Best Crossbow Quivers Reviewed & Rated for Quality

The crossbow represents an interesting story in longevity.  For hundreds of years, it has been used as a weapon of war as well as a reliable tool for hunting.  Despite the advent of more modern ballistics, its popularity has persisted among hunters, target shooters, and even those looking for a unique home defense system.  Look closer and it’s no surprise why.  

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By Ricardo Wisniewski:

Recent updates were made to this buying guide to bring new information regarding how we were able to pick out the best crossbow quivers. As you will read below, we used a comprehensive process, more formally known as the Criteria Used for Evaluation. In this update, not only will you learn about the specific criteria we used, you will also get some answers to the most commonly asked questions by consumers, such as yourself!

Featured Recommendations

October Mountain
  • October Mountain
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • No-Spill Design
  • Price: See Here
Allen Youth Archery
  • Allen Youth Archery
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Two-Tube System
  • Price: See Here
Kwikee Kwiver Combo
  • Kwikee Kwiver Combo
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 12 5/8 inch length
  • Price: See Here

Modern advances have made them more reliable than ever, replacing wood and sinew with metal and high-tech synthetic fibers.  Crossbows are also highly accurate while being all but silent.  That said, they still come with some of the disadvantages that handicapped users centuries ago. Chief among these are their ungainly size and weight, especially when used in close quarters or in heavy brush. If that weren’t enough, reloading a bolt can take ages. This is especially frustrating for hunters.  Miss that first shot and it’s likely there won’t be a second. That’s exactly why the quiver is one of the most important – if commonly overlooked- tools at the consumer’s disposal. For many, it is simply the bag that holds the reusable bolts that the crossbow fires. This would not be giving it nearly enough credit.

The quiver is an important part of the overall system, allowing for greater ease of movement, ease of loading, and a better overall experience.  Here we will be examining a few of the top quivers on the market today, along with a bit of what makes each one uniquely effective for the modern-day sportsman.  


10 Best Crossbow Quivers


1. October Mountain Products No Spill

1. October Mountain Products No Spill
This rugged Camo tube is ideally suited for the hunter and outdoorsman. Built to last with 600 thick denier materials, this quiver is both easy to use and ready to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it. With this particular design, arrows are carried across the back, making it much easier to reload between shots. The design is reversible so that it can be accessed by either Right or Left-handed hunters.
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No Spilling
This particular quiver's design is unique in that it automatically adjusts to prevent spillage of any bolts. It is attached via a belt clip so that the strap slides, always keeping the arrows in an upward position

Built Tough
Considering the remarkably low price point (see below) this quiver is made to last, with strong sturdy construction that can take some serious punishment. Combined with the Camo design, this makes it an ideal quiver for use in the outdoors.

Cost and Value
This is where the product truly earns its top spot. With its simple, straightforward design it is perhaps the most affordable item on the list, easily half the price of other quivers on the market. Hunters don't need to worry about their pocketbooks with this quiver.

  • One of the cheaper quivers on the market
  • Tough, durable construction
  • Prevents arrows from spilling
  • Connects via a simple belt clip
  • Camo design for outdoor use
  • Belt clip can be uncomfortable depending on clothing type
  • Quiver can be clumsy, moving frequently with user

2. Allen Youth Archery Compact Back

2. Allen Youth Archery Compact Back
Here we have another back quiver. This particular item is geared towards children just getting their start with the sport. Depending on the individual's size, this quiver has been described as appropriate for ages 6-10, but can fit older children as well. The design is comfortable and designed to be worn over the shoulder. Can fit up to thirty bolts at a time.
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The quiver connects via a padded, adjustable strap that slings comfortably over the shoulder. This ensures that whether the user is new to the sport or a veteran they will be thinking about the next shot and not the nylon digging uncomfortably into their shoulder!

Age Versatile
Even though this is marketed as a children's product, adults with a shorter stature (Approx. 5' 6'' or below) can save a bit of money and pay children's prices for this quiver. It comes in one basic color scheme with no indicators of it being a 'children's' product, making it a simple affordable buy for some adults.

