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Asics Torrance Review Facts

Living a long and healthy life requires clean eating, physical fitness and proper rest. Eating clean is something that needs to be planned out in order to avoid temptation. Working out is the same. Working out can involve any sort of cardiovascular activity that rises the activity participants heart rate above their resting one. Resting heart rate will differ depending on the age, sex and body time of the individual. Typically the earlier the age the lower the resting heart rate, while the later the age the higher the resting heart rate. Cardiovascular activity increases the heart rate while also releasing adrenaline and increasing endorphins. An increased heart rate helps burn fat, cause weight loss, improves the participant's overall stamina and helps lower cholesterol. This along with about 100 other positive benefits. Working out can be done by anyone, from children to seniors, in almost any environment. Classes can be expensive (like yoga or boxing) or can be inexpensive (like running or playing). It is accessible to nearly everyone in the world and requires anywhere from lots of equipment (like in hockey) to very little equipment (like when running).

This article focuses on running shoes, specifically the Ascis Torrance. Asics is a company that has been around for nearly 70 years with a revenue stream in 2015 of just over 428 billion dollars. It is a more conservative company with its head workers in Japan. They are one of the few companies that have stuck with the gel technology, a mechanism for comfort, stability and impact reduction. Many companies moved away from gel when memory foam and air started to prove to be lighter and easier to work with, however, Asics stuck with the technology because it continues to work for them. Those who wear Asics products are Asics wearers for life. Though the shoes aren't usually very stylish, they offer a stable and true product. We put together a comprehensive review of the Asics Torrance. We looked at consumer reviews in order to find out the pros and cons of this product. Additionally, we looked at the materials used and the overall construction of the shoe to determine its advantages and disadvantages. This is our comprehensive review of the Asics Torrance. We hope this assists in your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Inexpensive in cost
  • Attractive design (especially for Asics) 
  • Lightweight  
  • Comfortable 
  • Some durability concerns 
  • Not ideal for runners (a better gym companion) 


This product offers a more fashionable alternative to a running shoe. The toe and upper of this product has the appearance of a woven material. It also offers mesh under the toe, throughout the upper and on the sides of the shoe in order to provide greater ventilation when in movement. The sides of the upper also offer supportive overlays, unique to the woven design often found on this type of product. The upper of this product is both supportive and breathable for optimal comfort when in motion. Mesh is vital to proper ventilation of this type of product because it allows cool air to enter the product while simultaneously pushing hot air out of the shoe. This allows the runner's foot to breathe without overheating. It will also keep the runner's foot cool and dry throughout their run. This product is not designed to train in, however, it is ideal for running on a treadmill as well as a gym companion so having enhanced breathability is still important. Those who wore this product did find when sized correctly (this product fits quite large and needs to be sized down, this is discussed in more detail below) that the product fits very well across the upper especially because of its seamless insole and that it offered really great breathability when in motion. Those who wore this shoe as an everyday product found that they would wear it all day without any discomfort. That is a huge plus.


This product, like most of Asics products, offers a gel insole which offers a higher level of cushioning, comfort and impact reduction. The gel surrounds the lower part of the foot for a more customized fit which offers greater levels of stability and support. Those who wore this product found that they could wear them all day and when they took the shoes off their feet felt the same as they did at the beginning of the day. There were some complaints about the comfort of the product as well though. Those who purchased this product found some issues in regard to the overall comfort of this shoe. Firstly, though this is not necessarily a comfort concern, they fit quite big. Those who purchased this product did require sizing down, this should be considered before buying the product online. They also have very little in regards to arch support. Though those who reviewed this product didn't find this to necessary cause them concerns, they did note that this may be an issue for those who have arch issues or who require a greater level of arch support. Though this product is a running shoe, it is not meant for long distance or aggressive running. It is meant as a workout companion. There were several reviewers that found that they work well on a treadmill, specifically praising their outsole for its superior traction when on a treadmill. This is discussed later in this article.


This product is both breathable and lightweight as a result of the mesh on the upper of the product. The woven design often easily is broken down due to the lower level of structural integrity of this type of fabric (which tends to be quite weak in nature). Mesh has the same defects, however, those who wore this product did not find issues with the durability of the upper of this product. The overlays, unique the woven design, offers support and durability to the upper which may be the reason why the upper is so durable and resistant to wear and tear. The outsole of this product is made of a tough rubber material which is also quite resistant to sharp rocks and the outdoor environment, however, this product when worn outside should be used only as a walking shoe as it is not an actual trainer. Those who wore this product found that the outsole was durable and its traction was ideal for running on an indoor treadmill. The construction material used (glue) to keep the upper and outsole connected is also quite well constructed and those who wore this product did not find issues with any breakdown of the glue. The only complaint about the durability of this product is that the webbing did break down relatively easily after only a couple runs which may be a concern to some consumers. Overall, though, the durability of this product when used for its intended purpose, was solid. This was considered when rating this product.


