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The North Face Terra 65 Review Facts

Hiking requires specialized equipment in order to keep the hiker in the same shape they went up in. This includes hiking poles and proper boots. Another means of keeping safe is specialized backpacks that offer proper weight distribution and load capacity. A hiking backpack can offer a hiker the ability free up their hands which is not only handy (excuse the pun) but also safe especially when slips or falls occur.

Proper bags should also offer some abrasion resistance and weatherproofing due to hiking's common conditions in order to keep the bag in use longer. Without these features, bags will experience wear and tear a lot faster which can cause both frustration and money. When considering a new hiking backpack consider these features before purchasing to avoid being unhappy over the long term with your new backpack.

This article specifically is on the North Face Terra 65- a hiking backpack offered by the popular sports and outdoor brand, North Face. We looked at what consumers who bought it felt about its durability, capacity, and quality. We also looked at what they disliked about the bag and why. This is our review of the North Face Terra 65. We hope that this article serves you in your next hiking bag. Enjoy!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Sensational support system via straps

Excellent breathability and ventilation

Ergonomically shaped for comfort

Aesthetically pleasing design


Lacks enough organizational pockets

Lacks waterproofing features


The North Face Terra 65 is a hiking backpack which means it has different features from one that is meant for education or luggage. It offers features such as a 65-liter capacity and a zippered sleeping bag compartment making it ideal for overnight trips. It also offers specialized support features like a suspension fit in order to contour better to the back and a padded shoulder harness which is both sleek and anatomical. There are also 7 plus pockets in order to organize the load a little better and this also helps with grabbing items when on the go.

Because this an updated version of an older one, it has been adjusted to consumers reviews on it. Consumers who bought both versions appreciated the new features added to it including areas like its capacity and its organizational features. They also really appreciated the design adjustment and noted that the new update looks much more fashionable than older versions. This is a positive response and shows North Face listens to suggestions and complaints.


The materials used are materials that are typically used in both hiking and camping gear. This includes fabrics like 600D polyester, 420D mini-ripstop nylon, and a 1200D polyester. Ripstop is a special material used specifically in high-abrasion resistant materials because as the name states it stops rips. It is typically found in woven fabrics like nylon and polyester. It offers thicker, reinforced threads that are interwoven in order to create sort of a crosshatch pattern. This, in turn, makes a much strong material that offers resistance to abrasion.

Reviewers really appreciated the materials used to construct the North Face Terra 65. They noted that it is both durable and attractive in design. They liked that the materials used make the bag look high quality and fashionable.


The comfort features include the OPTIFIT suspension system. This system was created to contour the back in order to keep the bag closer to the body. This helps in regards to general comfort and weight distribution.

Because the system contours to the back, this means less airflow along the backline which can often times cause sweat buildup for the wearer. Luckily this backpack provides a vertical channel which improves and encourage ventilation in order to keep the back cool when wearing it.

Reviewers really appreciated the comfort features. They found the suspension system to both support their loads and support their backs. They also appreciate the padded shoulders which stop any redness or sore spots from forming. They also really appreciate the ventilation system along the back.


As mentioned earlier, the North Face Terra 65 is made with materials commonly found in gear made for more rugged activities (like hiking and camping). This includes ripstop and 1200D polyester. The number before the word 'polyester' describes the thickness of the yarns used to construct the material. Similar to how we look at the thread count in sheets before we buy them, we should do the same for our camping and hiking gear. The higher the number, the thicker the threads used to build the material and the more durable it is.

Reviewers really appreciated the durability of the North Face Terra 65, however, did note that due to the fact that it is not waterproof an additional rain cover would have been nice. This is because once it rains the items in the bag become very wet and the exposure to rain can cause rust to the zippers which would decrease its durability.


Its capacity is about 64 liters. There is also a slightly larger version that offers about 66 liters depending on what size of the pack the consumer is looking for. In cubic inches, that's either 3906 cubic inches (for the smaller version) and 4028 square inches for the larger version. It weighs in at about 4.5 pounds for the smaller one and 4.9 pounds for the larger one.

For hiking backpacks, this is pretty impressive as they can get quite heavy. It offers different organization features as well in order to organize the space and offers straps to offer weight distribution.

Reviewers really appreciated its size. They liked how much they could carry (including the separate compartment for a sleeping bag) and also appreciated the weight distribution offered by the suspension system. They also felt that the bag wasn't too oversized as well, noting that they could easily store it when not using it.


