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Merrell Terran Lattice Review Facts

The biggest drawback to sandals is their lack of support to the foot. Unlike running shoes that have an entire system in place to help with support and stability, sandals lack the structure to do so (for the most part). They do tend to come in at a lower price point as a result of this flaw.

We have started to see that athletic apparel and camping companies have started to produce sandal products that are a little more supportive, a little more flexible and offer a little more flexibility which is positive. This, of course, doesn't come without a cost. With increased support comes a need for increased durability and therefore a product made with higher quality materials.

Today we have created an in-depth review of the Merrell Terran Lattice- a heavy-duty, durable sandal made by the popular outdoors brand Merrell. We looked at its composition, reviewers thoughts and came to our own conclusion of how this product performed. We hope that this article helps you with your next sandal purchase. Happy travels!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Comfortable shoe

Stylish design

Decent arch support

Attractive price tag


Some durability concerns

Some tightness for those with wider set feet


This sandal offers "M Select Grip" which helps the outsole with more durable traction to alternative products. They are unique in the sense that they are a hiking sandal. Though this is the case, these won't be able to handle more intensive scrambles. They are great for travelers who will be on their feet often and for those who are looking for a more supportive option when hitting the trails. The M Select Grip helps grip a multitude of surfaces in order to keep the hiker safe and secure when on more dangerous terrains.

A sticky outsole helps keep the foot more secure rather than sliding around. It works with the straps to stabilize the ankle which helps avoid strains. A "sticky" outsole is massively important when looking at trail shoes as this will help it stick to surfaces like rocks and dirt. It should also help the hiker avoid slipping and falling. These sandals offer enough grip to protect and stabilize which reviewers really appreciated and we did too.


Unlike standards sandals, these offer a 3mm memory foam footbeds. This allows for both comfort and some impact reduction. Immediately this is what reviewers notices when putting these on. Not only are the quite comfortable to walk around in but they are also very soft. This has to do with the microfiber-like finish also offered.

Stepping into these you know that they are going to be both comfortable and easy to wear due to these features.

The issue with a soft midsole is that the material does tend to be a little weaker. We discuss this in a little more detail below, but, this ultra-soft and ultra-comfortable design of the midsole did break down quite easily leaving these shoes a little hard to wear fairly quickly into buying them.

So though the feeling out of the box was nice, this didn't last long for some reviewers which caused concerns for several buyers, especially those using these for longer periods of time.


Another highlight of the Merrell Terran Lattice is the fact that the upper (straps) is made of Nubuck leather. Nubuck is very popular with shoes, especially more rugged outdoors products. The reason for this is that this type of leather is natural meaning that it offers a little bit of giving which helps with its flexibility when moving the foot around. They also will provide higher levels of durability.

Nuback leather is also quite comfortable when crafted correctly, giving this material an all-around positive rating by those who have footwear that is made of it.

In addition to this feature, the upper offers an adjustable hook-and-loop strap which allows for some adjustability and customization to the shoe. Though the upper straps are adjustable, reviewers did take issue with the straps. Reviewers found that the straps sit too close to the heel and therefore slide under the foot when walking around. This caused discomfort and frustration when attempting to do anything. It also hurts the structural integrity of the product which can lead to injuries sadly.


These weigh in at about 12 ounces which is pretty light considering their composition. They are made of leather, remember, which is heavy and memory foam, which is another typically heavier material. Lighter materials tend to provide less durability, while supportive materials tend to be heavy. Luckily, these offer a lightweight design with support and comfort for the wearer.


These are sandals so right off the bat they offer higher levels of breathability due to the large area that does not cover the foot. You should expect the Merrell Terran Lattice to, therefore, offer high levels of airflow through). That said, these also offer additional breathability via their mesh lining. Mesh allows for airflow to get through even when covering and protecting the foot. These offer a mesh lining that also offers M Select Fresh shoe odor control.shoe odor control.shoe odor control. Because sandals are worn with bare feet, they tend to start to smell faster than footwear that is worn with socks. Luckily, Merrells thought of this and added an anti-bacteria layer that keeps them smelling fresh and keeping them intact longer.

The anti-bacteria feature may be particularly interesting and helpful for those with existing foot odor issues.


Right out of the box these feel great on the feet. They are not only supportive and offer impact reduction through their memory foam midsole, but they also offer a micro-fleece-like lining that is really soft to the skin. They also offer some arch support which keeps the feet and legs feeling better even after long walks.

The straps are adjustable which help with a more customized fit. This all said, there were some immediate issues. As mentioned above, the straps wouldn't stay on all foot types. In fact, many reviewers found them sliding off the foot and under it making them quite uncomfortable to wear.

In addition to this issue, some found that these are not meant for wider feet. Reviewers with wider set feet found that these really dig into the sides of the feet making these unwearable, unfortunately. This should be considered before purchasing this product.


