Merrell Waterpro Maipo

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Merrell Waterpro Maipo Review Facts

Walking through water can oftentimes be either painful or gross. The invention of the water shoe was very impressive because it offered the ability to walk through water without weighing down the foot. It also means that the ankle and foot are supported and comfortable even in the rockiest waters.

Water shoes also usually offer a grip that allows for some stick even when the surface being stepped on is wet which helps keep the walker up and not sliding around (and falling into the water). They can also be worn outside of the water for some versatility which makes any beach experience a more comfortable one.

We have put together a review of the Merrell Waterpro Maipo. This is a water shoe offered by Merrell that offers both comfort and stability to those walking in the water. We looked at how it was put together, what it looked like, its durability and its quality in order to give the reader a comprehensive review of this product.

We hope that this article helps you with your next purchase of a water shoe. Happy travels!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Superior traction

Lightweight design

No break-in period required

Impressive quick-dry features


Some loose spaces let rocks into the shoe

Some sizing issues


The outsole of the Merrell Waterpro Maipo is made of a Vibram TC5+ material which is commonly known for its sticky grip. The outsole on this type of shoe is very important because rocks, when wet, are very slippery and so having footwear with proper grip is very important. The TC5+ describes the materials chemical compound. Vibram has several different types of compositions and the TC5+ is well known for its grip and safety due to how it engineered.

As far as what reviewers said about it, it is commonly referred to as an "extremely grippy product". It sticks to both wet and dry surfaces easily and reviewers felt secure when wearing it. They also appreciated the durability of its outsole noting that it is both great for water activities as well as hiking on more rugged terrains which are both quite impressive features.


Now, the midsole is made of a compression-molded EVA. This is an extremely common material often found in hiking boots, running shoes and now water shoes. The reason it's so popular is that EVA is a material that is both strong and lightweight. This means that not only does it offer durability but it also doesn't weigh down the foot (which often times will slow down the adventurer).

Another highlight of EVA is that when its compression-molded, it contours the bottom of the foot in order to feel more natural to the foot and offer support all the way down the foot (heel, arch, and ball).

Reviewers really liked the midsole of the Merrell Waterpro Maipo. They felt that sometimes water shoes can lack in support due to their purpose. They appreciated that these didn't. The felt both secure and stable in these and they credited the midsole partially for this benefit.


The upper is partially composed of synthetic material and partially a mesh material. Both of these components are water-friendly meaning that though they do let water into the shoe, they don't breakdown as a result of getting wet. They also dry faster in order to offer comfort faster to those walking in and out of the water.

The composition is also beneficial to those who are using these outsoles of the water because it promotes ventilation and breathability to the foot. This helps keep feet cool and dry when in motion.

Reviewers really appreciate their ventilation features. They felt that their feet didn't overheat even on warmer days and they also appreciated how the combination of polyester and mesh keeps the shoe lightweight which are positive features.


They weigh in at about 1 pound and 1 ounce which equates to about 482 grams. This is relatively lightweight when considering hiking products and running shoes. They feel quite lightweight despite their supportive and durable materials.

Those who bought these really appreciated their lightweight nature. They felt that both wet and dry they were quite light still. They also dry quite quickly as well which is praised by consumers. Overall, weight is not an issue with these but rather their benefit.


This was covered a little earlier but essentially the mesh intertwined between the overlays and synthetic materials offer ventilation to the inside of the shoe. The hot air is pushed out while the wearer steps down.

Simultaneously, cool air enters the shoe in order to keep feet cool even when the weather and the wearer can get hot. This keeps feet cool keeping sweat at bay. Ultimately, this helps with slipping- mind you these were meant to stabilize the foot even when wet.

Reviewers felt that they are quite breathable and genuinely appreciated their ventilation which is fantastic.


In regards to its comfort, it offers the EVA midsole in order to contour the bottom of the foot. This helps avoid unnecessary pains typically associated with a lack of support. It also offers mesh overlays in order to keep the foot feeling supported. It has mesh throughout its upper to keep the foot cool and dry during walks, and it offers quick-dry technology that helps the shoe dry faster so that feet feel better when out of the water. This also helps with blisters.

Reviewers appreciated their comfort. They noted that right out of the box they are quite comfortable and they require no break-in period. They are also lightweight making them easier to walk in and they really liked how quickly they dry when out of the water.


They come in a couple of different color options in order to suit individual styles. They are also made with high-quality materials helping them look like they are quality shoes/ They also have a good reputation for being quite durable which helps keep them looking aesthetically pleasing for longer.

Those who bought them found them to look quite sporty. Though they aren't necessarily fashionable, they are attractive in design and definitely look high quality. Reviewers appreciated that they looked good both wet and dry, as well as overtime which is great.


