Skechers Flex Appeal 2.0

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Skechers Flex Appeal 2.0 Review Facts

Running is considered the most accessible form of fitness due to the ability to run nearly anywhere and the lack of equipment required in order to perform the sport. Running is also one of the best forms of physical activity due to its ability to keep the participant's heart rate up at high levels for extended periods of time. Running offers health benefits outside of just fitness as well. It helps keep hearts in good shape, increases stamina, helps with depression and anxiety issues, and aids in better sleep. These benefits go beyond just a healthy lifestyle as well. They assist in everyday life including the mental clarity that assists with work, endurance, and strength when having to take a large set of stairs and having the energy to play with children.  Running, in general, is an excellent alternative to classes in that it doesn't cost much to participate. The only equipment required in order to participate in the sport is a good pair of running shoes.

This article focusses on the Skechers Flex Appeal 2.0. This product is made by the very popular athletic apparel brand Skechers. This model offers something slightly unique to runners which is a memory foam insole. The insole is not removable, unfortunately (to accommodate custom insole or orthotics), but it is made of a very popular material known for its form-fitting abilities. We put together a comprehensive review of this product based on consumer reviews. We looked at the pros and cons of each in order to get an idea of the positive and negative things reviewers were saying about this product. We also looked at the materials used and the construction of it in order to get an idea of the product's durability, breathability, and support. This is our review of the Skechers Flex Appeal 2.0. We hope that this article helps you, the consumer, in your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Flexible design 
  • Memory foam insole 
  • Fashionable 
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Some issues with rock accumulation in the outsoles 
  • But very supportive in the upper area
  • Poor arch support


This product is designed with the 'old-school' design which is actually currently quite fashionable and modern which seems a little like it contradicts itself. The upper of this product is a woven material that offers a tighter fit to the foot while offering ventilation across the entire top of the shoe which would offer superior ventilation and breathability. This product, due to how much of the top of this product is covered in the woven material, would allow cool air in at higher levels and pushes the hot air out at the same rate. This keeps the runner's feet cool and dry. If feet get overheated often times sweating occurs and despite the obvious discomfort of overheated feet, this can lead to sweat buildup and creates a higher chance of slipping. Between this and some rock accumulation in the tread (discussed later in this article) could be both frustrating and dangerous. A benefit of this product, though, is its cooling insole. The insole of this product, though not removable which is a common complaint, offers Air Cooled Memory Foam which keeps the bottom of the foot cool as well. Those who wore this product found that their feet stayed cool and dry all day in this product.


This product is commonly noted as being quite comfortable right out of the box. They require little to no break-in time. The insole of this product is memory foam which keeps the bottom of the foot cool and dry and also surrounds the foot better than alternative materials on the market today. The creme de la creme of beds today are made of memory foam so being able to walk on it all day is a nice feature. The sizing of this product is a little big but not by much and seems to fit wider feet really well which is beneficial for those with wider set feet. The primary issue runners found is the lack of support that these shoes provide. Though the upper has overlay support at the lacing system, there doesn't seem to be much for the support on the sides of the shoe or at the arches which made some runners uncomfortable and unstable. One complaint about this product, though, is the outsole of it. It seems that some had issues with the outsoles stiffness which caused some discomfort to some runners. Even with the memory foam insole, this seemed to still be a bit of an issue and should be considered before buying this product.


This product does have some durability concerns. The upper of this product offers weaker structural integrity due to it offering intermittent spaces throughout its surface. The purpose of this is to offer better ventilation but unfortunately, it also means that it just isn't as strong. The side of this product does not offer overlay support which also decreases the support the upper gets especially when in motion. Though the woven material does surround the foot better and offer a tighter fit, those who wore this product did not find that the product was very supportive. Additionally, it seems that the outsole of this product isn't able to withstand wear and tear of rocks and rather accumulates small ones in its tracks which affects stability, can cause slipping and becomes a nuisance. Overall, the durability of this product seems to be more in the outsole (even with the rock accumulation issue) than it was around the upper of this product. It seems that this product wasn't meant for outdoor running and should be reserved as a gym companion. The midsole of this product is regarded as being quite durable, but lacking support. This is discussed more below.