The North Face Terra 65 is labeled on the company website as being a journeyman's favorite. It is meant for managing larger and heavier loads, and also offers special pockets for overnight gear. It also offers special materials in order to increase abrasion resistance. The body is also built in a way to support the wearer and for extended periods of time. This includes a suspension system for support to the wearer and to offer some weight distribution. It is ideal for those looking for a scramble bag or just a heavy-duty companion with extended longevity.

Reviewers primarily purchased it for hiking adventures. This is due to the materials used and its sleek design. They could easily travel both on foot and transportation with this bag quite easily. It fits easily with other luggage and also holds a fair bit of supplies too.


For the use, this is a pretty attractive looking bag. North Face is well-known for producing stylish activewear and they have not let consumers down with this backpack. It offers a more minimalist design with fewer colors and bag attachments.

It also provides a smooth and sleek design all the way through to their suspension system. The bag is shaped more long than it is wide and therefore offers a more narrow design rather than bulky like traditional back wear might. It is made of high-quality materials and offers zipper covers all throughout in order to really stylize the bag.

Consumers found it to be quite aesthetically pleasing noting its sleek design and its attractive features. They appreciated its ergonomically and anatomical shape. They also appreciated the materials used to construct it. They were pleasantly surprised by both its style and durability. The durability certainly helps it look a lot better long which is a big plus for many reviewers.


The support comes from different areas of it. It offers the OPTIFIT suspension system as mentioned earlier, which is a strap (shoulder, sternum, and waist) based system that offers an overall stability throughout. The shoulder straps are padded for comfort and support.

In addition to this, the waist strap is uniquely designed in that it's thicker on the sides which adds cushioning around the waist as well in order to offer even more weight capacity and comfort to the wearer. The OPTIFIT design provides suspension and support in order to avoid back strain and to increase comfort.

This area is a highlight for the majority of consumers because the support system is so dynamic and reliable. They felt that the load was very easy to distribute and they also felt supported during their travels due to the bags anatomical fit to the back. They loved the load-spreading hip belt that is both easy to connect and quite soft to the touch.


The North Face Terra 65 offers several pockets including a large main compartment that is both accessible from the top and size of the bag through a zipper. It also provides an improved sleeping bag compartment- also zippered. In all, it is listed as having 7 plus pockets but this includes non-zippered and, therefore, non-secured options.

This is one area that reviewers had some issues with. They felt that though it provides exceptional capacity, they wished that it offered more organization in the way of pockets. The felt that there were not enough compartments specialized for specific purposes and they also felt that it could offer a little bit more for external pockets as well. That said, they appreciated the new design of the sleeping bag pocket noting that it is nicely designed and much better than this products previous version.


The North Face is a highly respected brand name in the world of clothing, footwear and outdoor gear. Because of the notoriety that comes with being so sought after, you should expect to pay a little extra. Though, if we're being honest, the price point for the Terra 65 isn't as exuberant as it could be. In fact, it's right on par with other similar products that you'll find on the market today.


- Large 65-liter backpack with additional size options
- OPTIFIT suspension system for support and weight distribution
- Vertical channel in order to offer ventilation and breathability to the back
- Attractive design with sleek features
- Padded shoulder harness and waist strap for comfort
- Anatomically correct shape to mold to the back
- Zippered-side entry to the main component for convenience
- Made of high-quality materials in order to extended longevity


After our research, we are quite impressed with the North Face Terra 65 and here's why:

Reviewers raved about how comfortable the suspension system is especially the waist strap which is unique in that it is quite heavily padded as well as thick. This offered far more weight distribution than alternative products. They also really appreciated that this bag offered both a tight fit to the back but also high levels of breathability which sometimes don't go hand-in-hand. The vertical back panel is the reason for this and reviewers loved it.

In addition to these features, they appreciated the sleek look noting how attractive in design it is. They liked the anatomical fit as well due to the contoured back panel. It is also quite lightweight in design which helped avoid weighing down the bag before items were even in it. It fits well on the back but is also very easy to travel by car with it. They also really appreciated the weight distribution it noting that even the heaviest loads felt lighter with this bag over alternatives.

The minor complaints about it are the lack of water protection which could end up damaging items in the bag as well as the bag itself. Reviewers noting that simply adding a rain cover would have been an inexpensive option for the company to really create an all-around great product.

They also mentioned the lack of organization offered by it noting that even with the "7 plus" pockets they felt that it could have offered more within the bag in the way of organization but also note this is a hypercritical critique and that they were otherwise quite pleased with it.

Overall, though, reviewers really appreciated the North Face Terra 65 and it is still a very highly rated product. Because The North Face is such a highly recommended and lauded company, consumers should feel confident in making the Terra 65 their next hiking backpack purchase.