Cost and Value
As stated, this is a simple, reliable quiver at a reasonable price. There isn't anything spectacular about the construction, no space-age polymers or custom tooling, but it is durable and gets the job done. Perfect for someone new to the sport who isn't looking to spend too much.
  • Fits comfortably via padded strap
  • Can hold up to 30 arrows
  • Perfectly designed for children or shorter-statured adults
  • Simple design makes it appropriate for all ages
  • Durable nylon construction
  • Few options in terms of color/design
  • Can be cumbersome when moving

3. Kwikee Kwiver Combo

3. Kwikee Kwiver Combo
Never mind the silly name, this quiver means business. Specifically designed for the crossbow user, this quiver mounts directly on top of the crossbow. It fits four bolts, so while it isn't designed for the average target shooter who intends to fire many times, its perfect for hunting. The rig is easily detachable from the crossbow so that it can be mounted or placed elsewhere.
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Universal Bracket
The quiver is mounted to the crossbow via a universal Ultra-Lock mounting bracket. That means that no matter the type of Crossbow you are using, it will fit. Additionally, when it comes time to line of your shot, it detaches silently and effortlessly to be attached to any available surface.

Bolt Protection
Similar to the bracket attaching the quiver to the bow, arrows are held in place via two sets of brackets which are adjustable so that they can fit whichever diameter bolt you happen to be using. Arrowheads are kept covered and shielded from the elements.

Cost and Value
This quiver is for the more advanced hunter, as it comes with a higher price point compared to some of the simpler back and hip mounted quivers featured in this list. With a higher price comes higher quality, however.
  • Easily detachable via Ultra-Lock Bracket
  • Adjusts to any diamater bolt
  • Arrowheads kept protected from elements
  • Can be attached to tree stand, branches, etc.
  • Bolts secured via 2 mounting locations
  • Pricey compared to other items on the market
  • Bolts can sometimes be hard to fit into secondary holder

4. Easton Flipside 2-Tube Hip

4. Easton Flipside 2-Tube Hip
This back-mounted quiver is made for ambidextrous use and is attached to the user via a stainless steel belt clip so it can be worn with any outfit. It is lightweight at just several ounces and can carry up to 12 arrows between the two rugged injection-molded arrow tubes included with purchase. Perfect for target shooters looking for a tough, easy to use quiver.
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Unlike many of the other items on this list, the Easton Flipside Quiver comes in a variety of colors and designs to fit any users' unique style. This is a plus for target shooters or those looking to stand out at competitions.

2 Tube Construction
Arrows are never loose or difficult to grasp thanks to the injection molded arrow tubes that fit neatly into the High Denier, Poly constructed quiver. This ensures ease of use when using it out on the range.

Cost and Value
This is a nice, mid-range product for the serious sportsman. As mentioned, its construction and handling are intended more towards the target shooter, and with this specialization, the price point goes up a bit compared to some of the cheaper items on the list.
  • Built for either right or left-handed users
  • Durable Poly constructed bag
  • Tough Injection Molded arrow tubes inside
  • Variety of colors and styles
  • Connected via belt clip for greater versatility of dress
  • Can cause arrows to rattle during movement
  • Hip mount may be uncomfortable for those used to back-mounted quivers

5. G4 Free Archery Deluxe Canvas Back

5. G4 Free Archery Deluxe Canvas Back
This back quiver is constructed from canvas, so it is both lightweight and durable. The felt-lined arrow compartment can hold up to 30 arrows, making it ideal for those looking to spend an extended period of times shooting. Deep compartment ensures that arrows don't fall out during use. The shoulder strap is adjustable depending on user size. Can carry arrows of any length.
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Users love the size and heft of this particular quiver. Worn across the back, this product has a 'cool' factor that the other quivers we've examined lack. The deep compartments combined with the tough-looking Canvas construction make it a must for those who want to look like they mean business.

