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Pulsar Trail Review Facts

The benefit of using a scope goes beyond narrowing onto a target. A scope also assists the shooter to shoot targets at longer ranges. This enables those using a scope to hit targets that are further away from the shooter and enhances the area that the shooter can practice in. A range also helps improve accuracy which means that the shooter has a better opportunity to hit their targets with fewer misses. Another benefit to using a scope is a better scoreboard which essentially means that if in competition this will keep the scoreboard in the shooters favor if a scope is allowed. It also helps with the confidence of a shooter in that some shooters start to get shaky and doubt themselves after too many missed shots. This helps steady the shooter and gives them the self-confidence to continue shooting well. Finally, using a scope is also beneficial for those who are looking to shoot at a distance. Not all shooters want to be in the thick of activity as this may scare animals off and it may be a little intimidating for newer shooters. A scope allows the shooter to shoot from further away in order to keep some space between them and the area that they are shooting at.

This article focuses on one particular scope, the Pulsar Trail scope. We looked at consumer reviews in order to find out what consumers liked and disliked about it. We also looked at the features included with the scope as well as its connectivity and adaptability. We wanted to also look at the scopes construction as well as material used in order to determine its functionality, ease-of-use, and durability. This is our comprehensive review of the Pulsar Trail Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope. We hope that this article serves you in your next rifle scope purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • This product offers a long battery life
  • This product is quite reliable 
  • This product offers a long range 
  • This product offers great zoom features
  • This product is quite expensive 


This product offers a thermal imaging rifle scope with night vision capabilities. The night vision option offers a superior vision for hitting targets even in total darkness. The zoom on this scope is smooth and clear which makes shooting targets easy. The zoom is discussed in more detail below but it assists any shooter, new to advanced, with hitting targets with accuracy. The scope also offers 10 electronic reticles, which are described in more detail below, that offer superior accuracy depending on the range and the target being shot at. This product, as regular reviewers confirmed, is easy to use, offers a high level of accuracy and does the job well, as they also confirmed, do all Pulsar products. The benefit of accuracy in a gun is obvious but, this is what will hit the target the easiest and fastest. In the hunt, one shot can wreck the trip as missing will cause the animal to run. And if in an area where animals are limited, this could mean going home without a kill. This product allows the hunter to hit the target the first time without fear that one missed shot will ruin the entire trip.


This product offers a 1.2X to 9.6 X zoom in features. Those who used this product praised its seamless zoom-in features and capabilities. The advantage to a zoom is that allows the user to both focus on objects closer and further and adds to the products overall versatility. Having a proper scope will eliminate the need for more than one scope when hunting. This product also offers different versions of this product which ranges from 1.6 X to 12.8 X, 2.1 X to 8.4 X and 2.7 X to 10.8 X. All versions range in price due to the advancement of the zoom-in capabilities. This product also offers night vision capabilities which are a nice feature as this means the hunting trip does not need to end when the sun goes down, rather, this product can switch to night mode and allow those using it to see in the dark. Those who purchased and used this product found that the night features is extremely handy and also good quality. Those who used this feature appreciated how well the night vision addition works and how easily the transition from day to night vision is.


This product can detect heat out to 1350 meters in length which are handy especially in areas of low visibility. It is able to zoom to different lengths, all discussed in more detail above, as well. This product also offers 10 electronic reticle options making the scope more customizable and easier to use. It has a built-in camera that takes video in order to review performance and also to rewatch target hits. This product comes with an 8-hour battery pack. Those who purchased this product praised the length of the battery of this product, saying that they used the scope without having to charge it, over multiple night trips. This is especially handy when camping without a power source to charge it. This product is also WI-FI capable which adds a level of technology that is fairly new to scopes today. The digital display offers a wide range of reticle color options and brightness levels as well which makes it easier on the eyes and ideal for those day to night changes. Those who used this product praised its features, add-ons and functionality, all saying that as always with this brand they were impressed with it overall.


This product offers numerous features that add to its ease-of-use including a long-lasting battery, as well as WI-FI capabilities. This product offers WI-FI in order to make sharing easy. The menu of this product is loaded with features and is easy to maneuver around. The scope offers electronic reticles which are fine lines/markings that are built into an eyepiece in order to aid with sight through the scope. These also offer measurement references in regards to the visual examination of the item being targetted. Offering 10 different options allow for a better target on an object depending on its requirement. The internal software of this product offers 2 points of impact for various distances, weapon types, and castigates. This product also fits on all Picatinny and Weaver Rail model types. Those who used this product found that it attached to the gun easily and stayed on well. They also found that working their way around the scope was easy and not hard to learn right out of the box.


