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Timberland Chocorua Review Facts

When out on the trails or on hikes having proper gear is important. This is especially true when it comes to hiking boots and shoes. Traditionally both hiking boots and shoes were quite heavy and bulky, this is because they needed to provide both safety and grip in order to protect the feet from debris, stubs and sharp rocks along the trails. This has since changed to lighter and yet still very durable alternatives. This benefits the hiker in that they no longer experience foot and leg fatigue as quickly due to their legs getting weighted down by their boots. There are now a ton of lightweight, flexible and durable products on the market today that range in price. There are two types of hiking styles on the market today: hiking boots and hiking shoes. The difference between boots and shoes are that boots support the ankle better, they better protect the foot from debris and bugs that could get into the boot and are a little better for higher incline hikes. Shoes tend to be lighter in weight than boots, they are more-so meant for casual hikes and they tend to be more breathable. When deciding what type of product to purchase it is important to consider what the product is going to be used for.

This article is in the Timberland Chocorua. This is of the hiking boot variety. We put together a comprehensive review based on consumer reviews and ratings. We looked at what consumers liked and disliked about this product. We also looked at what materials were used in order to make the product and its construction in order to gauge the product's durability, breathability, and weight. This is our in-depth review of the very popular Timberland Chocorua. We hope that this product review helps you with the purchase of your next hiking boot.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable 
  • Require no break-in time 
  • Fully waterproof 
  • Stable
  • Weak glue 
  • Tread wears out quickly
  • Thin outsole 


This product has a removable contoured sock liner which adds support to the underfoot. It can also be cleaned which would help delay mold and mildew buildup. This is particularly beneficial to those with existing foot odor issues. This product is also quite lightweight which would delay foot and leg fatigue in order to extend the time of any walk or hike. The rubber outsole of this product, as well as the EVA midsole help, reduce impact reduction which helps with the wear and tear typically incurred on joints and bones during more intensive walks and hikes. The leather of this product and the lacing system help keep the upper closer to the foot which offers a more natural step when out on the trails. Those who wore this product spoke very highly of the comfort of the product saying that the product fit as though they were not wearing anything on their feet at all. They found the insole and midsole to offer decent arch and heel support and felt secure even in sticky situations (like sliding rocks or hopping over fallen trees). And because of the Gore-Tex liner of this product their feet stay cool and dry throughout their hikes so overheating hasn't been an issue thus far.


There seem to be some durability concerns with this product. Though the upper of this product is made of real leather (a substance that is known for its toughness and durability even in unfavorable weather conditions) and offers a thick and tough outsole, there seem to be some concerns of the products construction. There were complaints that this products glue was not strong enough to keep the upper and the outsole connected. Additionally, there seem to be some issues with the eyelets of this product breaking down relatively easily. There was also some issues with the toe bumper coming loose from the leather upper. Though the materials used are tough and durable, the glue used seem to be the biggest bone of contention with many reviewers. Some reviewers also found that the tread and outsole wore out relatively quickly which caused the underfoot to feel the rocks under the shoes and decreasing the protection of sharp rocks cutting through the rubber of the outsole. This is why both the materials used and the construction of the product is important- because no matter how good the materials used are or the construction is, without strong materials and solid construction together the shoe will not last long.


The midsole of this product is made of a very durable, molded EVA. EVA is a lightweight and durable rubber material. It is supposed to add support, durability and impact reduction to the products underside. Those who wore this product said that the midsole of it did truly mold to the underside of their feet and they felt like they are part of the foot. They also found that they require no break-in time which is great for those about to hit the trails right away. Having a product that fits tighter to the foot is important because this would mean that the product offers a more natural step. During more intense hikes there may be more quick movements (gripping on rocks or jumping between small spaces) which can be dangerous. This would require a more natural step in order to trust that the landing will happen effectively and safely. It also requires proper traction (discussed more below). Those who wore this product did find that between the molded midsole and the supportive upper of this product that they did not have to worry about the boot not supporting their quick movements. This product seems to be a very reliable one for both mild and intensive hikes which is positive.


