime the sun comes out.

Cost and Value
Compared to most of the shirts on this list, this one offers something different in aesthetic and performance, and for some hunters, that's exactly what they are looking for. However, this unique appeal does come at a bit of a higher price, but this is made up for in the obvious quality
  • No questions asked warranty
  • Ventilated mesh opening on the upper back
  • Heavy weight fabric for warmth and comfort
  • Looser fit for greater motion
  • Fits small
  • Too short

15. Huntworth Lightweight 1/4 Zip

15. Huntworth Lightweight 1/4 Zip
Take a look at the Huntworth for a minute, and it should be obvious why I chose it to anchor this buying guide. In the case of performance and versatility, this one stands out, giving the option of wearing it as part of a layering system in the winter, or as outerwear on cool days, eliminating the need to carry too much stuff. In terms of price, it speaks for itself.
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Year round functionality
Forget about dragging along an entire wardrobe with you on your hunt. FOr those cooler fall days, all you need is the Huntworth Men's Lightweight 1/4 Zip Shirt, which will will gladly act as your jacket, and its mesh shell will keep you dry.

No smells
There are so many choices for good hunting shirts, that each needs to stand out in some way. This one does that by not standing out at all in the bush, where it all matters.

Cost and Value
This is more than just a shirt. It can easily be used as a fall jacket in colder weather, and it’s this kind of versatility that makes it such an outstanding value, especially since it’s priced so low.
  • Mesh shell for maximum breathability
  • Ideal for early season hunting
  • Treated for for scent reduction
  • Holds its shape after washing
  • High collar can be restricting
  • Fits a bit large


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Hunting Shirts

Even though we know that creating a list of the best ten items in any category is a subjective undertaking we try our best to make the selection process as objective as possible. Of course, it is not possible for us to try all hunting clothes in the market to rate them. So, we rely on reviews from others. This is the reason why we love large retailers like Amazon that give shoppers a chance to review verified purchases they make.

Apart from the reviews written by others, we also look at other factors related to clothes such as how well they fit. Just because something is designed to be used for hunting does not mean that it should not be fashionable. We have already indicated that we believe that money should be used wisely, so we always look at the value that a particular type of gear gives to the buyer. We also look at how the gear withstands the elements and how durable it is. Let’s look at the vetting criteria in more detail.

Price and Value

We all operate within a given budget; at least most of us do. This is the reason why we are careful when looking at hunting shirts for men, to ensure that we get shirts from different price categories. If we just looked at the most expensive only, we would get the best in the market but the list would not cater for those working within a budget.

We always advise buyers to shop while they still have sufficient time so that they can compare prices well. If you do not do your research, it is easy to buy when you are under pressure and miss bargains. For this list, we looked at hunting shirts and the features they offer and where we felt that a particular shirt offered more features than the others within the same price class, it made it into our list.

The same applied to the more expensive shirts we evaluated. If our idea is that a shirt offers good value but is still too expensive when compared to others in its class we dropped it down the list. After all, the reason why you are reading this guide has to do with the fact that you want to get the best products your money can buy.

User Reviews

User reviews are important in determining the quality of any given product including hunting clothes. We know that sometimes these reviews should be taken with care but huge retailers always ensure that only people who have purchased the product are allowed to write a review of that product. When we do our list of the best, we always visit these trusted sites to see what their users are saying about a particular product.
Where the majority of users are constantly rating a product with 5 stars, we take note. Of course, we are still conscious of the fact that people have different tastes so what could be good for someone will not necessarily be for another person in a different situation.

To ensure that we are not just looking at the hard cold numbers when it comes to ratings by internet reviewers, we always like to look at the reasons why the users are giving a particular rating. We only listen to those reviews where we see both the pros and cons of a particular product. If a reviewer is able to look at both the good and the bad, they are showing a certain level of objectivity.

The Pros and Cons

As you will notice in the above reviews, for every product we feature, we include the pros and cons. When we look at a product and notice that it has more cons than pros, we drop it off our list. This is the reason why you will notice that none of the products we feature has more cons than pros.