The compartment is extra deep which makes it more versatile. It can fit arrows of any length or width - Even broad-heads. This makes it ideal for the shooter who is looking to practice with varying lengths

Cost and Value
Compared to other back quivers, this one is noticeably more expensive. The material is of a higher quality, and there is simply 'more' there compared to other back quivers on the market. That said, it fits more arrows than comparable products, and has a much sleeker, eye-catching design.
  • Fits up to 30 arrows
  • High-quality Canvas and felt construction
  • Sleek design
  • Deep Arrow compartment
  • Straps can be adjusted to fit body type
  • Arrows can get lost in depths of compartment
  • Large size can make quiver clumsy with movement

6. Trophy Ridge Lite 1.5

6. Trophy Ridge Lite 1.5
This is another specialty product, designed exclusively for the crossbow hunter. Quiver attaches directly to the crossbow and can hold up to five bolts. Light green LED lights mounted to hood of quiver are useful for hunters in adverse conditions. Two sets of grippers secure arrows at either end. Suitable for either mechanical or fixed broadhead bolts. Ballistix Copolymer design is incredibly durable while being lightweight.
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This crossbow rig holds up to five arrows, two more than its closest competitor. When you're out on the hunt, having two extra shots can mean all the difference between bagging a buck and going home empty-handed.

The feature that makes this item especially unique are the three LED lights attached to the hood of the quiver. This is especially useful for hunters looking to navigate heavy brush and dense forests at night, or for those looking to make their way back after a long day's hunt.

Cost and Value
To be frank, the value is not this quiver's strongest suit. This is far and away the most expensive item on the list. It is intended for the most serious of users and features many extra bells and whistles that would only be of interest to hunters.
  • Durable Ballistix CoPolymer construction
  • Holds up to 5 Arrows
  • LED lights mounted to hood
  • Arrows attach at front and rear for tight fit
  • Very expensive compared to other quivers
  • Difficulty holding broadheads greater than 1 1/8'' thick

7. Camouflage 6-Arrow

7.  Camouflage 6-Arrow
This crossbow quiver is constructed of plastic and can hold up to six bolts at a time. The design is camo (either Autumn or Desert varieties depending on user preference) and the attachment component is built to fit most crossbow sizes. The material is built to be ultra-lightweight. Will work with Aluminum, Wood, or Carbon arrows.
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The big selling point here is that it holds more arrows than any other crossbow on our list. This is a nice feature for many hunters as we mentioned before. The camo hood works to protect arrowheads from the elements.

The lightweight and durable plastic material is sturdy while being a bit cheaper than some of the competitors so that this option is safer for the cost-conscious hunter. It also has a greater variety of styles.

Cost and Value
The cheapest of our Crossbow specific quivers thanks to the simpler material and construction. Still gets the job done while allowing for an even greater ammunition capacity. Lacks some of the little 'extras' of other items on the list, but still serviceable.
  • Cost effective Quiver
  • Holds up to 6 bolts
  • 2 possible Camo designs
  • Fits bolts of differing width and construction
  • Quickly detaches from crossbow assembly
  • Does not fit all crossbow types
  • Assembly holding arrows can be a bit loose

8. Limbsaver Silent Quiver

8. Limbsaver Silent Quiver
This innovative little quiver does away with the bag design entirely in favor of a unique assembly that holds 5 arrows tightly and silently. The grips are adjustable and can accommodate bolts of any width and material. Retrieving bolts is a breeze thanks to a quick disconnect system operated via thumb release. Ideal for hunters looking to reload quickly and quietly.
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Forget about fishing around for fresh arrows. The Limb Saver individually holds five arrows in place so that you can retrieve them quickly and silently, making it perfect for hunters who want to ready their next shot as quickly as possible.

Did we mention that it's quiet? The unique thumb release system ensures that reloading produces little to no sound. Forget about scaring off wildlife when setting up your shot. This quiver makes you practically invisible.

