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TenPoint Stealth NXT Review Facts

On a ten point rating scale, the Stealth NXT received the following scores from evaluators: User satisfaction (9.2), Value for the Price (8.4), Build Quality (9.7), Accuracy (9.4), Speed (9.5). The Stealth NXT is the best combination of accuracy, speed, and width produced by TenPoint.

With the integrated ACUdraw, it provides manageable beastly power at a relatively acceptable price point. Craftsmanship is among its most notable qualities. Very tight tolerances were used in the construction and assembly of the Stealth NXT provide tack-driving accuracy with gut-wrenching power.

From the start, the TenPoint Stealth NXT was meant to be a substantial improvement over other TenPoint models. It is a mix of maximum accuracy, incredible speed, and sleek design. Many hunters would like to have it as a primary choice of weapons or in their collection.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 11.3-inch axle to axle cocked width
  • 144 FP kinetic energy
  • 410 FPS
  • Draw weight is cut in half with ACUdraw technology
  • Integrated sound dampening system
  • Integrated stock having ACUdraw rope cocking system
  • Mounted on machined fixed aluminum ⅞-inch dovetail mount
  • Three arrows, a quiver, and scope included
  • 7.3-pounds pushes the limit of compact
  • Expensive

Primary Use

Bring accuracy, power, and speed to a favorite hunting spot with the Stealth NXT. The fantastic combination of accuracy, speed, and narrowness makes the TenPoint Stealth NXT great for hunting. The patented cocking devices allow hunters of all physical abilities and ages to use the crossbow. There is a manual or a crank version. The narrow crossbow is excellent for tree blind use. It is among the most powerful crossbows.


At the foundation of the bow’s assembly is a lightweight CNC-machined riser made from aircraft-grade aluminum. The barrel is attached by the CXS connection system in five locations to aid in downrange accuracy and prevent front-end movement.

The bow assembly is mounted to a Tac-Lite aluminum barrel that reduces vibration, noise, and weight dramatically. The 21.5-inch barrel has black anodization. A weaver-style dovetail is nylon-filament arrow retention fitted that improves arrow alignment and grip to reduce vibration and noise further.

The cheek piece can be adjusted to three positions to create ideal eye-level alignment. The butt plate has two adjustable positions to match a shooter’s preferred length of pull. When fully assembled, the crossbow measures 33.6 inches long. It weighs 7.3 pounds.

Weight & Size

The crossbow weighs 7.3 pounds. That is a typical crossbow weight. Under seven pounds is a manageable weight for long hunting trips for the majority of hunters. Most seasoned hunters can likely manage a 7.3-pound crossbow as well.

Beginners are not recommended to buy a crossbow that weighs more than seven pounds. They need to learn how to shoot without the worry of added weight. The Stealth NXT is 33.6 inches. Uncocked it is 11.3 inches wide which is extremely narrow. Cocked it is six inches wide from axle to axle.

The crossbow is among the narrowest bows available. The Stealth NXT draw weight is 220 pounds. It is among the heavier crossbow draw weights. The draw weight is the reason behind the power of the crossbow.

The two-inch TAC-LITE aluminum barrel is responsible for the reduction in vibration, noise, and weight. The crossbow has a 3½-pound safety trigger that is housed in a trigger box made of aluminum. It is auto-engaging. The weight and compact size make maneuvering the crossbow easy. It is the ideal setup for stealth maneuvers.


A comfortable 3½-pound trigger squeezed activates the crossbow. The ACUdraw technology consists of a rope cocking mechanism that is quite sophisticated. It practically reduces the draw weight to nearly half. All cocking devices reduce some draw weight. ACUdraw does an outstanding job. It is considered the top feature of the crossbow.

Not letting wild animals know the location of a hunter is essential when shooting arrows from a crossbow. Experts say the Stealth NXT is three times as quiet when compared to other crossbows in the category. Noise and vibration are not issues of concern when hunting in the woods.

TenPoint always has one of the best trigger boxes. The trigger assembly is equipped with a Dry-Fire-Inhibitor. Excellent vibration and noise reduction are accomplished with a three-piece C3 stock molded from PolyOne OnForce that-fiber-infused.

The two-inch TAC-LITE aluminum barrel is responsible for some reduction in vibration, noise, and weight. The crossbow delivers one-inch downrange groups. It is powered by Vector Quad cable technology that employs four cables for increased stability and strength as it eliminates cam lean.


This model includes DFI (Dry Fire Inhibitor) and auto-engaging safety. The Rangemaster Pro Scope is a high-quality scope that is also included. Easy management of an otherwise hard to control draw weight of 220 pounds is due to the ACUdraw and an integrated rope cocking device.

A quiver and three EVO-X arrows complete the package of a high-quality crossbow that will serve hunters for years to come. There are a variety of package options available including camouflage. Options include a choice of arrows, quiver, cocking aid, and scope. The scope is mounted when the crossbow arrives.


Stealth NXT headlines a lineup of bold new designs representing the next generation of TenPoint accessories and crossbows. The look of the Stealth NXT is a brand new look for TenPoint.

To fit in the amazing technology the company spent a lot of time at the drawing board. It has everything a hunter going the crossbow route would want. There is so much technology on the bow that separates it from the pack. It is a performance bow. The combination of accuracy, speed, and width is the best offered by TenPoint.

It is the narrowest, most accurate crossbow in the lineup. TenPoint is famous for high-quality hunting equipment production. The limb pockets, riser, and CNC machined cams are designed in such a way that it is easy to shoot and portable. The manufacturer uses a new and exciting setup.

The XR-6 cam is new to TenPoint crossbows. The is a similarity other versions. By moving the string to the front of the cam instead of the back of the cam, the power stroke is increased without making the bow longer.

