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Merrell Siren Edge Review Facts

Hiking is both a form of physical activity as well as a fun activity. There are so many health benefits associated with hiking, the biggest being the amount of clean air that the lungs breathe in at an increased rate. Clean air is air that is free of pathogens, smoke, and dangerous gases. This allows the lungs to not only maximize the amount of oxygen that can be utilized within the body but it also helps the lungs protect themselves. Trees clean the air by absorbing odors and pollutants from the air (like nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and ozone) and produce clean oxygen for us to use within our bodies. So it would make sense submerging ourselves in dense areas of trees and shrubs would be the best place to not only be but also do physical activity in (where we are breathing heavier due to an increased heart rate). The higher levels of oxygen help our bodies because our bodies take oxygen and use it to burn fuel (sugars and fatty acids) which becomes our energy source. We obviously use our lungs to breathe in the oxygen and it is then transported through our red blood cells and delivered throughout our entire bodies. So it would make sense that an environment where we'd be able to get the most 'fuel' is in areas of higher levels of clean oxygen. This is why hiking and climbing are so beneficial to us. We have more energy and cleaner air when our heart rate is higher and breathing is heavier.

Another benefit of hiking is that it doesn't require too much equipment. It does require a little more equipment than running for instance, which really only requires a pair of running shoes. Hiking often does require clothes that will protect you from bugs and debris on trails and potentially a hiking backpack if on longer hikes, but the most important piece of gear is a good hiking boot. This article focuses on the Merrell Siren Edge hiking boot. We looked at consumer reviews in order to put together an in-depth review of this product. We also looked at materials used and the overall construction of this product in order to determine its breathability, durability, and traction. We hope that this product review helps you with your next hiking boot purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable 
  • Supportive 
  • No break-in time required
  • Attractive design 
  • Some quality concerns 
  • Some impact reduction concerns
  • Some cushioning concerns


This product offers a 3D printed mesh upper which is supported by overlays throughout the side and lacing system to offer better support to the mesh as well as the sides of the feet. It also offers a mesh lining which allows for better breathability throughout the entire upper of the shoe and foot. Mesh is a material that is frequently used in runners in order to offer better ventilation but is seen less in hikers due to the requirement for some waterproofing (in heavier wooded areas there is typically more water than on city streets, for instance, due to there being more shade and less sun). This hiker, though, does offer a fully ventilated upper which is quite unique and an advantage. This product offers mesh almost entirely throughout its upper plus the mesh lining. This would allow hot air to exit while cool air enters the shoe. Outside of the obvious discomfort of hot feet, this would also cause some unnecessary moisture to build up within the shoe due to sweat and could cause blisters or slippage which is dangerous. Those who wore this product found that their feet stayed cool and dry throughout their hike which is definitely a great feature to a hiking shoe. This products midsole also offer an organic odor control which would keep bacterial buildup down and keep the shoe smelling better longer. This would work hand in hand with the breathability of the shoe and may be appealing to those with existing foot odor issues.


This product, as mentioned above, offers proper ventilation which would keep the hiker's feet cool, dry and comfortable throughout their hike. The tongue is also bellowed which would keep debris out of the shoe. This is beneficial when doing hikes in areas where stopping to remove debris from the shoe is not possible. It would also add a level of stability and support to the ankle of the foot to help avoid potential breaks and springs during the hike. The heel of this product also offers an air cushion which helps reduce impact reduction as well as adds some cushioning and stability to the back of the foot. Impact reduction is important in this type of product as with movement impact can cause both short-term and long-term damage to the body especially in the joints and on the bones. This shoe adequately protects those areas to avoid any unnecessary surgeries down the road. Those who wore this product found that out of the box they were quite comfortable, conforming to the foot quite well. They found that they felt extremely natural, offering a better natural step. They also found that they were true to size which helps with ordering online. One complaint, though, is that reviewers felt that there was a lack of cushioning around the heel. Though the impact reduction is there, some found that the heel could have been cushioned better. There were also numerous reviewers that found that they did not find that these shoes caused any unnecessary blisters or hot spots which new shoes can sometimes cause. This is positive feedback.