Cost and Value
This is a nice mid-range product for hunters looking to spend a little more. The predominant difference here is the speed and silence of the reloading process. If that's worth a few more bucks to you, it's a safe buy.
  • Creates little-to-no noise
  • Unique locking system ensures fast reloading
  • Adjustable grips can accomodate different arrow sizes
  • Holds arrows tight
  • USA made product
  • The frame is a bit heavier than comparable products
  • Small hood may not offer total coverage for larger broadheads

9. XTACER Back Arrow Canvas Quiver

9. XTACER Back Arrow Canvas Quiver
This mid-range quiver boasts space for 24 arrows along with two front pockets for extra storage. It's made from heavy canvas and double Oxford cloth which makes the quiver super durable for either practice, competitive shooting, or hunting. The addition of a 3-Point harness makes it easy to wear and transport with little unwanted movement. Molle webbing adds strength and durability.
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This quiver stands out with the addition of the two front pockets in addition to the large main pouch. Many of the other quivers on this list sacrifice storage for utility, but not so here. Perfect for transporting belongings out on the trail.

Where most back quivers on this list consist of a single shoulder strap, the 3-Point system of the XTACER system makes it extraordinarily comfortable to move in, with a minimum of jangling materials and slippage.

Cost and Value
The cost is mid-range, far from the most expensive item on our list but far from the cheapest. If comfort and storage are what you're after, this is a great buy. The material and workmanship in this quiver make it a reliable choice.
  • Holds up to 24 arrows
  • 3 Point Harness system
  • Molle Webbing for extra durability
  • Extra storage pockets
  • Heavy Canvas construction
  • On the bulky side at 1.4 lbs
  • Deep pockets can make arrow retrieval difficult 

10. TRUGLO Tuff-Loc 4 Arrow

10. TRUGLO Tuff-Loc 4 Arrow
Rounding out our list is another Crossbow-mounted quiver, this one with a 4-arrow capacity. Compared to a few of the other quivers here, this is strictly meat and potatoes. A mid-range capacity, no LED lights or fancy material. That said, it's dependable and affordable, with a rubber-lined protective hood that protects arrowheads while reducing noise. Arrows are released quickly and easily via thumb tab.
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Your arrows aren't going anywhere in this thing. Far and away the best feature of this particular quiver is the snug and dependable fit. Noise is reduced and hunters can move confidently through heavy brush with the knowledge that they won't lose any bolts in the process.

Release system
Arrows are removed via a simple, easy-to-use thumb release lever that ensures arrow removal is quick and quiet. It is designed so that hunters can accomplish a reload with the least amount of effort and movement possible.

Cost and Value
This is another great value buy for any crossbow hunter looking for something simple and reliable. It may not hold as many arrows as some of the competitors but those it does hold stay in place and can be removed easily. At the end of the day, what more do you want from a quiver?
  • Fits arrows snugly and solidly, no movement
  • Simple and inexpensive
  • Easy to use quick-release lever for removing arrows
  • Rubber lined hood for reduced noise
  • Works for right or left-handed users
  • Larger width broadheads can be difficult to remove
  • Fixed blade broadheads also pose some issues with holding and removal

Long seen as a niche product tied to the past, crossbows are actually a useful tool for the outdoor hunter and marksman. Modern advancements have made proper care and maintenance more complicated than ever, with numerous options on the market. Case in point:  The Quiver. We just took a look at a few of the top options on the market from some of the most trusted manufacturers in the sector. In this list, we have a solid look at the variety of styles and fits available in the marketplace: from mounting to the material to size.  As always, it is down to the consumer to make the right choice according to their needs.  For example, if your primary sport is hunting as opposed to target shooting, you might want to select a quiver that mounts directly to the crossbow, as it is the most mobile option, easy to access and reload  Marksmen have a bit more leeway as they remain stationary between shots.  Hopefully, this sampling of some of the best items on the market will help you make the right decision for you!

Criteria Used to Evaluate Crossbow Quivers

So, we have spent a wealth of time evaluating different crossbow quivers for your consideration. Now, if we can be honest, we can understand why many consumers might be apprehensive to want to spend the appropriate time researching the different products on the market. The truth is, there are hundreds of different crossbow quivers for us to pick from today. In this, it has led many consumers to purchase the first quiver they stumble across. Now, as many of us can attest, this is not always the best decision. Reason being, this leads to faulty products or the wrong quiver or product for your crossbow. With that being said, as we began to research the different brands of quivers, we needed to create a new approach for how we would evaluate each product.