The style is definitely the highlight. Because the design is so narrow and the straps are so thin, these can easily be worn with a dress or with dress pants. They were designed to be both stylish and supportive making these the ideal pair of shoes for traveling. Many reviewers purchased them to get them through hours of walking through Europe. The majority of these travelers found that the Merrell Terran Lattice was perfectly comfortable and even gave their outfit a boost because they're so stylish, too.

They are also available in numerous color options for those looking for something to suit their individual style. The primary issue with these is, though, that they lack durability and they start to break down quickly after purchase. This, of course, affects the aesthetic of the sandals very quickly and definitely takes away from their stylish highlight.


The durability is a definite problem when reading reviews. Many reviewers who were die-hard Merrell fans found that these just did not live up to other products that they purchased through the company. Some found that the straps started to fray almost immediately. Because the outsole is so soft holes started to form very early in the life of them. This was most noticed in the big toe area as well as the heel. This is was especially frustrating when traveling as returning them isn't as easy and can cause a lot of frustration if you only brought one pair of shoes.

Overall, the durability did leave a little something to be desired. Reviewers found that alternative products were much more impressive and reliable. Many returned them because they found them unwearable. These are large issues and should definitely be considered before spending money on a product like this.


Protection comes from a couple of different areas of this type of product.

Firstly, it comes from the grip. A shoe can offer the highest level of support and stability but without grip, falling over, trips and scrapes become the reality. Luckily there is more than enough durable grip offered to keep the walker safe. In addition to that, the Nubuck leather straps are strong and adjustable, offering stability to the ankle and the heel.

Reviewers found that the protective features of the Merrell Terran Lattice were appealing and reliable. Outside of some issues with the straps staying where they are supposed to at the back, the front straps seemed to satisfy reviewers and didn't take away from the contoured nature of them.


The thin outsole and midsole really help with the responsiveness. The leather straps also help with their responsiveness. The flexible nature of leather really helps the foot move around in the shoe and thus helps when requiring quick action.

Sandals do have a flexible nature in general due to their lack of structural integrity. Luckily between the arch support, the adjustable straps and the natural flexibility of this product, they are a triple threat.


Unlike most sandals, these offer a unique design. They provide a molded nylon arch shank which contours to the bottom of the foot making them supportive to the foot. This means that all areas of the lower foot (the arch, ball, and heel) are all supported when walking.

The adjustable nature of its straps also help stabilize the foot and keeps it tighter to the midsole. This means that the foot is supported and safe, even when in riskier situations.


These are designed for rougher terrains due to their support and outsole. They do, however, work great for people looking for footwear to wear when traveling. This is discussed in more depth in the traction area of this article.


The price point is also really appealing when considering the Merrell Terran Lattice. It is quite reasonably priced. They offer an interesting hybrid of hiking shoe and sandal. They also offer support and traction that most other similar products don't.

Our biggest concern is durability. Because they aren't very durable it is hard to justify their price. Though this is the case they do offer some versatility being that they can be worn out and about as well as on the trails.

Overall, the price point is nice but their longevity is definitely questionable.


Another unique trait of this product is the fact that they are meant for rougher terrain. They are designed to be worn on more questionable surfaces. Their outsoles are made similar to hiking shoes- offering traction even on wet surfaces.

It also offers the stability required to keep the foot safe on sliding surfaces (often experienced on trails with loose rocks and dirt). They are also great for uneven terrain which reviewers really appreciated.


This is discussed earlier in the responsiveness section. They are quite flexible by nature due to their style of shoe but they are also stable which don't always go hand in hand.


This is discussed earlier but overall, they offer nice stability even with their faulty back straps. They keep the midsole tight to the bottom of the foot. The outsole also offers enough grip to stop the foot from sliding around in the shoe due to slippage. They offer enough stability to keep reviewers and wearers happy which is very positive.


There is nothing listed in regards to the drop of the Merrell Terran Lattice as they are sandals and not runners. The drop is a little less important when considering their use.


- Nubuck leather straps
- Lycra spandex lining for flexibility
- 3 mm memory foam footbeds for impact
- Nylon arch shanks for support
- M Select Grips for traction
- Anti-bacterial lining for odor protection
- Attractive design for versatility
- Super comfortable midsole for long term wear


On the surface, the Merrell Terran Lattice are quite impressive. But, sadly, after short periods of wear the flaws start to come out. They aren't necessarily a bad product. In fact, they are quite the opposite. They are attractive in design, offer a far higher level of support that alternative (competitive) products and they are very comfortable to wear. They, unfortunately, do wear quite easily, though, and have some functionality flaws that upset reviewers.

When it comes down to it, they may be better suited for shorter distances and less vigorous terrains. They are reasonably priced and nice to wear with skirts or dress pants which is appealing to the majority of consumers.