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Scarpa Mojito Review Facts

Scarpa is an Italian brand that specializes in outdoor footwear. The Scarpa Mojito is a stylish approach shoe with minimal cushioning. It has the durability to take rocky abuse. The shoes are light and comfortable for short trips to crags and smooth terrain.

They are not suitable for long hikes or carrying much of a load. Climbers will likely want an approach shoe with a better climbing ability and more foot support. The Mojito provides excellent performance on slick slabs and talus on the way to a destination.

It can handle warm-up routes before starting a project. The great-looking casual approach shoe is excellent for short approaches to boulders and crags. It is durable and light. While it is a light shoe for use on multi-pitch routes, it can take rough abuse. The Scarpa Mojito is among the best-selling approach shoes.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Form-fitting
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Little midsole cushioning
  • Poor foot support
  • Expensive
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  • I wanted a shoe that provides all day comfort and that I don't even know that I have them on and that's the Mojitos. I've lost count of how many miles I've walked in these shoes. They are my go-to shoes.
  • These shoes are great for general use and for hiking I don't think I would run in them though. They do take a bit of time to break in. The fact that they are narrow is fine because my foot is narrow. I would definitely buy these shoes again.
  • These shoes held up very well on several hikes in European countries and in different climates and terrains. Also wore them casually in the cities. I did go ½ size up based on reviews and they fit perfectly.
  • This is a great looking pair of shoes. They are so sophisticated and sporty looking. Love the fit and the style. These are great for casual wear and light to moderate workouts.
  • My boyfriend used to wear these non-stop as a server and wore them out within 6 months. He loves these shoes. He wears them as a casual shoe now and they last longer. He says that he's happy with them because they provide the support he needs.
  • Great shoe great value. I took these on a 5-mile hike after using them around the town and these shoes are rugged and they fit very well. No hot spots and no blisters. I wanted a shoe that would double as a casual and a hiking shoe. This is it! I would definitely purchase these again.
  • I got these shoes for a surgeon friend who is on his feet a lot. It was a recommendation from a colleague of his and these shoes turned out to be an excellent fit. Worth the investment. He's in love with them. The lacing system is exceptional making them adjustable and supportive.
  • I purchased these, without researching them, after seeing somebody wearing them. The fit is perfect and the quality excellent. Highly recommend these shoes.
  • This is the second pair of shoes that I've gotten from this brand and because of the quality of shoes I would definitely buy again. These shoes are great. The comfort and fit allows you to be in them four hours. I even wash them with the laundry and air dry them and they come out looking great.
  • I purchased these shoes to wear on a daily basis since I currently own hiking boots by the same company. I like that these break in quickly and they are extremely comfortable.
  • I think these shoes are made for rock climbing but I wear them everyday around town. This is my third pair. They are extremely comfortable shoes. I got a lot of compliments on them.
  • These shoes are the most durable and the most comfortable shoes I own. I just love these shoes. I'm a die-hard fan of Scarpa.
  • The first time I saw these shoes I was hooked. But it took me months to buy them. They fit great and I wear size 13. Well-crafted and great looking shoes.
  • I think these shoes are excellent for daily use not so much for off-road hiking. I love the quality and the breathability of these shoes. They fit like a glove although they don't have a lot of cushion. Love the toe guard and the Vibram soles. These are my second pair.
  • I get a lot of compliments in these shoes. I love them. My trail runners are more comfortable for hiking however but these shoes are great for urban use and light off pavement uses. They run a little small for me so I went a half size up. Love the quality.
  • I personally bought these shoes to wear casually because I think putting them through a hiking regimen would just mess them up. They are very comfortable and love how the laces allow you to control the fitting experience. Great Vibram sole gripping the ground as usual. I'm already looking at another pier in black.
  • I got these because I was looking for a shoe that had a heart or soul for hiking and I love that these fit as expected. then she was well constructed and very comfortable. I have actually worn these shoes for over 15 hours in a day and my feet felt great.
  • This is the first Scarpa shoes that I've ever bought but it certainly won't be the last. I love the look and feel of these shoes.
  • I love the high quality of these shoes coupled with the Vibram soles. Not to mention that they look cool. I love these shoes.
  • Some buyers complained about the tongue construction of the shoe being annoying
  • The shoe does tend to run narrow for some buyers.
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Sole Composition

The Vibram Spyder sole provides sure footing and lasting durability on aggressive trails. The rubber toe wrap allows messing around on boulders, bouncing from rock to rock on river banks, and climbing urban walls with toe protection. It is a durable design made specifically for approach versatility.