This is where we developed the idea of the Criteria Used for Evaluation. For those of you that are new to The Gear Hunt – this is a tradition here for us. We take joy in creating a list of vital criteria that all consumers value when it comes to a product. So, when it comes to crossbow quivers, as we mentioned above, we carefully analyzed the market based on the quality of construction, materials, sizing, functionality, and even the cost and value. The truth is, our genuine goal was to help find the best products that can also help save our readers money. With that being said, if you want to learn more about how we selected each product, continue reading.

Quality of Construction

The primary aspect that we evaluated each quiver on was the quality of the construction. In truth, our primary concern was how well was the product built. The last thing that we wanted was for our readers to order a quiver that felt cheap, displayed signs of wear and tear, or even broke after its first use in the woods. So, we took the time to really evaluate the product by scanning through dozens of images and reading the producer’s product description. We wanted to understand precisely how the product was created and what the intention was behind the product. During this process, we carefully scanned for specific words like guarantee or warranty. We also looked out for customer reviews that pointed out the faults in the quality of the product. So, at any point, if there was a quiver that was receiving overwhelming complains about the quality of the build, it was removed from contention.


Evidently, when it comes to any product, like a quiver, one of the most important aspects is the materials. Now, we sort-of touched on materials above. However, we wanted to stress how important materials were. The truth is, crossbow manufacturers have the chance to use dozens of materials. In this, we did not want our readers to choose from products that might be well-designed but from poor materials. In this, each product that you read about today was built from the most notable materials so that, whether you are hunting, fishing, or just enjoying a day of archery – the quiver can withstand the activity.


As much as we might not like to think it, the size of a quiver is incredibly important! When many consumers first start looking for quivers, they typically want to largest quiver to hold the most amount of arrows. However, this is not always the wisest choice, especially when you consider that these storage holders can be quite heavy after a while. So, when we were evaluating each product for consideration, we carefully looked at each product based on its size. Now, we do know that size can be a bit more of preference-based criteria. So, to ensure that we were offering the best sizing and weight – we consulted with consumers who had the first-hand experience with these products. What you read about today were the best products, noted for their size, alongside the quality of the materials, construction, and comfortability.

Cost and Value

For us, one of the most important parts of the evaluation process has to do with the cost and value. If you look above, for each product, we talk about the idea and insight that we gathered behind each product. Now, the purpose of understanding this criterion is really to help us as consumers get our money’s worth for a purchase. Now you might be wondering, how can you ensure this? Well, what we do is take the time to look at the entire market of quivers, for this case. We track the pricing for the entire competition – what the highest price points are, the lowest, and the median. From there, we look at each product, knowing the range of prices and assess the quality of the product. The main question we want to answer is: what value does this specific product offer consumers? If we can answer this question, knowing the price point, it’s a valuable option and consideration.


Durability – this is one of the most important criteria to us all. I mean, do you want a quiver that, after a few days on the trail, all the sudden, the arrows fall through the bag? Of course not! It was an important aspect for us when evaluating any product for consideration. To measure and gauge the durability, we really looked at the images of each quiver and assessed how durable the bag looked. From there, we started to compare the company’s description of their product with what consumers were saying regarding the durability of the product. Now, when it comes to quivers, durability can come in many forms. This may mean higher quality materials better stitching, and even reinforced materials on the interior part of the bag. Additionally, and a common one to say the least – warranties and guarantees are always an indicator.


Since you will be wearing a quiver, or potentially holding, depending on the one you select, it’s important that you purchase one that’s comfortable to hold and/or wear. With that being said, we wanted to make sure that each product that made our list had some degree of comfort infused into the design. Now, given our experience, we knew what to look for. We wanted each bag to have adjustable straps, padding on those straps, lightweight features, and even comfortable materials to hold. So, as we scanned each product, we assessed these different facets and even consulted with customer reviews to ensure of this. So, if you want comfortable quivers – these 10 are the best of the best!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does someone need a crossbow quiver?

