Wicked Ridge Invader G3

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Wicked Ridge Invader G3 Review Facts

TenPoint upped the game when it introduced the Invader G3. It is based on the Invader HP, with great innovations and features integrated. The stock design is semi-skeletal, which is weight saving.

The machined aluminum risers have cutouts that are specially engineered to cut down on a few more ounces. The risk of getting fingers in the path of the string is minimized by the pass-through foregrip that allows a shooter to get a solid forehand grip.

The reinforced, oversized nylon safety wings are another feature testers like. They are considerably longer than that of most and eliminate the chance of thumbs and fingers to end up in the path of the string.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Durable magnesium riser reduces overall weight
  • Highly accurate tack driver
  • Redundant safety systems prevent dry fires and misfires
  • Scope is not illuminated
  • Short warranty period

Primary Use

The performance capabilities of the crossbow leave little to be desired. The combination of speed, riser, limbs, and energy wheel gives a smooth and reliable performance. It can be used for game hunting; bear, deer, elk, and moose hunting, and target shooting.

Cocking the Invader G3 is simple and straightforward. Little effort is required. The quiet design adds to the high-rated performance. The smooth draw seamlessly ensures each pull glides without bumps or creaks.

There is no noise when the arrow is released. That is a feature hunting partners appreciate. Sneak upon prey for a humane and accurate kill shot. The ACU-52 rope cocking aid self-retracts into the stock. It is a great system that means the shooter does not have to look for the rope cocking aid. It is never convenient to lose the rope cocker.

The ACU-52 gives the shooter confidence. There is a lot of punch to the crossbow. Whether lining up a box target or sighting a deer, the bow helps ensure the shot is not wasted. The black limbs have a tactical build sturdy enough to handle rough conditions while hunting.


The assembly has tactical black 12.3 WL 12 limbs powered by a Dynaflight 97 equipped energy wheel that has string and cables with tunable yokes. The helpful instructions show how to assemble the Invader G3 in seconds.

There are four easy steps needed to assemble the crossbow. First, the cable saver is attached to the cables. The bowstring is then positioned on the top of the flight deck barrel while the cables and cable saver are inserted into the cable slot of the barrel.

The bow assembly is then pulled toward the trigger assembly so that the riser location rod that protrudes from the barrel front mates with the riser hole. Lastly, insert and tighten the bolt and washers of the main assembly.

One tester described how he assembled the crossbow. The limbs were detached from the main part of the crossbow. They had to be attached. Then the foot stirrup and quiver mounts were attached. The scope was already mounted, and the ACU-52 cocking device was connected.

The ACU-52 consists of strings that are pulled down to the bow strings to load. There are magnets inside. The warning label is toward the inside. In that position, the magnets stick to the bow and keep the strings from dangling or getting caught on something.

The strings are slid to the bow strings and then pulled up until it clicks. It is imperative that the openings on the rings are pointed outward. They are hooked from underneath, pressed against the rail, then pulled up ensuring the strings remain straight.

Weight & Size

The crossbow is 37.75 inches and weighs six pounds and nine ounces. Draw weight is 165 pounds. The stroke is 13.5 inches. The Invader G3 has 22.6-inch ATA when it is not cocked and a 19-inch ATA when it is.

It allows shots from a tighter area than some crossbows allow. The formula is simple. More shots mean more meat in the freezer. Felt draw weight is cut by 50 percent with the ACU-52. The shooter pulls up with 82 pounds of force.

The 13.5-inch draw length causes no difficulty when a quick, smooth pull is used. The arrows with the combination of a 100-grain point, weigh nearly 400 grains. There is plenty of spine on the bolts for hunting.

The assembly is made of a machined aluminum riser with cutouts that are strategically placed to increase strength and reduce weight. The custom configuration measures only 19 inches axle-to-axle when cocked. The machined aluminum riser limits weight.


The barrel receiver is fitted with a three and a half T2 trigger. The T2 trigger has a 3.5-pound release that is found on many expensive crossbows. The crisp release permits accurate shots over and over. The ‘crisp’ feel of the 3.5-pound trigger allows an easy pull without being overly soft. The T2 trigger adds no noticeable weight to the bow.


Most of the accessories needed are included in the package. It contains three Wicked Ridge 400-grain carbon arrows. The arrows have 100-grain practice tips. ACUdraw cocking mechanism, Instant-Detach three-arrow quiver, and a 3X multi-line scope by TenPoint are included.

It is an excellent scope for entry-level and more experienced shooters. The 20, 30, and 40 yard multiple aim points make shooting at a variety of ranges very comfortable. It doesn’t take much tuning to adjust the aim points correctly.

Having a few extra arrows is advised. Three gives a shooter a start, six to 12 bolts are the recommended number to have on hand. An illuminated scope would be better if planning to hunt in low-light conditions.

The moderate price point and quality of the scope make the lack of illumination a small sacrifice. If planning to hunt with the Invader G3, it would not be a bad idea to look into a string stops set, as the G3 has no integrated suppression system. TenPoint offers a set that fits the Invader G3. It is not very expensive.

Adding frame and limb suppressors further cuts down the sound. If suppressors are added, don’t overlook the stirrup. Much of the vibration and noise are focused on the most forward point of a crossbow. It does not have a sling included, but there are sling rings on the crossbow.


The Invader G3 is a makeover of the Invader HP. The Invader G3 is designed for performance and speed. Its innovations and features make it a premier performer at its price level. The Invader G3 won the Petersen’s Hunting Best Value and the Outdoor Life Great Buy awards.

