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Timberland MT Maddsen Review Facts

Living in an area where hiking is accessible is a lucky experience. Hiking is unique in that it involves so many positive attributes like constant fresh air for the lungs, accelerated heart rate to help with cardiovascular activity and sights that help stimulate the brain while decreasing depression and anxiety issues. Hiking also has its dangers though. For instance, there are dangerous animals that often live within thicker woods and on mountains, slips/trips/falls along the way and potential landslides. This is why it is so important to be prepared for your hike. Unlike running which requires very little equipment, hiking requires a lot more equipment as well as accessibility to areas where you can hike. Hiking equipment can also be expensive but is also essential in keeping you safe. Consider lightweight blankets just in case an overnight is required due to an emergency. Also, consider walking sticks to help get over tougher areas or to rely on when tired. Finally, consider emergency kits just in case the worst happens.

The most crucial piece of equipment any hiker will rely on is a proper hiking boot or shoe. This is because they are designed specifically for the environment. Most hiking boots offer a stickier traction in order to properly 'stick' to rocks that are uneven. They also lace up in a fashion that is more supportive to the ankle than a classic running shoe would be. They are also usually climatized to the environment including a waterproof skin, a tighter lacing system around the ankle and thicker outsole to resist sharp rocks that the boot might step on along the way. This article focusses specifically on the Timberland MT Maddsen. Timberland is a very popular company that has also been known to produce more fashionable boots. We put together a comprehensive review of this product based on consumer reviews and ratings. We also looked at the materials used and the products construction in order to determine important factors like breathability, durability, and flexibility. This is our in-depth review of the Timberland MT Maddsen hiking boot. We hope that this review helps you in your next hiking boot purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Reliable
  • Supportive
  • Lack of breathability
  • Cause some overheating issues


This product is listed as being completely waterproof. This is discussed more below, however, the waterproofing is a primary issue with the breathability of this product. This product has a completely leather upper and the 'Timber-Dry' technology within the boot that is supposed to provide superior waterproofing in any weather seems to have really negatively affected the breathability of this product. Those that wore this shoe said that they found that the waterproof membrane made their feet feel snug within the boot as though they were wearing a really thick thermal sock. This is great in winter conditions however when out on the trails, those who wore this product found that their feet got a little hot. Though this is an issue the waterproofing is (according to reviewers) outstanding. It depends on the individual and what they are looking for. If waterproofing is a primary concern then these are a great option but if breathability is a concern then these might be an issue.


This product as 'Anti-Fatigue' technology that is supposed to help with long days on this product. It seems that this product is not only targeted at hiking but also for work (like construction type jobs that don't require steel-toed shoes on site). The anti-fatigue technology is in the midsole of this product and it uses geometric cones to support the body as well as provide impact reduction and energy return. This is helpful for individuals who are on their feet all day. It also offers full waterproof technology that would keep the feet dry all day. There were some small complaints that this product can cause some discomfort if in areas of high heat as they aren't really breathable or well ventilated. They are lightweight, weighing in at about a pound each. They also have a compression molded EVA midsole that supports the arch of the wearer as well as offers shock absorption. It also helps with the overall cushioning of this product to keep the heel and ball of the foot comfortable. Reviewers stated that this product is extremely comfortable and easy to wear for extended periods of time. There weren't many complaints about the comfort of this product which is really positive.


This product offers Timber-Dry technology which is an eco-conscious waterproof membrane. It allows the feet to stay dry even if in very wet conditions. The eco-conscious aspect of the membrane may also be appealing to those who are eco-friendly. The membrane keeps water out of the boot even across the lacing system. The tongue of this product is also is fully gusseted which helps keep both debris and moisture out. Those who wore this product found that it is extremely waterproof even when submerged past the laces which are quite impressive. The issue, as mentioned above, is that this also makes them less breathable which would make them a little less breathable and ventilated. The benefit of waterproofing goes beyond the comfort of dry feet and socks. It also helps protect the foot and the boot. Any moisture that accumulates within the boot can also cause mold and mildew buildup. This can cause issues for the foot as well as a breakdown of the interior of the boot. It can also cause some odour issues within the shoe. Wetness can also cause sliding within the boot which could also impact the overall stability of the foot within the shoe. Having a waterproof boot is important when looking at hiking boots or waterproof socks for these reasons.


