Inov-8 Fastlift 325

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Inov-8 Fastlift 325 Review Facts

People who are fans of weightlifting know how difficult it is to find the perfect pair of shoes to work out in and how important it is to find a pair of shoes that will suit their needs. It is important that a pair of weightlifting shoes be lightweight, roomy, supportive, and that the outsoles of the shoes are made with the kind of material that will allow you to grip the ground easily.

Inov-8 is a brand that aims to create shoes that will accommodate people who participate in all different activities. They have shoes that will cater to multiple types of fitness activities that people may participate in. One such pair of shoes is the Fastlift 325, which is specifically meant to be used for weightlifting. People have said that these shoes were not too bad to run in, too, despite the fact that they are specifically marketed for weightlifting.

And, most people were pleased with the way that these shoes perform. They’re durable and will last for workouts upon workouts, and people have even said that these shoes helped them to improve their posture as they lifted weights and did squats. The shoes are comfortable, versatile, and flexible, too. The only problems that some people had with the Inov-8 Fastlift 325 shoes were that the shoes weren’t always true to size and the laces tended to come undone quite easily during workouts. These aren’t the worst problems for a pair of shoes to have, but regardless, when purchasing a pair of shoes, it is important to know all the positives and negatives.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The shoes are both flexible and durable according to a large number of users
  • People claimed that the shoes helped them to improve their posture during several workouts, including squats and weightlifting
  • People said that the shoes were especially lightweight for a shoe meant for weightlifting
  • The shoes fit snugly and feel supportive according to many customers
  • The area meant for the toes provides a lot of room
  • According to some buyers, the shoes were not very true to size
  • Some people said that the laces came undone easily while they were working out
  • The tongue of the shoes dug into some people’s skin


The outsole of the shoe is made out of a rather sticky rubber material that will ensure the best traction possible so that you don’t slip during your daily workout. Since these shoes are meant to be used for weightlifting, the outsole also needs to have great traction since you will be dealing with heavy weights. There are grooves in the forefoot which will help to make the shoe flexible as well, and which will allow you to move your feet as naturally as possible. There are also circles on the heel, and their purpose is to act much like suction cups to help your feet stay firmly in place during exercises such as squatting or weightlifting. Many people were pleased with the way that these shoes helped them to perform their best during exercise.


The midsoles of these shoes are made with a material referred to as the PowerTruss wedge, which means that it looks almost as though there are small columns near the heel of the shoe. This is important in a pair of shoes that are meant to be used for weightlifting because you essentially need to put all your weight in the heels of your feet as you lift. Also, the midsole is made out of a material that will not lose its shape quickly and that will stay durable no matter how much weight you put on it. Besides that, the PowerTruss is lightweight, meaning that the shoes will be comfortable to wear.


The upper part of the Inov-8 brand shoes has both mesh and synthetic materials in it, which is important for allowing your feet to stay cool and dry as you work out. Creating the upper out of mesh material is something that many shoe companies have started to employ in all their running shoes because it is extremely difficult for anyone to perform well in any activity if their feet don’t have adequate ventilation. The lacing system of these shoes is very average, but some people did notice that the laces came undone pretty quickly, so you might want to consider purchasing longer shoelaces or tying these shoelaces a lot tighter. There is also a Velcro strap in the middle of the shoe, which will help your feet to fit more tightly within the shoe- which is key if you want to have a successful workout.

Another thing about the upper that some people complained about was the tongue. Some users said that the tongue of the shoes dug into their skin after some time working out and made the experience rather uncomfortable.


One of the great things about the Fastlift 325 shoes is that they are incredibly lightweight. It is always recommended that you look for a pair of lightweight shoes that are also not made out of cheap materials because those shoes will be the most versatile. You will be able to participate in a number of activities with these shoes without feeling like you have a block on your feet. The Fastlift 325 shoes are one of the lightest pair of shoes marketed towards weightlifting available at 11.7 ounces (325 grams). This is especially noteworthy due to the fact that the shoes have extra material in the midsole to create an elevated heel.


You might not think that the breathability of a pair of weightlifting shoes is as important as in a pair of regular running shoes, but that is definitely not the case. Inov-8 took that into consideration when making these shoes. Thanks to the mesh material of the upper, these sneakers provide a lot of breathability for your feet, enabling you to work out for as long as you need to without feeling uncomfortable due to excessive sweating. Breathability is also important if you want to perform your best because it will help to keep your feet dry and cool.