The Invader G3 is relatively quiet for a crossbow. The design of the lightweight cocking unit features mini-magnets. They hold the handles quietly and securely in place. Its spring is a semi-skeletal stock design molded with PolyOne OnForce.

The buttstock comes with the patented ACU-52, a retractable rope cocking system which reduces the effort to cock the crossbow by 50 percent. The redesigned Invader G3 weighs only 6.6 pounds.

It is easy to handle, lightweight, and sturdy. The limbs provide plenty of support and stability for the aluminum riser. The TenPoint energy wheel helps ensure an easy and smooth draw. The strategically placed cutouts offer additional strength. The foot stirrup is part of the crossbow.

Besides being powerful and fast, it is also functional and stylish. The scope is easy to sight design which is advantageous for the novice or experienced hunter. The foregrip on the Invader on the Invader G3 is longer than its predecessor. Its pass-through design has reinforced safety wings.

Some of the features responsible for the ‘Best Value’ award are the renowned T2 trigger and Dry Fire Inhibitor. The Dry Fire Inhibitor prevents expensive bow damage that can ruin its performance and accuracy.

The smooth performance design is capable of 330 feet per second. Nearly anyone can pull the 165-pound draw rate. Because it is designed for safety, it is perfect for beginning archers.

The stock is a skeletal design that encourages correct placement of the hand below the path of release of the arrow and string. The convenience of having a pull rope on the bow is a feature testers appreciate. Too often shooters set the pull rope down in the field and walk away without retrieving it.


The bow that is combined with the sturdy energy wheel and limbs is capable of 330 feet per second. That speed will keep up with fast prey. The bow is powerful and fast.

Ballistic data varies depending on the weather and arrow weight change. The weather has a slight impact. Arrow weight impacts ballistic data significantly. The 330 feet per second is the initial speed.

It slows as it reaches a distance of 50 yards. The kinetic energy at ten yards is 94 ft/lb. It, too, decreases as the arrow approaches 50 yards. The kinetic energy needed to hunt the most massive game such as a grizzly bear or buffalo is 65 to 75 feet/pounds.

The TenPoint crossbow offers the power needed to take animals the size of deer easily. The 400-grain projectiles launched at 330 feet per second result in the 96 ft/lb of kinetic energy. In realistic ranges, it is about 85 ft/lb of kinetic energy which is more than adequate for a hunter’s needs.


Safety is essential when handling crossbows. The Wicked Ridge Invader G3 was designed with safety in mind. The partially skeletal stock looks impressive and works to improve function and safety.

The Dry Fire Inhibitor assures the Invader G3 is not accidentally fired without an arrow placement. An auto safety ensures the safety to be in the ‘on’ position after it is cocked. The safety must be manually disengaged to fire.

It is an excellent feature for novice and advanced users. The ergonomic safety design ensures a shooter can stay on target when the safety is released. The crossbow is designed to keep hands safely below the string.

It also minimizes additional stock weight. The spring of the semi-skeletal stock is designed to lighten the bow and keep the shooter’s foregrip hand safely below the bowstring release path. Nylon wings provide additional protection.

There is a pass-through foregrip packed with safety wings that are glass-reinforced nylon. The wings are fitted on the stock above the grip. The trigger housing includes TenPoint auto-engaging safety and Dry Fire Inhibitor.

The bow is made from durable nylon material. It helps the shooter stay safe when drawing and releasing the string of the bow. The anti-dry fire feature is especially critical. Dry fire is dangerous with any bow. The extra energy in the wings of a crossbow makes dry fire even more dangerous.

Before cocking the crossbow make sure the safety is in the fire position. That statement may sound strange. Do not put it back on safety after shooting. When the strings are pulled up, they will put the crossbow in the safety position.

If it is on safety when cocking the bow, it will click some but not entirely due to an emergency stop inside the safety. It needs to be flipped to fire and pull strings again. It will not fire if it is partially cocked. The shooter will be disappointed when a buck steps out. He will take off, and the shooter will miss the shot.


The moderate price point might cause one to expect fewer features than the line of TenPoint crossbows possess. It has a price point that fits most budgets. The Invader G3 offers archers value for their money. One tester paid about $570 for his crossbow. It can be purchased on Amazon for prices that range from $412 to $649.

Key Features

* 3 Wicked Ridge 20-inch carbon arrows
* 13.5-inch power stroke
* 19-inch axle to axle when cocked
* 37.75 inches
* 97 ft/lb of kinetic energy
* 165-pound draw weight
* 330 FPS
* A camo stock
* ACU-52 self-retracting rope cocking system
* Instant-Detach three arrow quiver
* Self-retracting rope-cocking system
* 3X multi-line scope
* Three Wicked Ridge brand carbon arrows
* Weighs 6.6 pounds
* Instant Release quiver

Bottom Line

The Wicked Ridge Invader G3 is an excellent introductory crossbow for shooters who want a quality product that is not over the top in price. It is lightweight, yet powerful. The crossbow allows for accuracy without being hard to draw. Testers report the Invader G3 is comfortable to shoot, accurate, and light. The power, accuracy, and quality of the crossbow are hard to beat.

The Invader G3 is the fastest, narrowest, lightest, and safest Wicked Ridge Invader model to date. Pair the revolutionary TenPoint Wicked Ridge Invader G3 with the gear needed for successful hunting.