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TenPoint Shadow NXT Review Facts

If you are looking for that perfect, silent bow for that perfect shot this year while out hunting, we think we may have one you will want to put at the top of your list for consideration. This one has all the features you could want from a trusted American made model that comes with a lifetime warranty. This one is definitely one for the record books with all of its accessories and reliability among hunters. Boasting quite the field of satisfied crossbow hunters who have plenty of experience to draw on, the TenPoint Shadow NXT has wowed everyone. It works smoothly and has the speed and power to assure that what you shoot gets hit and you can bag that prized game to take home and enjoy. This bow has a 6-inch width axle to axle size and a power stroke at 12.2 inches and has a 2 foot, 8-inch length making it a beast in a small package. The built-in attributes only add to the overall quality and use making it a sight to behold and be held. So, if you want to start your season with the right bow, check out all the details we found on this one, and see for yourself why this is going to be the choice for many bowhunters from 2018 and likely for years to come.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Many accessories to add to make it even better
  • Easy to use
  • Pro scope with standard package
  • Great accuracy
  • 3 arrows with standard package and quiver
  • ACU draw comes with standard package
  • Extremely fast firing
  • Built-in sound dampening mechanism
  • Case comes seperate
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  • This was a very easy to fire bow. The draw weight was really good for me as well.
  • I was able to hit my point 20 yards right out of the box. The design is smaller and works well when hunting. It is light and accurate and easy to pull. Great bow.
  • One of the best crossbows I have ever used. It works so well and is really on point with a great send off on the arrow, really fast.
  • Super light bow and easy to work with. It is light and easy to carry when out hunting. It shoots really well and is on point and is quiet. I love how fast it throws and responds. Great bow, I highly recommend it.
  • Super fast bow. This is my second one and I am over the moon with its functionality. This is a really great product.
  • This is more compact than its predecessor, the Shadow. It is super stealth and compact. Really fast as well.
  • This goes way harder and faster than my blocks could handle so I had to upgrade. It is so powerful. It is really narrow and compact and shoots really well. It cannot be beat with the warranty either. I'll be using this thing for years, I know it.
  • Wow! I am not sure where to start. This thing is magical and shots so smooth and fast. Dialed in really quick. Almost blew through my 20yrd target. It’s great.
  • This company knows how to make an impeccable bow. The scope was dead on and it is really narrow and simple to use. Very quiet and steady. I recommend this bow to any enthusiast new or old.
  • This is a very well balanced and light bow. I have been able to use it quite a bit over the past few weeks and WOW! The scope leaves a little to be desired. Isn't the best in low light.The trigger is also a little dragging. It is the best bow I have owned though.
  • I am able to use this in any of my blinds or stands. It is so accurate and easy to carry. The narrow and light design are perfect. I am so happy with this thing.
  • Super fast fire and super light bow. It was dead accurate right out o the box, impressive. I have been looking for this thing my whole life.
  • My old Shadow has a high kill count and this thing is a beast compared to the old guy. It is narrow and a lot lighter but just as accurate. It is always quality with Tenpoint. I never have to worry when I am purchasing. Super awesome accuracy as well.
  • Tenpoint is CrossBow King! They are perfect and light. I always bring home dinner with this thing. There is no other technology out there like this. I am always recommending this brand to my buddies.
  • I find it a bit front heavy oddly. It is louder than I thought it would be too. It is super accurate and hits really hard for sure.
  • I traded my old Tenpoint in for this and I couldn't be happier. I have shoulder and neck pain from an injury and this thing doesn't bother me at all. It has such a clean tight easy pull and is so light. I love it.
  • This thing is incredibly light, which can be an issue for steadiness. So make sure to plan for this. It is a great bow though. One of the best.
  • I can hit a tennis ball at 50 yards with this thing. I didn't even have to dial it in and it was dead accurate. It is really fast and one of the best hunting investments I have had. Really awesome crossbow.
  • This one is way more quieter than y old bow. Itis super fast and light. I had to remount and fix the scope but that has now been fixed an the thing is really accurate.
  • I was impressed but… I had to replace the draw chord twice in a season a little over 50 pulls. The camo finish was peeling after one season. It looks like I have had it for years.
  • The trigger pull is horrible. Too long of a free pull I would definitely recommend you try before you buy, may not fit you well. It was way too free for me and I couldn't calculate the release.
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Primary Use