The riser is exceptionally lightweight. It is a feature of current high-end bows. The carbon infused material is quiet and warm. Carbon bows have gained popularity in the last couple of years. In a tree stand or around a blind, they stay warm.

TenPoint has always had some of the best pockets as well as one of the best machined front ends. A CNC-machined front end with the TRI-LOCK pockets virtually eliminates any movement in the limb pocket system. With a 7.3-pound bow, the shooter doesn’t want the limb pocket failing.

The CX5 connection system is a staple for TenPoint. It is mounted directly to the front end of the crossbow. The opportunity for failure is eliminated. The cable system has four cables rather than two. The cable system balances tension and torsion. On the ends of the riser is a turnbuckle design. The cable system connects at the cam, wraps around the turnbuckle, and terminates on the riser.

It provides excellent performance and balance to the entire construction. The rail system is well-built that it is resistant to wear. The setup is such that there is barely any pressure on the rail. There are two spring stops in the front which reduce some hand shock and vibration. All the details contribute to the model’s kinetic force and superior speed capability. The drop-tested stock is twice as strong as the competition’s ABS stocks.

Critics and hunters alike praise the extremely narrow design of the crossbow. When cocked, it measures six inches from one of the axles to the other. Squeezing through cramped places is possible while stalking prey.

The reliable field companion prevents being stuck in a blind or tree stand waiting for prey to come. The sleek design is a lightweight 7.3 pounds. Some users would prefer it to be a little lighter. It is not much of an issue because of the high-quality materials and technologies. The model sends arrows flying at a speed of 410 FPS and develops a kinetic force of 144 FP.

Hunters like the three-piece stock configuration. It has a cheekpiece that can be customized to fit and an adjustable butt plate. Excellent arrow drop compensation and the Rangemaster PRO scope are considered must-haves by many hunters. While narrow and sleek, it behaves like a beast in the field.

A great thing about TenPoint bows is the string life. The crossbow has a superior string life. String life is not discussed a lot when evaluating crossbows, because they are not shot too often. Most manufacturers recommend replacing every 100 to 200 shots.

The crossbow is built with optimum downward string pressure that reduces string pressure and allows it to last 75 percent longer than others. The cable system eliminates some of the wear on the strings. The energy is dispersed between four cables. The limb pockets, risers, and cam are custom parts that are held to a tolerance three times tighter than the competition.

The Omni-Nock is 66 percent more reliable than others. The unique six-groove design eliminates the problem of capture nocks and moon indexing. The skeletal design has safety-engineered wings and foregrip that aid in keeping fingers out of the path of the bowstring.


A TenPoint NXT crossbow shoots an insane 410 FPS with a kinetic energy of 144 FP. Those statistics cause high-performance expectations. The 220-pound draw weight is seen as a discouraging aspect. The ACUdraw technology compensates for that drawback.

The DUAL FLEX split limbs paired with an XR6 maximum rotation cam system creates lightning fast speed. Ideal alignment between the limbs and pocket is accomplished with the TRI-LOCK pocket system. The result is pinpoint accuracy.


The crossbow is safety engineered. It has a 3.5-pound safety trigger that is housed in a trigger box made of aluminum. The riser is secured for extra stability by the available pocket limb adjustment. One of the essential features is the Tri-Lock pockets. They play a significant stabilizing role that increases performance.

The rubber safety wings serve a dual purpose. They keep the forehand fingers and hand safely beneath the flight deck. They also reduce vibration and noise. The trigger delivers a crisp, smooth trigger-pull that increases accuracy with the optimal creep for safety. The DFI prevents an unloaded crossbow from dry-firing.


Amazon sells the crossbow for $1499.99. The sophisticated design and technologies come at a hefty price tag that could be a deterrent. Those who can afford it will have a narrow, powerful crossbow that increases results and aids in honing skill as a hunter.

The ACUdraw delivers better performance than any crossbow at this price. Even though the crossbow is pricey, it is not TenPoint’s most expensive bow. There are some that cost as much as $2000. Of course, TenPoint makes bows that cost less.

Key Features

* 6-inch wide crossbow
* 8.25-inch Rangemaster Pro Scope
* 13.5-inch power stroke
* 144 FP of kinetic energy
* Ambidextrous side-mount bracket for quiver
* ACUdraw cocking mechanism
* CNC-machined Type II cam, limb pockets, and riser
* Completely silent cocking mechanism, full stock integration
*Designed for compatibility, accuracy, and speed
* DFI and auto-engaging safety
* Five-dot calibration in increments of ten yards from 20 to 60
* Handles easily in a tree stand or ground blind
* Out-of-the-box accuracy due to factory bore sighted scope
* Safety-engineered wings and foregrip
* Shoots at 410 FPS
* Silence increased by integrated sound dampening system
* Skeletal stock design
* Three-arrow instant detach quiver
* Three duplex crosshairs on scope
* Three premium 100-grain practice point EVO-X Center Punch carbon arrows
* Weighs 7.3 pounds

Bottom Line

The TenPoint Stealth NXT is among the most exceptional crossbow combination of accuracy, power, and width on the market. A six-inch wide crossbow is among the narrowest found. It is a capable tree stand crossbow that is hard to match.

The Rangemaster Pro Scope and integration of stock with ACUdraw creates a manageable, heavy-duty crossbow, well-priced by TenPoint standards. There are Stealth NXT has many excellent selling points. There are also some aspects that are not so great.

The positive aspects of the TenPoint Stealth NXT compensate for the drawbacks. The rubber butt plate and cheek piece are simple to adjust to fit. TenPoint guarantees the crossbow to be out-of-the-box accurate. Each bore is sighted before it leaves the factory. TenPoint always puts out what the industry wants. People have come to expect a lot from the manufacturer.