One major benefit of weaker structural integrity is that it usually goes hand in hand with the flexibility of the product. This product has a super flexible outsole as well as a flexible upper. This allows the runner to feel a more natural step when running. This helps with grip as well which is beneficial to runners as it helps propel the runner forward with more ease. Though the runner does offer better flexibility the durability is still a problem and if rocks are accumulating in the tracks of the outsole then this would decrease the effectiveness of the traction, unfortunately. This product is quite flexible and also lightweight which benefits the runner but it also doesn't have the greatest durability or structural integrity which is disappointing.


The midsole of this product is made of Skechers FlexSole which, as mentioned above, offers better flexibility to the runner. This helps with a more natural step which allows the runner to focus more on the run then having to worry about the alignment of their feet. Unfortunately, because the upper of this product isn't supported the stability decreases with each step and this sort of decreases the benefit of the shoe flexibility. Typically with trainers, there is some overlay support in order to not only hug the product to the foot better but to also offer more support to the sides and upper of the foot during the runner's practice. Unfortunately, this product does not offer much as far as overlay support goes. The midsole of this product has also been noted as being a little hard which hurt some runners feet. This product also offers little to no arch support which isn't something that a runner can go without when running. Due to the stylish design of this product (discussed more below) and its high impact reduction due to the products memory foam, this product is better suited for an everyday shoe than a running companion.


The outsole of this product, as mentioned above, has been a point of contention for many runners due to the size of its tracks. The tracks of a running shoe are helpful because they assist in both the flexibility of the runner as well as the grip or stickiness of it. This helps the runner propel forward easier and help improve athletic performance. Unfortunately, with this product, the tracks accumulate small rocks and this can be both a slipping hazard as well as an annoyance. Those who wore this product did say that this product offers decent traction, however, did find that the tracks of this product accumulated small rocks which they found quite frustrating. Another point, mentioned above is that the outsoles are also a little stiff which caused some discomfort to some runner's heels. This is also something that can't really be broken in either. Though they are listed as having a high level of impact reduction the hardness of the outsole can end up causing some pain in the knees, heels and could potentially aid in the formation of shin splints, unfortunately. This should be considered before buying this product.


This product is inexpensive in comparison to similar products on the market today. They are stylish in design, offer decent traction and have cooling memory foam insoles. This product does lack in durability, but at this price point they are easily replaceable. They probably won't serve the buyer well as a running shoe or a trainer but rather a fashion accessory or gym companion. They are also versatile in that they can be worn as a gym buddy or out and about because they are so stylish in design. Overall, though there are durability concerns, this product is worth the cost. They are attractive, comfortable and fit close to the foot. They would be ideal for anyone who is on a budget or for those with growing feet.


This product is quite stylish in design. They offer the very popular woven fabric with the old-school design which is now quite popular. Though they fit wide feet well, they are still narrow in design and are not as bulky as most shoes this size are. They aren't very durable which would mean aesthetically they may not stay newer looking longer than comparable, more durable products. They are offered in numerous color choices which is accommodating to individual styles. They also fit tight to the foot which allows the shoe to conform better to the foot, also eliminating excess bulkiness. Overall, they are an attractive shoe, at a lower price tag and would work well as an everyday alternative or a fashion accessory.


This product, as mentioned earlier offers a memory foam insole. This would surround the runner's foot better in order to provide a natural support to the foot. The insole also offers a cooling feature which would keep the foot cool without accumulating too much heart when doing physical activity. These features are nice and reviewers did confirm that they liked how comfortable and supportive the insole is, however, the insole is not removable which is an issue for those with custom orthotics. And because this shoe does not offer the best arch support that would make this product a non-option for those with arch, heel or ball issues, unfortunately. This may be a deal breaker for those people and this should be considered before purchasing this product.


This product is a decent one. The shoe is stylish, comfortable and lightweight. It is also not very durable, has a harder outsole and isn't super stable. This product probably will not work well as a trainer but would work well as a gym buddy. It is probably better for those who want a cheaper alternative of a stylish shoe. This product is flexible and offers decent traction if there are no rocks accumulated in the tracks. And it is also inexpensive in price. This product is perfect for those on a budget, with growing feet or for wider set feet. They are not a great fit for those who require custom orthotics added to their shoes, are looking for something to train in or want a shoe that lasts a long time. This should all be considered before buying this product.