This product comes with a rechargeable 8-hour battery which reviewers found lasted quite a while, including on multiple night hunts. The scope itself comes with a charging unit which the scope fits into in order to charge. It also comes with a USB cable and remote control. Those who purchased this unit found that it was easy and convenient to connect the scope to the charging unit and also found that it didn't take long to charge back to full charge which is positive. This unit obviously requires a power source and should be charged fully before leaving for your trip. The USB cable enables the owner to plug the unit into the car if the car also has a USB cable plugin (this is a unit that plugs into the cigarette lighter in the vehicle and uses the power of the battery to charge the unit). Overall, the power source and the battery of this unit is easy, convenient, quick charging and long lasting. All of which are positive features.


This product is quite expensive in price. It is not too far over and above competitive products though. The scope ranges in price depending on the desired level of magnification. Those who purchased this product mostly praised it for offering unique and quality features. They also found that the image quality both through the scope and via video recording to be superior. This product also offers a night vision option which is common in scopes but still a nice add-on. Those who used this product praised the quality of the image seen through the scope, even at night. The heat out feature is 1350 meters long which is quite long and superior to the competition. Those who used this product also praised it for its ease-of-use and durability, meaning that this product won't need to be replaced as frequently as cheaper and lower quality alternatives. Overall, though the price tag on this is high it's not unreasonable and because of all of its features and its quality, it is worth a consideration.


The key features of this product are the night vision technology and WI-FI capabilities. Night visions technology is handy not only when the day transitions from light to dark but also because hunting at night have its advantages. Hunting at night gives the hunter the ability to bag prey, this is because animals can be taken by surprise due to their ability to see better a night. Because they do not have the advantage of wearing night visions goggles, the chances of them seeing you at night are far less than if they were out during the day. Plus night vision does not require a light to be emitted so you are able to stay secure and hidden when taking your place to shoot. It should be noted that not everywhere allows hunters to hunt at night due to obvious safety issues associated with it and this should be reviewed before taking advantage of this capability. The other feature is the WI-FI technology which allows those using this product to effortlessly send videos (also offered by the gun) to another device. This is handy to show others your successes or to review your process and see where to improve. These features aren't unique to this product but are impressive and handy add-ons to this product.


This product is offered in different sizes depending on the requirement for zoom. The lowest model offers a 1.2X to 9.6 X zoom, is 11.2" by 2.8" by 2.9" and weighs about 18.3 ounces. It has a 50 mm eye relief and offers 28.6 M FOV at 100 meters. The close focus distance is 5 meters.
The second model is 1.6 X by 12.8 X zoom. It is the same size and weight as the primary model (11.2" to 2.8" by 2.9" and 18.3 ounces in weight). It's primary difference is the price (obviously) and the zoom capabilities. The other difference is the FOV which is 2.1 m at 100 meters.
The first model is 2.1 X to 8.4 X. The size features (size and weight) are identical to the previous two models. The eye relief is the same as well. The FOV is 21.8 meters at 100 meters and the close focus is 5 meters as well.
Finally, the largest model is 2.7 X to 18.8 X. This model is the same size and weight as the previous models. It also offers a 50 mm eye relief and it's FOC is 17.2 m at 100 meters.
All scopes are depending on preference and they all increase in price depending on the size of the zoom.


The bottom line is this product is loaded with features. It offers night vision capability which isn't necessarily rare but not included with all scopes. The night vision is also reportedly quite impressive, offering a high-resolution image even in the dead of night. It offers numerous zoom options on each scope. This product is great for multiple night trips, in that the battery can last for 8 consecutive hours. The charging port is extremely convenient and it charges relatively quickly. This product also offers numerous electronic reticle options for preference and customization. The heat signature detection option is also ideal for those looking for anything big game, it can detect heat signatures out to 1350 meters in length. The unit is easy to mount on any gun and stays in place with solid linkage. Those who purchased this product were impressed by its quality, its image quality, and its durability. Overall, this product is ideal for those with a Picatinny or Weaver Rail and will assist anyone, new or advanced, with their hunting skills, accuracy, and confidence. The only hitch is that it is quite expensive. It is in line with competitive brands, however, this scope will slightly set the buyer back which needs to be considered especially if on a budget.