The sole adheres well on smooth rock. It does not perform well for technical, steep slab climbing. The Vibram Spyder sole is a feature that most impresses those who test it. It is a sticky, gluey type of hiking sole material that is used on high-end approach and hiking shoes.

It is a great compound, and the sole applies in the work world for those who have to walk a lot, climb, or who don’t want to wear a basic, everyday run of the mill gym shoe or classic work shoes. It is more supportive and grippy.

Terrain & Traction

Climbers going short distances and carrying light loads find the shoes comfortable. They are not useful for extended trips into the mountains. They are great for relaxing at a sports crag. If the shoe is sized to fit correctly, it edges well. Vibram is known for its durability and grip on slippery and wet surfaces.

Approach shoes that are best on the trail, typically have added cushioning, a roomy fit, and a larger profile. They are protective and supportive under heavy loads. The shoes hold traction well on cross-country and established terrain even on snow. Most approach shoes are insensitive and clunky on technical rock.

Shoes that climb are a bit stiffer and lighter in weight. The toe box and edges make a delicate connection with rocks. Climbing shoes are frequently sized snugly to provide more precision and sensitivity.

The Scarpa Mojito possesses and lacks features of both approach and climbing shoe. There is not much cushioning in the shoe, but it has a larger profile. It lacks the necessary support for heavy loads.

The shoe does have protective features and holds traction well on established and cross-country terrain. The shoes will grip on snow but are not waterproof. The snug fit is a characteristic needed for climbing shoes. The shoes are not recommended for long hikes and climbing ability.

Upper Build

The upper is made of suede leather. Midsole Dual-Density EVA cushioning provides superb support and comfort. The suede leather upper is lined with smooth Vellutina which provides some cushioning throughout the midsole. There are a lightly padded tongue and collar.

The midsole is made of polyurethane. Underneath the basic air transference insole is a hard footbed. The wearer receives some support. The foot can collapse, and the midsole takes on the shape of the foot which is desired from a shoe of this kind. Users want the shoe to take on some sort of memory for their feet.

Size & Weight

Testers gave the minimally cushioned Scarpa Mojito better than average ratings for durability and weight. The Mojito scored a seven out of ten in the metric of weight. A pair weighs approximately two pounds. It is the lightest shoe that also scored well in durability.

Having the shoes on the feet feels more like house slippers than sports shoes. To provide sensitivity and precision climbing shoes are frequently sized snugly. It is suggested to purchase shoes that are a half size bigger than the standard size worn.

Airflow & Waterproofing

The insert above the footbed is perforated for breathability. The shoe is not waterproof, but because of the way it is put together, the direct attach, the stitching, and everything else, it can be sprayed down with silicone spray and treated to keep some of the water out of the lower sections. Due to the lace to toe and the classic rock climbing shoe look, with the rubberized toe, getting it to be waterproof in the tongue section is virtually impossible.

Most climbers limit endeavors to days when the conditions are warm and dry. Waterproofing is like a security blanket in the mountains. Breathable membranes and waterproofing are great for crossing snow, surprise rainfall, and creek crossing.

The extra protection adds weight to the shoe. The lightweight Scarpa Mojito is not waterproof. Approach shoes having a mesh upper, breathe better than the leather and suede versions. They are also more permeable to debris like snow, dirt, and sand. A mesh model is the choice when breathability is the primary concern. The suede upper of the Mojito is stiffer, more protective, and durable than a mesh upper.

Comfort & Cushioning

As a minimalist shoe, the midsole has little cushioning. Some users like that the shoe keeps the foot near the ground. The feature is paired with an upper made of supple suede that provides an unrestricted, flexible fit.

The suede leather upper contours to the foot over time. It molds to the foot as it stretches. People with wide or narrow feet can achieve a comfortable fit. There are a few holes in the leather tongue for air flow. A pair of flip flops will be the shoe of choice when you get to a crag in warm weather.

Along with the Vibram sole, there is a padded insert providing support and surprising comfort. Because the shoes are meant for rock climbing, they give a barefoot feel. Feeling rocks under the feet can become uncomfortable.

When walking or hiking on various terrains, the feet do not hurt while or after wearing them. They do well over long periods of time. They provide some support. The insert breathes well which helps with the suede and rubber exterior.

