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The North Face Resolve 2 Review Facts

When out on the trails or even when out and about in town, there is nothing worse than being caught in the rain. Rain has a way of making us feel both sullen and cold. Rain can also cause a deep, bone chilling cold that is hard to warm up from. This is why Gore-Tex became so popular. Gore-Tex is a popular brand of waterproofing material that encourages water to ball up on the outside of the clothing being protected with it and roll off. Waterproofing, in general, offers the wearer the ability to stay dry even when in higher moisture environments. This is particularly important when in cities that rain more frequently like Buffalo or Vancouver. Waterproofing usually means two different features, it either means that the moisture is absorbed into the fabric but not through the fabric and dries quickly. It also can mean that the water forms into a small ball and rolls off the material. Typically the later is more desirable because the former requires that there be some sun to dry the fabric between rain falls. This type of material is usually fabrics like leather whereby it is thick which means the water has a harder time completely penetrating the fabric. Where waterproofing is more closely associated with the previously mentioned Gore-Tex material. In conclusion, when living in or traveling through places where rainfall is more common, wearing a product that offers waterproofing or weatherproofing can make all the difference when keeping warm and staying comfortable.

This article focuses on the North Face Resolve 2 jacket. We chose this jacket due to the jackets popularity. North Face has become a leader in outer wear and protection. They offer a unique line of monochrome and stylish clothing intended for active people. They are also known for making very warm, sustainable jackets. We looked at what consumers thought of the Resolve 2 in order to determine it's waterproofing abilities, durability, style and overall quality. We also looked at the materials used and the construction of the jacket in order to determine it's longevity and cost value comparison. This is our comprehensive review of the North Face Resolve 2. We hope that this article helps you with your next sport jacket purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Super lightweight and easy to pack in suit case for travel 
  • Quite durable in design and lasts a long time
  • Great for both wind and rain 
  • Offers a nice, slim fit even for those heavier set 
  • Some found the collar comes up a little high
  • Some found it frustrating that the hood itself doesn't have a draw string, making it hard to see when wearing the hood


The North Face Resolve 2 offers breathable fabric meant to keep the wearer properly ventilated even when in vigorous motion. It offers a breathable mesh-lining which allows air to flow through the jacket without letting rain in. This jacket is also waterproof (discussed later in this article). Typically when waterproofing is highlighted with this type of product this limits its ventilation. This is not the case with this jacket. Consumers who purchased this jacket were impressed with the waterproofing abilities of it even after long periods of time as well as after numerous washes which is positive. Overall, this jacket is both breathable and waterproof which should be noted.


The North Face Resolve 2 is offered in numerous sizes including XL. Those who bought this jacket were impressed by how well the jacket fit and found it true to size. One reviewer noted that he was quite heavy and that he always struggles with finding jackets that fit him. He said the XL in this jacket fit perfectly and even had enough room to fit a sweater under it for particularly cold days. The jacket also offers a secure-zip in order to keep the jacket closed and warm throughout the wearer's adventures. The adjustable hood also keeps the hood tighter to the head to offer better warmth and wind resistance. The fabric used is a polyurethane coating and polyester taffeta sleeves and hood lining. This offers a little stretch for those who prefer a tighter fit. The arms and torso fit well with this jacket, sometimes there are issues with this type of product fitting in both of those areas. Sometimes the arms are too tight when the chest fits well but when the arms fit well the chest is too loose. In this jacket, it seems the sizing is correct. The only issue some found is that the collar is a little high on this jacket and some found that irritating.


North Face is a well-known brand in outdoor wear. The company started in San Francisco and focused on climbing equipment. This was around 1966 since the company has grown substantially. The aggressive growth and rise in popularity of the company actually resulted in several targets for robbery in Washington D.C. North Face, being around now for over 51 years, serves North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. They are primarily known for their outerwear, fleece, and footwear. They also offer outdoor equipment such as tents, backpacks and sleeping bags. They still offer climbing equipment as primarily intended but also offer different sports gear lines from running to snowboarding to skiing. The company also has a reputation for having an excellent customer service team and their products are well-known for having a long shelf-life. Overall, the company is well-known and popular due to the quality of the products they put out.


North Face has built a brand based on durability and versatility. All their products are supposed to be built to last without looking too bulky or meaty. This particular product offers waterproofing which protects the inside of the coat by offering a layer of polyurethane to the outside of the jacket. It also offers a tri-component and a multi-layer formula which is supposed to add to the waterproofing abilities of this coat. This helps the overall durability of the coat as well. The jacket was also field tested in order to ensure the best possible durability was offered by this jacket. The lightweight nature of the coat is surprising considering its durability. Those who wore this jacket were a little thrown off by its weight, saying they didn't think that the weight would help in the coats durability, however, there were numerous people who have owned the jacket for years and confirmed that it is still intact and that the waterproofing works just the same as the day they bought it. The durability also means that the cost and value are in line with each other. It also means that this jacket is worth the cost.