One of the areas where many people experienced dissatisfaction with these shoes was the comfort- more specifically, the sizing. A good piece of advice before purchasing any pair of shoes is to go to a store to buy them so that you’ll have the ability to try on multiple different sizes before taking them home. Some people found that these shoes were not true to size at all and that they had to get a size larger or smaller in order for the shoes to fit. Also, some people noticed that the tongue of the shoes would dig into their skin.

Other than these problems, once people had determined what size they fit into, many users said that they found the shoes to be comfortable. They said that the shoes fit snugly and that their feet did not slip and slide around in the shoe. However, the shoes are also designed to be flexible, meaning that the wearer will have additional comfort. And, to top that off, the upper is made out of a mesh material that allows the feet to have maximum breathability- which means that your feet will stay dry and comfortable in the shoes.


These aren’t the most stylish of shoes, per se, but they do have an interesting design thanks to the PowerTruss wedges on the heel of the shoe and the Velcro strap in the middle of the upper. However, they do not have the sleek design of some other running shoes on the market, and probably are not the kind of shoes that you could wear for casual occasions if you were looking for shoes that have a versatile look. And, if you were looking for a pair of shoes that are available in a multitude of different colors, then these are not it either. The men’s shoes are available in black and gray, with the gray having coral accents, and the women’s shoes are available in black and navy. The navy version of the shoe has light blue and purple accents. So, these shoes do have some color in them, but they do not come in the wide variety of colors that some other shoes do.


Not much has been said about the durability of these shoes, but we can assume that that’s probably a good thing, because if the shoes were not durable at all, many users would have surely mentioned it. The company claims that the shoes were made out of durable materials, and the rubber on the bottom of the shoes is meant to help the shoes last a long time. The wedge on the heel is made out of a material that will not lose its shape quickly, and no one has said anything about the upper ripping quickly, so we can assume that the upper is made out of a strong quality material too.


These shoes are mostly meant to be worn indoors, particularly in the gym or on any type of flat surface.


The official retail price of these shoes is around $160, but you will be able to find these shoes for approximately $120 on websites such as Amazon. You might see this number and be surprised, but that is actually a good price for a pair of shoes that have as many features as these do and for a pair of shoes that are specifically tailored towards a certain activity. You probably will not be able to find too many weightlifting shoes that are as affordable as the Inov-8 ones are.


These shoes have excellent traction thanks to the rubber material that the outsole is made out of. There are small “suction cups” on the heel of the outsole, which will get a tight grip on any flat surface that you choose to work out on. This will help you to stay firmly in place when you want to lift weights, squat, do lunges, or any other activity that requires your feet to be planted on the ground. The rubber material overall is rather sticky, which will help to prevent you from slipping at all during any of your exercises.


There is not much said about the flexibility of these shoes, however, it can be assumed that they are rather flexible, since there are grooves on the outsole of the shoes (META FLEX technology) which help to increase the amount of flexibility that the shoes provide. This also allows your foot to move as naturally as possible in the shoes. The upper part of the shoe is also made with a flexible material that allows the shoes to sit as comfortably as possible on your feet without you needing to have broken them in.

Key Features

-The Inov-8 Fastlift 325 shoes are ideal for people who enjoy weightlifting
-The heel of the shoe is made with a PowerTruss wedge that will allow the shoes to retain their shape and maintain their light weight
-The shoes have small suction cups on the heels to allow for a firm grip on the ground
-The upper part of the shoe is made out of a mesh material that allows for perfect breathability and comfort
-The outsole of the shoes also have something called META FLEX technology, which is grooves on the bottoms of the shoes to improve flexibility

Bottom Line

The only problem that some people had with these shoes is that they were not true to size for everyone, and some felt that they had to get a size different from what they usually wear (either larger or smaller) in order to get the right fit. Otherwise, people were generally very happy with the way that these shoes performed, especially for a pair of weightlifting shoes. They said that the shoes helped them to have better posture as they worked out, and the shoes had a great grip on the ground, which will allow anyone to have an efficient workout. The breathability that these shoes provide will ensure that the feet will have great airflow, and the flexibility helps to make sure that these shoes can be used for a variety of purposes.