New Balance Vazee Summit V2

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New Balance Vazee Summit V2 Review Facts

Running can be very hard on the body in numerous ways. One is the joints, bones, and hips which take the brunt of the impact when forcibly dropping the foot to pavement. That is why impact resistance (incorporated into the cushioning system of the shoe) is so important. The shoe takes on more of the impact over the more critical areas of the body and helps with the long-term damage that running often causes.

Running also has several health benefits. These health benefits include helping heart health, decreasing blood pressure and decreasing the waistline.

Our website provides consumer-based reviews in order to filter through popular products on the market in order to provide comprehensive reviews on these items. This article is a single product review on the New Balance Vazee Summit V2. We looked at consumers thought about this product both the good and the bad. We hope that this review helps you with your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Great grip
  • Comfortable
  • High level of breathability¬†
  • Attractive in design
  • Forefoot area quite tight¬†
  • Not true-to-size


Reviewers were quite impressed with the outsoles of this product noting that it is durable and well designed. Those who bought these runners appreciated their tread (discussed more below) and felt comfortable wearing these on trails (even when trails are a little slick) which is really positive. The fact that the outsoles are durable is also impressive and important as when on trails, the outsole is the first and primary area to take hits. Rock and sharp debris often found on trails break down the outsoles of trail runners very quickly hence why a strong outsole is important. Luckily these shoes had no issues withstanding rougher terrains which is great.


The midsole of these shoes offers Revlite foam for a lightweight and supportive fit. Those who wore these shoes felt that the shoes fit well and supported the feet well even with the narrow design. They also felt that the midsole didn't weigh the shoes down in any way which allowed them to run further longer. The foam of these shoes also offers a strong, impact resistance that protects the bones, joints, and muscles when running.


The upper of these shoes offer a synthetic FantomFit which is supposed to hug the foot and offers better responsiveness. This is something that can often cause some tightness throughout the shoe and some reviewers did make note of this. The synthetic material helps with both offering better breathability and a lightweight feel to the shoe.

Those who bought this product were quite impressed with the mesh offered by this shoe. Though mesh is a common element and material used for running shoes that don't always mean that they breathe well. Luckily with how these shoes are designed with the collaboration of the mesh used for this shoe, this product is regularly reviewed as being quite breathable and comfortable. The mesh, which tends to be a weaker material, is also not regularly regarded as being non-durable which, again, is impressive and good to hear. Overall, these shoes seem to offer a good quality product with a solid and reliable upper which is positive.


Reviewers were happy with the weight of these shoes noting that their lightweight nature allowed them to run further longer and they also felt that the lightweight nature of these shoes helped with their performance. Weight is especially important in runners because this can either increase or decrease foot and leg fatigue. The weight of trail runners can also be a little higher than alternative runners (like basic running shoes) because of the additional safety features added to protect feet and shoes from rocks and obstacles on the trails. Luckily, these shoes are quite lightweight and therefore didn't slow trail runners down which is really positive!


This product offers a synthetic and a mesh upper. The mesh is supported by the synthetic through intricate stitching. The air can enter the shoe through the mesh and exit again. The cool air enters and the hot air exits. This helps the foot breathe and delays sweat buildup. This is an important aspect of running shoes because this will ultimately help with the comfort of the shoe as well as the safety of the runner.

These running shoes, as mentioned earlier, do offer a decent level of breathability throughout the shoe. This is a result of the mesh feature added to the shoe which aids in keeping the feet cool and dry. Those who bought these shoes were very happy with how cool and dry their feet felt during runs and praised their breathability.


Reviewers were happy with the level of comfort provided by these shoes. Reviewers found that once they found their correct size that the cushioning offered by these shoes was impressive and they felt that the shoes offered a decent level of support and stability too. One note that reviewers mentioned is that these shoes do not fit true to size meaning that they may require sizing up half a size or sometimes even a full size. The other note that reviewers mentioned is that these shoes do fit a little tight in the forefoot of the shoe. This made reviewer's toes feel a little squished when running and can cause a little discomfort. Other than these minor issues, though, reviewers did find these runners to be quite comfortable and supportive which is positive.


Trail shoes require a sturdy body in order to withstand the elements when trail running. As a result, though, often times this style of shoe can look a little bulky and heavy. Luckily, with these runners, they actually are quite attractive in design. They are lightweight in nature and yet durable which kind of leave them in between style-wise. The forefoot is a little narrow (hence reviewers issue with the comfort throughout the ball of the foot) which make the shoes look a little sleeker in design.

They are also made with quality materials which leave the shoes looking newer, longer. Reviewers were happy with the appearance of these shoes noting that they are both comfortable and fashionable.


