Salomon Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes

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Salomon Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes Review Facts

Salomon Speedcross, the iconic shoe in the world of trail running, has received its 4th upgrade. The new edition is even lighter than the previous editions and is made with weather-resistant protection material of ClimaShield. With its monster grip, it provides comfort and stability on soft trail conditions.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Traction, even in the most uneven or muddy terrains
  • Quicklace shoelace system
  • Lighter than previous models
  • Very well cushioned
  • Durability and longevity
  • Fairly narrow shoe does not offer wide option
  • Lateral stability


The outsole is significantly more durable than Speedcross 3’s was, and is made from a single piece Contagrip rubber, which provides for excellent traction in wet conditions. Additionally, lugs are smaller in size, and there are only full arrow lugs covering the entire outsole.


Just like in previous editions, Speedcross 4 does not contain rock guard underfoot but does provide protection with a cushion placed in the midsole, which absorbs the shock to the heel while retaining the flexibility of the shoe. This cushion supports the foot entirely, while promoting a good running form. Dual density EVA is the same as in Speedcross 3, with the exception of being lighter, which ultimately made shoe lighter as well.


The upper of Speedcross 4 is made with breathable, water-resistant material ClimaShield. The mesh is covered with overlays that provide more stability to runners, as well as protect from debris and elements. The shoe is also covered with mud guard system, which helps in prevention of slipping. The patented SensiFit design provides a supportive fir, while added Orhotlite Sock adds even more cushion and support, all while keeping feet cool and dry. The overall design of the upper is essentially the same as the previous model, with the exception of lower silhouette of the shape around ankle and heel, which provides more movement.


This model weighs around 11oz for a men’s shoe, and 9.2 oz for women’s. Even though it is almost an entire ounce lighter than the previous models, due to the redesigned midsole cushion support, it is still much heavier than other comparable models.


The breathability of this shoe is ranked high, due to anti-debris mesh that covers almost the entire upper, and keeps feet cool and dry. Although it is covered in synthetic overlays, they are used sparingly, which leaves enough space for mesh benefits to come through. High breathability of Speedcross 4 protects against common woes of trail runners – the blisters and hot spots.


There are a lot of mixed reviews regarding Speedcross 4’s comfort level. On one hand, the shoe has excellent padding all around, including dual density EVA located throughout the entire shoe. In addition, the SensiFit design keeps the food snug, while Quicklace system provides necessary foot stability. On the other hand, even though the shoe runs true to size, it is narrower than earlier models, and there is no wide option to purchase. This can become problematic, especially in more humid conditions, when feet tend to swell. Furthermore, OrthoLife sock system does not dry as fast as the rest of the shoe, and it causes discomfort and slipping. Overall, it seems that comfort level varies, based on weather elements, as well as the shape of one’s foot.


Over the years, Salomon shoes have been very recognizable on running trails across the world, due to their vibrant color schemes, and a very unique design. Speedcross 4 does not disappoint in this department either, offering variety of colors, but also giving an option of all black shoe, for those who prefer more classic look. The only downside of the style is the fact that they tend to get stained on muddy terrains, and the stains do not wash out as easily as in some other models.


The updated version of Speedcross shoe is even more durable than its predecessors, which was hard to beat, as the company is known for making shoes that last a long time. One of the biggest reasons for its durability is the single piece outsole, which prevents separation. The upper’s anti-debris mesh and weather resistant fabric protects the top of the shoe from the outside elements, which is another component that makes this shoe rank high in durability. The only downside is the pronounced lugs, which are excellent for rockier terrains, but do not last as long on paved roads.


Mud guard protective material is placed all around the base of the shoe, which provides protection on wet and muddy terrains. Dual density cushion helps in prevention of injuries, while breathable upper fabric protects the feet from blisters and hot spots. Overall, the shoe provides enough protection for rougher terrains and for more of a technical trail running.


Due to dual density EVA cushion, this shoe provides plenty of flexibility and stability, while retaining energetic and responsive feel. Despite a fairly high drop (10mm), the runners can still feel the changes in the terrain, and respond accordingly.


These offer foot support in many different ways. Quicklace technology ensures snug fit; protective toe caps guard against bumps, while removable Ortholite socks add to the shock absorption. Even though EVA cushion provides less arch support, and the shoe has shallower heel cup than its predecessors, it still provides enough stability, especially on more rugged terrains.


Shoe’s outsole and pointed lugs are definitely more usable on rougher and muddier terrains than they are on paved roads. Speedcross 4 is made more for the mountain trails than it is for flat areas, and the runners who prefer such trails found that it is perfectly designed to withstand different obstacles that come across rockier terrains.


The price is on a higher side, but considered appropriate for the shoe that boasts extended durability. Additionally, the performance, support, and responsiveness of the shoe is well worth the cost.


Traction has been longstanding signature of Speedcross shoes, and this one is no different. The lug pattern was changed for better, and full 6mm arrow-shaped lugs are now covering the entire outsole, which provides incredible traction across variety of terrains – from dry and rocky ones to muddier and slippery ones.


The outsole is not as flexible as some other trail shoes, due to its single piece design, but considering that its primary purpose is for rockier terrains, it does concentrate more on stability than flexibility. The heel and the back of the shoe are little bit stiffer than the front, but cushion in the midsole provides decent amount of freedom of movement.


What it lacks in flexibility, this shoe certainly makes up in stability. The entire shoe has a tight feel to it, from narrower heel to Quicklace design of shoelaces. EVA material throughout the shoe, as well as 10mm drop promote good running form, and help in prevention of injuries. This edition of Speedcross does have lower cut around the ankles, which causes weaker lateral stability, especially in sharper turns.


Speedcross 4 has a higher heel to toe drop than 96% of the shoes on the market – a hefty 10mm. This provides less stability around the ankle area, but it does make for a great shoe on inclines, as well as in helping retaining the proper form and for cushioning the heel, which helps with avoiding injuries.

Key Features

• Incredible traction features
• Anti-debris and weather resistant material
• Dual density EVA
• Midsole cushion
• Quicklace system
• SensiFit snug material
• Durability

Bottom Line

The Speedcross 4 Trail Running shoe is definitely made for mountain and forest terrains, whether in wet or dry weather conditions. With its incredible traction, it provides for a stable ride on rougher trails, while its weather resistant and anti-debris material, as well as the mud-guard give runners an opportunity for a more stable long distance run. The shoe provides enough comfort, and although it runs on a narrower side, its design is meant to keep feet feel more snug. Overall, this shoe is well designed for those who prefer more jagged and uneven terrains.