How Well the Shirt Fits

When hunting, you certainly want to mix comfort with looking great. Of course, it is not easy to determine how comfortable a shirt is before you buy it but we can always look at the material from which the hunting shirts are made.

Shirts that make it into our top list are those that are made from the right materials. For us, the best material for hunting should mix utility with comfort, and durability. The right material for your clothes will depend on the weather where you are going to be hunting. We don’t like materials that make a noise when brushing against other stuff or itself. If it makes noise, the animals will hear you before you act.


When we look at whether your hunting shirt is convenient or not we are looking at such issues as ease of washing. We also think that pockets are great but as long as you have a pair of trousers with enough storage, your shirt can get away with having no pockets at all.
We also love hunting shirts that do not have colors that are too bright. We believe that olive or earthly tones are the best for a hunter.


Again, as we do not have an unlimited supply of money, we look for durable clothes when we decide on the best we feature. Even though we believe that your hunting shirt should be fashionable, we do not think that it should be changed every season like you do with your regular clothes.
But how do we tell that the shirt we are looking at is durable? We look at the material from which it is made. Even though we do not have a particular preference for a particular brand of material, we believe that it should be soft, lightweight, and of course silent. The material should also preferably be cotton free so that it does not fade or shrink.


We know that it doesn’t matter how great a hunting shirt looks on a picture, if the manufacturers are unable to meet demand and you have to wait for weeks before it is available on retailers such as Amazon, then it can’t make it into our list of the best.

How to Properly Wash a Hunting Shirt

When you see an article such as this one, it’s easy to wonder why hunting clothes need any special attention when it comes to washing them. In this article, we will try to explain why you need to take special care when laundering shirts you want to use when hunting, then we will give you some tips on how to wash such clothes.

Why hunting clothes need special care when washing

The reason why most species of animals have remained in the wild for so long is their sharp senses, particularly those of sight, hearing, and smell. This ability gives the animals in the wild a distinct advantage over hunters.

To deal with the animals’ sharp sense of sight is generally easy: you simply get something camouflage so that the animal can confuse you for the surrounding vegetation. However, dealing with the sense of smell is more complicated. The reason behind this is that the dye used in making the camouflage clothes together with most of the detergents used comprise of UV brightness. This brightness attracts the attention of the animals.

Apart from the UV light, the detergents used coupled with the fabric finishes also contain some scents that are much sharper than the smell of the human body. These scents alert the animals of danger.

Selecting the laundry soap for hunting shirts

hunting clothes baking soda

Properly washing a hunting shirt should start with using the right laundry detergent. Many hunters will tell you that plain baking soda will do the trick. It is cheap and will ensure that you do not spend money on expensive detergents.

The washing process

Apart from using the proper laundry detergent, you will also need to follow the steps we recommend below.

For those who can afford, it would be advisable to have a separate machine for washing your hunting shirts. Also, considering that you may not have many hunting shirts, it could also be advisable to wash the shirts by hand. If washing by hand is too much for you, clean the machine you are going to use thoroughly. This will help to get rid of any of the scented detergents and fabric softeners that you could have used when washing all your other ordinary clothes.

When you are washing your hunting shirts by hand, you probably have to deal with very dirty clothes. It’s best to soak the shirts overnight in cold water. Cold water is suitable for removing protein and blood stains from your hunting shirts. Even though hot water may look like it’s the best, it actually cooks in the stains. Adding white vinegar is also recommended for those clothes that have odor resulting from mildew or being wet for extended periods of time.

Once the clothes have been soaked overnight, remove most of the soil from the clothes by plunging your clothes in and out of the water several times. Plunging can be made easy by using a plunging tool you can get from major retailers like Amazon.

hunting clothes detergent

Get rid of the soaking water. It’s a good idea to put a separator at the bottom of the container where you are washing the shirt. It ensures that any dirt that has been left behind will accumulate at the bottom and not collect on the shirt. Refill the bucket with cold water and then add, into the water, half a cup of baking soda. Wash the shirts with the least amount of dirt first.

The next step will involve rinsing the clothes. The rinsing process should remove all the baking soda or other detergents that could have been left over from prior washing. After you remove the clothes, look at the water and if it still looks soapy or cloudy, it means that you need to rinse once more until the water is clean.

