Merrell Mqm Flex 2

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Editor’s Conclusion
Merrell's Mqm Flex 2 has a foot firmly in two popular outdoor activities, trail running and hiking in mild weather conditions.

The trend to use trail shoes for hiking grows increasingly popular. This is because all the hiking requirements for moderate outdoor hiking are designed into most trail running shoes. Support, flexibility, light materials, protection, comfort, traction, and durability. The market for a shoe which performs with a double purpose is highly competitive and this is good news for hikers and runners.

As brand makers compete with each other to design high-performance features, the list of pros will grow and at times, more cons will emerge as the shoes get tried out in real-time. From budget price all the way up to very high price tags, many choices are available.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Feels light and quick


FIT is accurate

Breathability is good

Works well for trail running and day hiking in warm weather


Not waterproof

Sole durability can be challenged if used constantly for tough surfaces

Key Features

Sizing and FIT.

Merrel is generally on target with the accuracy for sizing, Feedback from satisfied users is positive about sizing is accurate. The heel gives a snug fit and the toe-box has room to flex your toes to keep your foot secure and stable. The width and length of the shoe make it ideal for hiking and for trail running.

The lacing system works well for securing FIT around the midfoot area, FIT from Merrel is true to size. You can confidently order online knowing you will get a good FIT.


Keep in mind the design purpose of this shoe, trail running and/or hiking in warm weather. The sole is designed for this. It is not designed for overly rough surfaces such as granite, rocks, and other overly abrasive surface conditions.

The uppers are tightly woven mesh with TPU reinforcements that prevent tearing, so durability is good for the uppers. The rubber toecap is a tough grade, providing durability and protection. The shoe interior and lacing system are good quality materials and have good durability.

User feedback about durability is balanced in the way that durability for the sole is challenged if you use the shoe beyond its context design. Durability is fine on loose or firm soil, hard soil, mud, and other moderate surfaces.


This shoe is not designed for heavy wet weather, the upper mesh construction gives good breathability. The best time to use this shoe is during summer or springtime and the absence of any type of Gore-Tex liner means lots of breathability for this shoe.


The shoe is not designed to be waterproof, if you step in small streams or puddles the uppers will let in water. However, the uppers are synthetic, they don't absorb water and the shoe will dry out very quickly.

If you want waterproofing, a Gore-Tex version is available from Merrel.

Support and stability

When it comes down to support with stability this shoe feels like a standard trail shoe. With a solid heel cup that counters the ankle role and is comfortable while carrying a day pack for hiking.

The design context for stability is focused on the level of stability expected from a trail shoe and this stability works equally well for hiking. If you're looking to do a long hike while carrying a heavy load, the Salomon’s X Ultra 3 is a better option.


The outsole does perform well on slopes, and on surfaces where a good lug pattern can get aggressive traction such as mud, soft or hard soil. The rubber has enough tackiness to grip on large rock surfaces but not at a constant rate because this can raise durability questions. Some user feedback does point out if the shoes are used outside of the design aims, such as tough rocky environment's the durability level will be challenged.

The previous model MQM Flex had a thin outsole, this shoe has an upgraded thicker sole for more traction durability.

Comfort and weight

When putting on this shoe it does feel like a running shoe for trails because it's very flexible and light below the forefoot. The stack is designed to be low so your foot is very close to the surface of the ground. The midsole has a rock plate which does provide protection for rough surfaces if your running or carrying a load while hiking.

The heel padding feels thin but it is functional the underfoot cushioning is not thick and feels minimal. This raises questions among users about how well the shoe performs for absorbing shock while hauling a day pack or running. In the conditions for which this shoe is designed the level of comfort is good. If you're looking for more cushion, then the Danner Mountain Light II is a decent alternative.

For weight, this shoe is reasonably light 1 pound 7.7 ounces


This shoe is built for warm weather use, either running or hiking. In wet and cold environments the shoe is not waterproof and durability can be challenged. If you stay with the design context this is a shoe with good durability, the stability, and support work nicely and traction is good. Cushioning is thin and on challenging, surfaces absorption could be better, especially while hauling a day-pack.

In comparison, there are options available that can offer more cushioning and use in both warm and wet weather. These options such as the X Ultra 3 GTX Hiking Shoe have synthetic uppers combined with a Gore-Tex lining. A much thicker sole and more cushioning and are good for spring, summer, fall, and wet weather.

Another good comparative choice for use in wet weather is the Salomon X Ultra 3 which has a Gore-Tex lining, a tough rubber sole, lots of cushioning, and very good traction.

The Mqm Flex 2 is a comparative opposite to more heavy-duty waterproof trail/hiking shoes,

The shoe is a good choice for warm weather running or hiking.


There are many comparative options on the market and this shoe targets warm weather hiking or running. With a light and fast feel with good stability, support and traction this shoe has a lot to offer for use in moderate weather conditions.

The performance is good and the shoe design has an appealing silhouette combined with a standard level of expected comfort.

For those looking for a warm-weather hiking or running shoe, this is affordable and a good choice.