As mentioned above, they offer great durability and this is mostly due to how they are constructed. The midsole works with the outsole which works with the upper of the shoe in order to create structural integrity as well as support. The overlays and lacing system help customize the fit as well as bring together and secure the entire system. They are made with high-quality materials like EVA and Vibram and all together they work to really create a durable product.

Consumers really appreciated their durability noting that they last a long time and don't seem to wear down even in more rugged terrains. The Vibram outsole is both sticky and durable, and the TC5+ composition seems to do exactly as the Vibram website claims, which is- stay strong and protect the foot which is really positive.


As with many outdoor and adventure footwear, these offer a synthetic toe bumper in order to protect both the foot and the shoe from damage. It has a highly durable outsole for the purpose of protecting the bottom of the foot from sharp rocks in and out of water. And it also offers a sticky grip that is reliable in and out of the water to avoid slipping.

Reviewers appreciated the extra safety features added. They felt safe, secure and protected on their adventures which allowed them to enjoy their activities without fear of getting hurt.


There's a unique balance that happens with water shoes. As the shoe needs to offer high levels of traction but also offer protection, they usually offer a thicker outsole with specialized tread (usually through lugs). The downside of a thicker and more reliable outsole is that this tends to stiffen up the outsole and decrease its responsiveness.

The advantage of this product is that it does offer some impressive flexibility due to the materials used to construct it which in turn enhances its responsiveness. It is by no means a running shoe, but it should offer enough grip and flexibility to get the wearer quickly out of sticky situations with ease.


The primary advantage of the compression-molded EVA midsole is that it contours to the bottom of the foot in order to offer support all along the bottom. Mentioned above, the overlays across the sides of the upper and the lacing area work as a system to tighten everything together in order to support the foot.

The issue with water shoes is that they aren't typically all-that supportive. They are usually flimsy and light because this dries faster. This product is impressive because they have effectively created a runner, hiking, and water shoe hybrid in order to offer all the advantages of those three footwear types.

Buyers really appreciated the level of support offered. They felt that their foot doesn't move around much within it even when wet. They didn't experience any cramping or achiness typically associated with shin splints. Overall, especially for a water-based product, this one is really impressive when it comes to its overall support system.


They are unique in that their terrain is primarily intended for water and slippery rocks. This is because the traction across the outsole is so impressive. They are also unique in that they are also meant for out of water activities like hiking and walks. They are versatile in this regard which helps their price point (discussed a little more in-depth below).

Reviewers appreciated their versatility and liked their grip stating that they could do a lot in them and that they are the ideal outdoor adventure companion.


In regards to price, they are about middle of the road. When considering the price you also have to consider versatility and durability. This will ultimately determine how many other pairs of footwear are needed to do your daily activities and whether you need the buy them more frequently or not.

Luckily, they are extremely versatile and reviewers rave about their durability which makes the cost value far more appealing. Reviewers had no issue with their price tag and felt that they were worth the cost associated with them.


The traction is discussed in detail above but to recap, the outsole offers a strong Vibram material which is both "sticky" and durable. This helps with walking on both wet and dry surfaces. Reviewers appreciated how well they were able to grip onto both which is extremely important because slick rides can mean slipping and this could also mean falling in the water. Consumers also appreciated the traction and versatility offered.


Another major benefit is flexibility. Due to the material used across it's upper and outsole, they offer some interesting levels of flexibility. Despite their durability and support, they are impressively flexible which really helps with movement. This also helps when in the water because the movement is a little more restrictive so it needs to offer a little more give, which it does. Reviewers appreciated their flexibility right out of the box and their responsiveness as well.


It is low-cut around the ankle which does impact the ankles stability a touch but because of its support system and its traction, the stability of it is still pretty reliable. Many reviewers noted that this model is impressive for its ability to offer the best of all worlds. This includes stability offered. They appreciated how easy it is to travel in these on all terrains and they felt that their foot felt secure at all times.


There is no information on the companies website about the drop of them, however, the lug depth is about 3.5 mm. There were also next to no reviewers about its drop.


- Water-friendly material with quick-dry features
- Integrated webbed lacing for a closer and more secure fit
- Synthetic toe bumper for protection of the foot and the shoe
- Water-friendly Kinetic Fit BASE for better support
- Compression-molded EVA midsole for support of the entire underfoot
- Vibram TC5+ outsole for durability and traction
- Lightweight design to avoid unnecessary fatigue
- Extremely versatile for a more attractive price value comparison


Overall, the Merrell Waterpro Maipo is a pretty impressive shoe. It is extremely highly rated with reviewers and has very few negative qualities. For those looking for a multi-purpose shoe that can work both in and out of the water, this one seems to be your best bet.