The heel of this product isn't discussed much on the company website but we wanted to make a note about it. The biggest issue we have found in that there seem to be some issues with the heel locking system. The heel locking system is noted as applying a little too much pressure to the heel of the runner. Those who wore this product didn't have an issue with the heel of this product. They actually found the heel to be very supportive. The issue with this product is that it does fit quite big which means the product needs to be properly fitted (by sizing down) in order to provide the support that is actually quite impressive in this product. The benefit of a proper heel support is that it offers a more natural step when running as well as offers better stability with stepping down. The superior support system offered in this product would be ideal for those with existing heel issues. The sizing issue, though an issue, is better for those with wider feet as well. This should be considered before buying this product.


The midsole of this product offers a molded EVA support system. It is a highly durable material that is also supportive without causing unnecessary discomfort in the arch. Those who wore this product did find that the midsole was supportive, however, did require some breaking in. This product is a little stiff initially and requires some movement in the product before they are really comfortable. Though this shoe is represented as a running shoe is actually more of an everyday or work shoe. Those who wore this product did find that it lacked arch support. This would be an issue for those with arch issues. The arch is also noted as being a little on the low side which would be a problem for those with high arches. The individuals who had issues with this shoe were those who mistook the product as a runner (the website does note that it is an everyday product and not a trainer) or found the product too large and required a return to size down. Those who liked the product were the ones using it for a work shoe when on hard floors all day or as a gym buddy. It seems that those who used this product for its purpose found the product to be both supportive and comfortable. This was considered when formulating our overall rating of this product.


The outsole of this product is made of a durable rubber material. Though this product is not meant to be worn as an outdoor runner, those who wore this product did find that the outsole provided adequate durability when used on sharper surfaces (like surfaces that have sharp rocks on them). They also found that the rubber of the outsole offered decent traction especially when on an indoor treadmill at the gym. The construction of the outsole and its connection to the upper seems to be done well. Those who wore this product found that there was adequate impact reduction when running but didn't find the outsole and midsole to provide adequate support for long distance or outdoor runs. The website does not list this product as a running shoe though so this does make sense. Overall, those who purchased this product, when using the product for what it is intended for, and when sized correctly, found the outsole to offer great traction indoors and when on slippery surfaces at work. They found that their feet felt the same when they put the product on and when they took the product off. This is a positive response to the overall opinion of the product.


This product is on the lower end in price in comparison to similar products on the market today. This product is attractive in design (discussed in more detail below) which means that it can easily be worn as an everyday runner as well as a fashion accessory. Asics tends to play it safe when it comes to the design of their shoes which typically aren't really fashionable but they also tend to fit well, are durable and are ideal for longer runs. This pair is a little different in that they are attractive in design, still, offer good durability but aren't great for long distance running. The price is justified in that it is on the lower end, is applied to a durable product that won't need to be replaced as often and also that they are quite versatile (again, outside of running outdoors). This product also offers a removable insole which makes them ideal for those with orthotics. Because the product will not need to be replaced as often and because they are so versatile, this product is definitely worth the cost. And luckily the cost is on the lower end which just adds to the benefit of this product.


This product, especially for Asics, is quite attractive in design. They offer the very modern woven toe and upper with supportive overlays which are somewhat unique to the woven design currently on the market. They are more narrow in design without causing many issues in regards to room in the shoe. In fact, those who wore this product found it quite large and required sizing down. This product is offered in many different colors in both sex options. They are quite fashionable and resemble popular fashion brands that are currently known for their sports apparel. Those who wore this product praised it for its attractive design. This product is meant for wearing out and about running errands or for long days at work when wearers are on their feet. This product is quite attractive in design and also durable which don't tend to go hand in hand with runners today. Because of their durability, this product will also look better longer which aids in the overall aesthetic of this product. The fashionable nature of this product one of its primary benefits and should be considered when buying this product.


The bottom line is that this product is a good one. It is quite fashionable in design, offering a modern appearance while also being quite durable in nature. It is offered in numerous colors to fit individual styles. The upper offers a woven material on the toe and sides, and also a mesh fabric around the overlays which offers better breathability and a cooler environment for sweaty feet. The construction of the shoe is quite good, offering greater durability between the upper and the outsole. The product also offers a solid outsole which can resist sharp surfaces. This product needs some time to break in and does not offer proper arch support typically required in a trainer, however, this product is more meant to wear daily rather than out for a run. The outsole is also ideal for indoor treadmills which are ideal in a gym companion. This product also fits quite wide and big which means it may require sizing down for some wearers. This, however, is ideal for those who have wider feet. This product is also quite inexpensive in price and yet quite versatile. For these reasons, this product is worth a try.