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Timberland White Ledge Review Facts

Take control of your hiking adventure with the rugged style of the Timberland White Ledge boot and hit the trail. With this boot you can climb, walk or jump over anything that is in your way while staying dry and comfortable. The boot is waterproof made from premium leather and a rubber outsole giving you the flexibility you need to while the padded ankle gives you the support to keep going all day long. The White Ledge is built an outsole with multi-directional lugs, soft comfort midsole yet durable to last you for years.

The boots are top rated by users because of the quality but also the variety of uses. They look great with a pair of jeans or with a uniform for work and with whatever outdoor wear you choose. They are rugged but not so bulky that they look like a work boot. A great boot to have and be able to wear where ever the day may take you.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Comfortable to wear


Versatile use

Aggressive traction


Not a steel toe option if needed for work

Not an insulated boot

Sole Compostion

When you research a boot for hiking use a feature to always consider is the sole. The Timberland White Ledge boot has a rubber outsole that is durable with the unique B.S.F.P. motion efficiency system. This is designed with rubber lugs with a specific purpose to follow the natural motions of your foot. It also follows the center of your foots pressure path to secure a solid foot placement. This motion system helps to improve traction and performance for longer wearing and durability.

The sole has a one and a half inch heal that offers a little leverage from the ground when crossing some wet areas yet not to thick that it looks chunky. The heal and toe have a thick bumper on each which is nice to preserve the uppers of the boot. When you hit the front of your toe or try to climb sometimes the toe area will rub on what you are pushing off of scuffing and wearing the tip. The bumper on the front and back give a little protection for your foot and preserve the look of your boot.


The White Ledge boot will not let you down if you are testing your limits. This boot can take on any terrain you feel like mastering. Wear the boots on a mountain hike, doing yard work or a hard day on a concrete floor whatever you are doing this boot can handle it. The waterproof boots with an engineered sole provide the protection, support and comfort needed in all weather conditions and terrain you dare to step in.


With any hiking boot traction it is very important for function and for safety. A unique feature of the Timberland White Ledge boot is the motion efficiency system B.S.F.P. used to provide you with excellent traction. The movements of braking, climbing and accelerating are easy with the lug style rubber sole. The aggressive sole respond to your natural stepping motion, activating the lugs to secure your step when you place your foot down and grooves come together to grip your placement. A safe secure traction on all surfaces is important for daily use and for hiking or climbing where you are already on an uneven surface

Upper Build

Quality and durability is known with the Timberland brand. These boots are made to withstand the test of the elements. The uppers are made of 100% premium waterproof leather that add a level of comfort and durability. The waterproof construction of the upper also protect your feet. The padded ankle area serves as both protection for the ankle and support. If laced all the way up it also will help to keep debris from getting inside of the boot or hitting the ankles.

The boot does not require a lot of break in time because it is made of quality leather that provides flexibility. Granted if you plan on wearing them for the first time on a five (5) day hike you might experience some discomfort but put them on for a day at work or a weekend hike wearing them for the first time you will not experience any problems. This is what most first time users of the boot are surprised about and make them repeat owners.

The classic clean style of the Timberland White Ledge allows it to be used for work or play. It comes in seven (7) colors so you have options to pick from for your individual preference. With the variety of colors, it can meet work uniform requirements or match some of your favorite hiking apparel. A protective spray or mink oil is suggested to keep you boots looking fresh and provide an extra layer of protection from stains. This should be applied several times a year to preserve the leather and extend the life of the boot.

The boots are not insulated however due to the way they are sealed and waterproof they keep your feet dry and comfortable. This allows you to use the boots in the summer and not be overly warm and sweat. Just put on a little thicker of a sock for the winter and you are able to wear these boots year round.

Size and Weight

The sizes for the boot run in whole sizes and are available in a wide width if needed. The standard is considered a medium width but is roomy which is nice to allow for thicker socks and does not cramp your toes. They do run pretty true to size but keep in mind if wearing the boot with a thicker sock for warmth or that is moisture wicking, you may want the extra room of the next size up.

