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Asics Gel Nimbus 19 Review Facts

There is a debate about the benefit of gel being used as a cushion in runners. Some find that there is better technology out there, offering lighter and better cushioning to the foot. Others swear that they won't use anything else for their impact reduction needs. Gel is a liquid rather than air or foam (a solid). It surrounds the foot well because of its liquid qualities. Though it is debated that memory foam does the same thing but with less weight. It is also denser so impact would have a harder time getting through it, thus offering better impact reduction. The primary issue with gel is that it tends to be heavier than memory foam and air which would slow down the wearers run and therefore time. It, however, often offers more bounce than memory foam. Air offers good bounce and is lightweight, however, is known to both deflate easier as well as offer less impact reduction. Overall, there are benefits to liquid, solid and air cushioning systems. It usually comes down to preference.

This article is a review of the Asics Nimbus 19. Asics is a more conservative company that seems to live by the motto if it isn't broken don't fix it. Though they upgrade their runners to keep up with the times as well as appearances, it has stayed true to its original cushioning system which is a gel insole or heel. They also are not really a company that creates entirely new products. They seem to stick to their original model and upgrade it. This model is onto its 19th version and is very popular with reviewers. We put together a comprehensive review of this runner by looking through consumer reviews, materials used and the construction of the product. We looked at the pros and cons of the Gel Nimbus 19in order to provide a real review of it. We hope that this review helps you with your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Gel offers good cushioning and impact reduction 
  • Newest model is lighter than earlier models
  • Offers reflective sides for night time running 
  • Quite supportive
  • A little tight (may require sizing up)
  • Durability concerns 
  • Quite narrow and snug around toes


This product offers Asics classic multi-directional mesh which provides support by being able to stretch across to the top of the foot better to provide a more natural feel when running. The mesh also offers reinforcements which adapts to the motion of the foot when running while also providing a level of stability. The mesh gives the shoe a more sock-like fit while also providing better breathability and ventilation to the foot. The Gel Nimbus 19's multi-directional mesh runs all the way to about the ankle bone of the foot and runs all along the top and sides of the upper. It runs right down to the bottom of the foot as well offering better ventilation than comparable options on the market. This product also has Asics Ortholite Lasting technology which is a plush underfoot lining that helps with moisture management and offers a better level of breathability to the shoe. The Ortholight liner is a trademark product of Asics and will help with both bacterial buildup and odor. This type of feature is ideal for those with existing foot odor issues. Overall, this shoe offers a high level of breathability and ventilation, keeping runners feet cool and dry. It also helps keep moisture levels down in order to keep the product smelling better longer.


This product offers a Flytefoam midsole which is mentioned in other reviews we've done of Asics runners. This technology offers bounce back and better responsiveness in order to aid in decreased foot and leg fatigue, while also assisting with the athlete's performance. The Fluidride midsole, discussed in more detail below, also offers better bounce back and cushioning in order to not only return energy but also decrease impact reduction often faced by runners. Impact reduction is important because this will wear the joints and bones of the body, and if those areas are not taken care of can lead to needing hip and knee replacements. Both of which are extremely invasive surgeries. The rearfoot and forefoot cushioning system with this product offers both shock absorption and better toe-off performance. It helps the runner feel a more natural step which would allow the runner to focus more on the run than the placement of the foot. It also offers gender-specific cushioning which is supposed to be more customized depending on who is wearing the shoe. The Gel Nimbus 19, according to reviewers, is extremely comfortable in the lower and upper of the shoe. The issue with the product is that it is quite narrow and some users found that their toes felt quite cramped in it. They also found that there was some unnecessary pressure on the heel due to the heel clutching system. This would be quite uncomfortable with those with existing heel issues.


The Fluidride technology mentioned earlier on in the article offers better bounce back but is also supposed to provide greater durability. This is within the midsole which also adds stability and support to the lower part of the foot. The Ortholite sock liner also offers an anti-bacterial component that will stop the shoe from breaking down from the inside. And the product also offers greater breathability which, again, would help keep the inside in proper shape. This shoe also offers discrete eyelets that not only helps disperse lace tension but also keeps the product tightly together without breakage around the eyelets. The outsole is made of a high abrasion rubber material. Unfortunately, there were some reviewers that had issues with the quality of the outsole. Though the complaints were far and few between, there were a few reviewers that said the current upgrade's outsole does not last as long as previous models. Outside of this issue, the majority of runners found that this is extremely durable, well made and made of quality materials. This is important considering the cost of the product which is on the higher side. This is discussed in more detail below.