This bow is designed for low ground hunting, it’s more compact front end making it easier to conceal while in use. The 6 and a half-inch draw is a revolutionary jump from the typically 8-inch width, giving it a startlingly different look. Most hunters will find themselves wondering exactly how it can do the same job as their old bows, but from what we have read, it outperforms almost all its competition. The smooth load and fire mean you don’t have to worry about missing your target, and the power it packs means your target will go down easily as if using a larger bow. With the elite package, you not only get the swift, accurate and powerful use of the TenPoint Shadow NXT, you also get the near noiseless stealth it can offer as well. So, if you do decide to get this one, you may want to take the elite package with all of the extra accessories it offers.


The TenPoint Shadow NXT has a vector quad cable system like the other bows in TenPoints NXT crossbow collection, the stealth, and the Nitro. This allows for their narrower design and makes it much easier and faster to set up, load and fire when hunting. You no longer need to be concerned with the cables crossing under the bow, with this design your arrows fly more true to the mark. This has been a major change with the ground crossbows which were designed with the desire to be able to shoot farther and with more power while not having to put as much time as some of the other bows do into preparing the shot. Instead, you can spend more time aiming and getting that perfect shot on target. With this new assembly (NXT standing for Narrow Crossbow Technology) your arrow doesn’t take as much time to pass from tension to fire position, so it keeps more power and can fly farther. Up until this line, crossbows had to be assembled just right for your arrow to fly true, and even then, it was not nearly as powerful. This one is taking the hunting world by storm!

Weight & Size

Smaller in width where it counts most, this crossbow also has a smaller length as well than most. Due to this it is much easier to handle and weighs in at only 7 pounds total. If you are looking for small, powerful and lightweight, this bow has you covered. Packing a power stroke at 12.2 inches, you can rely on this one to do its job while not holding you back. Move quickly and quietly from one point to the next and don’t worry if your target will see or hear you because of your bow. You can also more easily set up for firing due to its smaller all-around size and its light weight makes it quick to bring to the ready. When your goal is to have quick set up, quick load, quick aim, and quick and powerful firing, you will find yourself struggling to find better quality than the TenPoint line, and even more, to find anything as good as the Shadow.


The trigger for this phenomenally engineered crossbow is incredibly designed. With several features put into place to keep you safe and help prevent any accidents. With the safety grip design, your fingers are kept well out of the range of the drawn bowstrings and the grip is set for a no-slip design for further protection. Alongside the safety, the grip is the DFI to prevent accidental fire when you have no arrow in place, and thus keeping the user from either damaging the bow or themselves should you accidentally pull the trigger before or during loading. The trigger is a 3-and-a-half-pound pull and it also has an auto safety lock in place to prevent accidental fires as well. With all of this in place around your trigger, you know you won’t get anything you don’t want, and will still get the quick response you need when firing on your target. With an easy and smooth pull, your bow will respond at a much better rate than most, and you will be the one to celebrate as you get to take home your prized trophy’s this year.


Want something that makes the NXT series even more awesome? Free accessories with your base purchase! Tenpoint doesn’t just deliver an awesome bow, they deliver an awesome bow with everything you need to start hunting right out of the box. For starters, you get to decide which ACU device you want for cocking that gorgeous bow! It comes with your choice of ACU draw, ACU draw 50 SLED or Rope Sled as your free options in this area. Pack on top that you get the TenPoint 3x pro view scope mounted for your use on machined aluminum with a 7/8-inch fixed dovetail, a 3-arrow quiver with an ambidextrous quiver bracket, 3 pro elite carbon arrows, and integrated sound dampening system and you have the full packaged deal that automatically comes with the bow when you order TenPoint Shadow NXT. If you are looking to protect your bow, you can pay the extra cost and get the hard-shell case as well specifically designed to fit this beauty and make it easy to take from site to site so you know everything is together and ready to go. When you go TenPoint, though, you are also bound to find any other crossbow accessories and items for hunting or practicing through them, so it isn’t too big of a surprise that the lead in crossbow design offers so much for the Shadow without an extra dime.


