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New Balance Summit KOM Review Facts

Anyone who is looking for a pair of shoes that will be good to use for multiple different purposes should look to the New Balance brand. The New Balance Summit KOM (or QOM for women- King of the Mountain and Queen of the Mountain) shoes are versatile and can be used in multiple different settings, including on gravel, rough roads, rocky roads, and mountain terrain. The shoe is even designed to use in wet conditions.

One of the biggest things that many people look for in a pair of running shoes is their ability to be able to wear them in as many places as possible. Most people do not want to have to spend close to $200 for a pair of running shoes, again for a pair of climbing shoes, and again for a pair of hiking shoes. The nicest thing about the New Balance shoes is that they can be used on a variety of different surfaces- including all the ones listed above- and you get a durable pair of shoes out of the deal.

The only negative things that some people found with these shoes was the fact that they are rather stiff, heavy, and narrow in some places. But other people who have wider feet have found that these shoes fit them pretty well. So it seems to have mixed reviews regarding the fit and how the shoes feel on the feet.[easyazon_link identifier="B075R7FX9H" locale="US" title="New Balance Men's SKOM-Summit King of Mountain V1 Trail Running Shoe Grey 12 D US" tag="edgehunting-20"]New Balance Men's SKOM-Summit King of Mountain V1 Trail Running Shoe Grey 12 D US[/easyazon_link]

Editor's Pros & Cons


  • The shoes have great traction, meaning that you will be able to wear them on a variety of surfaces and not have to worry about slipping
  • The shoes provide a lot of ventilation for your feet
  • There is adequate protection in the outsole, midsole, and upper for your feet
  • People believe that the shoe is a good price for everything that it has to offer
  • Many people believed that the shoes are durable
  • Some people believed that the sole of the shoe is stiff
  • The shoes are rather heavy according to some people, which could affect performance


The outsoles of these shoes are made with a rubber material called Vibram that will essentially protect the bottoms of the shoes. This material works well to help maintain the overall durability of the shoe by ensuring that the shoes will stay protected from any damage or wear that can be caused by the terrain that you will be running on. And, the rubber on the outsole will also make sure that you have a great grip on the surface.

There are also lugs on the outsole of the shoe which aid in how well the shoes will grip the terrain. These will allow you to run on many different surfaces, which means that if your interests span a variety of areas, you won’t have to just stick to one with these shoes. And, the lugs will aid you while running uphill and downhill.

And finally, another important feature in the outsole lies in the forefoot, where there are grooves. This is a feature that many running shoes have adopted because it aids in the overall flexibility of the shoe. Having a flexible running shoe will help you to bend your feet naturally and help to improve your performance, while also minimizing the risk of injury.


Many people were pleased with how stable and sturdy the midsole of the shoe seemed, which comes to no surprise due to the fact that the midsole is made out of a cushioning foam that is sturdier than the one used in many running shoes on the market. The foam is referred to as REVLite. This foam is also said to help improve your performance.

There is also a sock liner in the shoe, which can be removed if necessary. If you are someone who needs to have a special type of insole in your shoe, you can easily remove this and replace it with the one of your choosing.

And finally, there is a layer in between the midsole and the outsole called ROCKSTOP. This will help to protect your feet immensely if you plan on running on rough terrain where you might hurt yourself on sharp objects. And, the great thing about this is that it’s very durable and thin. The thinness will help to aid in the comfort of the shoe, but the durability will help to make sure that you can run on any type of terrain and not have to worry about anything happening to your shoes that might potentially injure you.


One feature of the upper of any pair of running shoes that is practically mandatory is being made out of a mesh material. While this mesh material needs to be durable enough to be able to withstand regular wear and tear (and, in the case of shoes like the KOM, it needs to be able to withstand the harsh elements of some terrain you will be running on), the mesh also needs to be lightweight enough for your feet to feel comfortable. And, it needs to have tiny holes in it so that your feet will be well-ventilated.

The Summit KOM shoes surely do not lack in this area. The mesh material also is lightweight, and it aids in the overall flexibility of the shoe.

Besides that, there are overlays on the upper. Overlays are important because they help to keep your foot securely in the shoe without compromising any of the shoe’s breathability. Your foot will remain supported and comfortable and you won’t have to worry about your foot coming out of the shoe or slipping around inside. The lacing system of the shoes also helps with this.

And finally, the forefoot of the shoes is protected with Toe Protect. The purpose of this is to ensure that anything you might encounter on the road, including rocks, sticks, or other things that could potentially hurt you will not get into your shoe and cause you to get hurt.