This product offers a 3D mesh upper with overlays throughout the sides and around the lacing system which helps keep the mesh in place and helps protect the mesh from environmental damage. Without proper support and quality materials mesh tends to break down easier due to meshes already low structural integrity. There didn't seem to be any issues with the quality of the mesh of this product. The toe bumper, as well, of this product helps protect the upper of the shoe from stubs and bumps. There seemed to be some issues with the construction of the shoe, however. It seems that the glue that holds the upper and outsole together breaks down relatively easily and those who wore this product found the outsole disconnecting from the shoe relatively easily. There also seems to be signs of wear within a month of wearing this product. This causes some questions about the quality of the materials used. They should be weather resistant being a hiking shoe, however, that doesn't seem to be the case with these shoes. Outside of this, the midsole seemed to be supportive and durable. The outsole didn't have traction issues or durability concerns (outside of the glue) and the uppers, though showing wear early, seemed to hold together quite well which should be taken into consideration.


The heel of this product is properly cushioned with air technology. Air helps decrease the impact that a runner or a hiker can experience when stepping down on the heel of a shoe. This helps in both the short-term (shin splints) and long-term (replacement surgeries). Air technology has been highly criticized by reviewers in the past, especially in Nike shoes due to the air technology breaking down fairly easily causing the shoe to become essentially unwearable early on due to the cushioning being completely destroyed in it. This hasn't been really the case in this product. It seems that the air technology is reliable and offers a better level of impact reduction. One note that some reviewers found, though, is that despite the impact reduction offered by the air technology there wasn't enough cushioning at the heel. Though those who wore this product did find that the shoe is quite comfortable, they said that the heel could offer more cushioning. Luckily this affected the comfort level more than it did the impact reduction. Overall, this product offers a heel that is both stable and supportive which is positive.


The midsole of this product is an M Select FIT ECO blended EVA. This is not only better on the environment but also offers a secure and durable hold without causing pain around the heel and arch of the foot. EVA is extremely durable and supportive. Because the EVA is molded, as well, it contours to the foot to offer a more natural step. This is helpful as the hiker can step down with better stability without too much need for readjustment. This is ideal for sticky situations where quick movements are required (like stepping over uneven surfaces or when stepping on unstable rocks). This works hand in hand with the outsoles traction. The traction is typically 'sticky' and works with the stability offered by the midsole and helps propel the hiker forward without injury. EVA is also a very durable material which is beneficial as this means it will extend the life of the product. Those who wore this product did confirm that the midsole of this product offered a good level of support to the base of their feet (heel, arch, and ball). They did not find that their arches hurt or felt unsupportive during their hikes. They also found that the support from the upper with the support of the midsole offered a natural and supportive step which is positive.


The outsole of this product offers a Vibram outsole which is made of high-performance rubber. It allows the outsoles to stick to whatever it is stepping on. It is also an extremely durable material. Hikes, in comparison to areas like roads, have more sharp objects along the path (from rocks and debris) and therefore it is important that the outsole of a hiking boot is made of quality materials in order to protect the foot from those objects. Often hiking boots offer rock plates that can be a little hard on the foot but do protect the foot better. Luckily, this product does offer a highly durable outsole that protects the foot without the need for a rock plate. Those who wore this product found that the outsole of this product not only provided adequate levels of protection but also a good level of impact reduction along with the air technology within the heel of the shoe. They also noted that they Vibram offered a decent grip, even in muddy areas and areas of higher moisture which is really beneficial. Overall, the outsoles of this product were praised by reviewers and this aided in our overall rating of this product.


Overall this product is a pretty good one. The price sits mid-range which is positive, however, there are some durability concerns in both the wear of the shoe as well as the construction of the shoe. The connection between the upper and outsole seems to be a bit of a concern for some reviewers. It is quite attractive in design for a hiker and is offered in several different colors in order to suit individual styles. They have good levels of impact reduction and are quite comfortable, however, there seem to be some complaints that the heel could use some additional cushioning. They do not offer a rock plate however it seems that the outsoles are durable enough to protect the foot from sharp rocks and debris on trails. They also offer a nice grip in all sorts of conditions including muddy and wet ones. They are also highly breathable which isn't always the case with hiking shoes. Overall, they are a decent shoe with some nice features and are offered a decent price. They are also true to size and there seems to be an adequate amount of room in the toe box which is ideal for those with wider set feet. This product is definitely worth a try and could be purchased online.