The shadows design is definitely one of the more unique, though it falls into the NXT line which means you have to expect smaller, sleeker and more easily handled powerhouse of a bow when you go to check it out. Everything in TenPoints NXT line has to fall near or at 6 inches for the axle to axle length. But not all of them are quite as small in other ways, and the shadow comes with a built-in sound dampening system which is separate for the other two. The only thing that the Shadow doesn’t have with its standard set that you can get with the elite package on the other two bows is the hard case. But that is fine when you realize the overall design for this bow makes it easy to carry on its own- even when moving around and setting up. Outside of its trigger safety and design the Shadow NXT has bore-sighted accuracy, drop-tested stocks, Omni-Nock, and custom CNC-machined type 2 cams, risers and limb pockets straight out of the box. TenPoint spared nothing when it came to this premium quality small crossbow. With the ambition being to make the best small width draw bow point with the greatest accuracy, TenPoint pushed everything to the quality extremes. No one can dare to question why they are considered the best when every bow design is made to please, and they have yet to fail in their quest to perfect.


This is one of the features many who have picked this bow up were hit with excitement over. For its smaller size, it doesn’t lose in speed- if anything it gains in many ways. Loading the bow is fast and simple with their draw design, and the trigger is smooth in handling. When it comes to how fast you can fire, it is all in how fast you as a hunter can move to string, draw, load and pull. The bow itself has an incredibly fast firing rate and it loses nothing in power or distance. It fires between 350 to 410 FPS!! This is undoubtedly a ‘wow’ for such a compact seeming device! The power behind it is amazing and it hits hard- which of course means you should take the same distance you always would for hunting, and that you can rely on this bow to well exceed your expectations for a smaller sized crossbow. It may not constantly hit over 390 FPS in testing, but the fact is that it doesn’t fall far behind any of its nearest competitors in this category which is more than enough to keep many eyebrows lifted in surprise.


This model comes with many safety features, several are located in the grip and the trigger, which we already covered, however, we can’t point them out enough. With the grip set so that you don’t need to be concerned with slipping and set so your fingers never go near the string, you don’t have to think twice when holding this crossbow for your aim. The trigger has an auto safety against dry fire and against firing accidentally, which means what you aim to hit, is what you will hit. With the added near perfect, if not fully perfect accuracy of ‘hit where you aim’ build, you know that you can rest easy with this bow for certain. Add in the fact that the design alone when taking in that you do not have the lower cross strings for firing, and you get even less of a chance for injury. All around this bow has caused many jaws to drop, including our own.


Here is another ‘wow’ for you- the price. While many other bows in its area are heavily expensive, this one forced several of them to drop to meet them on what they consider an equal playing field. For its quality though, it will be nearly impossible to find something better at the same price range. It ranges around $1300, but when you consider all the extra’s this one comes with- and the fact you know that every penny will be well spent and last you a lifetime, you really can’t argue saving every dime needed. If you are a crossbow lover, this is one you will want to own for certain, and it was given a huge recognition in many of the 2018 shows- and took the high pedestal when it was unveiled. So, if you are a fanatic, and you haven’t heard about it already, you may want to go back and check again!

Key Features

-Safety auto-lock
-6.5-inch axle to axle width
-390 FPS avg. rate
-3.5 pd trigger
-Quad draw
-Free accessories for the draw
-Automatically equipped with sound dampening

Bottom Line

We can’t find anything to say about this that isn’t good for a crossbow hunter. Between its sleek design, power, and accuracy, this bow definitely takes the competition for a ride, and we have seen little from experienced users of crossbows to say that it doesn’t blow everything else out of the water. If you love hunting with crossbows and want stealth and ease while ground hunting- this bow should be on your to-get list already!