The outsole of this product is made of a solid rubber material. It has lugs which offer better traction to the product which is very important when being used on uneven surfaces. Hiking boots and shoes require traction in order to not only get over awkward surfaces like rocks and fallen tree stumps but also in order to remain 'sticky' in wet areas. Hikes and trails are often surrounded by trees which would stop the trails from drying as quickly as areas with direct sunlight would. Hikes can also require climbing higher inclines which would require ripping on things like rocks and trees in order to move forward. It is important the shoe can 'stick' to the objects that don't necessarily use pressure and section to provide that support. This product, according to the reviewers, offers good traction. Its issue is that those who wore this product found that the tread wears away quickly and can cause the outsole to thin out a bit. This resulted in the wearer being able to feel the rocks beneath their feet. This is both uncomfortable and unsafe, as sharper rocks can cut through or potentially hurt the wearers underfoot. Though the outsole is noted as aiding in the product impact reduction benefits, the durability of the outsole was a concern to many reviewers.


This product is quite inexpensive in price considering comparable products currently on the market. This product lacks the durability required for more intensive hikes which would make the product less versatile. It also couldn't really be worn as an everyday walking shoe unless the outdoorsy look is the wearer's style. They are also a boot so they may not be ideal for many different outfits and temperatures (potentially being too full-coverage to wear out to the mall, for instance). This product is made of quality materials and is an attractive hiking boot, though. They aren't too busy in design, are made with genuine leather and have a smaller toe bumper than comparable products. They are also a little more narrow in design which allows the boot to fit closer to the foot. Though they lack durability and may be better suited for easier hikes, this product is on the lower end in price. They would be ideal for those who enjoy lighter hikes and for those on a budget.


This product has full-grain leather uppers that surround the upper of the foot, closing tightly with a brass eyelet lacing system. They fit close to the foot in order to give the foot a more natural and supportive feel. It also offers supportive overlays that help keep the sides of the upper closer to the sides of the foot and keeps the foot in place even when in stickier situations that require quick movements. The molded EVA midsole also surrounds the underside of the foot in order to work in tandem with the upper to provide a full, supportive and stabilizing environments for all aspects of the foot. Those who wore this product found that their feet did not slide around in the product when in movement and also found that the shoe felt very natural to the foot. Though there have been some durability concerns in regards to the lacing system (specifically the brass eyelets), this product is still stable and comfortable which is positive.


This product is attractive in design for a hiking boot. It is made of genuine leather which gives the product a better quality, more expensive look. Timberland is a popular brand that has been known for its fashionable products so it makes sense that these boots offer a more minimalist design. They are not flashy and don't offer a busy design. They are sleek and narrow. They are offered in some color options to suit individual styles as well. They may not be easily versatile in the transition between everyday shoe and hiking boot but they are attractive as a hiking boot. There are durability concerns, though, which would cause some aesthetic issues later on down the road (glue not holding the rubber together with the leather and the eyelets breaking), however, brand new these are attractive boots which is positive.


This product has a full-grain leather upper which is completely waterproof. Leather is also quite resilient to weather damage including sun and water damage. Leather is also breathable and flexible which would allow the product to dry faster as a result. The internal liner of this product is a Gore-Tex product. Gore-Tex is widely used in this type of product due to its high level of waterproofing abilities and its general reliability. One issue that is often seen with Gore-Tex specifically, though, is that it has been known to decrease the breathability in the shoe even though the product website for Gore-Tex does state that it is supposed to be both waterproof and breathable. Reviewers that tried out this product found that their feet stayed dry throughout the course of their hikes even when in areas of high humidity and moisture. They found that the water did not seep into the boot or damage the exterior of it which is positive. The lacing system of this product is also made of a rustproof metal that would keep the eyelets and metal add-ons free of rust and therefore early wear and tear or breakdown.


The bottom line is that this product is attractive in design and inexpensive. They are also listed as being very comfortable. The only issue with the comfort level of this product is that the outsole wears down and rocks can be felt under the shoe. This would cause some potential damage to the foot if a sharper rock was able to break through the outsole. The traction of this product is good, however, has been known to wear out faster than comparable on the market today. Those who bought this shoe liked its comfort level and stability which is positive. The overlays of this product, as well as the flexible leather upper help, keep the upper of the foot secure without any sliding. And removable sock liner of this product in tandem with the molded EVA midsole help keep the underfoot in place and supported. The durability of this product seems to be the main concern of many reviewers. This product may be better suited for those who are going on shorter, less intensive hikes and for those on a budget as this product is quite inexpensive in price. Overall, this shoe is a good product and worth a try especially seeing as they require little to no break-in time!