Weight is where some people had complaints. A pair of running shoes should not be too heavy so as to not cause any issues with the runner’s performance. Besides that, people who enjoy running for longer distances will have some trouble with a pair of heavy running shoes.

Despite many of the lightweight features that these shoes offer, they are fairly heavy for a pair of running shoes. The men’s version of the shoe weights 11.4 ounces and the women’s version of the shoe weighs 9.1 ounces. There are certainly heavier shoes available, and there are people who were pleased with the performance of these shoes regardless of their weight, but if you are not looking for a pair of heavier shoes, then this is something to consider.


While the shoes are heavy, one area where they are not lacking is with their breathability. Again, breathability is important in a pair of shoes because, especially if you plan to be running longer distances, it will help to prevent your feet from sweating too much. Other than being downright uncomfortable, being too sweated can cause blisters on your feet. And, of course, having dry feet will help you to run your best.

Thanks to the mesh material that the uppers of the KOM shoes are made out of, your feet will be well ventilated while you are on your run. The overlays that are on the shoes also do not compromise the shoes’ overall breathability. People said that their feet were able to stay cool and dry while on the run.


Comfort is an area where these shoes had rather mixed reviews. For one, the shoes come in multiple different sizes for women and men. For women, the shoes are available in B and D widths, and for men, the shoes are available in D, 2E, and 4E widths. This means that people who have wider feet will be able to get a pair of these shoes in a size that is comfortable for them.

However, some people said that these shoes were not the most comfortable regardless of that. They said that the forefoot area of the shoe, as well as the toe box, was a bit narrow for their liking. So, as we suggest with any pair of shoes, it is probably best that you purchase these at a store where you will have the opportunity to try them on and see which size fits best.

Other than some sizing issues and potential issues for people who have larger feet, people said that these shoes were comfortable, and they especially were great for use on rougher terrain, where they said they experienced no problems.


For a pair of shoes that are meant to be used on multiple different types of terrain, including in the mountains, the KOM/QOM shoes are certainly stylish. One thing that many people will find pleasing about these shoes is that they are available in a variety of different colors, including the standard black, gray, orange, red, and dark blue and light blue as well for women. They obviously look like a pair of regular running shoes, but they have a nice design that is not too bulky or unappealing. The side of the shoe features the New Balance brand’s letter “N.”


You won’t have to worry about any of the dangers of the terrain hurting your feet because these shoes have many features that are meant to protect your feet. For one, there is a shield on the forefoot of the shoes called Toe Protect (it is even labeled on the shoe), which helps to fortify the upper of the shoe by preventing anything such as stones, sticks, and other objects you might encounter on the trail from hurting your feet.

Besides that, there is a thin layer of ROCKSTOP between the midsole and the outsole of the shoe, which also helps to protect your feet from anything sharp that you might come across on the road.


As mentioned, these shoes are ideal for use on multiple different types of terrain. They are marketed as mainly being a trail shoe, but they can also be used in the mountains, on roads, or essentially anywhere else you’d like.


The price of these shoes varies greatly. The shoes retail at $120, which is not that expensive for a pair of running shoes. However, you can easily find these shoes on websites like Amazon for much less. Right now, the shoes can even be found for as low as $60. So, the price will depend on where you choose to buy them.


Since these shoes are meant to be used on multiple different types of terrain, it is easy to assume that the traction of these shoes is wonderful. And it obviously needs to be if you don’t want to potentially injure yourself. The lugs on the outsoles of the shoes will help you to get a great grip on the surface that you are running on. And as a bonus, you won’t have any trouble getting a grip on the road when you are running uphill or downhill.


The men’s shoes have a drop of 9.8mm, and the women’s shoes have a drop of 8.5mm.

Key Features

-There is ROCKSTOP in between the midsole and the outsole to protect your feet against anything sharp
-These shoes can be worn on a variety of different surfaces
-The forefoot of the shoes is fortified with Toe Protect, which also helps to protect your feet from the terrain
-Lugs on the outsole of the shoe help you to get a great grip on the road or the trail

Bottom Line

While there are some things that people didn’t like about these shoes, many people overall lauded the fact that the New Balance Summit KOM/QOM shoes can be used anywhere. Whether you’re someone who likes to run in the mountains, on hiking trails, or even on regular roads, these shoes are ideal for you. And, the shoes come with all the protection your feet need to prevent any injuries. The upper provides a lot of breathability, and the shoes get a great grip on the ground. To top it off, the shoes are available for an affordable price.