The soles cradle the foot and provide the stability that is helpful when bouldering, climbing, or on a trail. Take into account the socks that will be worn. If hiking socks are worn, the shoe size may require some extra room.

Inside the shoe, the tongue can become distorted and cause some discomfort. People with high arches suffer more than others. The shoe is not like the typical outdoor type of shoe. It feels supportive. The shoe hugs the foot. It is lined with a product called Vellutina. Vellutina is similar to soft polyester.


There are mixed thoughts about how the shoe looks. Take them anywhere from city streets to mountain trails. It is a versatile shoe that can be worn on the trail with shorts or jeans. The laces go from near the tip of the toe to the top of the shoe. It looks a bit different than other shoes.

Some high contrast is offered by white stitching that helps with the shoe’s overall line. The shoes are offered in blue, black, and dark brown shades to fit any styles. They are available in many color combinations.

They are surprisingly lightweight. Because they are multi-use, the shoes are not as light as running shoes but do not weigh down the wearer. They are great for casual wear when not hiking. As for the shape of the shoe, It is a little wider on the sides than some casual shoes.


Considering how light the shoes are, the Scarpa Mojito is very durable. Testers rated it at eight out of ten for durability. It is an excellent shoe for those wanting a lighter shoe without sacrificing abrasion resistance.

There are no exposed seams on the suede leather upper that will come apart with wear. There is a small toe rand, but the unique raised edges of the sole protect the forefoot flex point on the upper.

Italian leather is exceptionally durable. It holds up well to the elements. The rubber is resilient and protects the shoes from scratches that are caused by the elements. The inserts are relatively durable.

After several hundred miles, they begin to wear down, but the overall frame of the shoe is more than satisfactory. The shoes are not recommended for long heavy duty hiking. Hiking boots having a different upper would be a better choice.

Safety Features

There have been complaints about the tongue construction. Some people feel it should be more connected to the side to be more protective of the foot. The width helps when walking downhill to prevent the toes from sliding into the toe of the shoe. The durable rubber toe saves the toes of users from hard rocks and such time and time again.


A reviewer referred to the shoe as having crazy flexibility. Shoes that are low on the support are often very flexible. The pliable shoes fold for easy storage in a climber’s backpack. The flexible upper folds into the footbed to stow in a climbing pack when climbing multi-pitch routes

Support & Balance

Those with arch problems will need orthotics or inner soles. The shoes can be worn a long time and remain comfortable. Wearing shoes give the foot more support than going barefoot. The polyurethane midsole offers some support.

Lacing System

The shoes have a deep lace-up front. The Mojito lacing system goes all the way down to the toes and allows more adjustment. A wearer has more control over how tight or loose the shoes are. It enables the shoes to be tightened in places that generally cannot be tightened.

Value and Cost

The shoe retails for $145. It is the most durable lightweight shoe that a group tested. However, for the price, there are approach shoes that are more well-rounded. The price is reflective of the brand name.

Comparisons and Similarities

In a search for the best approach shoes, Scarpa has some models that make a list such as the Scarpa Crux, Gecko, and Zen. The Mojito did not make any of the lists of the best. Mojito excelled above the five top crack climbing performers. It is due to the low profile toe. There is little foot support to transfer twisting forces to the midfoot. Some testers did not classify the shoe as a climbing shoe. They felt it was too tall and should be classified as a walking shoe.

Key Features

Approximately one-inch heel measure
Dual-density EVA cushioning cushions the heel and attenuates shock
Imported Italian shoes that come in European sizing
Laces to the toe
Rubber toe cap
Soft Suede leather upper
Velvety Vellutina fabric lining
Versatile traction on approach
Vibram Spyder sole

Final Thoughts

The Scarpa Mojito is a hybrid shoe that is climbing inspired and has hiking roots as well. Some reviewers gave the Scarpa Mojito an overall rating of eight out of ten, others seven out of ten. The average rating given by testers was 7.6. The design is fashionable and lightweight. Durability and quality are evidenced bin a well-constructed shoe.

They are comfortable, stylish, and capable of handling a variety of terrains. Unfortunately, the price is due to the name, but consumers also get a quality product. Its best features are the soft leather upper, a deep lace-up front, and a treaded rubber sole that delivers traction and grip on and off the street. The shoes lack cushioning and support.