As much water as possible should be removed by wringing the water by hand. This ensures that the shirt dries in a short period of time. Then you can air-dry the shirts. Air-drying is better than a dryer which risks making the clothes smell like a dryer sheet.

The scents on your sleeping bag and other materials can also attach to your shirt. This is the reason why all the other items like sleeping bags and carrying bags you use during camping should also be washed with the same detergents you use to wash your shirts.

Storing the shirt after washing

It’s also advisable to dry your hunting shirt on a clothesline on the outdoors. After the shirts have dried, you don’t want to keep the shirts with others that you have washed with scented detergents. The best method for keeping your hunting shirts separate from others is to keep them in a sealed plastic bag. This is done not only to prevent ambient odors from other clothes from attaching onto your hunting clothes, but also for odors from the car or other areas of your home. A sealable tub would also be great if you want to keep many shirts.

Inside the sealed bag, you can also put some dry twigs and leaves taken from the area where you usually do your hunting. This makes the shirt smell like the habitat that your animals are used to.

It is also advisable that you keep the clothes in the sealed plastic container until you get to your hunting destination. This means that you will not put the hunting shirt on when you are driving or doing any other chores before you start hunting. It’s also a good idea to wear gloves while handling your hunting shirts so that odors in your hands will not be transferred.

After hunting

When you put on your hunting shirt, ensure that you wash it before your body odor starts to overwhelm the shirt.

As you can see, keeping your hunting shirt scent free is easy, as long as you follow the easy steps we have suggested here. Also, ensure that you don’t use scented lotions and other perfumes.


Venting: Traditionally, a vent is a slit up part way from the bottom of the back of shirts and coats that allow for proper movement when trying to sit down.  In the world of hunting and athletic clothing, vents are patches of fabric, usually made of a lighter mesh, that allows greater airflow in order to keep the wearer cooler and prevent sweating during periods of greater exertion.

Chafing: When a piece of clothing presses against the skin, making it sore by rubbing it and potentially causing rashes, or in extreme cases, open wounds.

Cotton twill: A style of weave in fabric consisting on parallel diagonal ribs.  This gives a measure of reinforcement to the clothing, adding rip resistance to it. Staining is often less noticeable, and the garment tends to drape well over the body.

Shooter’s patch: On some clothing, a shooter`s patch is a reinforced piece of material over the shoulder designed to brace the shooter against the impact of the shot.

Preshrunk: The process of a garment undergoing a shrinking process prior to shipment in order to reduce further shrinking when washed.

Waffle weave: Also known sometimes as honeycomb fabric, is a material that is woven in such a way as to make it very absorbent.  Since it allows air to flow through it very easily, it also makes the clothing very quick drying.

Flatlock seams: A style of stitching that has the appearance of interlocking on both sides of a seam.  It creates a flat seam with the same appearance on either side that doesn’t stick out at all, which causes less irritation to the skin.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I always wear camouflage when hunting?

A: Hunters who do not have camouflage clothing kill animals every day. This could show that it is not a prerequisite for hunting. Well, let’s put this in another way, do you need bright clothes to walk along a busy road at night? Thousands of people may walk with dark colors and not be killed but it is dangerous.
We can apply the same logic above to this question, camouflage can help in particular types of hunting. It is important to select the colors of your hunting shirt by first deciding what type of animal you will be hunting. The way animals see colors, is actually not the same as that of a human.

Whatever the case, you will always need to hunt in colors that blend with the environment in which you are hunting. This is one of those rare times when you don’t want to be outstanding.

Q: Why is it important to select hunting clothes with care?

A: In actual fact, all clothes, not just hunting clothes should be selected with care. However, since we are discussing hunting shirts here, let’s confine ourselves to the topic. When these clothes are designed, they are made to ensure that you are comfortable while at the same time also being safe.

You will need to take care when selecting yours because we all operate in different situations. If you do not approach the task with care, you will end up with the wrong shirt for the type of hunting and environment you are going to be hunting in.

Q: What factors should I look at when selecting a hunting shirt?