Using the premium materials on this boot help to keep it lightweight, which is a feature needed when wearing them on long days at work or on the trails. The weight of the White Ledge is 1 pound 3 ounces which it minimal compared to other boots that are heavier due to synthetic materials used. When quick responses are needed due to uneven surfaces or elements we are exposed to, being lightweight helps to ease fatigue that a heavy boot could contribute to. The weight of your boot does matter after a 10-12 hour day at work.

Airflow and Waterproofing

The leather used by Timberland is made in some of the highest graded tanneries providing the protection needed naturally. Leather has a natural water repellent property yet is breathable which not only keeps moisture out but also helps to ventilate the inside of the boot so moisture does not build up on the inside. Other brands use a synthetic material which might look nice but is not nice for your feet. The synthetic materials are not breathable so they trap in the moisture which can create foot problems and your boots will usually start to smell too.

There is also a dual-density, EVA foot bed that is perforated for better air flow and is removable. The dual-density provides an extra cushioning to your step. Having a removable foot bed allows you to completely ventilate your boots that can help with moisture and odor especially when using on long days at work or hiking trips. Wearing a pair of moisture wicking socks is recommended as well to keep your feet dry and warm.

Support & Balance

No matter what you use these boot for they will provide the support and balance you need for the day. The innovative design of the rubber multi-directional lugged sole help with your balance for foot placement on all types of terrain. It has a lower heel allowing you to have a comfortable stride and not putting your foot at an uncomfortable angle when standing flat. These features with the flexibility and the lightweight design help to provide stability and balance even with some unusual foot positions you may have to tackle on the trails or in everyday movements.

Having a soft and thin padded ankle provides extra protection and support needed yet remaining comfortable. The padded ankle can be secured with the laces to your individual support needs and allows for the full range of motion of your ankle. The Timberland White Ledge offers support for any weight and frame size. Users with a larger frame and weight give rave reviews on the support and comfort this boot provided compared to other boots that did not have the quality level like these do. Usually the ankle and heel area wear down and have a slip to them not giving you the support needed and decreases the longevity of the boot.

Lacing System

The lace up feature of a boot can add to your comfort and securing the boot for all day wear. This boot has a speed lace hardware with top hooks that are rustproof. With all the elements you might expose your boot to this is a nice feature to preserve the function of the laces and the boot.

With so many different ways to lace up your boots for comfort and support, you have to find what works for you. The speed lace hardware allows you to adjust to your needs such as if you have a narrow foot with a lower arch you will want your boot tighter on the top of the foot for the support. Those with a higher arch or a wider framed foot will typically want the top of the foot more lose. The top hooks allow you to tighten or loosen the padded area to your comfort level while accommodating flexibility and movement needed.

The tongue is gusseted which helps protect the foot from debris, assist in being waterproof and relieves pressure from the laces. The ability to adjust the laces as needed also helps with foot comfort. Most peoples feet do swell with increased or continual activity so the ability to start the day with one lace technique and change the tension as needed is a great feature.

Cost & Value

It is an average cost for a boot but the high quality of the product and material is what sets this apart from other boots. Timberland has a strong following of loyal customers for a reason, the end product is hard to beat. The engineering of the soles with the seam-sealed waterproofing, and the premium leather used to create the durable boot is what keeps customers coming back to the Timberland boots. For the variety of uses and the cost of the White Ledge, you can’t go wrong with these.

Main Features

Made from full-grain leather
Seam Sealed to help in waterproof protection
Padded Collar for ankle protection
Aggressive traction
Lace up for individual comfort

Final Thoughts

The Timberland White Ledge boot is a top pick for the quality, all the features and at a price that will make you a repeat owner. The waterproof leather, energy motion system, durability with the lightweight feel are just some of the many features that make this a sure choice to take on an outdoor adventure or just kicking around town. The classic design gives the boot a rugged look without being stiff or bulky.

Nothing beats a pair of boots that delivers exactly what it promises for protection at the same time is comfortable. The premium leather paired with the lace up padded ankle do not require a break in period like a synthetic or less quality boot does. For all the things we do in a day, comfort and support are features you do not want to compromise.

Versatility is important in owning a pair of boots that you can throw on to do a little yard work, go for a hike and wear to work without having to change boots between each activity.
The Timberland Co. is a brand that has a loyal following for a reason and once you own a pair of these boots, they will become your favorite as well.