This product has a full-leather upper which is an extremely strong and durable material. Leather also has a little give which helps keep the upper tighter to the foot, allowing for a better hold of the top of the foot. The midsole is made of a compressed EVA material which is extremely strong as well as durable. It gives proper support and impact reduction without causing too much stiffness around the arch and heel of the foot. The outsole of this product is made of a tough rubber material that is regularly regarded as being tough and durable. There were no issues of sharp rocks getting through the outsole eventually and hurting the hiker's feet. This product is also fully waterproof so the leather won't get damaged due to water issues. They are fully weatherproof, with rust-proof eyelets and a thick and durable outsole. There were some issues of the glue disconnecting over time, however, it seems far past the boots actual expiration date. There seem to be very few complaints about the durability of this product. The Timberland website also notes that they are made of 15% recycled rubber lug which is environmentally friendly but also offers durability and traction.


The outside of this product, specifically the outsole, is made of partially recyclable materials. This is an ongoing theme with this product. It seems to be fairly focussed on being eco-friendly. The rubber lug is supposed to provide superior traction to this product. There were several reviewers that noted that this product is quite grippy in all environments, including ice which is interesting. One reviewer said that this pair of boots was by far the best protection against slipping on ice than any of their other shoes. The outsole of this product is lightweight and durable. There were not many issues of complaints about feeling rocks through the outsole or the outsole deteriorating at unreasonable speeds. There was one commenter that said that the boot was still staying together long after the tread was gone but it seems like this reviewer was wearing their shoes far longer than they should of. There were also very little complaints about the construction of the shoe including the glue that connects the upper to the outsole which is really positive note considering this is quite common in this type of shoe. Overall, the outsole provides a nice level of impact reduction, traction, and durability.


These boots are very reasonably priced. They are definitely on the lower end in price compared to products currently on the market. This product is quite durable and comfortable. They double as a work boot and a hiking boot which is handy for those who need both. They are attractive in design but definitely wouldn't be able to double as an everyday shoe. They are made by a pretty reputable company that is known for their more fashion-forward boots though. They fit true to size so buying them online shouldn't be a problem either. As they are both durable and attractive in design these are worth a second look. They also are regularly labeled as being quite comfortable. They are ideal for those looking for a good quality boot or those who are on a budget... or both!


This product, as mentioned earlier on in the article, is an attractive shoe. It definitely wouldn't be considered fashionable but for a work boot or hiker this product is quite clean, minimal and made of quality materials. The shoe is a little more narrow, eliminating the typical bulky nature of hikers and ties close to the foot in order to give them a sleeker look. They come in several different colors in order to suit individual styles and the lacing system also helps keep them tight to the foot. They are made by a fairly popular brand that is known for making fashionable shoes so they sort of have that name recognition as well. They are a clean and simple hiking boot that is highly durable and therefore will stay newer looking longer. This is all very positive.


This was discussed a little in the outsole section of this article but the traction of a hiking boot is important because this will help the hiker get across less than even ground. Rocks and trees often fall or are present along paths and can require climbing over. There also may be areas that are more steep than others. Having proper traction will assist with this. This product has been noted as having pretty decent traction. There did not seem to be any real issues with the traction or the durability of the traction of this product. Overall, the traction and durability of the outsole of this product was reviewed as being quality and reliable.


This product really doesn't have many issues. Those who tried out this product really appreciated the waterproof capabilities of them. They appreciated that they were able to essentially walk through streams past their lacing system without any water seeping through. They offer flexible leather uppers with a bass-eyelet lacing system that hugs the product close to the foot and keeps the upper in place without too much rubbing. The midsole surrounds the foot well and provides good support to the heel, arch and toe of the foot. The product is true to size, however, the inner waterproof layer of this product is quite thick and doesn't breathe very well. They are extremely durable and will last a long time, which is very important. They aren't versatile in that they can be worn at any time however they are versatile in that they can be used as either a work boot or a hiking boot. This product also offers good traction and impact reduction which protects the body both in the short term and long term. They are regularly labeled as being a product that can be worn for extended periods of time which is super positive. Finally, this product is really well priced. There is very little negative to say about this product. It's well made, durable and attractive in design. At this price tag, it's worth a try!