The outsole offers a Guidance Line which helps the line of progression with an enhanced gait. This would help the runner with gripping the surface it is running on while also offering a large surface area to maintain stability. This shoe offers a DuraSponge outsole which offers good impact reduction and durability. It also offers a Trussic System which is supposed to offer better structural integrity, however, though many people had no issues (and in fact praised the runner's durability) there were a few reviewers that had issues with the outsole. It was usually when they had tried previous versions of the shoe and compared the newer version to the older version. There is mention of the AHAR technology which is additional coverage of the critical points which is usually included in Asics shoes (additional material at critical points of the outsole in order to decrease wear and tear). Outside of some issues with the durability of the outsole those who wore this shoe did appreciate the traction of the product, saying that in addition to the products bounce-back technology, their runs felt assisted and easier.


The Gel Nimbus 19 offers ASICS heel clutch system which is supposed to provide improved support by fitting the heel better in the product. It also offers a higher heel at the back in order to assist with any existing heel issues. This is discussed later in this article but despite the heel technology and specifically mentioning Achilles issue, there seem to be some complaints about the heel and tongue causing some unnecessary pressure on the heel. They may need to be walked around in before purchasing in order to ensure that the shoe doesn't cause issues for the runner before purchasing.


This Gel Nimbus 19 is a little higher in price. This is probably a result of the features of this shoe. It is loaded with features that are designed to help with comfort, impact reduction, durability, and breathability. It also has additional features that are unique to Asics like its Ortholite sock liner, its heel lock technology, and its gel insole. Though gel is arguably out of date, those who are fans of Asics are appreciative of the technology and continue to buy their products for it. Despite gels heavier nature, there seem to be little complaints about the weight. The durability is a major contributor to the price, though the outsole has had some one-off issues there seems to be a general consensus that this product is durable, more than likely due to the high abrasion rubber on the critical points of the shoe. The other issue seems to be with the toe box of the shoe which many people complained about. It was hard to determine if sizing up would help. This would be a major issue with those who have wider feet. There also seems to be some issues with the heel lock component for those with existing heel issues. Which is odd because the website specifically states that the heel is increased in the back in order to aid with Achilles heel issues. Because of the product's features and reliability, this shoe seems to be worth the high price tag.


The Gel Nimbus 19 is not fashionable which is a bit of an issue considering the price. Though the shoe is not unattractive and is offered in numerous colors, it isn't entirely versatile. It is more narrow in design which gives it a sleeker look, but those who wore it had a lot of issues with how narrow the front of the shoe was, saying that it offered zero wiggle room for their toes. The p, ice range of this shoe does not match up with the versatility of this product ,unfortunately. The price most likely is reflected in the durability and the shoe's numerous features. The shoe is narrow and offers sleek overlays over the upper. It also offers mesh all the way through the front and sides which look sleek and attractive. The upper also fits very close to the top of the foot when laced up which is attractive as well. This shoe, if fitted correctly, would be an excellent trainer or gym companion but probably not an everyday shoe. Due to its lack of versatility, this may cause some consumers, specifically those on a budget, to reconsider this product.


The bottom line is this is a good running shoe option. It offers high durability with critical points covered. It is quite cushioned, also offering bounce-back to assist with energy preservation throughout the wearers run. It does have the gel technology but it seems to offer very good impact reduction, decreasing wear and tear on joints and bones. It may cause some issues for those with wider feet and with heel issues because of the narrow hold on both areas. This should be considered before purchasing. This shoe does, however, offer really great stability and support to the ankle, ball, heel, and arch of the foot. It is lightweight despite the gel technology and can be worn when training for marathons or when in the gym. It is not super fashionable which affects the durability as well as its cost and value, however, it a highly durable shoe. This option would be ideal for those who want a good training shoe, that will keep the body in alignment and won't wear down the joints and bones. It is probably not ideal for those with wider feet, those with heel issues, growing feet or for those on a budget. Overall, though, it is a good shoe is worth a consideration.