A: The first thing you need to know is the region where you are going to be hunting. As we all know, different regions have different climatic conditions, terrains and the type of game that can be hunted. However, these factors are not static, they change with time. So, you will need to know the area well. What this means is that you should actually have different options for the same region.

Determine the season in which you are going to be hunting. If you are going to be hunting in cold weather, you will need the kind of shirt that can keep you warm without necessarily being bulky or you having to wear too many layers of clothes under it. While you will need to dress warmly in cold weather, you will also still need to remain flexible.

Chose hunting performance fabrics. They will help you to remain warm while also at the same time flexible to hunt successfully. They are designed to breathe easy while providing warmth and comfort.

Q: Do I need to make my shirt scent free?

A: As a hunter, you know that animals have survived for millions of years due to their sharp sense of smell. This is the reason why we think that it could be a great idea to ensure that your hunting clothes are scent free.

Many hunters will advise you to ensure that the shirt does not get too dirty so that all you need when you want to wash it is just cold water and baking soda. There are specialty detergents in the market that you can us.

Q: Speaking of scent will animals be able to smell any shirts with built in insect repellent, or repellent I apply?
A: The answer is a firm maybe. But keep in mind they can only smell you only if they are downwind. So if you’re a good hunter, hopefully this won’t be an issue unless you’re stuck in a blind, slave to the winds. What we have come to understand is that when it comes to animals in the wild, they’re generally going to have better vision as well as better noses than us humans. So what’s going to make the biggest difference for you is the ability to stay still, and that is next to impossible if you’re getting eaten alive. So whether you pick up some insect repellent camo like we’ve recommended or douse yourself in DEET, the goal is to keep still, because if you’re constantly slapping at skeeters, and brushing off ticks there ain’t an animal in the world that’s going to come within sniper distance.

Q: Why are hunters always advised to keep away from cotton fabrics?

A: There are a number of disadvantages with using cotton in hunting shirts. Cotton is not a great fabric for wicking away moisture from your skin. When it is exposed to humid conditions, it can get wet.

When cotton is wet, it gets quite cold and loses its capacity to insulate. Wet, cotton can drain heat away from your body. This makes cotton a dangerous material when it comes to making clothes such as hunting gear.

However, the issues with cotton do not necessarily equate it to poison. If you live in an area that is hot and sunny, cotton can offer protection from ultraviolet radiation.

Q: Should I buy a shirt with buttons or a t-shirt for hunting?

A: Ask anyone this question and you will soon see that it all depends on your preferences. Initially, we thought that t-shirts make you look more casual that button down shirts but we see lots of people who think it doesn’t. We also had the view that a t-shirt would be easier to make and ultimately cheaper to buy but we have seen a lot of button down shirts that are cheaper than t-shirts.

Whatever you end up selecting, ensure that it fits well and made for the type of hunting you are going to do. Also look at how durable it is and ensure it is the right color for your needs.

Q: What are some common mistakes made when people buy hunting shirts?

A: We think that the most common mistake anyone can make is to buy a hunting shirt based just on the fact that it looks great without considering what they will use it for. It doesn’t matter how much you love the shirt, if it is not right for your purpose, it is as good as useless.

We also think that basing your selection on nothing else but the price is a mistake. Many people think that if it is expensive then it’s the best while others believe that it is right just because it is the cheapest.

Buying your hunting shirt without knowing where you are going to use it and the game you will be hunting while wearing it is another common mistake. Of course, we are cognizant of the fact that you will be hunting in different environments. This is the reason why we will advise any serious hunter to have different shirts they will use in different environments. Just ensure that you know the conditions of the area where you are going to be doing your hunting.

Final Word

Hunting is unique in that it puts people in a enormous range of different situations and environments. For our money this is one of the most appealing things about it, it keeps you on your toes. It does present a challenge in that sense however, when it comes to how outfit yourself properly to meet these variable conditions? Whether you are going into the back country in the winter or the range in the summer we hope this informational guide on best hunting shirts has provided a few good options for you. Be it for hot weather, cold weather or simply for added technical capacity. We would however recommend being aware about our original point. Which is, you need not break the bank on shirts when there are so many other items where money can be better utilized. Happy Hunting.


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