A: Chances are, if you are reading this buying guide, you are in the debate stages of whether or not you are going to purchase a crossbow quiver. Now, take it from people that love to go out and practice with crossbows – a quiver can transform an individual’s ability to shoot. The reason being, it is much easier to carry any crossbow equipment and tools when you have a quiver for your arrows. If you purchase a quiver that can be strapped to your back, it makes it easy to focus on the target, load the crossbow seamlessly, without taking your eyes off the target. Additionally, a quiver just makes life a lot easier. When you are hunting, fishing, or even shooting for fun, a quiver is just a great innovation and it adds an element to the sport.

Q: Can you wear a crossbow quiver on your back?

A: Yes. If you are like us – we have seen the videos and movies of archer utilizing a crossbow with a unique quiver attached to their back. Now, most manufacturers will provide consumers with the option of carrying the quiver with their hands or providing an adjustable shoulder strap. It really depends on the manufacturer. Now, if you purchase a quiver that does not come with an adjustable shoulder strap, see if the company makes one that you can purchase on the side. Otherwise, there are always other ways to add a shoulder strap.

Q: How do you clean a crossbow quiver?

A: Like anything else in life, if you don’t take care of something, that product or item will show wear and tear and gradually begin to break. So, if you are looking to keep your brand-new crossbow quiver for an extended period of time, you need to clean it and perform regular maintenance on it. Now, the type of cleaning and maintenance will depend upon the type of materials that a manufacturer uses in construction. So, we highly recommend looking at the manuals that came with the purchase of your quiver.  With that being said, here are a few cleaning tips and suggestions:

  • Take the time to inspect the quiver after each outing. Look for any dirt or bacteria that might have splashed up, especially on a rainy day. Remove the products, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Don’t allow the quiver to remain wet over a period of time and then store it. Be sure to give your quiver the proper amount of time to dry before putting it away.
  • When placing your quiver down or traveling with it outside, be sure to carefully place the quiver on the ground. You don’t want to risk a stick or rock tarnishing the materials.

Q: How many arrows can a crossbow quiver hold?

A: After spending the amount of time that we have done researching crossbow quivers, there is not one answer to this question. In truth, it really depends on the size and dimension of the quiver. Traditionally, users can expect to fit between 20-30 arrows in an adult-sized quiver. If you are looking for a precise amount of storage, be sure to look into this feature of the quiver before purchasing it! Don’t allow yourself to be surprised.

Q: How do you know if a crossbow quiver will work with your crossbow?

A: Great question! Before you even think about purchasing a quiver, you should ensure that it matches your crossbow’s brand and standards. The reason being, not every single quiver is designed for each brand. Just a small story – this exact situation has happened to us in the past. We were incredibly excited to practice with our crossbow and brand-new quiver and, to our surprise, the quiver was not a good fit. To avoid this inconvenience and having to go through the entire return policy – read the company’s label and product description. Ensure that their product is designed and sized for your crossbow.

Q: Is it easy to remove a quiver from a bow?

A: The rule of thumb is that removing a quiver is as easy as installing it. Now, most manufacturers understand that consumers do not want to purchase a quiver that is impossible to use and remove. This is why, as you might have noted from our guide, most products are quite easy to work with. So, the answer to many of reader’s question is: yes, it should be easy to remove a quiver.

Q: Is it easy to mount a quiver to a bow?

A: Yes. Typically, it is very easy for an individual to mount a quiver to a bow. Typically, the manufacturer will provide the consumer with simple and easy-to-follow instructions. However, we do highly advise taking the time to ensure that your crossbow matches the mount – as not every single mount is for every single crossbow.


  1. Deer and Deer Hunting: 10 Things that Affect Your Crossbows Accuracy 
  2. Ten Point Cross Bows: How to Install Your Quiver
  3. Best Crossbow Source: Crossbow Maintenance 
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