These shoes are regularly regarded as durable and made of quality materials. Those who bought these shoes were happiest with their longevity, noting that they were able to wear these shoes for a very long period of time before they started to show visible wear and tear. This, of course, helps with the aesthetic of the shoe as well as the price point of it.

The outsoles are the shining star of these shoes, reviewers noting that they were very happy with how little they experienced wear when even on the most rugged trails. They were also very happy with the toe protection offered by these runners. Overall, a durable and reliable shoe for anyone looking for something a little more sturdy.


These shoes offer some protection throughout the shoe including an extra strong toe bumper that protects the toes from accidental bumps but also protects the shoes from those bumps as well. This is common in running shoes, however, the toe bumper on these shoes are a little larger to accommodate for rougher terrain. It also offers a Rockstop plate throughout the bottom of the shoe to protect the runner's feet and the shoes from sharp rocks that are physically stepped on. Not only does this help keep runners feet protected but it will also help with the longevity of the shoe itself.

Reviewers were impressed with the protection offered by these trail runners. Those who bought these shoes found that the additional toe protection offered by these shoes was very handy and they felt like it not only protected the toes but also protected the shoe.


Consumers who purchased this product were really impressed with the responsiveness offered by these shoes. They felt that despite the outsole is so durable that they still could really control the shoe and they didn't feel like there was too much material between the bottom of the foot and the trail. In addition to this, the traction offered by this shoe is quite impressive and helped with the overall responsiveness of the shoe. Those who wore these shoes trusted them and felt that they could comfortably and safely travel on trails without misstepping which is positive.


These runners offer support throughout the midsole and upper via its FantomFit. Runners felt safe and secure in these runners. They noted that these runners offer the right amount of arch support which allowed them to run without pain in their feet which is positive.


These runners are trail runners meaning that they are meant to be worn on trails. Trails usually present different conditions including dry, wet and muddy surfaces. This is why a trail runner is important when running on trails. Trail runners will often time provide specific features that help the runner like better support, higher levels of protection through the toes and the bottom of the foot, as well as better grip for wet surfaces. These shoes seem to be quite reliable in those areas, offering a sticky grip, a decent level of support to the foot and the ankle, as well as resistance to some more rugged debris found on the trails which is really positive.


These runners are quite reasonably priced as well considering. These runners are highly rated by reviewers due to their weather resistance, their reliability, and their safety features. Not only this but they also offer nice design and a durable body which helps keep the shoes looking newer longer. They are lightweight and breathable, allowing runners to travel faster, longer and they offer superior comfort and support for those with foot issues. Considering all these features it's a surprise that the price is so low on this product.


As previously mentioned, the outsole of these runners is highly praised by reviewers. They felt that they are durable and protective which they appreciated when running on rougher terrains. The highlight of the outsole, though, is its traction. Because the runner is faced with various terrains when running including some that can be quite slick, it is important to wear a shoe with a "sticky" outsole meaning that it can grip various surfaces without causing the runner to slip, slide or fall. Luckily with these runners, reviewers felt that it delivers a sticky grip and they felt safe when running even on wet surfaces. This is crucial when trail running and seriously helped our overall rating of the shoe.


There is little mentioned about the drop of these shoes when it comes to reviews but the shoe offers a 10 mm drop which is pretty standard in runners. It also offers a removable insole for those looking to use custom orthotics.


- Synthetic FantomFit which is supposed to hug to the foot better and offer a more secure fit
- Toe bumper protection along with the front toes for protection of both the toes and the shoes
- Reliable and supportive midsole made with Revlite foam for support and less weight to the shoe
- Rockstop plate through the bottom of the shoe to protect the bottom of the foot and the shoe from sharp rocks along the trail
- Rubber outsole for a durable and reliable grip on a variety of surfaces
- Lightweight design for a better, longer run
- Flexible midsole and outsole for more control when running
- Attractive design for those looking for a more fashion forward shoe


Overall this is shoe is pretty impressive. For the most part, reviewers only had positive things to say about the shoe. The toe primary notes about the shoe are how narrow the shoe is which is positive because it means the shoe looks sleeker and this can also sometimes help with the responsiveness of the shoe. The downside to it is that the shoe can feel a little snug and some experienced some tightness in the forefoot. The other negative note about this shoe is that the shoe isn't quite true to size so sizing up may be required. The website says that this shoe offers a FantomFit which is supposed to make the shoe fit tighter to the foot so this could be why people found the shoe to narrow.

Other than these issues, reviewers felt comfortable in these shoes. They felt like the shoe offered proper support, control, and responsiveness. They also liked the appearance of the shoe which is a huge plus. Overall, they appear to be a great purchase for more buyers and we'd recommend it for your next trail runner purchase.