This jacket seems to fit either true to size or slightly larger according to reviewers. Some found that the size they bought worked well for them and that they could fit a thinner sweater under the jacket for additional warmth. This gives us the impression that it might fit a little larger but not enough to feel oversized. Those who wore this jacket were impressed by its fit, saying that it fits very well. As mentioned earlier in this article, there seem to be some issues with this type of jacket due to the sizing difference of the arms and the chest in that the chest fits well but the arms are tight but then when the arms fit well the chest tends to be too big. This doesn't seem to be an issue with this jacket. Everything seems to fit really well throughout which consumers appreciated. The center back is 29" and the weight of this jacket is about 17.3 ounces.


This jacket is meant for either everyday outdoor wear or hiking. It offers both the waterproof and warmth features required for rainy days but also offers the ventilation and breathability required for when doing physical activity. It also offers a lightweight fabric that is easy to fold up and travel with which is beneficial. This jacket is also quite durable which means it can be worn during more vigorous activities. It seems that this jacket is quite versatile which means it can really be worn for numerous activities which is great. It can be worn around town as an errand jacket, to the gym, in cooler weather and out on hikes.


This jacket offers an adjustable hood which tights around the head in order to keep air and wind out if in cooler environments. It also means that it offers protection from the cold and a better fit. The nylon body offers a little bit of flexibility so that when rotating the torso the jacket shouldn't breakdown at the seams. The zipper of this jacket offers a Velcro storm flap covers front zipper which also offers greater warmth and flexibility. It offers elastic-bound cuffs and hem cinch-cord for greater adjustability and flexibility as well when in movement. The mesh liner also offers a greater range of motion to the wearer. Reviewers did not feel restricted in this jacket but rather wore it for more vigorous activities as well as just out and about which is great.


This jacket is made of a polyurethane (PU) coating with a multi-layer formula for waterproofing. This typically means that the jacket should not be dried in order to keep the waterproofing in its best shape. It should be washed in cool or cold water and laid flat to dry. It also offers 100% polyester taffeta (sleeve and hood lining) which means that if it is not laid flat then the polyester taffeta can wrinkle a little. This jacket will stay waterproof and offer superior ventilation for an extended period of time as long as it is cared for correctly.


This jacket is quite attractive in design. It is offered in three different colors in order to suit individual styles and offers a sleek and contoured fit to the body. It isn't too loud in that it is offered in a single color and the pockets are hidden with flaps in order to make the coat look a little more simple. The jacket also offers drawstrings for a better, closer fit. The fit itself seems to fit slightly larger but the arms and chest fit correctly no matter the sizing requirement. Overall, this is an attractive jacket with a nice design. It works well for all age ranges and is regularly reviewed as being a nice jacket which is positive.


Mentioned numerous times in this article, this jacket offers superior water protection. The materials used for this jacket all promote warmth and keep out water. This jacket offers a DryVent shell uses a polyurethane coating which keeps water out but promotes ventilation within (a tricky combo). The jacket also offers a tri-component and multi-layer formula which helps with water protection. Those who bought this jacket were impressed with the waterproofing abilities and how well it kept the wearer dry and warm but also cool during vigorous activity. This jacket also offers waterproofing way later down the road which impressed reviewers. Overall, this jacket keeps water out even on windy days which is ideal.


This jacket offers adjustable sleeves and an adjustable hood which helps keep the wind out. The material used for the arms and the torso are also both water and wind resistant. Those who wore this jacket felt secure and dry during their activities which is positive.


Waterproof, windproof and weatherproof
Adjustable waist, sleeves, and hood for protection against the wind and rain
Seam-sealed DryVent with mesh liner to offer proper ventilation and breathability
Covered, secure-zip hand pockets to keep items in the pockets from falling out
Adjustable and stowable hood for preference
Lightweight, easy to fold up and travel with
Velcro storm flap to cover zipper for warmth and protection against the elements
Stylish in design


The bottom line is that this is a good jacket. It seems to be quite well made and constructed well. Those who bought earlier versions of this jacket said they had it for 8 plus years. This jacket is noted as being quite durable and long lasting. The price point is actually not too bad considering its versatility. It is also attractive in design which is beneficial considering how well it keeps the wearer warm and dry. Overall, this is a very highly regarded and quality jacket. It is definitely worth consideration.